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Brooke Shields: 'My body feels like it belongs to me. I can't say that about my youth'
Added 948 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Brooke Shields: 'My body feels like it belongs to me. I can't say that about my youth'
Brooke Shields has been staging a mid-life career comeback. After a rough start to the year and spending weeks in the hospital after breaking her femur at the gym, Brooke has been running full steam ahead. Brooke recently starred in Netflixs A Castle for Christmas movie and launched a lifestyle brand, Beginning is Now, for women over forty. Brooke is beating the drum that aging for women is not necessarily a bad thing. In an interview with Yahoo! Life, Brooke opened up about feeling sexier as she has gotten older. She said that it wasnt until her forties that she realized that sex was her experience and not someone elses she had to navigate. Brooke also said that women gain a vitality that expresses itself as we get older. A few highlights from Yahoo! Life:

On women getting sexier as they age:

I believe that its a misconception that women cant be sexy over a certain age. The acceptance of our bodies come at a later date. I live much more in my body now than I ever did.

My body actually feels like it belongs to me. And I cant say that about my youth.

I think there is a misconception that if you are not of childbearing ability, you dont seem to matter in the world. Because you do not keep the world going anymore. Theres vitality in us. And I think that shows itself sexually.

It shows itself with an adventure. It shows itself in confidence. We walk into rooms now and kind of think, well, I got nothing to lose. Theres an uncomplicated nature to it. Confidence is the sexiest thing that Ive ever encountered.

Im continually learning how to love myself. Its not something thats easy. Society doesnt make it easy for us. And then youve got social media, which doesnt make it easy.

On how her sexual experience has evolved

I wanted to market to that, to help women really sort of find the courage and take the chances, and the resilience, that theyve had to get this far and really kind of embrace the next chapter. Sex for me it has really evolved. My 20s, I was always terrified of it, because I was a virgin until I was 22.

And it wasnt until my 40s that I started thinking of sex as my experience, not someone elses experience that I just navigated. What I want my daughters to know is that its a joint decision. Even with as woke as everybody is, youd be shocked at how they see themselves within relationships.

On what she wants her daughters to know:

I dont want them ever to feel used. I want them to feel more in control and not ashamed of anything. I do have a wonderful husband who celebrates me. He loves me at every stage, which Im very blessed by.

[From Yahoo!]

Look, I am 45 and I have been beating this drum for years. The older I get the sexier I feel. And I will not get into how our sex drive goes through the roof. Since this is a SFW site I will avoid the details but what I will say is that Brooke is right. I have more confidence and I am able to communicate what I want without shame or fear. I love how Brooke is educating her daughters about sex. Women have a long way to go to escape patriarchal ideals.

I am also enjoying how Brooke is addressing ageism. If more women speak about embracing aging, it will become less of a taboo. I love the wisdom I have gained over the years, the interpersonal skills that I definitely did not have in my twenties and my ability to say no and walk out of toxic situations. I also am feeling myself more than I did in my insecure twenties. I honestly would never want to go back to my twenties and thirties although I wouldnt mind having my body from my 33rd year but thats a different conversation. Anyway, I have signed up for Brookes site and I am looking forward to any more gems that she may have to drop.

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Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum look great in the trailer for 'The Lost City'
Added 948 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum look great in the trailer for 'The Lost City'
Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Daniel Radcliffe made a movie together. It sounds random enough, but then the plot is just completely bonkers. I can actually see the start point for The Lost City, formerly called The Lost City of D. They were trying to make a modernized Romancing the Stone. Romancing the Stone is one of my favorite movies, and I?m thankful that this is not any kind of strict remake. The writers just took the essence of RTS to make something involving a romance novelist, the himbo model on the cover of her books, and an eccentric (and dumb??) millionaire. As for Pitt?s character? I guess we?re supposed to buy him as the real hero? But I don?t think his role is very big, so who knows. Here?s the first trailer for The Lost City:

I?ll be pretty annoyed if they made Bullock wear that purple jumpsuit for most of the movie. But yeah, Channing and Sandra?s chemistry looks great. Big surprise, two of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood have chemistry together and perfect timing with one another. I bet they had a total blast making this. Brad?s wig looks very bad, and the plot makes zero sense, but sure. I will definitely watch this.

Photos courtesy of Paramount.

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Kelly Rohrbach is expecting her first child with Walmart heir Steuart Walton
Added 948 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kelly Rohrbach is expecting her first child with Walmart heir Steuart Walton
Kelly Rohrbach became famous in 2014/15 when she suddenly began appearing on Sports Illustrated covers and in various swimwear photoshoots. Leonardo DiCaprio took notice that there was a new attractive, leggy blonde on the market and they began dating. There were a few problems! One, Kelly was dangerously close to 25 years old when they started up. And two, Kelly absolutely parlayed the DiCaprio relationship to get more jobs. They broke up just before her 25th birthday (of course, that?s a firm deadline). By 2017, Kelly had gone for a guy with a much lower profile and a lot more money: Steuart Walton, one of the WalMart heirs. They quietly married in 2019 and now she?s eight months pregnant.

?Baywatch? movie star and former Sports Illustrated model Kelly Rohrbach and Walmart heir Steuart Walton are expecting their first child, sources exclusively tell Page Six. Rohrbach, 31, is about eight months along, a source said, and the couple are expecting a boy next month.

?They have a name picked out, but are keeping it quiet,? an insider told us. ?They aren?t telling anybody.? We hear that the pair is even already planning for more kids.

The very private couple quietly married in 2019, after they reportedly began dating in 2017. A source told E! News at the time that Walton ? whose family is worth a reported $238 billion ? was even taking Rohrbach for ?flying lessons on his personal plane.?

The Waltons are America?s richest family. Steuart ? whose paternal grandfather was Walmart founder Sam Walton ? is on the board of Walmart as well as his family?s Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

The 40-year-old is also the co-founder of Runway Group ? ?a holding company that invests in real estate, hospitality and other businesses in Northwest Arkansas,? according to the Walton Family Foundation website, and is the founder of Game Composites, a company that designs and builds small composite aircraft.

[From Page Six]

Good for her! We honestly barely hear about her anymore, and that?s by her design. This is the life she?s chosen! Why do swimwear photoshoots when you?re married to a billionaire and having billionaire babies? Good for her, truly. She went from a wealthy Connecticut family to Georgetown to modeling to Hollywood and now she?s about to give birth to another Walmart heir. A lady with set goals.

EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Rohrbach pregnant, expecting baby boy with Walmart heir Steuart Walton

Page Six (@PageSix) December 15, 2021

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