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AnnaLynne McCord Swimsuit Pictures
Added 10 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
AnnaLynne McCord Swimsuit Pictures
Used to be, we’d get pictures of AnnaLynne McCord at the beach on almost a weekly basis, but they’ve been pretty rare to come by lately. I’m not sure if her show got cancelled, or if the paparazzi just moved on to bigger, bustier hotties (like Ana Braga), all I know is, there’s been a […]

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7-Oct-2015 :Annalynne McCord Booty Shopping on Melrose Avenue
4-Sep-2015 :Annalynne McCord Blows Kisses
9-Apr-2015 :Annalynne McCord?s Sexy Leg Show
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Hilary Duff Posts Adorable Picture of Luca: 'Mike and I Made Him'
Added 10 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Hilary Duff Posts Adorable Picture of Luca: 'Mike and I Made Him'
Even with the separation from her husband, Hilary Duff proudly posted a picture to Instagram of her son Luca sharing mentioning her ex beau.

The former Disney star commented, ?Guys!!! Mike and I made him. He?s pretty freaking amazing. #loveofmylife.?

Although Hilary and Mike Comrie separated months ago, the blond beauty told the press, ?I don?t think Mike would ever go anywhere. I mean, we are really dedicated to taking care of Luca, and we?re really good friends who spend a lot of time together.?

As for her son, Duff describes the adorable two year old saying, ?He definitely has a strong personality!? Also stating that he is quite ?spirited.?

Hilary added, "We're still telling him what to do at certain points of the day when he's like, 'That's not what I want! He has a really great demeanor. He loves to share and he's a kind kid."

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Joanna Krupa Cleavy At The Maxim's Hot 100 Women Of 2014
Added 10 years agoSource: Dickism
Joanna Krupa Cleavy At The Maxim's Hot 100 Women Of 2014
Here is Joanna Krupa attending the Maxim Hot 100 event at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, where she put her curves on display in a plunging metallic mini dress.

She finished her look with matching bronze peep toe pumps and a chic braid.

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25-Feb-2016 :Joanna Krupa?s Booty In A Bikini
24-Feb-2016 :Joanna Krupa Topless Aboard Yacht in Miami
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Lacey Chabert Fantastic At Maxim's Hot 100 Women Of 2014 Celebration
Added 10 years agoSource: Dickism
Lacey Chabert Fantastic At Maxim's Hot 100 Women Of 2014 Celebration
Here is Lacey Chabert attending the Maxim’s Hot 100 Women Of 2014 Celebration in West Hollywood.

I usually rag this hottie for her just below the knee skirts… But my god she is a certified cock killer in that outfit!

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Selena Gomez Steps Out to the Salon
Added 10 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Selena Gomez Steps Out to the Salon
Treating herself to a pampering session, Selena Gomez showed up at Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood on Tuesday (June 10).

The super-cute ?Come and Get It? songstress was joined by a few friends and showed off her toned tummy in a black crop top with a blue maxi skirt as she waited for the valet.

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28-Oct-2020 :Selena Gomez, 28, is not ashamed of not voting until this election
11-Sep-2020 :Selena Gomez: Makeup isn?t a joke it?s actually beautiful and wonderful
9-Sep-2020 :Selena Gomez: ?Every one of my exes thinks I?m crazy? I don?t care?
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Sophia Bush Nice at The Maxim's Hot 100 Women Of 2014
Added 10 years agoSource: Dickism
Sophia Bush Nice at The Maxim's Hot 100 Women Of 2014
Here is Sophia Bush smouldering on the red carpet of Maxim?s Hot 100 Women Of 2014 Celebration in West Hollywood.

I enjoy living in the second decade of the Twenty-First Century.

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Arianny Celeste Busts Out At Maxim Hot 100
Added 10 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Arianny Celeste Busts Out At Maxim Hot 100
Here’s Arianny Celeste at the Maxim Hot 100 Celebration looking as smoking hot as ever and reminding me why she’s still my undisputed all-time favorite ring girl. There’s been a lot of promising challengers for the title over the years, but I’m sorry, nobody’s touching Arianny and those glorious funbags of hers. No, really, I […]

