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George Clooney was 'gobsmacked' when he learned Amal was expecting twins
Added 976 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
George Clooney was 'gobsmacked' when he learned Amal was expecting twins
While George and Amal Clooney never confirmed it, I always assumed that they had some medical help conceiving their twins, Alexander and Ella. Given George and Amals ages and given the twin thing, I just assumed it was IVF and none of our business. George and Amal don?t have to tell us everything and it?s not like IVF is some scandalous or secretive thing. So many people get help. Well, George gave an interview to Marc Maron?s WTF podcast about how surprised he was when Amal got pregnant with twins? He also says that they didnt talk about parenthood until after they were married??

George on how he felt before Amal: Listen, I didnt want to get married. I didnt want to have kids. And then this extraordinary human being walked into my life and I just fell madly in love. Then I knew from the minute I met her that everything was going to be different.?

He didn?t know about twins: I didnt know Id have twins. There is that moment when you go to the doctor and they pull out this piece of paper which is a sonogram and they go, Here and you go, Its a baby boy. Im like, Baby boy, fantastic.? And then they said, And the other one is the girl and I was like, Oh s?t. [Amal's] sister has twins and I was gobsmacked because I was kind of up for one. ? I love it now. And thank God they have each other during the pandemic.

When he & Amal first talked about having kids: So weve been married for about a year and we were at a friends house, and they had a kid there which was loud and obnoxious and I was like, Holy s?t. We went outside for a walk. And shed never thought about it, really. And so then she said, We are awfully lucky in life. And I said, Yeah, we are lucky we found each other.? She said, Seems like that luck should be shared with some other folks.? The actor said he thought about it for maybe a minute and didnt think either of them had made a decision about kids at the time. And then I just said, Well, I mean, if youre in and she said, I think we should try. I have to say it was very emotional because I really was convinced that wasnt my lot in life and was comfortable with that.?

What he wants to instill in his kids: Im really aware of a couple of things, which is Im aware of the danger of celebrity with kids and Im aware of the danger of having means with kids, he said, recalling his own childhood when his mother made his clothes and when his family moved around due to his fathers jobs. I learned to be scrappy because of that. You can put me in any situation, I can survive.I can survive anything. I had to make sure that thats something that our kids get. Thats important to me.

[From People]

Just because that was the first time Amal talked about kids with George doesn?t mean it was the first time she?d thought about it! He makes it sound like a woman had gotten to her late 30s, landed one of Hollywood?s most eligible bachelors and somehow never thought about motherhood! What?s funny is that when Amal talks about her life, her marriage and motherhood, she?s very matter-of-fact. She?s very organized, she?s very lawyery, she?s not a head-in-the-clouds romantic. She probably thought ?I?ll settle in this marriage for a year and then we?ll have a baby.? Also: please, people, talk about these subjects (money, real estate, babies) before you get married!

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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Leo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone are 'closer than ever, they are really solid'
Added 976 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Leo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone are 'closer than ever, they are really solid'
Leonardo DiCaprio began dating Camila Morrone in the spring of 2018, when she was 20 years old and he was 43. They actually seem pretty serious about each other? for a DiCaprio relationship. They?ve dated steadily, no melodrama, no breakups and makeups, and they reportedly spent much of lockdown together. He even ?let? her foster/adopt two dogs and he reportedly enjoys being a dog-daddy to the pups. Over the years, Camila and her publicist have run the same story that all of the girls before her have believed: this time he?s changed, this time it?s love, this time Im his dream girl, this time he?ll marry me. Meanwhile, Camila?s 25th birthday is sitting out there like a ticking time bomb: June 16, next year. That?s when the The Leo D Girlfriend Experience will come to an inglorious end. So here?s one of the last stories about how Leo and Camila are so in love and they?re closer than ever.

When it comes to Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Camila Morrone, no news is good news! According to a source, the couple is closer than ever.

