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Gwen Stefani's beauty rule: 'Overdrawing of the lips works. It's real.'
Added 700 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Gwen Stefani's beauty rule: 'Overdrawing of the lips works. It's real.'
Did you know that Gwen Stefani has a makeup label? That would have been groundbreaking 15-20 years ago, when she was known for loving makeup and before every single celebrity had their own makeup line. Gwen?s line is called GXVE and it?s sold exclusively at Sephora. The line debuted in March and the first lipstick sold out in a couple of weeks. Gwen chatted with Glamour about the line, the beauty tips she?s accumulated over the years, the tips she?s picked up from YouTubers and IG influencers and a lot more. This is a pretty light, fun, girly interview. Some highlights:

The oversaturated celebrity-makeup market: ?People warned me [about creating a beauty line], but I didn?t care. I knew that the one thing that would make it different was this is something that?s so real and authentic to who I?ve always been since I was a little girl. I feel like I?m definitely doing what I was meant to do.?

One her first jobs was as a fake makeup artist at a department store: ?I was a fake makeup artist in the sense that they never trained me and I didn?t ever report to anybody. I found magic in the makeup. It?s not even about how people look; it?s how they feel. Once that makeup goes on, the confidence that comes with it is what stayed with me.?

Living her purpose: ?I?ve always tried to just live my purpose, but even more now that I?m more mature and more aware of my faith and gone through so many things that forced me to say, ?Okay, I don?t care about anything else. I just want to do what my purpose is.??

She loves the makeup influencers: ?[GXVE] was almost like my backup plan in life that I?m getting to do now, but I get to kind of do both [as a singer and creator], which is so great. And also be part of this influencer movement that?s happening, where we share our secrets and our tricks and learn from each other. It?s a super beautiful community.?

How much time it takes her to do a perfect red lip: ?I could do a perfect red lip in less than a minute. In fact, I never worked with a makeup artist my entire career, really, other than one here or one there. I had a bad experience when I was doing [an early] No Doubt record. This guy came and did my makeup for the artwork and I remember thinking I looked ugly. I was like, ?I look prettier when I do my makeup,? but I was too scared to say something. I still look at those pictures and I?m like, ?Ugh.? After that I took it into my own control.

What beauty rule is bullsh-t: ?There?s a lot of product out there that is B.S. I see some girls trying to sell all these layers of things that you need to put on before you put on makeup. And some of it?s right, and some of it?s not.

What beauty rule is completely accurate: ?Overdrawing of the lips works. It?s real. I did it one time when I first learned it, and my kids were calling me out, like, ?What did you do to your lips?? They?re teenagers, so they know what?s going on. I was like, ?No, I swear. Let me take it off and I?ll show you. This is overdrawn right here. And when you overdraw the top lip like that, you just get this really pouty [look].? You see people hacking it all the time and it works.

A beauty trick she recently learned: ?I just started doing this thanks to a makeup artist, which is sometimes doing your eyebrows first before you put foundation on. It?s a really great way to start because your eyebrows frame your face. So depending on if you want to highlight them or not, that?s something that has helped me a lot.

[From Glamour]

The thing is, with so many of the celebrity women going their own makeup or skincare lines, I often get the feeling that they don?t actually know much about the industries they?re barging into. They think they can just coast in, use their name and somehow they?ll have a hit line. To me, someone like Gwen has credibility though she has been wearing makeup for 30-plus years, she knows how to do her own makeup, she?s known for her makeup, and clearly, she loves watching beauty influencers and TikTokers and YouTubers. You can tell that she really sits there and watches the videos and picks up hacks and tricks. Anyway, I would feel like a clown if I tried to overdraw my lips but I?ll take Gwen?s word for it.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, GXVE Beauty?s Instagram.

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Irina Shayk posted a curious IG message which could be a pro-Russian code
Added 700 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Irina Shayk posted a curious IG message which could be a pro-Russian code
Irina Shayk is a Russian model who lives in New York. She?s lived in Europe, in LA and New York for many, many years. She gave birth to her daughter Lea in America, making Lea an American citizen by birth, and I wonder if Irina has ever sought American citizenship or even received American citizenship. All that being said, Irina has spoken about going home to Russia to visit friends and family, and she doesn?t talk much about the politics of Russia or America. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Russians living abroad posted vague messages about ?no war? and ?peace.? While I would have appreciated more specific statements from Russian celebrities, I also understand that most Russians living abroad still have families back in Russia, families who can be hurt or murdered by Vladimir Putin?s regime. Which means that beyond vague social media posts about ?no war,? most Russians are just keeping their mouths shut in general. Not Irina. Irina thought it would be a good idea to post something very curious to her IG Stories, and people are taking it as a pro-Putin statement:

Irina Shayk is seeing backlash after posting an Instagram Story of what appears to be a simple potato salad. However, the model captioned the photo, Russianzz on Wednaday, which some social media users have taken as a message of support for the Russian military amid the war with Ukraine.

