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January Jones Goes Topless for The Violet Files
Added 9 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
January Jones Goes Topless for The Violet Files
She?s always been a stunner and January Jones puts her natural beauty to work in a sizzling new spread from Violet Grey?s The Violet Files.

In one shot, the ?Mad Men? actress ditches her shirt and relies on her long tresses to protect her modesty, and in another pose, Miss Jones is ravishing in a plunging red evening dress with floral embellishments.

As for the coming end of her hit AMC series, January told The Violet Files, ?I was surprised, but the show has always surprised me. Each episode is so good and sort of ties up things?not in a perfect bow, obviously?but I think the audience will be happy.?

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Elizabeth Banks: FaceTime Is A Great Way of Parenting!
Added 9 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Elizabeth Banks: FaceTime Is A Great Way of Parenting!
Making her first visit to ?The Tonight Show? since Jimmy Fallon took over the hosting duties, Elizabeth Banks was in great spirits as she stepped out on stage last night (March 24).

The ?40 Year Old Virgin? starlet was in the house to plug her forthcoming flick ?Pitch Perfect 2,? though she ended up talking about her talking about her technologically-enhanced mothering method. Elizabeth explained, ?I have two little boys and they're very little. Mine are two and a half and four. I'm FaceTiming them. I don't even have to go home. I can parent from here.?

Meanwhile, ?Pitch Perfect 2? is slated to hit theaters on May 15th and stars Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld, Adam DeVine and Skylar Astin.

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Chloe Sevigny Scores Spot on 'American Horror Story: Hotel'
Added 9 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Chloe Sevigny Scores Spot on 'American Horror Story: Hotel'
Looking ahead to the Fall 2015 season, Ryan Murphy has big plans for his hit television series ?American Horror Story: Hotel,? including a returning cast member- second season?s Chloe Sevigny!

The ?Glee? mastermind took to his Twitter account to announce, ?Very excited to announce that Chloe Sevigny returns to the AHS family as a series regular on ?AHS: Hotel,?? following previous updates that include additions like Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley and Cheyenne Jackson.

Unfortunately, favorite fixture Jessica Lang announced earlier this month that she will be wrapping things up with the current season ?American Horror Story: Asylum.? "Yes, I'm done. We've had a great run here. I have absolutely loved doing these four characters that I've had the opportunity to play. In all the madness, I've loved the writers, my actors, Ryan and the whole, I mean, insanity of it, shooting here, shooting in New Orleans, the stories, everything."

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Britney Spears & her sons cover People Mag: 'My kids come first in my life'
Added 9 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Britney Spears & her sons cover People Mag: 'My kids come first in my life'
I genuinely want Britney Spears to be happy and find some peace in her life. I do think she?s doing a lot better these days, after what was probably some adjustments to her meds. She seems much more lucid and a lot less anxious these days. But she is still under a conservatorship. This is not some loose arrangement with her dad simply acting as her business manager. This is still a hardcore legal structure where her dad exerts almost total control over Britney?s finances, personal life, romantic life and career. Her dad even has a say in how much time she spends with her sons, Sean and Jayden.

So? it does irritate me a little bit that everyone is supposed to ?pretend? that Britney is just a normal working mom, making all of these decisions for herself. But here we go. Britney covers this week?s issue of People Magazine with her sons. You can read the first excerpt from the cover story here ? it?s all about Britney being happy and in a good place. Which I do believe. Some assorted quotes:

Britney is happy: ?I?m the happiest I?ve ever been.? Spears says she?s in a ?real good place… I?m very blessed.?

Her sons Sean Preston, 9, and Jayden James, 8. ?My kids come first in my life, bottom line.?

How she raises them: ?Homework is a priority. We have a reward system that helps motivate them: if they get so many As, they get one toy a month. Preston is very opinionated, very expressive, and if he doesn?t like something, he?s going to tell you. But he has a huge heart, he?s a good kid and he has manners ? Jayden is sweet, very soft-spoken, kinda funny. He?s adorable ? a momma?s boy.?

The kids want an allowance: ?Preston just asked for a high allowance ? like $10 a week or $20 a week ? but we?ll see!?

The boys like Britney?s new boyfriend Charlie Ebersol: ?They relate to him really well and they have fun together. He?s refreshing to be around and really light-hearted.?

