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Elsa Hosk Is The Best!
Added 6 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Elsa Hosk Is The Best!
I think its fair to say that Elsa Hosk is my favorite model. Shes consistently hot in every photo she posts and her body is so rocking that little Tuna keeps on knockin. There he goes again trying to escape my zipper door. Cant he let me finish work for crying out loud. []

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6-Nov-2018 :Elsa Hosk?s Breasts Are Worth A Million Bucks
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18-Jun-2018 :Elsa Hosk Is The Greatest
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17-May-2018 :Elsa Hosk Topless Will Make It Move
26-Mar-2018 :Elsa Hosk Because She Is Amazing
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Bella Thorne Gives Us A Close Up
Added 6 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Bella Thorne Gives Us A Close Up
So you all know how disappointed I am with Bella Thorne. Last few bikini series she has let her armpit hair grow and pretty much looks like she hasnt bathed in months. On the bright side, she posted these close ups of her bikini line and the good news is at least she doesnt let []

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12-Dec-2018 :Bella Thorne And Eva Marie Make A great Pair
11-Dec-2018 :Bella Thorne Cleaned Up
26-Nov-2018 :Bella Thorne Is Selling Stuff
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Charlotte McKinney Is Boring
Added 6 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Charlotte McKinney Is Boring
Charlotte McKinney should have been a porn star (I think that for most models), however she got lucky and figured out how to become a model. Unfortunately, her social media game sucks and I feel she already locked up a rich dude and because of that her Instagram game is weak. Anyway, she is two-bit []

28-Feb-2019 :Charlotte McKinney Is Skinny Goodness
28-Nov-2018 :Charlotte McKinney Is Still At It
14-Nov-2018 :Charlotte McKinney Is Getting Hotter
23-Feb-2018 :Charlotte McKinney Is Out Of This World
2-Jan-2018 :Charlotte McKinney Topless Tease
29-Dec-2017 :Charlotte McKinney Belongs In A Bikini
5-Oct-2017 :Charlotte McKinney In A Bikini
19-Sep-2017 :Charlotte Mckinney Works It Good
14-Aug-2017 :Charlotte McKinney?s Sweet Busty Bikini Pose
28-Jul-2017 :Charlotte McKinney Nude Goodness
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Morena Baccarin on having two kids: 'You?re just trying to survive'
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Morena Baccarin on having two kids: 'You?re just trying to survive'
Morena Baccarin reprises her role as Wade Wilson?s love interest, Vanessa, in Deadpool 2, which I won?t say too much about to avoid spoilers. While there is some small context to ask Morena about kids given her character?s arc, it seems like the questions turned to her little ones because most interviewers can?t really seem to grasp the idea that there are other things to ask a woman. Anyway, Morena was asked what it?s like to have two kids under five in the house with husband Ben McKenzie. According to Morena, it?s a real-life game of Survivor, one she hopes they will all come out of in one piece.

Ever since becoming a mother of two, Morena Baccarin has one goal: survive.

?One kid is like, OK, life has changed. All your attention goes to one kid,? the Gotham star told Us Weekly at the 2018 Fragrance Foundation Awards in NYC on Tuesday, June 12. ?With two you?re just trying to survive. If you get through the day and no one has died, everything is good.?

Baccarin, 39, and husband Ben McKenzie are parents of 2-year-old daughter Frances. The Deadpool 2 actress shares son, Julius, 4, with former spouse Austin Chick.

?I have two toddlers, 4 and 2,? Baccarin told Us. ?Four is not really a toddler but it?s still that dwindling toddler age. There?s still a little bit of that . . . he?s not always rational.?

But despite the tantrums, being a mom is the Brazil native?s favorite role to date. ?It?s just very humbling,? she revealed. ?It?s an experience that is about watching a human being become a person. It?s really incredible and it makes you see the world through their eyes and I wish we lived in that world.?

[From Us]

There is a sense of battle mode with kids that young, aged that close together. Especially because you stupidly believe the children will act the same way their sibling did at each stage. But children like to feed off of your fear so the minute you show any confidence, they switch up their game plan. I?m kidding. I agree with Morena that when you go from two parents devoting all their attention to one non-ambulatory child to dividing focus between two crazed toddlers, all bets are off. You live your life behind the eight-ball until they leave for college.