According to NPR, the origin of the usage of the letter Z in the Russian war against Ukraine is still unclear, but the letter has been seen painted on military vehicles and used as a symbol of support for the Russian military. Specifically, the letter has become synonymous with support for Russia during the ongoing conflict with Ukraine both there and back in Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement in March, per Fortune, saying that the Z stood for Za pobedu, or For victory, however its worth noting that the letter Z doesnt appear in the Russian alphabet, making the full story hard to pinpoint.

Shayks intentions with her Instagram Story was deleted and eventually reposted with no caption; however, in another Instagram Story posted Friday evening, she appeared to clear up the confusion, writing, Sometimes a salad is just a salad. I promise, no coded messages or political commentary here. Wishing everyone love.

In February, the Russian model posted a peace symbol to her Instagram, writing, No To War. She also wrote that shed be donating to UNICEF and the Red Cross in Ukraine.

The Internet appears to be divided on their opinions relating to Shayks picture, taking to Twitter to discuss. Ukrainian journalist Maria Romanenko called out the model on Twitter, along with brands who have worked with her, writing, Irina Shayk?world-famous model from Russia whos recently worked for @Beyonce, Jean Paul Gaultier, @Burberry, &others?posted a weird cryptic story on Instagram with the word Russianzz. I really hope these brands reconsider working with her when Russia uses Z to kill Ukrainians.

[From People]

Having read many of Irina?s interviews over the years, she?s never struck me as a particularly politically active person, or someone who would choose to promote pro-Putin propaganda or anything like that. Her sensibilities are Russian, but her politics are ambivalent Euro-American migr/model. But I could be wrong! I?m sometimes surprised by just how many Russians are actually, not-so-secretly very pro-Putin and how little it has to do with threats against their families back home. For Shayk in particular, I think this deserves closer inspection. A ?promise? that there are no coded messages isn?t really good enough. There?s a healthy debate online about this too. I don?t have an answer. I would appreciate it if Irina made her position a lot clearer. This isn?t random gossip she posted that sh-t on her public Instagram profile.

Irina Shayk?world-famous model from Russia who?s recently worked for @Beyonce, Jean Paul Gaultier, @Burberry, &others?posted a weird cryptic story on Instagram with the word ?Russianzz?. I really hope these brands reconsider working with her when Russia uses Z to kill Ukrainians.

Maria Romanenko (@rommari) July 14, 2022

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Emily Ratajkowski will reportedly divorce 'cheater' Sebastian Bear-McClard
Added 700 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Emily Ratajkowski will reportedly divorce 'cheater' Sebastian Bear-McClard
In 2018, Emily Ratajkowski married Sebastian Bear-McClard after they had only dated for about three weeks. They eloped at City Hall and everyone was like ?girl, this is a bad idea.? Sebastian was messy right away and the vibe between them always seemed off. She waited a couple of years and then she got pregnant in 2020. They welcomed son Sylvester Apollo Bear in March 2021. Since she gave birth, the vibe has been? different. She still posts half-naked selfies and such, but now the only guy on her social is her son. If you told me that Sebastian and Emily had drifted apart significantly ever since their son was born, I would absolutely believe you. But that?s not the only rumor sources tell Page Six that a divorce announcement will probably be made soon and that Sebastian has been cheating.

Rumors are swirling that Emily Ratajkowski and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, are separating after four years of marriage. The model, 31, was photographed without her wedding ring Thursday while stepping out for a walk with the couple?s 1-year-old son, Sylvester, in New York City. However, Bear-McClard, 41, was still wearing his ring Wednesday while out and about in the Big Apple.

Fuel was added to the fire when social media influencer and comedian Claudia Oshry, aka @girlwithnojob, said there has been chatter about the two calling it quits over Bear-McClard allegedly cheating on Ratajkowski.

?That?s kind of like what?s happening with Emily Ratajkowski,? Oshry, 28, said on Thursday?s episode of ?The Morning Toast? podcast. ?It?s, like, known that her husband has cheated on her and they?re filing for divorce, but literally, I went to make it an [Instagram] Story today, and it?s not been written up, so I?m like, how do I know this? Like, everyone just knows it.? She added, ?When the inevitable Instagram post or PR statement comes out, we won?t be that surprised.?

[From Page Six]

That was the first Page Six story on Friday, and then a few hours later, Page Six had this:

Emily Ratajkowski is planning to divorce her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, after he allegedly cheated on her, a source close to Ratajkowski confirms to Page Six exclusively.

?Yeah, he cheated,? the source claims. ?He?s a serial cheater. It?s gross. He?s a dog.?

It doesn?t appear in the court system that the model has filed for divorce yet.

[From Page Six]

I?ll say the same thing I said when she married Sebastian: I hope she protected her assets. While Emily isn?t crazy-rich, she?s a successful model, actress and celebrity/personality. She works, she makes enough to support herself and her child. My worry is that Sebastian is just the kind of guy who will try to grab her assets while hiding his own. I actually wish that we were finding out about this split because Emily had already filed for divorce? Like, surprise him with a restraining order on their joint assets or something. As for my general thoughts on the impending divorce? you live and you learn. Some of us just like sleazy douchebags and we have to unlearn that attraction the hard way. Poor Emily.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instagram.

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