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Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk are on a very friendly beach vacation together
Added 694 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk are on a very friendly beach vacation together
The last time we talked about Irina Shayk, she was putting some shady pro-Russian-nationalism code in her Instagram Stories. It?s weird because while she is Russian, she?s lived for years in Europe and New York. Currently, her base is New York, and her ex Bradley Cooper also has a place in New York. They amicably share custody of their daughter Lea, and they seem to have figured out a co-parenting situation which works for them. Well, Bradley has been quietly dating Huma Abedin for several months, although (in my opinion) he doesn?t sound that serious about her. Crash-cut to this week, and it looks like Bradley and Irina are on a beach vacation together. Probably with their daughter, I would assume?

Irina posted a carousel on her Instagram and she didn?t use a photo with Bradley as the first image, but she included a pic of the two of them. They don?t look super-romantic together, but they don?t look like ?friendly exes and co-parents? either. Something in-between friendly exes and ?omg they?re back together.? A friendly family vacation? with vacation sex, would be my guess. If you ask me, I think Irina would probably like to get back with Bradley. She liked being with him and they seem to respect each other and understand each other, honestly.

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Archetypes Ep. 2, 'The Duality of Diva' features a great convo with Mariah Carey
Added 694 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Archetypes Ep. 2, 'The Duality of Diva' features a great convo with Mariah Carey
Archetypes Episode 2 is out!! The Duchess of Sussex?s second podcast episode is ?The Duality of Diva? with Mariah Carey. I?m listening to it as I?m writing Meghan and I are close-ish in age, so our cultural references are similar and it?s cracking me up that she?s referencing Divas Live as a cultural touchstone. I mean, it was? I suppose. I remember when Elton John was also included in Divas Live, remember that? The first part of the pod is a conversation with comedian Amanda Seales, then Mariah comes in about six, seven minutes in. I need a podcast about what happened behind-the-scenes of getting Mariah on Archetypes. I feel like Mariah showed up comfortably late and there was probably a good deal of drama with the Zoom. Here?s the pod:

The discussion with Mariah has a fascinating layer because both Mariah and Meghan are biracial and both women?s racial ambiguity has been used against them by both white and Black communities. I could listen to them talk about the difference between mixed-presenting and Black-presenting for an hour, honestly. The racial aspect of the conversation is fascinating and amazing. Then they transition into the diva talk. Anyway, I love Mariah. She?s so funny. They also talk about Black hair and hair texture and how no one knew how to do Mariah?s hair.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Spotify.

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