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Lindsay Lohan confirms that a Freaky Friday sequel is happening
Added 99 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Lindsay Lohan confirms that a Freaky Friday sequel is happening
Lindsay Lohan has been soft-launching a comeback over the past couple of years. In 2022, she starred in the successful Netflix Christmas romantic comedy, Falling for Christmas. She then had a baby last summer and in January, made a rare appearance at the Mean Girls premiere, as well as a cameo in the film itself. Lindsay?s next project is another Netflix rom com that?s out on March 15, called Irish Wish. Well, since we?re in a weird era of entertainment in which everything old is new again, Lindsay has something else lined up on the docket. During an interview on Andy Cohen Live earlier this week, Lindsay confirmed that a sequel to her and Jamie Lee Curtis? 2003 version of Freaky Friday is happening.

Lindsay Lohan officially confirmed on Monday that the beloved 2003 body-swap comedy is finally getting a sequel. After years of anticipation, Lohan said on SiriusXM?s ?Andy Cohen Live? that she and Jamie Lee Curtis will return.

?It is [true],? she told host Andy Cohen. ?I don?t want to say too much. And we?re both excited.?

Lohan caught herself and cheekily added, ?I?m gonna speak for Jamie.?

The duo spoke with The New York Times last year to celebrate the film?s 20th anniversary and teased fans with hopes for a sequel.

?As I went around the world with ?Halloween Ends,? people wanted to know if there was going to be another ?Freaky Friday,?? Curtis told the outlet. ?Something really touched a chord ? I called my friends at Disney and said, ?It feels like there?s a movie to be made.??

Lohan added at the time that they?d ?only make something that people would absolutely adore.?

While she told People on Monday the sequel is ?in the process,? however, a date to start filming remains under wraps.

The first film starred Lohan and Curtis as a mother-daughter duo who magically swap bodies, but it wasn?t an original. Based on a 1972 Mary Rodgers novel, it was first adapted in 1976 with Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris and again in 1996 with Shelley Long and Gaby Hoffmann.

The 2003 iteration was the most commercially successful take, however, and grossed more than $160 million at the worldwide box office ? and spawned endless fan fever with every hint of a possible sequel in the decades to come.

Lohan, who was once deemed one of the most promising actors of her generation but left the spotlight amid substance abuse struggles, told People that she?s ?just excited to work with Jamie again and see how much further we can take? the body-swap premise. ?I think we?re going to have a lot of fun with this,? she told People.

[From HuffPost]

While Lohan is in her Comeback Era, I get the impression that Curtis is in her Oscar Winners Just Wanna Have Fun Era. I follow both actresses on Instagram and JLC always makes her affection for LiLo very clear. Lindsay has also referenced JLC in interviews before as someone who gives her advice and is a positive influence on her life. Honestly, I thought when they teased a FF sequel last year, it meant that it was already happening! I don?t really know how I feel about this, though. On one hand, I?m kinda over this ?revive or remake? phase in Hollywood. But on the other hand, I like the first movie and if I?m being honest with myself, I?ll probably end up watching the sequel too. What can I say? I talk a good game about wanting new movies, but in the end, I guess Im just in my Nostalgic Millennial Era.

Photos credit: BlayzenPhotos / Backgrid and Christian Lora / Image Press Agency / Avalon, Wenn / Avalon, Michael Williams / Avalon

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Bradley Cooper will 'hard launch' his thing with Gigi Hadid at the Oscar parties
Added 99 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Bradley Cooper will 'hard launch' his thing with Gigi Hadid at the Oscar parties
Bradley Cooper has been dating Gigi Hadid since the SAG-AFTRA strike last year. They haven?t really been hiding at all I mean, the point of a stunt couple is to be seen and talked about, so there have been candid ?street? photos of them out and about in New York this whole time. At the end of February, suddenly there was an influx of new candid photos too, which I?m including in this post. They were out together on consecutive days, in broad daylight, going out to lunch and stopping by each other?s places and hailing cabs and more. The point is that they?re together and they?re a real couple and this was never part of an Oscar campaign nor was it some stunt-queenery from either of them! And now our reward: Bradley will ?hard launch? his relationship with Gigi at the Oscars.

Bradley Cooper is preparing to ?hard launch? his relationship with Gigi Hadid at the Oscars, Page Six is told. Cooper ? who?s nominated on Sunday for ?Maestro? ? is expected to attend the Vanity Fair party with his supermodel girlfriend, friends say.