Morena also talked about her bond with Ben and how they keep things alive with date nights. Morena said, ?The bond between you really has to be strong in order to survive the trials and tribulations of being a parent.? Its not bad advice but given the origin story to their relationship, Im not sure Ill seek their suggestions in that area.

Photo credit: WENN Photos

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Sophia Bush didn't 'actually really want' to marry Chad Michael Murray in 2005
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sophia Bush didn't 'actually really want' to marry Chad Michael Murray in 2005
I was too old for One Tree Hill I don?t think I?ve ever watched it? But I?m generally aware that there were a lot of scandals and gossip around the cast members. At one point, Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray got married they were something like the TV-version and precursor to K-Stew & R-Pattz. People shipped their characters and people were happy that Bush and Murray were together in real life. The marriage was short-lived though. Murray and Bush divorced within five months of getting married, but only after Bush tried to get the sh-t annulled because of ?fraud.? That happened in 2005-06. Anyway, all of these years later, Bush is still being asked about what went down. She was being interviewed by Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show, and this is what she said about it:

Everybodys been 22 and stupidIt was not a thing I actually really wanted to do, the actress said, talking about the marriage.

I dont understand because if you didnt want to get married, how do you get to the point of being, like, talked into it? Cohen asked.

Because how do you let everybody down, Bush said. And how do you- whats the fight and when you have bosses telling you that youre the only person who gets a person to work on time and 200 people either get to see their kids at night or they dont because our days start on time. Life is always loaded. What the public knows ever is never- its not the tip of the iceberg. Hilarie [Burton] and I used to laugh and we were like, If we had a behind-the-scenes show, the drama would be so much fking better than the drama that the writers write. I get why you ask, but its like, people wont let it go.

[From E! News]

I get what she was saying she was 22, on a wildly successful show and in a relationship with a guy who had some issues. She was told by everyone that marrying the guy would be great for her career, great for the show, great for the fandom. But she didn?t listen to the voice in her head that it was all going to end in disaster. Fair enough. But Chad Michael Murray had some sh-t to say about this:

In a statement to PEOPLE, Murray?s rep said the ?story is ludicrous. Chad conducts himself in a completely professional manner and would never marry for any reason but love. Thirteen years since his divorce from Sophia, he has a very happy family life with his wife and children. He has completely moved on and doesn?t feel the need to engage in this type of behavior.?

[From People]

Overreact much? Good God, when was the last time anyone even mentioned Chad Michael Murray? He must have a Google Alert and his ?spokesperson? (who is just CMM in a wig) is prepared to issue statements at a moment?s notice, because he really doesn?t have a lot going on.

Anyway, Sophia was like ?whatever, dude? about her ex-husband too. She tweeted this:

When you?re taking the piss out of yourself b/c people can?t let the past go & you really wish they would & gossip rags try to turn it into inappropriate drama rather than self-deprication. Don?t twist people?s words, y?all. If it wasn?t clear, I was making fun of MYSELF.

Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) June 13, 2018

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11-Jun-2014 :Sophia Bush Nice at The Maxim?s Hot 100 Women Of 2014
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Rihanna looked like a fancy baked potato in Poiret at the UK 'Ocean's Eight' premiere
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Rihanna looked like a fancy baked potato in Poiret at the UK 'Ocean's Eight' premiere
It?s been said by many people that with Rihanna?s face and body, she could pretty much wear a sack and she would still look amazing. Rihanna decided to test out that theory at last night?s London premiere of Ocean?s 8. Rihanna wore a dress from Poiret (or POIRET, if we?re supposed to capitalize every letter?) which is actually made from metallic yarn, apparently. What it looks like is that someone made a fancy baked potato with gold foil and she wore the foil after she ate the baked potato. The dress doesn?t fit, it?s not flattering, and I bet she couldn?t even sit down in it. But still? she does look good. I mean, she?s Rihanna. She really can wear anything.