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4-Aug-2015 :Arianny Celeste Does FHM Good
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16-Jul-2015 :Arianny Celeste Bikini Pictures Are Amazing
10-Jun-2015 :Arianny Celeste Is So Hot It Hurts
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Anna Kendrick on divorce: 'I really reject the idea of staying together for the kids'
Added 10 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Anna Kendrick on divorce: 'I really reject the idea of staying together for the kids'
If you follow some of the blogs written by dudes, you?ve probably noticed the rise of two women: Anna Kendrick and Alison Brie. I like both women a lot and I think both are incredibly talented. But they?re sort of like the female versions of some of the not-yet-movie-star dudes that we obsess about here. And I have had moments of thinking, ?Really, fan-boys? You?re getting that crazy over Alison Brie?? To be fair, Anna Kendrick already has one Oscar nomination under her belt and she?s an old-school double-threat as an actress and singer. Plus, she?s good at social media and she?s not full of herself. Anna covers the new issue of ELLE ? you can see the excerpts online here. Some highlights:

Her divorced parents: “I hate when people think you’re broken because your parents are divorced. And I really reject the idea of staying together for the kids. If they’re growing up in a house that’s not healthy, it’s better to know that’s not the model of what marriage should be.” ?

Her approachable sex appeal: “I?ve never felt like I?ve exactly traded on my looks. When I was a teenager, I was an ultra-late bloomer, and my mom would say it was a blessing, because it means you never have to wonder if guys are only interested in you because you?ve got boobs. I would have been thrilled if guys were interested in me because of my boobs!”

Late-bloomer: “Similarly, I think I?m lucky that I?ve never had a crisis about whether the only reason I?m successful is because I?m crazy hot. It?s not something that crosses my mind.?

[From ELLE]

The July issue hits stands on June 11th. Just FYI, for all the fan-boys. And Anna wears a bikini ? like the most vintage-y, modest bikini ever. Anna sounds like a very cool girl, someone relatively ?normal? in Hollywood, someone who has a sense of realism about her place in the world. It?s refreshing! Plus, she actually is very talented. She?s heartbreaking in 50/50 (which is just an amazing movie overall).

Photos courtesy of ELLE.

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Candice Swanepoel Is The Hottest At Maxim's Hot 100
Added 10 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Candice Swanepoel Is The Hottest At Maxim's Hot 100
Considering all the epic hotness on display at the Maxim Hot 100 Celebration, I was kind of hoping they’d hold a bikini Jello-wrestling Royal Rumble in order to determine the winner, but I guess they went the boring, conventional route and just voted instead. Because according to my sources, Candice Swanepoel was named #1 this […]

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22-Jun-2016 :Candice Swanepoel Gets Naked
Candice Swanepoel photos
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Mila Kunis Scolds Jimmy Kimmel on JKL: Men Can't Say "We're Pregnant"
Added 10 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Mila Kunis Scolds Jimmy Kimmel on JKL: Men Can't Say
She?s pregnant with Ashton Kutcher's offspring and Mila Kunis is tired of men using the royal ?we? to tell the world there?s a baby on the way.

During her interview on ? Jimmy Kimmel Live,? the ?That 70s Show? starlet slammed Kimmel for saying that he and his wife are expecting a child as well.

Kunis declared, "We can't have anything, because we've got your little love-goblin growing inside of us,? before a group of knocked-up ladies joined in, "You're not pregnant ? we are."

Previously, Mila praised her fianc for "stock[ing] our secondary 'fridge with weird food ? like anchovies and ice creams, just in case."

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Candice Swanepoel celebrates her #1 status on the Maxim 100: cute or blah?
Added 10 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Candice Swanepoel celebrates her #1 status on the Maxim 100: cute or blah?
Here are some assorted photos from last night?s Maxim 100 event. I honestly looked through the photo set and I only recognized a handful of names. Maybe if I was straight dude, these names would mean something to me? Perhaps. So, I?m just including pics of Candice Swanepoel in leather, Dylan Penn (she?s such an interesting blend of her parents), Joanna Krupa (she of the smelly vadge) and? that?s about it.

Candice actually got the #1 position on this year?s Maxim 100. While I think Candice is beautiful and her waist is? crazy? I never really know what to think about these lists or who makes ?#1? on the lists. Is Candice demonstrably hotter and sexier than all of the other women? Personally, I like a woman who has some personality. Candice looks like a beautiful doll in these photos, sort of blank-eyed and too-perfect. More Doutzen Kroes, please!

Anyway, Candice is the type of model who talks about how she ?makes an effort? to put on weight before runway shows. Yes, that type of model. She tries to demystify her ?sexiness? but? I don?t know. She?s kind of annoying, right?

Candice Swanepoel claims she doesn’t ”feel that sexy” at home. The Victoria’s Secret model, who recently topped Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list, insists she rarely thinks about her appearance when she’s not working.

The 25-year-old beauty told E! News: ”I don’t see myself as that girl because it’s my job to be that sexy woman, it’s not my whole life.”

She added: ”I’m not that at home, when I’m picking up my dogs’ poopies I don’t feel that sexy.”

