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Megan Fox dressed up as a 'Kill Bill' character and tagged SAG-AFTRA
Added 233 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Megan Fox dressed up as a 'Kill Bill' character and tagged SAG-AFTRA
Here are some photos of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly over the weekend, attending Kendall Jenner?s big Halloween party and Casamigos? big party. Megan and MGK did two different Halloween looks for the parties. For the Casamigos party, their ?couples costumes? were inspired by Quentin Tarantino?s Kill Bill films. MGK was The Bride and Megan was Gogo Yubari, the young Japanese assassin killed by The Bride.

A few weeks ago, SAG-AFTRA issued guidance for their union members when it comes to Halloween and social media. While there were complaints about the guidance, I?m sure the union only made the statement because their members had questions about whether Halloween costumes constituted ?promoting struck work.? As such, SAG-AFTRA?s guidelines were that none of their union members should dress up as well-known characters from TV shows or films which are currently on strike. As in, no Marvel characters, no Barbie or Ken, no Oppenheimer, no Batman, nothing like that. Again, this guidance was solely for union members, not regular people, not family members of actors. I also think it was mostly about social media too, and how actors post their costumes on Instagram.

I would assume that QT?s Kill Bill characters constitute ?struck work,? and apparently Megan thought so. When she posted pics of her costume on Instagram and she tagged SAG-AFTRA. Super-edgy from someone who has not appeared at any strike and who has not been included in any reporting about actors donating to SAG Foundation funds to help struggling actors. Megan is trying to rage against the machine, and the machine in question is her own fking union, which is merely trying to HELP ACTORS.

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Cate Blanchett & Hannah Waddingham will fly to Singapore for the Earthshot Awards
Added 233 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Cate Blanchett & Hannah Waddingham will fly to Singapore for the Earthshot Awards
We?re coming up to ?Earthshot Week,? it will be here soon enough. November 7th is the date of the Earthshot Prize ceremony, but William will be in Singapore for four days, spinning his wheels and trying to create ?global statesman? photo-ops without ever doing the work of being a global statesman. The Singapore awards will be the first Earthshot Prize ceremony to actually fly the finalists in in the two previous years, William merely flew in the celebrities. The finalists were only able to, like, Zoom into the ceremony. Well, no worries, because this year, William is still making some celebrities fly in. Cate Blanchett is going to Singapore, as is Hannah Waddingham.

Cate Blanchett has hailed Prince William?s Earthshot Prize awards as ?game-changing? as it is revealed she will join him in Singapore. The Oscar-winning actress, 54, will take part by announcing the winners of the prize next month during its third annual awards ceremony.

She said: ?The climate solutions showcased by the prize are wildly exciting ? exciting because they are so simple, so possible, and so inevitable. The solutions are game-changing, and like all truly game-changing ideas, they have a strange ?how could we not have thought and implemented this before?!? quality. I am proud to be a small part of unveiling the winners.?

Blanchett, who has been an Earthshot Council member since the inception of the Prize in 2020, added: ?The Earthshot Prize is, again, highlighting and incentivising courageous, progressive, and inventive solutions that can be rapidly upscaled. We don?t have time for inaction and despair, and the incredible climate solutions from around the globe are cause for genuine hope.?

She will be joined in announcing the winners at the event by Robert Irwin, the son of the late Australian conservationist Steve Irwin, as well as actress Lana Condor and South African actress and humanitarian Nomzamo Mbatha. The awards ceremony will also feature performances by the pop bands Bastille and OneRepublic, as well as the Singaporean choral society, Voices of Singapore.

Meanwhile, the Emmy-award winning Ted Lasso actress Hannah Waddingham has been announced as the host of the evening, saying she will spotlight the stories and solutions of this year?s cohort of 15 finalists.

[From The Telegraph]

I love Hannah but I get the feeling that she goes to the opening of an envelope, and she was probably just happy to book a gig as MC of some awards show. Cate Blanchett though? well, I appreciate that she?s talking about the actual awards and the innovators and not acting like it?s The William Show.

