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Joanna Krupa got smug about how she's 'ambitious' & never 'lazy' about exercise
Added 347 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Joanna Krupa got smug about how she's 'ambitious' & never 'lazy' about exercise
I work out a lot, but not every day. I average four gym visits a week, and I look forward to those visits because it?s a good stress reliever for me, my version of meditation, clearing-my-head, cancel-out-the-noise. In the first months of Trump?s presidency, I worked out A LOT. So much that I actually strained myself a bit. I?ve been considering taking a break, actually, to just let my body heal from minor aches and pains that I associate with my workouts. What?s my point? My point is that people work out or don?t work out for many different reasons. It?s not always about health, it?s not always about losing weight, and it?s not always a matter or laziness or whatever. Real Housewife Joanna Krupa does not feel the same way. Krupa got judgy on her Instagram about how people are ?lazy? if they don?t work out every week at every age. No.

Joanna Krupa is proud of her bikini body and doesn?t seem to understand why others can?t join the fitness bandwagon also. The 38-year-old Polish model and former Playboy pinup is on the cover of Be Active, which she proudly unveiled on Instagram Monday, along with a special message.

?There is absolutely no excuse in not staying fit and healthy at any age!? wrote the ?Real Housewives of Miami? star. ?Motivation and drive is the key.?

Krupa went on to reveal she maintains a strict diet daily and works out between 2-5 times a week, no matter what her schedule looks like.

?I don?t get lazy even when tired after work or on a vacation,? she explained. ?I find time to be active. It?s called being ambitious and dedicated. It?s a choice. For those that don?t follow that please don?t judge those that choose to be fit.?

Krupa also fired back at critics who?ve reportedly claimed she starves herself over the years to stay in camera-ready shape at all times.

?I have always eaten anything I wanted,? boasted Krupa.

[From Page Six]

FFS, stop it. ?It?s called being ambitious and dedicated. It?s a choice.? Being a judgy a–hole is also a choice, and she makes that choice every f–king day, it seems. ?For those that don?t follow that please don?t judge those that choose to be fit.? What the hell is she even talking about? I?m left cold by the arguments from slender, fit women that they have it hard because people ?judge? them for being so thin and beautiful. That irks the sh-t out of me. Our society puts a premium at every level for women maintaining a very specific standard of beauty and I?ll never believe that a woman who looks like Joanna Krupa is ?judged? by society the same way a woman who looks like Melissa McCarthy is ?judged.?

Even the idea that being ?fit? only looks one way is a destructive and stupid idea. People look at someone slightly overweight (but who works out every day), and says ?oh, how UNHEALTHY.? But someone thin, who never works out and eats garbage all day and smokes, will ?look healthy.? This whole conversation is so stupid. Work out if you can, and do it for your own reasons. Don?t let stupid Real Housewives try to tell you that you?re lazy.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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