[From People]

I think Charlie Ebersol does make Britney happy, but I also think she just loves having a boyfriend in general. She totally wants to marry Charlie, but she can?t until Jamie Spears gives his okay. Charlie sounded up for it a few weeks ago though – he made some comments that seem to indicate that he would totally marry her. So what’s the hold up? I hope Jamie Spears doesn’t want Charlie to become “co-conservator” like he tried to do with Jason Trawick. As for her boys? are we calling Sean Preston by his middle name now? I don?t think I?ve ever heard her do that before. So Sean Preston goes by ?Preston Federline?. Huh.

Cheese! Lol

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Mar 15, 2015 at 8:17pm PDT

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Stacy Keibler Works It
Added 9 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Stacy Keibler Works It
I know it’s been a whilesince we’ve had my former favorite walking leg show Stacy Keibler on the site, but I’vebeen having kind of a hard time forgiving herever since she went ahead and married that loser husband of hers instead of this loser. But it’s nevertoo late for us to turn things around, andthese […]

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Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures
Added 9 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures
As much as I love Nina Agdal, I think at 22 she has peaked. Here is a new photoshoot for some bikini company. Unfortunately Nina looks tired, thick and old. I can only assume the girl is partying very hard lately. It’s all downhill from here… view all 17 photos […]

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Antonio Banderas: aging is 'more cruel unfortunately for women than men'
Added 9 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Antonio Banderas: aging is 'more cruel unfortunately for women than men'
Antonio Banderas is 54 years old now, which is hard for me to believe. It seems like only yesterday that he was hitting the sheets with Angelina Jolie in Original Sin. I don’t mean to discount his many other mythical roles, and he’s a talented voice actor too. He made a fantastic Puss in Boots, and he’s reverting back to kiddie fare for a bit. Antonio’s promoting his role as the only live-action character in The SpongeBob Movie. He played his pirate role part across from brooms and tennis balls, and then the special effects guys added his co-stars after the fact.

Antonio sat down for an interview. He reveals himself to be a closet SpongeBob fan, which is cute. Dakota Johnson comes up in conversation, and then Anthony talks about aging in Hollywood. He admits things are much harder for women than men, who can go the silver fox route. All of this dovetails nicely with Kristen Scott Thomas’ recent discussion on aging and takes the opposite view of clueless Russell Crowe.

Why he did this movie “My daughter [Stella, Banderas and Griffith's 18-year-old] and I love SpongeBob, and I’d be a fool to turn down the chance to share the screen with such an iconic presence.”

On stepdaughter Dakota Johnson: “We all knew in the family that she’s a great actress, and surprisingly not only a good dramatic actress, she’s very good with comedy,” notes Banderas, who says he hasn’t watched Fifty Shades yet. “We’re very confident that she is driving her career properly.”

On aging gracefully: “If you take life in a natural way and you accept the passage of time, which is impossible to stop – never pretend to fight the impossible and the certainties that come with existence. I try to be as natural as possible. I understand though, especially [for] women, the tremendous pressure that they receive in a place like Hollywood, where thousands of new girls arrive every year all fresh and new, and when you’re getting to a certain age, they can feel the push of these things … It’s more cruel unfortunately for women than men. There’s a social convention that allows men to grow older and not be so criticised and pushed about beauty, and for women it’s different. It’s ridiculous, but that’s the way that we created image around ourselves.”

[From Nottingham Post]

This is a solid analysis from an actor who’s witnessed the effects of aging — upon himself and in the Hollywood workplace — firsthand. Antonio’s also paid close attention to what his ex-wife, Melanie Griffith, went through during various stages of her career. They couldn’t make it work as a married couple, but he’s said he’ll always love her. Antonio’s correct about how aging is “more cruel” for women, and this isn’t just a Hollywood issue. It’s a societal construct. Women are expected to stay wrinkle free with lovely hair, but men are allowed to go grey. It sucks.

Here’s something different. Antonio’s preparing to start fashion school. For real! Antonio will attend London’s Central Saint Martins, where Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen and Stella McCartney all learned the ropes. Antonio says that fashion school is “something that has been on my mind for a long time, and I need knowledge to take steps in that territory in the future. It makes me feel actually very young to put the elbows on the table again and try to understand another reality.” He plans to continue acting but wants to eventually launch his own line. To think, a celebrity who wants to learn a new trade instead of simply placing his name upon a line. Antonio’s no Yeezus.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN

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Angelina Jolie's latest announcement widely praised by the medical community
Added 9 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie's latest announcement widely praised by the medical community
Following Angelina Jolie?s announcement that she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed following a cancer scare, there was once again an outpouring of support and official statements online and on social media. Jolie announced her latest surgery with a NYT op-ed, which is how she did it in 2013 when announcing her double-mastectomy. I tend to think there was more of a stunned and shocked reaction back in 2013, but this time around everyone has seemed much nicer. I think most of us were prepared ? in her 2013, Jolie said that she would undergo the salpingo-oophorectomy at some point, it was just a matter of when. So, here are some reactions to Jolie?s latest announcement:

*People Magazine did a weird write-up about how Brad Pitt ?supported? Angelina during her surgery this time, but there isn?t any new information there, it?s just an assortment of old quotes.

