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Kristin Chenoweth regrets not suing CBS for injury on Good Wife set
Added 546 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kristin Chenoweth regrets not suing CBS for injury on Good Wife set
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A post shared by Kristin Chenoweth (@kchenoweth)

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Chrissy Teigen & John Legend named their newborn daughter Esti Maxine
Added 546 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Chrissy Teigen & John Legend named their newborn daughter Esti Maxine
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend welcomed their rainbow baby on January 13th. We didn?t hear much about anything, other than mother and baby were fine. They didn?t do photos at the hospital or, they didn?t post any hospital photos and they finally made it home with their newborn baby girl. On Thursday, Chrissy and John posted the same photo on their respective Instagram accounts, and they announced their daughter?s name:

She?s here! Esti Maxine Stephens the house is bustling and our family could not be happier Daddy sheds nightly tears of joy seeing Luna and Miles so full of love, and I am learning you still need diapers with a c section!? We are in bliss. Thank you for all the love and well wishes we feel it all! X

[From Chrissy?s IG]

Esti Maxine joins Luna Simone and Miles Theodore. Those names do sort of fit together, they *sound* like siblings. Chrissy and John lost Jack in October 2020 she waited and grieved and then underwent IVF for Esti Maxine. She was incredibly careful and she was very worried that she would lose this pregnancy too. Chrissy?s not my cup of tea (to put if mildly) but I?m very happy for her and John and I?m relieved that they were able to have a healthy pregnancy and another healthy baby. I like the name Esti too! It?s cute. It already sounds like a nickname.

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A post shared by Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen)

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Anna Kendrick stopped doing press junkets, needed to set boundaries
Added 546 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Anna Kendrick stopped doing press junkets, needed to set boundaries
Anna Kendrick has been exceptionally open about how much of herself she?s put into her performance for Alice, Darling. The movie portrays a woman in an emotional and psychologically abusive relationship. During the press for the movie, Anna divulged that she?d experienced the same type of abuse with an ex and that family and friends helped her leave the relationship. Because she had some distance between the abuse and the filming, Anna was able to give her character the vulnerability she needed without retriggering her own trauma. However, what Anna didn?t anticipate was how much the promotional junket would weigh on her. She finally had to admit she couldn?t go through with all her obligations and she established boundaries.

Having a decades-long career, actor Anna Kendrick has experienced her share of promotional tours for the films she?s been in. Yet, with her most recent psychological thriller Alice, Darling, the Pitch Perfect star has revealed that her own emotional ties to the film have made the press junket situations ?trickier to navigate? than ever before.

?People have asked me, ?Was it challenging to shoot the movie?? and I guess that question makes sense,? said the Oscar-nominated actor. ?But I?m actually finding that the press is the thing that has been a little trickier to navigate, making sure that I?m OK and feeling safe in my body.?

Highlighting one specific situation of multiple, fast-paced interviews, Kendrick described feeling ?shitty? at the end of the day and making a decision to not continue that type of press junkets for the rest of the promotional tour.

?There was a thing early on where I was doing like a junket-style day for Alice, Darling where it?s like six minutes per person and you kind of run through like 30 interviews really quickly, and I went home and was in the shower and was like, ?Why do I feel so shitty right now??? Kendrick said. ?And I sort of told everyone, ?I don?t think I can do another thing like that.??

She added, ?I totally get it?s no journalist?s job to show up for me in the same headspace that I?m in, but I?m trying really hard to go into these conversations really open and it feels kind of strange to be talking to somebody who clearly just has a million things to do that day? I was like, ?Oh, I need to draw a boundary there. I can?t really be talking about this in that style of conversation.??

[From The AV Club]

This makes perfect sense to me. As much as the script for Alice, Darling might have paralleled Anna?s experience, as an actress, she was probably able to lose herself in the character. That would have given her the layer of protection she needed to not fall back into that place emotionally. But on the press rounds, Annas speaking about her own experience and being asked repeatedly to relive it. She probably thought she was ready for the discussion but found out she had limits. Trauma rears its ugly head when we least expect it.

