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Britney Spears and her father reach a settlement agreement over her conservatorship
Added 50 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Britney Spears and her father reach a settlement agreement over her conservatorship
Although we haven?t seen much of her lately, Britney Spears has had a lot going on this past year. In August she separated from husband Sam Asghari; there were accusations of cheating on both sides along with reports that Britney had assaulted Sam. After the split was initially announced Britney seemed to quiet down, even a couple months later when her best-selling, headline-making memoir The Woman In Me came out. Britney didn?t extensively promote the book herself, so much as she let the book speak for and sell itself. (Along with Michelle Williams? brilliant reading of the audio version.) So as 2023 closed with the success of her book, 2024 now sees Britney closing the chapter on the lingering legal dispute with her father Jamie. Yes, there was still an outstanding issue to be resolved over the 13-year conservatorship that officially ended in December 2021. Until now. Last week Britney and her father reached a settlement agreement:

Britney Spears and Jamie Spears have settled an ongoing dispute over legal fees after the first filing in December 2021.

More than two years after the conservatorship that had given the singer?s father control of her life ended, the pair settled the dispute over the legal fees pertaining to the conservatorship battle.

Both parties? attorneys confirmed with PEOPLE that the pair settled for an undisclosed sum in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, April 25.

?Although the conservatorship was terminated in November 2021, her wish for freedom is now truly complete,? Spears? attorney, Mathew S. Rosengart, said in a statement. ?As she desired, her freedom now includes that she will no longer need to attend or be involved with court or entangled with legal proceedings in this matter.?

?Britney Spears won when the court suspended her father, and Britney Spears won when her fundamental rights and civil liberties were restored,? Rosengart continued.

Jamie?s attorney, Alex Weingarten, said that the two parties ?reached a settlement agreement resolving all outstanding disputes.?

?I cannot comment on any specifics as the settlement is confidential. Jamie is thrilled that this is all behind him. He loves his daughter very much and everything he has ever done has been to protect and support her,? Weingarten continued in a statement to PEOPLE. ?It is unfortunate that some irresponsible people in Britney?s life chose to drag this on for as long as it has.?

As a result of this settlement, the two have avoided going to trial over the alleged financial misconduct during her conservatorship. The trial was set to start in May, reports The New York Times.

The dispute followed the 13-year conservatorship that began in 2008. Jamie was removed as the conservator of her estate in September 2021, and the entire conservatorship was terminated two months later.

The following month, Jamie began a pursuit of court approval for more than $2 million in fees that he had paid to multiple law firms throughout the legal battle, as well as payment for his current lawyer?s legal bill, per The New York Times.

[From People]

So basically, upon the end of the conservatorship in 2021, Jamie sued Britney to have his legal bills paid, both to cover the 13-year period during which he oversaw her finances, and for the current litigation (thus also giving King Charles a run for his money on dogsh?t father on the year). Britney?s team then tried bringing the receipts, countering that Jamie mishandled her money during the conservatorship. This settlement, then, means that Spears vs Spears won?t go to trial over Jamie?s mishandling of Britney?s money (which is a shame), and Jamie is probably also getting a tidy sum towards his legal bills (which blows). It seems like two wins for Jamie, but in balance I think it actually might be better for Britney to have the case wrapped up. The best possible thing for Britney would be to have a good team around her, who truly care about her financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Even if she had all of the evidence on her side, going through a trial is still hugely taxing. More than any other kind of win, I wish Britney peace of mind moving forward.

Photos credit: and via Instagram

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