The South African model also admits she was shocked to be named the sexiest woman in the world by the magazine ahead of other contenders for the title, including Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Irina Shayk and Jennifer Lawrence.

She said: ”It feels amazing. I don’t know how that happened, maybe my mom had something to do with that, voting non-stop. I expected an actress…”

Candice previously credited sunscreen and squats for helping her to maintain her good looks.

She added: ”When I’m on holiday, I try to take a break from make-up. If we have a night out, or go and see a band or something, I’ll do some blush and mascara – but I try to keep it really minimal.”

[From Contact Music]

When you have a face like that, you don?t have to wear makeup. Makeup distracts from her face. But yeah, ?being sexy? isn?t her whole life. Sure. And I?m sure she even farts (!) and has the occasional eye booger. How charming. (I know I sound bitter. I don?t know why but Candice just annoys me, so full disclosure or something.)

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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Candice Swanepoel photos
Candice Swanepoel videos
Candice Swanepoel news

Does Brad Pitt pull off WWII-era Oscar-bait in the new footage from 'Fury?'
Added 10 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Does Brad Pitt pull off WWII-era Oscar-bait in the new footage from 'Fury?'
Brad Pitt spent most of last Fall in England filming the World War II movie Fury. Personally, I?m kind of ?over? Hollywood?s insistence on making WWII films and glorifying that historical era, but just when I think that, I get caught up in a Band of Brothers marathon and I?m thinking, ?I wish they would make more stuff like this.? Seriously, Band of Brothers is amazing. One of the best miniseries ever.

Anyway, it really seemed like the production of Fury dragged on and on ? for the first time ever, Brad and Angelina were working on separate continents for months while she filmed Unbroken in Australia, and it seemed like that wasn?t supposed to be the plan. I kind of wondered if Fury was a mess, that we were going to get a repeat of the clusterwhoops that went down during World War Z?s production, and whether Pitt could weather another storm like that. So? I guess I?m glad to see that Fury seems to have come together reasonably well in post-production. Sony just revealed the first footage from Fury at the LA gaming expo E3.

It looks good. A character study set in WWII? Sure. The set up seems to be a bit like Saving Private Ryan, only they?re not searching for Private Ryan, they?re just fighting in the war. I guess that would make Brad the Tom Hanks character? And I?m fine with that. Brad does look good in fatigues and he?s a better actor than most people think. Will The Beef be the weak link? You never know. Also: LOVE Michael Pena.

Fury will be released on November 14th. Oscar contender?

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

Brad Pitt photos
Brad Pitt news

Tom Hanks photos
Tom Hanks news

Keira Knightley: costar Adam Levine is able to 'play a d?khead very well'
Added 10 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Keira Knightley: costar Adam Levine is able to 'play a d?khead very well'
Keira Knightley covers the new issue of Glamour. I actually like this photoshoot a lot ? Keira has done a lot of drab, minimalist shoots as of late, so it?s nice to see her smiling, wearing color and sitting amongst the flowers. It would be nice to see Angelina Jolie do a shoot like this too, right? Keira is promoting Begin Again, formerly Can A Song Save Your Life?, in which she plays the ex-girlfriend of a big rock star who finds her (singing) voice post-breakup. It looks like a sweet movie. Here are some highlights from the Glamour piece:

Keira on her decision to do a romantic comedy: ?With a feel-good film you are always risking going way too cheesy….But maybe I can have a little holiday where I’m not playing a character who is being destroyed.”

Keira on her Begin Again co-star Adam Levine: ?He did play a d-ckhead very well. Actually, I admire him being so willing. To play a d-ckhead is quite a big thing when you are trying to break into film and you want to be likable.”

Keira on getting married: ?When James proposed, I just thought, Well, never done that before. It seemed like a fun thing to do.”

Keira on her teens and early twenties: “There are those who manage that time of their lives really well?doing a lot of partying and making a lot of mistakes and thinking the world is only there for you, but I was way too introverted, and there was always this sh-tload of photographers, who made it worse. When I hit 25, for some reason I didn’t care anymore?I allowed myself to chill out. Since then, everything’s been amazing.”

Keira on stage fright: “I have really suffered from stage fright, or actually camera fright. [Because] you are presenting layers and layers and layers of pretending, and it’s not just you but other people in charge of your face or your body or your hair.”

[From Glamour]

For some reason, I kind of believe her about her engagement and marriage. She had been a serial monogamist up until then, happy to live with a guy and she didn?t seem to be striving for ?the ring.? When her first wedding anniversary came up, she didn?t even remember it. I think she got married because James asked her and thought it sounded like fun. Which is a nice way to go through life. I also think she?s honest about how tightly wound she was in her early 20s, when she was navigating fame and taking it all so seriously. She really seemed lighter, happier, less neurotic in her late 20s.

