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Britney Spears 'couldn't take the pain anymore' of her marriage to Sam Asghari
Added 242 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Britney Spears 'couldn't take the pain anymore' of her marriage to Sam Asghari
Britney Spears? communication of choice these days is through her Instagram. For months now, she responds to articles and gossip on IG, plus she films herself dancing and posing a lot. Well, Britney decided to do all of the above to respond to Sam Asghari filing for divorce. In a video where she was dancing around, she posted this message:

?As everyone knows, Hesam and I are no longer together ? 6 years is a long time to be with someone so, I?m a little shocked but ? I?m not here to explain why because its honestly nobody?s business !!! But, I couldn?t take the pain anymore honestly !!!

In some sort of telepathic way I have been receiving so many messages that melt my heart from friends and I thank you !!! I?ve been playing it strong for way too long and my Instagram may seem perfect but it?s far from reality and I think we all know that !!! I would love to show my emotions and tears on how I really feel but some reason I?ve always had to hide my weaknesses!!!

If I wasn?t my dad?s strong soldier, I would be sent away to places to get fixed by doctors !!! But that?s when I needed family the most !!! You?re supposed to be loved unconditionally ? not under conditions !!!! So I will be as strong as I can and do my best !!! And I?m actually doing pretty damn good !!! Anyways have a good day and don?t forget to smile !!!

[From Britney?s IG]

?If I wasn?t my dad?s strong soldier, I would be sent away to places to get fixed by doctors? made me wince. This situation is so comparable to Kanye West, in that they are both surrounded by people who aren?t in the position to get Kanye and Britney the help they need. Meanwhile, TMZ had this update, because they?re very focused on the money (and advocating for Sam):

Britney Spears will not have to ante up any money to estranged husband Sam Asghari, at least based on their prenup, but our sources say theres a big reason shell feel compelled to write him a substantial check. Sources with direct knowledge of the prenup tell TMZ Sam gets no payout in the event of divorce. In addition, the prenup precludes him from getting spousal support. He can keep the gifts Britney gave him and his cars, but thats about it.

Our sources say theres an extensive confidentiality clause in the prenup, prohibiting Sam from talking about his relationship with Britney. So on the surface, it seems Sams getting nothing of significance, but thats not the case.

As we reported, Sams lawyer, Neal Hersh, filed divorce docs which ask for spousal support. Given the prenup precludes such support, Hershs move signals a challenge to the prenup. There are other elements of the divorce filing suggesting a challenge writing about community and quasi-community property.

[From TMZ]

Again, the focus on money is so strange to me in this particular case. Britney?s father financially abused her for years and likely embezzled millions from her fortune. Britney has been paying Kevin Federline millions in support for like fifteen years. There isn?t some vast fortune which Sam wants a slice of. Don?t get me wrong, I think Britney will probably cut him a check as well, but it won?t be a major or significant settlement.

Photos courtesy of Britney?s IG.

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