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Kylie Jenner: 'It's a miracle' I can still look in the mirror & still think I?m pretty'
Added 28 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kylie Jenner: 'It's a miracle' I can still look in the mirror & still think I?m pretty'
Out of all of the Kardashian-Jenners, I tend to give Kendall and Kylie Jenner the widest berth when it comes to how they deal with fame and celebrity. They became famous through Keeping Up with the Kardashians when they were 12 or 13 years old, before they had any concept of what they were doing, before they could really ?consent? to being part of this circus. They still choose to be part of the family business as adults, to varying degrees, but I?m not surprised that Kendall and Kylie both seem to have a really fked up relationship with their ?celebrity.? Speaking of, Kylie had some sh-t to say in this week?s episode of The Kardashians (the Hulu show) about how people still have so much sh-t to say about her appearance. Keep in mind, Kylie has been getting cosmetic work on her face and body since her teenage years.

On the June 20 episode, Kylie Jenner, 26, said to her sister, It?s a miracle I still have confidence and can still look in the mirror and still think Im pretty.

The Kylie Cosmetics creator shared that after Paris Fashion Week in September, she got a lot of negative comments about her looks. She said she wanted to do a more minimal makeup look, because people tell her she wears too much, but then shes criticized for doing too little.

I hear nasty things about myself all the time, she said in a confessional. I think its just after 10 years of hearing about it, it just gets exhausting. She said shes so numb to people talking about her looks all the time and wonders why the internet thinks its okay.

?I went on a journey last year dissolving half of my lip filler,? Kylie continued. ?I hate even having this conversation over and over and over again. It feels like it?s a waste of my breath because I think, with me, it is never going to change.?

Kendall wrapped her younger sister up in a hug, seeing how much the criticism weighed on her.

Like, I?ve never cried about this before, but I guess it does affect me, Kylie admitted. People have been talking about my looks since I was 12 or 13, before I even got lip filler.

I think Im a really strong and I was put in this position for a reason, Kylie said in a confessional. I do think of myself as a confident person? but Im also human and theres only so much someone can take.

[From People]

I remember those photos of Kylie at the Gaultier show six months ago, when it was a major headline that people said Kylie looked ?old? when she was doing a more natural makeup look. I do think she?s changing up her cosmetic work these days because she doesn?t want to look so ?Instagram filtered in real life.? Kylie, Kim and Khloe all have that look in real life, like they?ve gotten so much done to their faces that they look permanently ?filtered.? Anyway, I know people are yelling at Kylie because of the years of problematic messaging from the K-Js, but again? Kylie herself is damaged by her own family?s relationships with plastic surgery, image and fame. I find it sort of remarkable that Kylie is a somewhat functional person, because she would have been better off being raised by wolves.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Cover Images.

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One lawsuit against Madonna dismissed, her lawyers say there was no settlement
Added 28 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
One lawsuit against Madonna dismissed, her lawyers say there was no settlement
Madonna has been sued three times for starting three different concerts on her Celebration Tour two or more hours late. The first of this trifecta of lawsuits was filed by two fans who had attended her Brooklyn show in December. Madonna?s team issued a broad statement that that particular show was derailed due to technical reasons, which I took to mean the fact that it is technically impossible for Madonna to start a show on time. Nobody?s perfect, but most people aren?t charging an arm and a leg for the privilege of seeing a beautiful stranger perform, either. Just a few days ago we had an update that Madonna?s lawyers were crying ?harassment!? over the plaintiffs? lawyers saying they had reached a settlement. They had not. And they still have not reached a settlement, which Madonna?s lawyers emphasized when news broke that the case has officially been dismissed by the plaintiffs with prejudice, which means they can never ever bring the suit again. I did not see this one coming.

The lawsuit against Madonna pertaining to the late start time of her Celebration World Tour has been dismissed without settlement.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE on Wednesday, June 19, the lawsuit, which was filed by plaintiffs Michael Fellows and Jason Alvarez against the singer, sent a notice of a ?voluntary dismissal with prejudice.?