They are really solid and everything is great with Leo and Cami, the source told E! News. Its all status quo.

While theyve mostly kept their relationship private, after nearly four years together, it seems DiCaprio, 47, is finally getting more comfortable. Leo has even been showing more affection to Cami when theyre out, the source noted. They look very happy and relaxed together.

Last December, a source told E! News the Titanic star is very cozy with Cami and theyre serious. The proof? They live together!

He is filming right now, a source said last year, but Leo has been settling into this domestic life with Cami, as opposed to all the time he used to spend out with his boysHe does really like his life with her and theyre a lot more coupley than they used to be.

While theyre very much linked, they still maintain their independence and have yet to walk a red carpet together. Most recently, Morrone, 24, who is set to star in the upcoming Daisy Jones & The Six miniseries based on Taylor Jenkins Reids book, posed for photographers solo at the LACMA Art+Film Gala on Nov. 6 before reuniting with her man inside.

[From E! News]

Again, I think Leo is probably pretty happy. It?s been a while since he?s been with someone this long (Bar Refaeli vibez). But if I had to put money on it, I?d say that Leo and Camila will be done by June. I actually think he?ll probably dump her before that, he used to like to be single for the spring and then have a steady girlfriend by the summer. I hope Camila will be okay!

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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Brooke Shields didn't take painkillers so she could understand her pain
Added 976 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Brooke Shields didn't take painkillers so she could understand her pain
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Busy Philipps: Chris Pratt's post treated Katherine Schwarzenegger like a possession
Added 976 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Busy Philipps: Chris Pratt's post treated Katherine Schwarzenegger like a possession
Last week Chris Pratt posted a ?tribute? to his wife, you can see it here. There isn?t anything inherently wrong with saying you think your spouse is nifty online, but Pratt?s post went sideways quickly. He made a poor word choice when describing his daughter that appeared insensitive to the health struggles his son survived following his premature birth. In addition to that, Pratt spoke of his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, in a way that was supposed to sound endearing, but in reality, was a little creepy. Creepy enough that Pratt?s former friend Busy Philips called him out on it on her podcast, Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best. Busy got straight to the point calling Pratt?s messaging, ?f***ng weird.?

Busy Philipps just called out Chris Pratt for his Instagram post about Katherine Schwarzenegger.

On the Tuesday episode of her podcast, Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best, which she co-hosts Caissie St. Onge, Philipps criticized Pratt for what she believed was disingenuous language that objectified his wife.

Philipps, who said she was friends with Pratt years ago and even vacationed with Pratt and Faris when the actress was pregnant with Jack, called the post f***ing weird.

Talking to her podcast listeners, Philipps said, Youre probably not the type of lady that will laugh enthusiastically if youre with a man and he starts to make very tired gender jokes about responsibilities and duties and even like, the f***ing tired bit that hes doing which is, She runs the show I occasionally open a bag of pickles, she explained. Thats how f***ing dumb what he said is. You are a Marvel superhero. You made $480 million last year. You work non-stop. You dont just open a f***ing jar of pickles.

Philipps went on to say that the post didnt sit right with her because it seemed like he was acknowledging the power that he held in their relationship by patronizing his wife.

What she does in their household is probably a lot. She probably does a lot of the domestic labor. They have a kid and whatever. That is actually legitimately a lot of f***ing work. But by the way hes talking about himself, putting himself in it, in the center of it, it makes it seem like its bulls***, she explained.

Referencing to a line in the post in which Pratt says Schwarzenegger is his greatest treasure right next to my Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck Rookie card, the Girls5Eva star said, he has possessions, and shes one of them.