With all of this talk about some glitzy awards show with celebrities being flown into Singapore for William?s busy-work, I?m reminded of the financial disclosures from the Royal Foundation. Remember this? The Royal Foundation spent 12.1 million on Earthshot in 2021, and only ?5 million? of that was prize money. William blew through 7.1 million of donor money to throw himself a party and embiggen himself.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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David Beckham will meet with King Charles 'after severing ties with Prince Harry'
Added 233 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
David Beckham will meet with King Charles 'after severing ties with Prince Harry'
One of the great things about the Netflix Beckham docuseries is that it introduced David Beckham?s soccer/football career to a new audience. Before I watched the series, I honestly didn?t ?get? why Beckham had such a major career. Yes, he never won the World Cup, but he captained Team England for six years and made a historic number of appearances playing for his country. His achievements at Manchester were crazy, and he won La Liga at Real Madrid. All told, he won 19 major titles/trophies. Truly, a historic career, and off the pitch, he is still a global ambassador for football and one of the richest athletes of all time. Which is probably why the Windsors have always punished him and refused to ?give? him a knighthood he?s too famous, too rich, too successful. Those sadists have to withhold something from him. Well, according to the Daily Mail, the Windsors were withholding the knighthood because of Beckham?s closeness to Prince Harry. And now David has ?severed ties? with Harry, so King Charles has granted David an audience.

David Beckham has accepted an invitation from the King to attend a dinner after severing ties with Prince Harry. The former England star is dining with Charles to talk about the possibility of him becoming an ambassador for The Princes Foundation, a charity founded by the King in order to help provide skills to young people.

Mr Beckham has previously held a similar role representing Invictus Games, the multi-sport competition for sick and injured servicemen and women founded by Prince Harry in 2014. But the ex-footballer has since distanced himself from the Duke of Sussex after he and wife Meghan relocated to the US and stepped back as senior royals in 2020.

Sources close to Mr Beckham say that he is hoping for a honour such as a knighthood, the Sun reported. He was awarded an OBE back in June 2003 for services to football. More recently in 2017, his wife Victoria received the same honour for her contribution to fashion.

The 48-year-olds chances of being knighted were previously blighted after he was one of 1,000 people caught up in the scandal involving Ingenious films, including former teammate Wayne Rooney, who all lost their case to overturn a 700million bill of avoided tax in 2017.

Its possible that Mr Beckham will meet King Charles at the Foundations base, Dumfries House, in east Ayrshire, Scotland. A source suggested that the meeting would be an opportunity for the King to suss out Mr Beckham and find out in what areas they could work together.

[From The Daily Mail]

Where is the evidence that Becks has severed ties with Harry? In September, Harry turned up at the Inter Miami game in LA, reportedly because Harry always wanted to see Leo Messi play (Messi plays for Miami). While there were no photos of Harry and David together, it would be hard to believe that Harry would have made a point of going to the game without speaking to David. That being said, I?ve gotten the feeling for months now that Prince William has been throwing tantrums about and to David Beckham and that William is the one who made this into a ?you can?t be friends with Harry? situation. It?s just so stupid and small.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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Kate Seigel says her House of Usher character is based on Mirage from The Incredibles
Added 233 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kate Seigel says her House of Usher character is based on Mirage from The Incredibles
I watched Mike Flanagan?s The Fall of the House of Usher on Netflix last week and really liked it. It was my first Flanagan show. If you haven?t watched Usher yet, it takes its name and lead characters from the Edgar Allan Poe short story and incorporates many of his other storylines and characters from his stories and poems to make one big Poe Universe. Flanagan packs a lot of Easter eggs into those eight episodes. The show follows the Usher family?s rise and downfall through two different timelines, as told by patriarch Roderick. It?s graphic, but compelling and really well-acted.

I know that Flanagan works with a lot of the same actors over and over again, just like Ryan Murphy does. His wife, Kate Siegel, is one of those actors. In Usher,? she plays public relations guru Camille, who also happens to be one of Roderick?s daughters. Camille is smart, ruthless, and a bitch. Turns out, the inspiration for Camille comes from an unlikely source: Pixar?s The Incredibles!

The Fall of the House of Usher star Kate Siegel has revealed the unlikely source of inspiration behind her character Camille LEspanaye. In a video clip shared to Twitter by Mike Flanagan Source, Siegel admits that her character was based on the duplicitous character Mirage from Pixar?s The Incredibles. Initially suggesting that when she was a young girl she thought Mirage ?was the most beautiful woman I could imagine?, she went on to jokingly admit that once audiences see the resemblance between the two characters, it can?t be unseen.

?Camille is entirely based on a character named Mirage from The Incredibles. When I was a little girl, she was like my Jessica Rabbit. Like I thought she was the most beautiful woman I could imagine. She is the one that tricks Mr. Incredible into coming and being kidnapped. Once you?ve seen it, you can?t unsee it. So sorry to spoil all of your childhood dreams, but Camille is just Mirage.?