Also: yeah, it’s not difficult for Adam Levine to “play” a douchebag. Shock.

Photos courtesy of Glamour.

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Sandra Bullock on Chris Evans: 'We married, we separated, we filed for divorce'
Added 10 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sandra Bullock on Chris Evans: 'We married, we separated, we filed for divorce'
#140097443 /

A few weeks ago, we heard the scrumptuous news that Sandra Bullock (she of the decade of hotness) was dating Chris Evans, a.k.a., “Captain America.” Chris has been crushing on Sandra since her Speed days and even kept posters of her on his teenage bedroom wall. They met in 2012 and reportedly just started dating. We heard that “they really like each other,” but neither of their reps confirmed the relationship. I shipped them pretty hard.

Chris has been able to avoid the press lately, but Sandra hasn’t been so evasive. How is she dealing with the questions of her new rumored man? Sandra’s cracking jokes when people ask her about this new romance: “We’ve since married and it started breaking apart, so we separated. We filed for divorce, and I hope everyone can respect our privacy. But we’re going to remain friends and share responsibility of the farm animals we’ve taken on, because you just can’t abandon the animals.”

Ha. I bet Chris is enjoying the heck out of this. He’s so private, and Sandra is throwing the rumors back at the media. Lainey points out that Sandra used to tease the press the same way way back when she dated Matthew McConaughey. Sandra is very good at letting the press know what she won’t talk about. But yeah. Sandy and Cap are hitting it. Totally.

Now for more Sandra news that isn’t so happy. CB already covered the weekend intruder at Sandra’s home. CNN updates the story and says the man was inside Sandra’s home for over an hour while she slept. The intruder was charged with felony counts of burglary, stalking, and possession of a machine gun. (He did not have the machine gun with him when he broke in.) This is so scary! I am glad that Sandra and her son are okay, and hopefully, the intruder will be locked away.

#140047312 /

Photos courtesy of Getty & WENN

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Angelina Jolie & William Hague co-author an op-ed detailing their summit goals
Added 10 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie & William Hague co-author an op-ed detailing their summit goals
Angelina Jolie is going to be in London all week for the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, a summit she is co-hosting with UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, her new BFF. Hague has introduced her to Prime Minister David Cameron before ? a few months ago, Hague took Angelina to Downing Street for breakfast or brunch, and he brought her to Downing Street again for the kick-off of the summit. Cameron even tweeted a photo from the meeting (the comments on this tweet are crazy/funny/sad).

Angelina Jolie and @WilliamJHague tell me about ending sexual violence in conflict. #TimeToAct

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron) June 10, 2014

21-Jul-2024 :Shiloh Jolie announced her legal name change petition in the LA Times
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15-Dec-2023 :Angelina Jolie: ?Because I grew up around Hollywood, I was never very imp...
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10-Jul-2023 :Angelina Jolie will rent Jean-Michel Basquiat?s work space for Atelier Jo...
24-May-2023 :Angelina Jolie?s new refugee fashion collective will utilize ?deadstock m...
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Irina Shayk's Leg Show
Added 10 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Irina Shayk's Leg Show
Good news for anyone hoping to see a supermodel leg show today (which I’m guessing is all of you), because here’s Irina Shayk out for a walk in New York. Now, I know it’s not the lingerie or bikini pictures we’re usually used to seeing from Irina, but when a girl can cause an instant […]

9-Nov-2022 :Irina Shayk ?very much loves? Bradley Cooper, they?ve been ?hanging out m...
31-Oct-2022 :Irina Shayk & Bradley Cooper appear to be back together, they went to a p...
31-Aug-2022 :Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk are on a very friendly beach vacation togeth...
18-Jul-2022 :Irina Shayk posted a curious IG message which could be a pro-Russian code
2-Dec-2021 :Irina Shayk went to the NYC ?Nightmare Alley? premiere to support Bradley...
18-Jul-2021 :Irina Shayk is mad that people think she?s not still dating Kanye West??
14-Jul-2021 :Irina Shayk & Kanye West are ?cooling off,? he invited her to PFW & she d...
30-Oct-2020 :Irina Shayk?s street style involves $3K Burberry raincoat & $2K Chanel bo...
12-Aug-2019 :Chris Hemsworth?s wife isn?t happy when he uses her La Mer on his whole b...
27-Feb-2019 :Irina Shayk unfollowed Lady Gaga on social media before the Oscars
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Taylor Swfit Leggy At RED Tour Singapore
Added 10 years agoSource: Dickism
Taylor Swfit Leggy At RED Tour Singapore
Here is Taylor Swift impressing in black leather shorts as she delivered another amazing performance in Singapore.