I also understand what Anna?s saying about having a deeply personal conversation with someone who isn?t on the same page as her. True, it?s not the journalists? responsibility to place themselves in her shoes. But it does make it that much harder to discuss something like this, especially if she?s opened herself up and the journalist is just looking for a pull quote with one eye on the clock. So I?m glad Anna recognized she needed to draw those boundaries. They will do a lot of good putting this film out there. I hope those involved benefit from it as well.

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A post shared by Anna Kendrick (@annakendrick47)

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Jennifer Lopez in Valentino at the 'shotgun Wedding' premiere: amazing'
Added 546 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Lopez in Valentino at the 'shotgun Wedding' premiere: amazing'
Here are some photos of Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel at last night?s LA premiere of Shotgun Wedding. This movie won?t be in theaters you can stream it on Amazon Prime Video. Which makes sense, I guess? This was a pretty troubled production with Armie Hammer getting fired/stepping away right before the production began and Josh flew in last minute to replace him. Plus, this was filmed as J.Lo was dumping Alex Rodriguez! Remember that? Amazing.

Anyway, I?ve been trying to figure out the design of J.Lo?s dress. I think the design is: a body-con, nude bodysuit with a bright yellow bow around the waist, then a sparkly transparent dress ?overlay.? The fact that the yellow bow is underneath the sparkly overlay has broken my brain. The dress is Valentino! She loves Valentino.

I was disappointed that Ben Affleck didn?t walk the red carpet with his wife, but Ben did come out for the premiere afterparty. It looks like J.Lo went somewhere and changed into a minidress and she also picked up Ben, who was very affectionate with her at the party. So everything is fine in Bennifer World.

The Queen Jennifer Coolidge with The Iconic Couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the after party of Shotgun Wedding.

best of Jennifer Lopez (@badpostjlo) January 19, 2023

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Kim Kardashian bought an amethyst cross necklace once worn by Princess Diana
Added 546 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kim Kardashian bought an amethyst cross necklace once worn by Princess Diana
I used to not like amethysts that much. Sapphires and rubies were my favorite colored stones years ago. But over time, I?ve grown to love amethysts, aquamarines and peridots. In the right setting, with the right cut, those are such beautiful stones. Now, would I buy a giant amethyst cross necklace? No. I wouldn?t. Not even if it was a piece once worn by Princess Diana. Kim Kardashian felt differently though she purchased the necklace in a Sotheby?s auction this week.

Kim Kardashian has added another piece to her growing collection of iconic jewelry and memorabilia a famous diamond cross necklace once worn by Princess Diana.

Auction sources tell TMZ the SKIMS honcho just snatched up the rare diamond-encrusted necklace Wednesday at a Sothebys auction. A Sothebys rep tells us the piece went for $197,453.

The stunning necklace is known as the Attalah Cross which she famously wore in 1987 at a London charity gala paired with a purple-tinged outfit, with the necklace hanging low down her torso. The Garrard jewelry company let Diana borrow the piece for the event.

[From TMZ]

It?s interesting that the selling point is ?Diana borrowed this from Garrard.? That?s literally the only selling point as far as I?m concerned this is so gaudy!! Diana wore this in her big-hair, big-shoulder-pads ?80s era, when everything had to be bigger and gaudier. Which? honestly, makes it kind of perfect for Kim? Even though Kim tries to be more minimalist and high-end these days, she?s still a tacky B. I do wonder if Kim will ever wear this out in public though ever since she got robbed in Paris in 2016, she tends to avoid wearing big, expensive jewelry in public.

NEW: @Sothebys have now confirmed that @KimKardashian is the new owner of the diamond and amethyst pendant sold in London on Wednesday, which was previously worn by Princess Diana.

The pendant was sold for a hammer price of $197,453.

: @Sothebys

James Crawford-Smith (@jrcrawfordsmith) January 19, 2023

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