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Gisele Bundchen is 'deeply disappointed' at Tom Brady's 'irresponsible' roast
Added 77 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Gisele Bundchen is 'deeply disappointed' at Tom Brady's 'irresponsible' roast
Gisele Bundchen skipped this year?s Met Gala. Last year, she attended the gala solo, one of her biggest appearances (at the time) after she divorced Tom Brady in 2022. I?m sure there will be rumors that Gisele wasn?t invited to the gala, but guess what? I?m sure she was invited. She turned Anna Wintour down because she?s so busy these days:

Gisele Bndchen is a busy woman. The supermodel, 43, skipped this years Met Gala because she was at home in Florida, a source tells PEOPLE.

Shes busy with her family down in Miami, the source says. She has a totally full life and shes very busy with her kids.

The source adds, Plus, shes been working more than she has in 20 years this past year. She has so many projects; shes been working all the time. Shes been working tirelessly this past week to help her home state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, which is suffering from the most devastating flood its ever had. She has family there and shes been consumed with worry.

[From People]

The way this source is coming across, it does feel weird, like there?s another layer to Gisele skipping the gala, but sure. I believe that she didn?t feel like it and she didn?t want to fly up to New York just for the gala. Meanwhile, People Mag had another exclusive apparently, Gisele did NOT appreciate the jokes about her divorce at Tom Brady?s Netflix roast.

Gisele Bndchen is disappointed by the jokes made regarding her previous marriage to Tom Brady, during the Super Bowl champions Netflix roast. A source tells PEOPLE that the model, 43, is deeply disappointed by the disrespectful portrayal of her family on Sunday evenings roast show.

The source adds, As always, [Bndchens] priority is to support her children who were affected by the irresponsible content that was broadcasted.

Brady, 46, was the guest of honor during Netflixs live special, The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady, at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, Calif. on Sunday, May 5. The retired quarterback took in insults from friends and former teammates, including host Kevin Hart, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Nikki Glaser, Drew Bledsoe, Randy Moss and Kim Kardashian.

Hart, 44, first mocked Brady over Bndchens new boyfriend, her jiu-jitsu coach Joaquim Valente. Along with Hart, Glaser, 39, also went after Brady and his divorce, mocking the football star and remarking: You have seven rings. Well, eight now that Gisele gave hers back. Meanwhile, Bradys former teammates, Bledsoe and Edelman, also made jabs at the former couples previous marriage.

The source adds, This past week, Gisele has been tirelessly dedicated to aiding those in need in her home state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, which is grappling with the worst flooding in its history. She was concerned about family affected by the devastating floods, so to hear her life being joked about was very disappointing.

[From People]

I won?t defend Gisele here, but maybe she doesn?t understand the concept of ?roasts?? Like, it?s a special kind of art form and I still can?t believe that Tom agreed to get roasted like that. Of course they were going to joke about his divorce. From what little I saw, Gisele wasn?t the butt of the jokes either they were making fun of Tom for fking up his marriage and calling HIM a dumbass. Why is Gisele coming across as so touchy and defensive in both of these People stories?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, screencaps from Netflix roast.

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Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves did a joint interview, would love to work together again
Added 77 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves did a joint interview, would love to work together again
One of my favorite movies from the 1990s is Speed. It?s part of my action movie-loving origin story, lol. Speed stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves recently appeared on an episode of the 50 MPH podcast. They must have been the pod?s white whales, as it?s dedicated to talking about Speed! I believe this was Sandy?s first official interview since her partner, Bryan Randall, died. It?s nice to have her back and I wish her all the best. Every year, on April 23, I text my sisters the gif from Miss Congeniality, ha. I also love that movie! Anyway, during the 50 MPH episode, Keanu and Sandra talked about the first Speed, and whether they?d want to work together again. (Sandra and Keanu also co-starred in 2006?s The Lake House.) Yay, they do!

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are eager to reunite onscreen soon.

Bullock and Reeves, who famously costarred in 1994s Speed and 2006s The Lake House, appeared on the May 6 episode of the 50 MPH podcast ? a show entirely dedicated to the making of Speed ? where they discussed the action classic action and the possibility of working together again.

Before I die, before I leave this planet, I do think that Keanu and I need to do something in front of the camera, Bullock, 59, said, after the podcasts host Kris Tapley encouraged the pair to lobby for a third Speed movie. Are we, you know, in wheelchairs or with walkers? Maybe. Maybe.