*Some celebrities ? many of whom have family history of cancer ? posted links to Jolie?s op-ed. Mindy Kaling?s mom died of pancreatic cancer and Mindy posted about Jolie?s op-ed on all of her social media. Go here to read more about the celebrities reacting positively to Jolie.

*Calaneet Balas (cool name), the CEO of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, said: ?By speaking out about her increased risk of ovarian cancer, Angelina Jolie has helped shine a spotlight on this deadly disease. In addition to being aware of their family history, we hope women will use this moment to learn the symptoms of ovarian cancer so they know the signs to watch for and when to seek medical attention.?

*Dr. Richard Wender, the ?chief cancer control officer at the American Cancer Society? had more cautious words, calling Jolie a ?very responsible communicator,? but saying Jolie?s announcement will ?engender some fear. Some women may think, ?Well maybe I?m a BRCA carrier and I should get tested.?? And? Why is that a bad thing? You can read more of his statement here.

*One of Angelina?s long-time doctors, Dr. Kristi Funk, released a statement too: “We continue to applaud Angelina Jolie’s willingness to share her journey with the BRCA gene mutation. Since the original release of her story, countless women around the world have been made aware of the gene and have been able to explore lifesaving treatment options to lower the risk it poses to their health. The best defense for BRCA gene mutation carriers against the threats it poses to their health and well-being is to educate themselves as much as possible on the risks and treatment strategies available. No single strategy works universally. Each woman’s life circumstances are unique and her treatment plan should be developed to reflect an individualized approach.”

As Angelina has said repeatedly, these were her choices, and her choices to make on her own behalf. The only thing she?s really encouraging is further discussion about women?s health and access to more and better health care for women. I?ll say it again: so badass.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Amal Clooney to George: 'Are you expecting me to cook' I don't cook.'
Added 9 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Amal Clooney to George: 'Are you expecting me to cook'  I don't cook.'
On Monday night, George Clooney, Amal Clooney and George?s mom Nina all went out to eat at Patsy?s Italian in NYC. You can see the photos from their outing here ? it looks like Amal is wearing bellbottoms? If not, those are some significantly flared pants. Anyway, I didn?t think this outing was tremendously noteworthy until I saw this E! News story about how the food. I LOVE food stories. And then I noticed the kicker at the end, about Amal and whether she cooks. It?s pretty amazing.

George Clooney was surrounded by beautiful women at his favorite Italian restaurant in New York Monday night, but there was something missing…CARBS! A source tells E! News exclusively that while George’s wife Amal Clooney and mom Nina Clooney happily noshed on breads and pasta at Patsy’s Italian Restaurant, the actor himself “said he’s watching his weight” and mostly avoided them altogether.

Fortunately, for the 53-year-old Oscar winner, the restaurant has some delicious menu options that don’t include the starchy stuff! According to a source, George chose to start with a “tre-colore salad” (arugula, endive and radicchio) and then dined on on “chicken tre-colore” (chicken over salad) for his main dish. Amal started off with a house salad?hold the tomatoes! The human rights lawyer was overheard telling executive chef and Patsy’s Italian Restaurant co-owner Sal Scognamillo that she “doesn’t eat tomatoes.” Apparently, though, Amal’s not opposed to tomatoes in all their forms, because a source tells E! News her main entree was penne pasta “with a spicy marinara sauce.”

Fortunately for George, he didn’t completely miss out on carbohydrates. According to a source, his table was “sent an assortment of desserts, and he had a bite of one.” Bummer for him that was all, but hey, that meant more to go around for Amal, Nina and two of her pals, who’d apparently enjoyed a “girls’ day” in the city leading up to dinner.

George’s mom, a former beauty queen, is actually the one who introduced him to Patsy’s Italian Restaurant. The actor was reminded of his family’s history with the eatery last night when Chef Scognamillo presented him with a brand-new copy of Patsy’s Italian Family Cookbook.

Inside the cookbook, which just became available to the public today, there’s a quote from George acknowledging mama Clooney had good taste long before he did! “Since I have a picture of my mom eating at Patsy’s when she was pregnant with me, I can honestly say that I’ve been going to Patsy’s since before I was born,” he says. “It’s been a great part of my life ever since.”