While Siegel is quick to credit the animated femme fatale who served as the assistant to Syndrome in The Incredibles for her character?s basis, creator Flanagan also mined the depths of Edgar Allan Poe?s massive catalog of written works to help give the Usher character form. Where Siegel?s Camille may owe her own trademark silver hair and cool demeanor to Mirage, the original character itself is drawn from Poe?s 1841 short story The Murders in the Rue Morgue.

[From Screenrant]

I think it?s hilarious that Siegel based Camille on a Pixar character, but hey, we can?t help where we get inspiration from! When the moment strikes, you gotta go where it?s going to take you. It?s been a few years since I?ve seen The Incredibles, so I watched a compilation of her best moments on YouTube and I can see how Siegel drew her inspiration from Mirage. I never would have guessed it, though, even if you had given me a multiple choice.

I thought the entire cast did a great job with such complicated, tragic, and for some, evil characters. Bruce Greenwood is particularly outstanding as Roderick, despite taking over for Frank Langella mid-way through filming (#lemon). Willa Fitzgerald is mesmerizing as young Madeline and Carla Gugino kills it (pun intended) as Verna, which is an anagram for Raven. I?m definitely going to check out more of Flangan?s shows. I?ve heard good things about Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Hill House, so I guess I?ll start with those.

Photos credit: Eike Schroter / Netflix

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Taylor Swift & Travis are 'quickly turning more serious' & she gets his sleep schedule
Added 233 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Taylor Swift & Travis are 'quickly turning more serious' & she gets his sleep schedule
I love Taylor Swift and her team?s brief little updates to People Magazine. Team Swift has been doing it for a while and I appreciate that they?re pretty matter-of-fact about it. We saw it a lot in the six-week ?romance? with Matt Healy too Team Swift tried hard to stay on top of the narrative via casual briefings to People, and then when Swift and Healy broke up, the briefings were ?it was never that serious anyway, you guys overreacted!? I remember! Anyway, Team Swift wants us to know that Taylor and Travis Kelce are getting very serious about each other.

It seems like romance is burning red between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. A source tells PEOPLE that things are getting more serious between the Cruel Summer singer, 33, and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34.

Its quickly turning more serious. They share a strong work ethic and have a huge appreciation for life and their careers, strong family bond and values, says the source.

Kelce is also sweet, goofy and just a blast to be around, adds the source.

[From People]

Let?s admit it Travis is perfect for Taylor. He IS goofy and kind and that man is genuinely trying to woo her and show her that he?s serious and locked in. That?s also the reason why I keep wondering if Taylor will find a way to sabotage herself or the relationship. It?s simply too perfect and it?s clear that Travis is zero-drama and very into her. It?s like Tom Hiddleston all over again. Meanwhile, Travis?s dad Ed gave yet another interview, and this time he praised Taylor for understanding that Travis needs his rest.

?I think she?s very genuine,? he told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday, calling Swift ?so grounded.? He also thinks their relationship is ?just great.?

?They?re two wonderful people and they are enjoying each other?s company and supporting each other,? he said, noting that ?this is a rough time for either one of them to have a relationship. She?s in the middle of this ginormous tour, he?s knee-deep [in the NFL season]. At least he takes his just as serious as she takes hers as far as commitment to their craft.?

And, importantly, that means a commitment to letting Travis take a nap. ?I think she realizes how committed Travis is to sleep, 10 hours a day, when your body is going through this kind of thing,? Ed Kelce said. ?So I think they?re both very supportive.?

[From Vanity Fair]

The sleep thing is something I?ve noticed a lot recently, where athletes casually talk about sleeping for nine, ten, eleven, maybe even twelve hours a day. Tennis players have started talking about it more (which is how I trendspotted it!) and there?s one 20-year-old tennis player who honestly tries to get up to 13 hours of sleep a day because he thinks sleep is the best restorative method for his body. Maybe athletes have always been like that, but it does feel like it?s some kind of trend and now elite athletes are like ?yeah, part of my recovery is a mandatory three-hour nap every day.? Honestly, goals. I wonder if Travis and Taylor take naps together. OMG, imagine Travis taking catnaps WITH Taylor?s cats Benjamin, Olivia and Meredith.

Taylor didnt attend last nights Chiefs game in Denver and the Chiefs lost. After the game, Denver played Swifts Shake It Off while Broncos fans celebrated. Ouch.

Note by CB: Get the Top 8 stories about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelces new relationship when you sign up for our mailing list! I only send one email a day on weekdays.

The Broncos are playing Taylor Swift after beating the Chiefs!

Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) October 29, 2023

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