The Grammy winner, 65, was sued on January 17 over a delayed start time during the December 13 show of her Celebration World Tour in Brooklyn. The plaintiffs accused her of ?false advertising? and filed the suit.

Due to their recent dismissal with prejudice, Fellows and Alvarez cannot re-file their claims. The singer and Live Nation?s attorney, Jeff Warshafsky, wrote a letter on June 19, noting that the dismissal ?was not the result of any settlement? between the parties.

The letter stated that Madonna and Live Nation ?do not agree with plaintiffs? position that each party should bear its own fees and costs.?

?Defendants believe that this action was a frivolous strike suit designed to force them to incur legal expenses,? read Warshafsky?s letter. ?Plaintiffs have now abandoned this lawsuit when it became clear that this approach would not result in a settlement payment and that they would need to oppose defendants? motion to dismiss the Amended Complaint.?

Additionally, Warshafsky noted that the ?defendants reserve the right to move for sanctions, attorneys? fees, and costs? due to the plaintiffs? false ?Notice of Settlement? that the Court struck on June 10.

The plaintiffs claim that the popstar?s Dec. 13 concert started at 10:30 p.m., despite the tickets advertising that it would start at 8:30 p.m. The two fans accused the delay of being a ?wanton exercise in false advertising, negligent misrepresentation, and unfair and deceptive trade practices.?

The original filing stated that the two fans ?would not have paid for tickets? had they known about the start time. The filing also noted that the plaintiffs argued that concert attendees were ?confronted with limited public transportation, limited ride-sharing, and/or increased public and private transportation costs at that late hour? when they left the venue after 1 a.m.

[From People]

I am gobsmacked by this development! So it?s lose-lose for the plaintiffs ? no settlement and no adjudication of the case. What happened behind the scenes? Because the fact that Madonna started more than two hours late is undisputed. Since her lawyers are calling it a ?frivolous? suit, I?m wondering if the language from the original filing came back to bite the plaintiffs, the parts about their having to be up and at work the next morning. This tactic never seemed like a good strategy to me; they were saying too much that the defense could use against them ? which it seems they did ? when the facts alone were strong enough. So again I ask: what happened behind the scenes, here? Also, it seems especially pernicious that Madonna and Live Nation?s lawyers are talking about going after the plaintiffs to pay her legal fees. Come on, I know Madge is an unapologetic bitch, but the Material Girl just made $225 million from this tour alone, and Live Nation is the touring world?s biggest monopoly. Don?t make two poor fans who have to get up for work in the morning foot the bill for everyone?s fees!

There?s at least one more chance for the justice system to get it right, as two lawsuits still stand: one for a Washington, DC concert that Madonna began by saying ?I am sorry I am late? no, I am not sorry, it?s who I am? I?m always late,? and one in California where the plaintiff added charges

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Sandra Bullock is excited for the Practical Magic sequel: 'here comes trouble'
Added 28 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sandra Bullock is excited for the Practical Magic sequel: 'here comes trouble'
Last week, we talked about the super exciting news that Practical Magic is getting a sequel. At the time of Warner Bros? announcement, all that was known was that the sequel was greenlit and that OG stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman were ?in talks? to return for it. Sounds like those talks went really well because both actresses have confirmed that they?ll be back! Last week, Kidman, who played Gillian, the older of the two Owens sisters, told People that there?s ?a lot more to tell? of the Owens? family story. This week, it was Bullock?s turn to comment on it. At an event in Los Angeles, she said she was excited about the sequel, exclaiming, ?Here comes trouble, but good trouble.?

The actress, 59, reunited with Griffin Dunne, the director of the original 1998 film, during a book party at the Georgian Hotel on Tuesday, June 18, for his memoir, The Friday Afternoon Club: A Family Memoir.

At the event, which was also attended by Mary McLaglen, the films line producer, Bullock opened up about her excitement for the upcoming sequel, expressing, Here comes trouble, but good trouble.