According to an onlooker, George showed his copy of Patsy’s Italian Family Cookbook to Amal, and she had the perfect reaction. “Are you expecting me to cook?” she asked. “I don’t cook!”

[From E! News]

This story has absolutely everything for someone like me. A) It involves food, B) I can judge Amal for not eating tomatoes (hahahaha), C) It involves a man being on some kind of low-carb diet for a mysterious reason (his back?) and D) It involves a new wife telling her new husband something very special: BITCH, I DO NOT COOK. Classic.

But now we know why George looks so pained when they?re constantly going out to eat. She probably doesn?t even know how to boil water. How is she supposed to make him some soup? That?s all he really wants in this world. SOUP.

Photos courtesy of PCN, Fame/Flynet.

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Vin Diesel on 'Furious 7?: 'It will probably win best picture at the Oscars'
Added 9 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Vin Diesel on 'Furious 7?: 'It will probably win best picture at the Oscars'
I usually don?t cover Vin Diesel stories, but that?s not by any particular design. I just don?t have strong feelings about him one way or the other. I don?t find him particularly attractive (nor does he repel me, honestly) and I don?t find him particularly watchable in films either. But he?s carved out a profitable and successful niche with the Fast & Furious films, plus now he?s down with Marvel too. He?s pretty harmless as a person, and I even got a little verklempt when he named his daughter ?Pauline? after his dear friend Paul Walker.

But? can anyone really say that Vin Diesel is, like, a brilliant dude? No. We can?t. Can we say that he?s doing award-worthy work in award-worthy films? No. I always thought he was fine with that. He has his niche, he?s making money, he has a big and loyal fanbase, and he?s living the dream. But no. Apparently, Vin Diesel thinks that Furious 7 is going to win the Best Picture Oscar at the 2016 Oscars. Seriously.

Universal?s ?Furious 7? is expected to set box office records when it opens on April 3, with fans eager to flock to multiplexes to bid farewell to Paul Walker. But the film?s star and producer, Vin Diesel, predicts that ?Furious 7?s? success won?t be limited to the number of tickets it sells. He says the film will also sweep a certain 2016 awards ceremony.

?Universal is going to have the biggest movie in history with this movie,? Diesel said in a lengthy interview with Variety for this week?s cover story. ?It will probably win best picture at the Oscars, unless the Oscars don?t want to be relevant ever.? Diesel took a breath, before offering his prediction for a second time. ?This will win best picture,? Diesel said. ?There is nothing that will ever come close to the power of this thing.?

[From Variety]

When Variety humored Vin?s suggestion/prediction and offered up this possibility as a solution to the growing discontent with the current Oscar structure, this is what happened: ??when told about the prediction, a Universal executive chuckled and then asked to go off the record.?

As for Vin?s veiled threat ? ?It will probably win best picture at the Oscars, unless the Oscars don?t want to be relevant ever? ? that sounds SO Kanye West, right? Kanye would totally say something like that. Imma let you finish, Citizen Kane, but Furious 7 WAS THE BEST FILM OF ALL TIME. Citizen Kane doesn?t respect real artistry, like Furious 7. Orson Welles needs to give his Oscar to Vin Diesel, yo.

Anyhoodle, Furious 7 will get some technical nominations, maybe special effects or sound editing and stuff like that. But no. Furious 7 is not going to win Best Picture. It?s not even going to be nominated for Best Picture.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Cate Blanchett: Menopausal women still consume cultural products, just FYI
Added 9 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Cate Blanchett: Menopausal women still consume cultural products, just FYI
A few weeks ago, we discussed Cate Blanchett?s Vogue Australia cover and some early excerpts. The cover is? odd. I still think it?s weird. Cate doesn?t look like Cate. She looks like Elizabeth Banks to me, but some of you got Robin Wright vibes. Anyway, I didn?t think the interview was all that noteworthy, quite honestly. I expect more from Cate, although she?s not really famous for giving amazing interviews, preferring instead to keep some mystery about her life. But some new quotes came out, and Cate is talking about the female audience and the market is changing.

Cate Blanchett recently spoke to Vogue Australia about gender inequality in Hollywood, giving her opinion on how women’s roles are changing. Interviewer Anna Funder asked Blanchett, “Tina Fey wrote in Bossypants that any woman in Hollywood who’s no longer considered f–kable is ignored. In the era of Judi Dench and Meryl Streep and other actresses we love, can this really be true, or are they exceptions?”

“Female audiences are driving the change, I think,” responded Blanchett. “Women don’t stop consuming cultural product once they stop menstruating.”