Reeves, also 59, said he holds a mutual interest in making a third movie with Bullock, whether it is a Speed sequel or not.

It does feel like it?s ? there is a siren call to it, he said. I think I would love to work with you again before our eyes close. We?d freakin? knock it out of the park.

Speed, directed by Jan de Bont, follows Reeves as a police officer in Los Angeles tasked with disarming a bomb on a bus full of passengers primed to explode if the vehicles speed drops below 50 miles per hour. Bullock portrays a bus passenger who steps in to drive the bus after its driver is wounded.

The movie made $118 million at the domestic box office and proved the seventh highest-grossing film of 1994 in the U.S. Bullock later starred in a sequel to the movie, titled Speed 2: Cruise Control, that was produced without Reeves and featured a hijacked cruise ship rather than a bus. Reeves has shared multiple times that he chose not to star in the sequel because he did not like its script.

While host Tapley did not ask Bullock to speak to her experience filming the sequel, the Oscar winner did suggest that a third Speed could simply pick up where the second left off and thanked the podcast for taking me down memory lane.

I mean, I realize how much I block out and it?s nice to reflect on something that?s sweet. There?s not a lot of sweet, but, I just now I?m sort of filled with a full heart, Bullock said. I?m a little weepy, you know? It was a good time. It was a really good time. And we were very lucky. I was very lucky on many levels.?

[From People]

I would LOVE to see Sandra and Keanu do another movie together, but I really hope it?s not another Speed sequel. There?s no need to add it to the growing list of movies and franchises that have been revived or remade. We?re good! Instead, the only existing franchise that I?d MAYBE accept the two of them in is if Sandra tapped into her inner action star and joined Keanu to kick ass in the next John Wick. I can always use more John Wick in my life. (A requisite moment of silence for the amazing Lance Reddick.) But really, I?d love to see them do something new and different. And yes, I did see The Lake House but honestly, it was 18 years ago, and I can?t remember that much about it other than it felt like it was very long. Come on, Hollywood. Make this happen.

Embed from Getty Images

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Kendall Jenner wore an archival Givenchy to the 2024 Met Gala: kind of meh?
Added 78 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kendall Jenner wore an archival Givenchy to the 2024 Met Gala: kind of meh?
Kendall Jenner went for a vintage look at this year?s Met Gala. This is an archival Givenchy from 1999, meaning Alexander McQueen designed it. A lot of women had designers pull archived pieces and then based something new on those vintage looks. Not Kendall. I?ll say this though I doubt Givenchy had to make any alterations, I?m sure she just fit into the archive look. That being said, if you?re going to the trouble of asking Givenchy for an archived piece, surely you would want something better than this??

Sydney Sweeney in Miu Miu. SO BAD. I hope that?s a wig. I hope this is just a phase.

I?ll give Jessica Biel some credit: her styling was ass, her Tamara Ralph gown looked like she was being attacked by birds, but at least she wore a lovely color.

Naomi Campbell also wore a lovely color this is Burberry. To call this on-theme would probably be a reach, but she?s Naomi. She just wanted to wear a great dress and she did.

Alia Bhatt wore this gorgeous Sabyasachi saree. I loved this!

Embed from Getty Images

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Sarah Jessica Parker wore Richard Quinn to the Met Gala: garden party chic?
Added 78 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sarah Jessica Parker wore Richard Quinn to the Met Gala: garden party chic?
Sarah Jessica Parker is notorious for taking big swings at the Met Gala. Either SJP?s Met Gala ensemble is one of the best looks or one of the worst. You decide what happened this year. SJP wore a very structured Richard Quinn gown with a Philip Treacy hat. When I first saw this, it struck me that she interpreted the theme as ?garden party,? and leaned into the sort of ?fashion for an English garden.? We will see very similar looks at Royal Ascot this year, as well as Buckingham Palace?s garden parties, I?m just saying. Andy Cohen was her date, per usual.

I was surprised that Uma Thurman came out for the gala. She wore a custom Tory Burch, and Burch told Vogue that the look was based on an extinct butterfly, the American Xerces Blue. Which is weird, because the whole thing just looks like a taffeta prom dress.

Speaking of not really understanding the theme, here are Stella McCartney and the people she dressed: FKA Twigs, Cara Delivingne and Ed Sheeran. There?s a lot going on here and none of it is good!

Embed from Getty Images

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