The superstar performed 13 songs including State Of Grace, Red, Teardrops On My Guitar, I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

28-Jun-2024 :Jason & Travis Kelce: Princess Charlotte is ?adorable? & a ?superstar?
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25-Apr-2024 :Taylor Swift worries that Travis Kelce won?t be able to handle her fame
22-Apr-2024 :Taylor Swift is getting (well-deserved) criticism for being nostalgic for...
15-Apr-2024 :Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce were loved up at Coachella all weekend
25-Mar-2024 :Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce took a week-long vacation in the Bahamas
27-Feb-2024 :Taylor Swift?s father Scott is being investigated for an altercation with...
8-Feb-2024 :What do poets think of Taylor Swift?s ?The Tortured Poets Department? tit...
20-Jan-2024 :Taylor Swift stepped out in NYC in a $3350 cashmere dress from The Row
11-Jan-2024 :Taylor Swift wore crushed velvet & Jimmy Choo Snake Boots for a night out...
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Lindsay Lohan Shops Up a Storm in London
Added 10 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Lindsay Lohan Shops Up a Storm in London
Apparently her money problems have been solved because Lindsay Lohan was back to her retail therapy tendencies in London, England on Monday (June 9).

Sporting a white head wrap with a white sleeveless blouse and light blue skinny jeans, the ?Georgia Rule? babe strolled up the street with a smile on her face.

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9-Jan-2024 :Lindsay Lohan wore Alexandre Vauthier to the ?Mean Girls? premiere in NYC
5-Jul-2022 :Lindsay Lohan quietly married her bank executive fiance Bader Shammas
29-Nov-2021 :Lindsay Lohan is engaged to an executive at Credit Suisse in Dubai
11-Sep-2020 :Lindsay Lohan is being sued for the advance she got for a book she never ...
2-Jan-2020 :Lindsay Lohan is moving back to America to ?take back the life I?ve worke...
30-Oct-2019 :Lindsay Lohan isn?t dating Mohammad bin Salman, they?re ?platonic friends...
6-Aug-2019 :Page Six: There?s a rumor about Lindsay Lohan & Mohammad bin Salman
9-Jan-2019 :Lindsay Lohan?s goals: ?To work with Martin Scorsese. Work with Spielberg...
8-Nov-2018 :Lindsay Lohan?s rep was trawling for endorsements with a ?substantial bud...
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Bar Rafaeli Enjoys Sushi Date with Mystery Man
Added 10 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Bar Rafaeli Enjoys Sushi Date with Mystery Man
Enjoying the model life, Bar Refaeli hit up Katsuya in Hollywood, CA on Monday night (June 9).

After her sushi date, the 29-year-old hottie hopped onto a three-wheeler motorcycle with a mystery man and the pair zoomed out of sight.

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19-Oct-2018 :Bar Refaeli?s Hotness And Booty Makes A Comeback
18-Dec-2015 :Bar Refaeli & her mother were arrested in Israel for major tax evasion
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8-May-2015 :Bar Refaeli Brightens Up Terrazza Martini VIP Launch
10-Apr-2015 :Bar Refaeli Does So Chic Magazine
31-Mar-2015 :Bar Refaeli Really Works It Good
31-Mar-2015 :Bar Refaeli Lovely Workout for Marie Claire Mexico April 2015
18-Mar-2015 :Bar Refaeli Brings the Heat to Baselworld 2015
13-Feb-2015 :Bar Refaeli Named First Female Ambassador for Hublot
Bar Refaeli photos
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Rosie Huntington Whiteley: Striped & Sexy in the Big Apple
Added 10 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Rosie Huntington Whiteley: Striped & Sexy in the Big Apple
Showing off her fashion prowess, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley strutted through the streets in New York City on Tuesday (June 10).

The British babe rocked a pair of stripped pants with navy pumps and a matching blazer as she took care of a few errands during her stint in the Big Apple.

While out and about, Rosie teamed up with her pals and worked on an upcoming project.

During the business meeting, the 27-year-old stunning shared a group selfie and added the caption, "Love from New York! @neilmoodie @wendyrowe @chercoulter @marksandspencer #TeamRHW."

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15-Mar-2016 :Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?s Booty Profile
31-Dec-2015 :Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Fame is a ?Fleeting Moment?
20-Nov-2015 :Rosie Huntington-Whiteley In Sexy Spandex
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