Funder spoke with Blanchett about people being surprised to learn about the wage equality gap for women. “People were surprised?” said Blanchett, “There are countless industries around the world where women in top positions are not equally remunerated for equal work.”

[From Vogue Australia & THR]

I think that?s a good quip ? ?Women don’t stop consuming cultural product once they stop menstruating? ? but the problem is actually worse than that. Cate is right to a certain extent that young women (or girls, really) are being targeted by Hollywood with franchises like Twilight and The Hunger Games. But what about those young women on the cusp? Where are the quality films for a woman of 20, too old for Twilight and the like? The superhero films from Marvel and DC are so clearly aimed at guys aged 12 to 60. But what do the ladies have once they?ve outgrown the PG-13 rated films?

Oh, and Cate wants a part on Downton Abbey?s final season. She?s serious about it too ? she says that she?s spoken to some of the Downton people AND her agent about doing a guest role. My opinion: Paul Giamatti was so bizarrely cast, surely they can make room for La Blanchett.

Photos courtesy of Vogue Australia.

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Amanda Seyfried: Instagram addicts are 'sad' & Taylor Swift is 'hip'
Added 9 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Amanda Seyfried: Instagram addicts are 'sad' & Taylor Swift is 'hip'
I'm on @thedailyshow tonight to talk about two of my favorite things-sports and wood. Tune in!

A photo posted by Amanda Seyfried (@mingey) on Mar 17, 2015 at 4:50pm PDT

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Fox confirms: The X-Files is returning as a miniseries with Anderson & Duchovny
Added 9 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Fox confirms: The X-Files is returning as a miniseries with Anderson & Duchovny
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There have been rumors and stories about an X-Files remake for years. I never thought anything would come to fruition because the show overstayed its expiration date when it was on the air, plus there were two movies that were frankly pretty bad. (A dismembered head was the villain in the second movie.) I loved the X-Files for the first few years that it was on, but when Mulder left (or maybe when he had a baby with Scully – it’s unclear if they actually had sex) it jumped the shark.

Regardless of some bumps in the road, the show remains one of the most beloved cult shows ever. As confirmation of that, Fox just announced that they’ve ordered six new episodes. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will reprise their roles and X-Files creator Chris Carter will be the showrunner. It’s unknown when the reboot will air, but production is set to begin this summer. Here’s more, thanks to Variety:

?I think of it as a 13-year commercial break,? Carter said. ?The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.?

The ?X-Files? revival follows last spring?s return of ?24? as a 13-episode limited series. NBC has joined the mania for resurrecting series with built-in audience awareness with its plans for the ?Heroes Reborn? miniseries next season.

?X-Files? is a natural, as the show about FBI sleuths investigating instances of paranormal activity is tailor-made for social-media obsession ? even if it hails from an earlier TV era. ?X-Files? had a nine-season run on Fox from 1993-2002. It spawned two feature films, 1998?s ?The X-Files: Fight the Future? and 2008?s ?The X-Files: I Want to Believe.?

Fox Television Group chairs Gary Newman and Dana Walden shepherded the show on the studio side during its network run. The pair have made no secret of their interest in bringing it back. The new episodes may well spark renewed interest in the show from SVOD platforms, just as the ?24: Live Another Day? episodes spurred Fox to cut a rich pact for the entire series library with Amazon Prime.

[From Variety]

Both Anderson and Duchovny remain busy in recurring roles in other television shows and each published their first books recently. Anderson co-wrote a science fiction novel called A Vision of Fire while Duchovny published a humorous fable about a cow heroine (really) called Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy Tale. It must have been tricky to find a time when the two of them were both free to film the new show.

I talk a good game about being disappointed by how the X-Files wrapped but I’m so excited for this remake. I hope they’re able to move on from the whole Scully and Mulder are in love storyline, but I guess the last movie already solved that. I barely remember it.

Duchovny instagrammed and tweeted this picture confirming the news. I loved Scully’s fashion so much. She had that iconic late 90s business style. It really doesn’t seem that long ago.

It's been 13 years, hope my suits still fit. #XFilesReunion

A photo posted by David Duchovny (@davidduchovny) on Mar 24, 2015 at 6:07pm PDT

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Kelly Brook Bends Over!
Added 9 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Kelly Brook Bends Over!
Thank God for paps with zoom lenses. Because thanks to those dedicated perverts heroes, we’ve got these great shots of Kelly Brook loading up her car after buying lingerie at Victoria’s Secret. And sure, I’m probably never going to get to see Kelly inanything she just bought (unless I win the lottery or steal some […]

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