While it is not known if Dunne and McLagen are attached to the new project, Bullock praised Dunnes storytelling abilities, expressing, You feel like you were always in the back seat experiencing it all with him. He has lived more lives than a cat.

I don?t know anyone who has experienced what he has and can still manage to find the love and humor in even the darkest of places, she added.

In an interview with PEOPLE on Thursday, June 13, Nicole Kidman confirmed that she and Bullock are set to reprise their roles in the upcoming film, which has a screenplay by Akiva Goldsman.

Yes I will be in it. And Sandy will be in it. And thats that. Theres a lot more to tell which is why we go, OK, this is kind of interesting now to be able to do this. We found a way in, said Kidman, 56. PEOPLE first reported that the actresses were in talks to star and produce the film on Monday, June 10.

The original film, based on the 1995 novel by Alice Hoffman of the same name, features Bullock and Kidman as the Owens sisters, a pair of witches who face a family curse that prevents them from ever finding lasting love by killing off the men theyre involved with.

While an official release date has not been set, Warner Bros. said it is in development and coming soon in a previous announcement.

[From People]

Well then, bring on this good trouble! I was so excited about this news that I ended up rewatching Practical Magic last weekend. I had forgotten how amazing that kitchen and whole house is. I do hope the sequel is still set on Maria?s Island. I also hope it doesn?t follow the same basic formula as the first movie, only sliding Sally?s daughters into the places of Gillian and Sally. I also really hope the rest of the cast comes back too! Let?s have something that involves all six Owens women and whatever children the new generation may have. Bring back Stockard Channing, Dianne Wiest, and Evan Rachel Wood! Bring back Aiden Quinn! Sally did not go through all of that heartbreak just to not end up with Gary in the end. And of course, there needs to be one midnight margarita scene. I went down a rabbit hole last week, reading about PM trivia. I didn?t realize that Sandra, Nicole, Stockard, and Dianne actually got drunk while filming that scene! Turns out, they really were drinking tequila, cheap stuff that Kidman brought to set. That?s too funny. I love that they all had that camaraderie in real life.

Embed from Getty Images

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Jennifer Lopez is planning a summer vacation with 'her children, family & friends'
Added 29 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Lopez is planning a summer vacation with 'her children, family & friends'
Three weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez suddenly canceled her planned summer tour. The tour was supposed to be in support of her album This Is Me? Now. The album flopped and the musical and documentary she made about the album were pretty bad too. So bad that J.Lo?s flop era basically hurt her marriage to Ben Affleck, and now they?re sort of separated but working on it. Back when she initially canceled her tour, I said that I hoped Jennifer would spend the summer with Ben and their family, reconnecting and working on their marriage. Well, that?s sort of what she?s planning but they?re not making any mention of Ben??

Jennifer Lopez is planning her summer vacation! The Atlas star, 54, has been making plans to travel, a source tells PEOPLE. Lopez is taking time this summer to be with her children, family and close friends, Live Nation announced on May 31 when she canceled her planned concert tour amid what sources have called strain in her marriage to Ben Affleck.

Lopez has previously taken some epic summer vacations, both with friends and with Affleck. In years past, the couple enjoyed trips to France and Italy over the summer, including during their 2022 honeymoon in Milan and Lake Como and a birthday trip to the celeb-favorite island of Capri.

Lopez has said shes not a big vacation person in general, but has spoken about her love for Italy. When I finally went to spend a couple of summers in a row in the south of Italy, I really, really loved it, she shared in a 2023 interview with Travel + Leisure.

[From People]

Not a big vacation person? Girl, stop lying. She loves a vacation. She works hard and plays hard. She rents yachts and has a place in the Hamptons, right? Anyway, I hope she and Ben are planning a Leo Szn birthday trip and I hope it saves their marriage. Come on? a yacht in the Mediterranean? Butt-rubbing like the good old ?Jenny From the Block? days? Or even a quiet summer in the Hamptons? Or maybe: Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza/Straight to LA, New York, Vegas to Africa?

PS Whoops, J.Lo is already on vacation in Italy. Ben is not with her. Yikes.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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