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Kristen Stewart wore Chanel to the LA premiere of 'spencer?: tragic petticoat?'
Added 989 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kristen Stewart wore Chanel to the LA premiere of 'spencer?: tragic petticoat?'
While it?s certainly prestigious to wear Chanel couture, very rarely are these customized pieces all that great. In Kristen Stewart?s case, I think Chanel has done her dirty pretty consistently over the years, including that god-awful polyester nightie they gave her for the Venice Film Festival premiere of Spencer. Kristen has been wearing Chanel throughout her promotional tour and film festival tour for Spencer. She?s a brand ambassador and she?s getting paid, so I get that. But they really give her terrible stuff.

Last night?s LA premiere of Spencer was no different. Another Chanel look. This time, it was a half-sheer grey skirt which looks like an old-timey petticoat with stupid ruffles and a black bow. But it got worse: the ?top? of the Chanel couture ensemble was basically a stiff satin bandeau top with little shoulder straps. While I haven?t seen this from every angle, I feel like one wrong move and Kristen?s boobs will come out. Ugh. It?s just so bad and unflattering! Kristen has a nice figure, but this does nothing for her.

In case you?re wondering about the reviews? every review I?m seeing is about how her performance specifically is magnificent. Some critics take issue with the film it?s too long, it?s weird, etc but Kristen?s performance is praised in nearly every review. I think K-Stew is genuinely going to have an Oscar campaign, you guys. And she?s really going to wear terrible Chanel couture throughout. *sob*

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Andie MacDowell got pushback from her team when she decided to go grey
Added 989 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Andie MacDowell got pushback from her team when she decided to go grey
During the Cannes Film Festival, Andie MacDowell walked several red carpets and ended up debuting her full mane of curly grey hair. She?s 63 years old and she had been dyeing her hair various shades of brown for years. As someone who had a lot of grey in my 20s and 30s, I?m still not in a place emotionally or psychologically to go grey or go natural. I need to dye my hair right now, at my age. But sure, I hope when I?m in my 60s, I will feel fine with letting my grey hair fly, natural and free. It?s different for actresses and public figures though, and Andie apparently got a lot of push-back from her team when she wanted to go grey. She spoke to Vogue about all of it (you can read the piece here). Some highlights:

Why she chose to go grey: ?At the very beginning of quarantine, my hair started growing and every time my kids would see me, they kept telling me I looked badass with my gray hair. When I pulled it up in a bun, all you could see was the salt and pepper, which is what I am, you know, dark and silver. I like to compare myself to George Clooney because why not? I?ve been saying for a while now it was time for me, personally, to make that transition because I felt like it was appropriate for my personality and just who I am.

She got pushback from her team: ?During lockdown, I had a lot of downtime and became obsessed with Jack Martin, who did Jane Fonda?s hair. I shared those pictures with a lot of people going, ?Hey, I want to do this.? I got a job and very quickly I had to make up my mind about what I was going to do. My managers had actually said to me, ?It?s not time.? And I said, ?I think you?re wrong, and I?m going to be more powerful if I embrace where I am right now. It?s time because in two years I?m going to be 65. If I don?t do it now, I won?t have the chance to be salt and pepper. I always wanted to be salt and pepper!?

She had apprehensions: ?At first. I was so cautious because I didn?t want anybody to be upset, and I was trying to figure out how I could wear wigs to please people. But then once I did it, it was just so clear to me that my instincts were right because I?ve never felt more powerful. I feel more honest. I feel like I?m not pretending. I feel like I?m embracing right where I am. I feel really comfortable. And in a lot of ways, I think it?s more striking on my face. I just feel like it suits me.

The products she?s trying: ?You have to use a lot of silver-hair-color products. I cautiously use purple shampoos on my hair because they?re drying. I use a lot more products that boost color, like foams or purple conditioners. I use a lot of purple conditioners to make it look silver, and it?s amazing how they work. I love L?Oreal?s different purple products.

She wants to work, just with silver hair: ?In terms of opportunities for work, I think it?s more interesting to see me like this. I suffered in this business as an actress, with people always wanting me to look younger. For me, it kind of hurts my heart that I can?t embrace where I am because honestly I feel like I am enough right where I am. I?m in great shape. I exercise all the time. I can pretty much keep up with the kids. I feel valuable where I am. I don?t want people to have the expectation that I need to look younger to have value or to be beautiful or desirable. We don?t do that to men! We love an older man. We love men as they age. I would love the same expectation for women, and we?re getting thereyou know, baby steps.