Sandra Bullock looks amazing in a striped, shiny Zuhair Murad. I had been thinking that Sandy was kind of phoning it in for the premieres and press tour, but she looks great here. Sandy also arrived with her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, but they didn?t walk the carpet together.

OH MY GOD, Sarah Paulson, what are you doing?? This is Valentino and it is simply a tablecloth from the 1950s. There?s absolutely nothing redeeming about this at all. I?m actually embarrassed for her.

Cate Blanchett in Louis Vuitton. This is too wintery for a June premiere, even if it is in London. That being said, if she wore this to a November premiere, I would adore it. I will call her my Grey Swan.

Mindy Kaling was my goth princess in Alberta Ferretti. Love it.

Helena Bonham Carter in Vivienne Westwood, of course. She looked like she was having a ball in most of these photos.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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10-Feb-2023 :Rihanna previews her Super Bowl Half-Time show with a trailer & interview
9-Nov-2022 :Rihanna is super-proud of the Fenty show, which includes Johnny Depp
5-Nov-2022 :Rihanna has invited Johnny Depp to be part of her Savage X Fenty show
27-Oct-2022 :Rihanna will finally gift us a new song for the Wakanda Forever soundtrac...
22-Mar-2022 :Rihanna, a billionaire, shopped for baby clothes at Target last week
Rihanna photos
Rihanna videos
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Kelly Clarkson may have lost 37 lbs but 'weight loss wasn't the goal'
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kelly Clarkson may have lost 37 lbs but 'weight loss wasn't the goal'
On Monday we discussed Kelly Clarkson?s 37-pound weight loss. Although noticeably slimmer, Kelly had avoided commenting on her new figure for some time. When she did address the comments, she admitted to eating ?clean? to treat an undisclosed thyroid and autoimmune disorder. Kelly has become known as a body positivity role model, one who embraces the notion of love the skin youre in. So, of course, now that shes slimmed down, people are trying to accuse her of being a hypocrite. Kelly is doubling down on the fact that her weight loss is a result of managing her health and not because she felt she needed to lose weight.

Kelly Clarkson is known for loving the skin she?s in, and even with her new look, that body positive attitude hasn?t changed.

In this week?s issue, a source tells PEOPLE that the changes Clarkson has made are for her overall health and wellness. ?Weight loss wasn?t the goal,? says the source, confirming that Clarkson has now lost about 37 lbs. ?This was an overall health approach.?

After being diagnosed with a problem relating to her thyroid (an endocrine gland that stores and produces hormones and can affect energy and weight), the singer picked up The Plant Paradox, a 2017 book and corresponding dietary regimen that advocates so-called clean eating and reducing consumption of foods high in proteins called lectins.

Clarkson based her diet on the bestseller by Dr. Steven R. Gundry ? which advises cutting several types of whole grains, dairy products, nuts and vegetables such as tomatoes, claiming they cause harmful inflammation, a theory that has been debated.

According to the source, ?[Kelly] had already lost a ton of weight when I saw her in March.? But the outspokenly body positive singer ? who?s taken body shamers to task over the years and once told Attitude magazine she was ?miserable? being skinny ? never set out to change her appearance.

[From People]

I like Kelly so I am still giving her the benefit of the doubt. I think she made changes for her health, whatever was going on, and it resulted in a weight loss. Beyond that, I don?t know what happened. It could be that the doctor said that losing weight would improve her condition. But at this point, I still believe Kelly?s motivation was her health and not a desire to obtain a more marketable silhouette. And I do think it?s important to her that her fans know that and still feel good about their bodies regardless of size.

I am concerned about her promotion for this book, though. If the intent is to promote clean eating and educating ourselves on where our food comes from and how our bodies process it, then say that. Instead, Kelly?s weight loss discussion centers around this particular book and author. Is Kelly schilling for it? I?m very happy that Kelly?s health has benefitted so dramatically with her new-found diet. But I assumed that it?s being done under a doctor?s supervision giving her pre-existing issues because the book itself has been debated and fact-checked and found lacking. At best, professionals advise caution if you plan to follow it. So I?m more concerned with Kelly promoting the book than I am the message shes sending.

Photo credit: WENN Photos

More Photos Here

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