The couple has kept a relatively low profile since they started dating in October. But things are heating up. One source who knows Hadid told us, ?It?s definitely getting more serious, they are totally into each other.?

Other sources said that Hadid, 28, will join Cooper, 49, at the lavish Oscars after-parties, as another insider said, ?I don?t know if they will walk the Vanity Fair carpet together, but they will join up inside.?

And don?t expect to see Hadid on the red carpet at Hollywood?s biggest night because Cooper always brings his beloved mom, Gloria Campano. Hadid has met Campano, however, as she joined Campano and Cooper after the Golden Globes in January for dinner at trendy eatery Giorgio Baldi in LA. And Campano has been spotted wearing a pair of sneakers from Hadid?s Guest in Residence range.

Although the star?s 6-year-old daughter Lea De Seine ? who has a cameo in ?Maestro? playing Bernstein?s young daughter ? made her public debut at the film?s LA premiere in December, she won?t be attending the Oscars.

[From Page Six]

I?m not surprised that Lea isn?t going to the Oscars, she?s pretty young for all of that. I?m not surprised that Mama Gloria is his Oscar date again, and I can?t wait to see what she?s wearing. Will Gloria demand to go to the VF Oscar party? Imagine those visuals Gloria on one side, Gigi on the other. Ah, well. It wouldn?t surprise me at all if Bradley and Gigi do a ?hard launch? at the VF party, actually but just know that they?ve been soft-launching their coupledom for months and months already. How many launches does one stunt relationship need?

Photos courtesy of Cover Images, Backgrid.

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Geri Halliwell put in a loved-up appearance with her husband after his text scandal
Added 100 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Geri Halliwell put in a loved-up appearance with her husband after his text scandal
In 2015, we covered the wedding of Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner. At the time, I attempted to describe the sh-tstorm around the wedding Horner had abandoned his longtime partner/girlfriend to get with Geri, and Horner?s parents were so mad about his new relationship that they refused to go to his wedding. Only one of Geri?s Spice Girl mates attended the wedding too. Since the 2015 wedding, there have been rumors about the state of their marriage, but honestly, I always saw it as more of a ?local story? in the UK. The British media loves to gin up controversy and scandal about their British celebrities and Spice Girls always sell. This is something else though last week, Horner was (credibly) accused of sexually harassing a female coworker at Formula 1. Over the weekend, at the F1 race in Bahrain, Geri put in an appearance as a loving and supporting wife to combat the accusations against her husband.

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell-Horner was seen getting cozy with her husband Christian Horner on Saturday, just days after the news broke that the Formula One boss allegedly sent sexual text messages to a coworker.

On Wednesday, Red Bull Racing announced the conclusion of a mysterious investigation into Horner?s ?inappropriate behavior,? but did not offer any explanation as to what the allegations against him were. At the time, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf had reported that Horner allegedly sent ?sexually suggestive messages? to a staffer on his F1 team.

Page Six later published that they?d obtained copies of these text messages, in which Horner allegedly told her she looks ?very attractive? in Spanx and when she replied they were just leggings, he said that what?s in them is what counts. He also reportedly asked the woman for selfies of her in pajamas and later asked her to delete the chat. Horner has denied any wrongdoing.

?I won?t comment on anonymous speculation, but to reiterate, I have always denied the allegations,? Horner said Thursday in a statement. ?I respected the integrity of the independent investigation and fully cooperated with it every step of the way. It was a thorough and fair investigation conducted by an independent specialist barrister and it has concluded, dismissing the complaint made. I remain fully focused on the start of the season.?

The couple, who married in 2015, were seen at the Bahrain Grand Prix holding hands and kissing for the cameras, a sign of solidarity after a week of being embroiled in scandal.

[From The Daily Beast]

Re: the investigation from the sound of it, the defense was that this was an attempted affair, not sexual harassment. That turns a blind eye to whether Horner was this woman?s boss (likely) and whether he abused his authority by sending sexually explicit texts or having an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate. Anyway, of course Geri showed up in Bahrain and made a big show of holding his hand and kissing him in front of the cameras. That seems entirely on-brand for what little I know of Ginger Spice.

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner arrive hand-in-hand at the Bahrain Grand Prix

Mail Sport (@MailSport) March 2, 2024

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