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Nina Dobrev Steps Out For DirecTV Super Bowl 50 event in San Francisco
Added 8 years agoSource: Dickism
Nina Dobrev Steps Out For DirecTV Super Bowl 50 event in San Francisco
Here is Nina Dobrev joining the swarm of celebrities who have gathered in San Francisco for the big Super Bowl weekend, where she attended DirecTV?s Super Saturday Night at Pier 70.

The former Vampire Diaries star was all smiles as she arrived at the event in a camel coat over a little black dress, before heading inside the celebration where she was spotted hanging out with BFF Julianne Hough, along with Derek Hough, Hailee Steinfeld, and Tim Tebow.

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Arianny Celeste Sideboob at UFC Octagon Girls After Party in Las Vegas
Added 8 years agoSource: Dickism
Arianny Celeste Sideboob at UFC Octagon Girls After Party in Las Vegas
Here is Arianny Celeste attending the UFC Octagon Girls After Party in Las Vegas.

She became a UFC Octagon Girl in typical fashion, through a modeling casting call, but ever since she made her debut at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in 2006, life has been anything but typical for Celeste, who saw her first live mixed martial arts fight that summer night in Las Vegas.

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Chloe Grace Moretz Bikini Pictures On Instagram!
Added 8 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Chloe Grace Moretz Bikini Pictures On Instagram!
Good news:Chloe Grace Moretz finally took that bikini vacation I’ve been hoping for, and even better, there’s pictures to prove it. The bad news is it looks like she went with someother loser, instead of yours truly. I guess she must’ve decided not to invite me because she heardabout bloggers being allergic to the sun. […]

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Miley Cyrus Topless Floor Cleaner
Added 8 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Miley Cyrus Topless Floor Cleaner
Here’s why Miley Cyrus is hands down my #1 favorite pop star and always will be: because while all those other young hotties out there like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez are busy worrying about their “brand” and projectingthe right public image, Miley is posing for “artsy” black-and-white photoshoots where she licks a hardwood floor […]

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Bella Hadid's Bikini Body: Baby Got Back!
Added 8 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Bella Hadid's Bikini Body: Baby Got Back!
Making the most of the warm SoCal weather, Bella Hadid sunned her buns by the pool on Sunday (February 7), sporting a very skimpy ensemble.

The 19-year-old up-and-coming model donned a strappy two-piece bikini, though her curvaceous posterior didn?t get much coverage from the 82-degree heat.

Thankfully, Bella decided to post a cheeky snapshot via Instagram, giving her fans a peek at her beautiful backside. Hadid added the caption, ?Back with boy blue @jessejostark happiest.?

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Beyonce, Coldplay & Bruno Mars at the SB50 Halftime show: how did they do?
Added 8 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Beyonce, Coldplay & Bruno Mars at the SB50 Halftime show: how did they do?
Embed from Getty Images

As everyone knew ahead of time, Coldplay did not perform the Super Bowl Half-time show alone. Beyonce and Bruno Mars joined the Coldplay guys, only I think most people were way more excited for Bey and Bruno than they ever were for Coldplay. Which is the point: why did the NFL ever choose Coldplay in the first place? Anyway, Beyonce dropped her first single in a year ahead of the Super Bowl and that?s what she performed ? ?Formation.? Bruno did his big hit of 2015, ?Uptown Funk,? with a great cameo by Mark Ronson. Coldplay didn?t even have time to do a proper medley of their greatest hits, which is kind of funny. They did a few lines of ?Yellow,? some short versions of ?Vida la Vida,? ?Paradise? and ?Fix You.?

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Elizabeth Banks on the wage gap: 'you start to feel that it's kind of bullsh-'
Added 8 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Elizabeth Banks on the wage gap: 'you start to feel that it's kind of bullsh-'
2015 was quite the busy year for actress/director/producer Elizabeth Banks. She earned critical praise for her roles in the Brian Wilson biopic Love and Mercy and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay ? Part 2. In addition, she signed a 2-year contract with Universal and began work on two new movies, Heist Society and White Girl Problems. Oh, and there was her directorial debut, Pitch Perfect 2, which earned a whopping $287.1 million worldwide. 2016 looks even brighter for Elizabeth as she’s set to direct Pitch Perfect 3 and a big screen adaptation of the young adult novel Red Queen, as well as a Charlie?s Angels reboot (why?) Speaking of reboots, Elizabeth was just cast as villainess Rita Repulsa for the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie.

Who knew that Elizabeth, whom audiences took notice of in her small but memorable part as a randy book store employee in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, would make it so big? She recently spoke with Vanity Fair about her success, working as a producer with her husband, Max Handelman, whom she married in 2003, and the still present wage gap between men and women in Hollywood. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On how she achieved success

“There?s only three things that can happen to you when you come to Hollywood. You can break big right away. You can work, work, work, and just be consistent. Or you can flame out. So (1) didn?t happen for me; (2) happened. And probably five years ago, I felt like, I?m O.K., I?m gonna work. Which gives you a lot of courage in this business. And you?d better understand that it is a business.”

She founded a production company with her husband

“We have always made decisions that kept us together as a couple. We like working together. We?re good at working together.”

On growing their company, Brownstone Productions

“We talked about producing as sort of a three-legged stool. You have to have taste, first. You have to have access?know writers and directors and agents. And then you have to have clout. And clout comes when you direct or produce a hit movie.”

“[Pitch Perfect was] not a one-off. When you do it twice, that?s meaningful. You actually knew what you were doing and there was design to what you did.”

On the wage gap

“I have two young boys. And they do not like to share and they do not like change. That?s humanity. As you go on in this business, especially as a woman, and you start thinking about all the opportunities and money that the men at your level are making, you definitely start to feel that it?s kind of bullsh-. I love acting. This all came about partially because I was frustrated in my acting career. I had nothing to lose by directing.”

[From Vanity Fair]

What a down to earth lady. I hope she encourages more women in Hollywood to fight this archaic wage gap. She’s no stranger to taking on causes – in fact, the first project she ever directed was a funny, informative P.S.A. for the American Heart Association called Just A Little Heart Attack. I am glad she’s still going to be in front of the camera as well. You know she’s going to bring it as Rita Repulsa, right? So yeah, I’ll go ahead and say it, the odds are certainly in her favor.

How @ElizabethBanks hit the Hollywood trifecta

— VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) February 4, 2016

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Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale welcomed son Rocco Cannavale last week
Added 8 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale welcomed son Rocco Cannavale last week
Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale really fly undercover as a couple ? even their fans might not even realize that they?re together and have been since 2012, and most people didn?t even realize that Rose got knocked up last year. They?re actually a great study in celebrities going undercover without even hiding anything. They would talk about each other in interviews, they would walk red carpets together and media outlets reported on her pregnancy, but Bobby and Rose are so low-key, I think most people just forgot.

Anyway, Rose gave birth to a Cannavale Baby one week ago. Bobby announced the birth when he appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. They had a boy and they named him Rocco. Rocco Cannavale is a very Italian name, right? When Colbert asked if the name choice was for Saint Rocco (who is a real saint, I checked), Bobby said: ?Actually, yeah, patron saint of the sick…pretty sure. Could be wrong. I’m tired.”

Rocco is Bobby?s second child and Rose?s first. Bobby was previously married to Jenny Lumet (Sidney Lumet?s daughter) and they have a son, Jake, together. Rose and Bobby are not married and I don?t think they?re engaged either. Bobby?s 45 years old (fantastic genes) and Rose is 36.

Met a super hot lady at the JETS game #letsgojets

A photo posted by Bobby (@bobby_cannavale) on Nov 8, 2015 at 12:20pm PST

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