[From Yahoo]

Busy makes a lot of good points here. Of course, Katherine has Kennedy/Shriver/Schwarzenegger money so she?s not dependent on Pratt?s earnings, but the point is the same: he works hard and provides a secure income for them. So his claims about not contributing more than opening the occasional ?jar of pickles? does ring false. And everything about his post intones Katherine is a possession, even without his rookie card joke. He?s centered his message around what is provided for him: a good life, strong children even her pure heart belongs to him. The framing of the photo itself suggests the order in the household. Pratt?s facing full camera, smiling, engaged and she is turned away from the spotlight, towards him, looking up at his face with a plastered-on smile. Pratt is the center and she directs all her energy to him. I?m sure Katherine works around the home. I?m sure she?s hands on with their daughter. But I think we all know theirs is a fully staffed house. If you couple that along with all the times Pratt has used his wife as the butt of a joke for laughs, Busy?s right, ?it seem(s) like its bulls***.

As the excerpt mentioned, Busy said she used to be friends with Pratt and his ex-wife, Anna Faris. So she didn?t make these comments lightly. Busy remembers Pratt as being ?super nice and funny.? Busy said ?I knew him in the before times, I dont know him now.? Since she referred in the podcast to Pratt?s doomsday prepping and drinking, I think ?the before times? means his conversion to Christianity and not his meteoric rise career-wise. I honestly think his connection to Hillsong has affected him more than any ego issues with his success. I wouldnt be surprised if the idea that wives belonged to their husbands was broadcasted all over that place.

Photo credit Avalon Red and Instagram

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Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth are back together and most likely expecting a baby
Added 976 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth are back together and most likely expecting a baby
We haven?t really discussed Shia Labeouf since the start of the year. He was dating Margaret Qualley and everyone was feeling awful about it already, and then FKA Twigs came out and sued Shia for physical and emotional abuse. Shia terrorized Twigs when they dated, and she considers herself lucky as hell for being able to remove herself. Soon after Twigs told her story, Shia and Qualley were over (thank God) and Shia had stuff to deal with legally with Twigs, although I don?t think he did much more than ?have his rep issue a few statements.? I?ve largely ignored him since then and I honestly hoped he had crawled under a rock, never to be heard from again. Not so much he went back to his ex, Mia Goth. And now it appears that they?re back to wearing their wedding rings, and Mia looks pregnant.

Shia Labeouf may soon be living the dad life assuming he and Mia Goth are expecting and it sure looks like they are from this. The actor was spotted at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant Saturday with none other than his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Mia who might actually still be his wife, but more on that later where she looked very pregnant as they hit the arcade games together. Were told it was just them there no other kids around. But, based on Mias wide mid-section girth, wed guess shes got a bun in the oven and seems about 4/5 months along.

Its a little strange that 2 grown adults and potential parents-to-be would be gaming it up at a place for children but maybe theyre just getting ready for whats to come and preparing early. In any case, some congratulations could be in order here.

Shia and Mia have recently reconciled being spotted out together and getting cozy since at least last year this after his brief stint with FKA Twigs. Theyve even been seen rocking their wedding bands anew something most everyone thought was done with after 2018. Youll recall SLB and MG got hitched way back in 2016, during a Vegas ceremony, but appeared to file for divorce a couple years later as each party was seen dating other people thereafter. Its unclear if they ever finalized, though, and quite possibly didnt.

If that is, indeed, the case then they could be married right now and not just that, may well be on first-time mom and dad duty in the near future. Neither of em have kids this would be their first again, operating under the presumption they are still romantically involved at this point which, by most accounts, they certainly appear to be. We got a call into Shias camp to see if he is, in fact, about to raise a kid with Mia so far, no word back.

[From TMZ]

He abused Mia too there was an incident between them in Germany years ago, during one of their ?on? moments in their on-and-off relationship. Even without the documentation off his history of abusing partners, their relationship has always given me bad vibes. He?s always seemed incredibly controlling of Mia, and all of the back-and-forth, on-and-off stuff has often felt like she?s trying to escape a toxic situation. And now a baby. I really hope she?s okay and I hope she has people in her life she can trust and turn to.

If the kid is his, this would be Shia's first child ever.

TMZ (@TMZ) November 14, 2021

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