[From Vogue]

Something I think about too much is how many older women in media feel the need to dye their hair. Legitimate journalists who know that their jobs are on the line if they go grey. They know they won?t be allowed on camera anymore. I imagine it?s the same for actresses too once they go grey, they know they won?t work as much, or that they?ll just get drastically different roles. The prejudice against women going grey is very real.

Sidenote: I feel like this is very nitpicky about Andie and her appearance, but I have to say it. She needs to change her makeup now that she?s gone grey. Her coloring is different and now her makeup needs to change too.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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Amanda Seyfried had a health scare during her second child's birth
Added 989 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Amanda Seyfried had a health scare during her second child's birth
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Tori Spelling feels trapped in her marriage to Dean McDermott
Added 989 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Tori Spelling feels trapped in her marriage to Dean McDermott
Of the people I cover regularly, Tori Spelling is one of the more frustrating. Not just because of her surface drama, but because I don?t know how much of her overall drama is fabricated. We?ve been hearing for a while that Tori?s marriage to Dean McDermott is hanging on by a thread. Even though they?ve seemingly created marital strife for publicity before, I think this time it might be real. But they refuse to address the rumors of their separation. And just when the press has them all but divorced, they make a public appearance as a family. For instance, Tori was seen recently in a tizzy outside her attorney?s office. She was screaming into her phone with a notepad in her hand, faced outward with divorcey words on it. Many outlets were prepared to call time of death on the marriage. But then the whole family went to Disneyland. Granted, Tori looked miserable while visiting The Happiest Place on Earth. But why the pendulum swing? Because apparently the kids don?t know anything about Mom and Dad?s issues. Tori?s trying to protect them. Between trying to keep up a charade for the children and the cash she might be forced to shell out to Dean, Tori feels trapped in the marriage.

Weathering the storm? Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott?s marriage has hit another bump in the road, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, 48, who has been married to McDermott, 54, since May 2006, ?wants a divorce, but she feels trapped right now,? the insider says.

The couple, who share five children ? Liam, 14, Stella, 13, Hattie, 9, Finn, 9, and Beau, 4? recently had a ?fight? after the Pretty Hard Cases actor ?went missing? for two days following an argument, the source explains.

When he returned, he allegedly said he would sue her for alimony and child support. The insider says the ?90210MG? podcast cohost pointed out that McDermott signed a prenup before they got married, which means he won?t get any money if they divorce.

However, the source adds that Spelling recently learned that McDermott could still sue her for child support if they split. ?She went ballistic? and is ?pissed? at her attorneys, the insider tells Us.

The most recent fight left the Spelling It Like It Is author ?very upset,? especially since the duo ?have tried counseling? from time to time. According to the insider, Spelling and McDermott ?constantly fight and break up,? but this argument was ?really serious.?

While Spelling is ?miserable? with her husband, she has remained in the marriage ?for the kids,? the source explains.

The Scary Movie 2 actress ?sucked it up? when she went to Disneyland with McDermott and their children on Thursday, October 21, because their kids ?have no idea what?s going on,? the insider adds.

Through all the duo?s ups and downs, ?money is an issue and it?s always been an issue,? the source tells Us, adding it?s one of the reasons Spelling ?feels trapped.?

The actress fueled divorce speculation earlier this month when she was photographed holding a notepad that read ?assets,? ?support? and ?custody? while standing outside an attorney?s office on October 18.

[From Us]

I feel for anyone who?s trapped in a relationship. If Tori is miserable and doesn?t think she has any options, that?s sad. The end of a long-term relationship is hard. The questionable behavior of those involved doesn?t necessarily negate that. So I would normally be inclined to be sympathetic for Tori, especially if Dean is jerking her around for cash.

However, I got hung up on the point that she?s living this double life, pretending everything is fine so her kids don?t know there?s a problem. Because Tori has already told us that her kids know everything. She claims they?ve been hurt and bullied because of Tori filming their lives. She made that part of her storyline, trying to gain sympathy that her openness has affected her kids. Rumors of this spilt started last Christmas when Dean couldn?t be bothered to show up for the Christmas card and somehow the all-informed children have missed the discussion? They must realize it?s odd that Dad is sleeping in another room. Or never home anymore. And if Tori and Dean are fighting all the time as this insider suggests, how are the kids missing that? Whoever this ?insider? is, they?re full of it.

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