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Miley Cyrus Gets Bong-Smoking SNL Spoof Treatment
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Miley Cyrus Gets Bong-Smoking SNL Spoof Treatment
Having recently made headlines over the release of her birthday bong smoking video, Miley Cyrus received the spoof treatment thanks to the folks on "Saturday Night Live".

The "Hannah Montana" star was played by actress Vanessa Bayer during a skit aired last night (December 18) in which she mockingly addressed the Salvia scandal during an edition of "The Miley Cyrus Show".

Among the highlights, Vanessa's version of Miley chatted about how the feeling of getting high is like dominoes falling over while adding to make sure that "your friend videotapes you when you're doing stuff."

Following the "getting high" chat, "Miley" then welcomed host Jeff Bridges onto "The Miley Cyrus Show" as he treated the audience to a laugh-inciting parody of actor Nick Nolte.

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David Beckham Receives BBC Lifetime Achievement Honor
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
David Beckham Receives BBC Lifetime Achievement Honor
With the whole family on hand for the special occasion, David and Victoria Beckham joined children Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Ceremony in Birmingham, England on Sunday (December 19).

The famous couple and their little ones posed for a few pictures upon arrival at the LG Arena venue ahead of David being presented the Lifetime Achievement Award.

According to BBC officials , David, 35, was selected for the accolade due to his "remarkable" record as an athlete as well as his "tireless work as an ambassador for British sport."

Of the decision, BBC Sports Personality of the Year editor Carl Doran told press: "David's record on and off the pitch has been remarkable. It's a fitting reward for an outstanding career as a player and for his tireless work as an ambassador for British sport. He has also been a tremendous role model and I'm sure he'll get an amazing reaction from the public in Birmingham."

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Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner: Canadian Couple
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner: Canadian Couple
Heading north of the border ahead of the wintertime holidays, Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner were spotted arriving in Toronto, Canada on Sunday (December 19).

The happy couple hopped off of their flight at Pearson International Airport to receive a warm greeting and ride from Avril's brother, Matthew, and his wife.

The Canadian trip comes after a busy past week for Miss Lavigne, as she launched a new website and expanded her Abbey Dawn clothing efforts.

Tweeting about the Abbey Dawn endeavors, Avril wrote on Friday, "Hey guys - a few more final tweaks on the @AbbeyDawn store and we're there. Back 2 U really soon with the details! - xoxo"

The "Sk8er Boi" singer also treated fans to a short preview of her upcoming single "What the Hell" - which she plans to debut during her performance on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest".

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Colin Farrell: "In Conversation" at the Dubai Film Festival
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Colin Farrell:
Still situated in the Middle East for promotional efforts, Colin Farrell was the main attraction during day eight of the 7th Annual Dubai International Film Festival in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Sunday (December 19).

With the festivities being held at the Madinat Jumeriah Complex, the Irish actor posed for a photo call session before speaking onstage during an 'In Conversation' event to boost interest in his latest project "The Way Back".

As for Colin's new movie, "The Way Back" is described as "a fact-based story centered on soldiers who escaped from a Siberian gulag in 1940."

Directed by Peter Weir, the film co-stars Jim Sturgess and Ed Harris while slated for release in Los Angeles on December 29th with limited nationwide screenings to begin on January 21st.

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Paris Hilton: Supermartxe VIP Party Girl
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Paris Hilton: Supermartxe VIP Party Girl
Enjoying a wild night overseas, Paris Hilton was the center of attention at the Supermartxe VIP Party in Madrid, Spain on Saturday (December 18).

Held at Fabrik, the hotel heiress joined up with Nano Barea on the arrivals carpet before taking the stage alongside a number of scantily clad male and female dancers.

Holding the bash in honor of her new motorcycle racing team, Miss Hilton tweeted prior to the event, "On my way to My Supermartxe Party at Club Fabrik. See you there. xoxo Paris"

Once finished up with her hostess duties, Paris snuck in a few hours of much-needed rest before hopping on a flight Sunday morning en route to the States, as she wrote, "Taking off back to LA! :)"

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Katie Holmes: Post-Birthday Calorie Burner
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Katie Holmes: Post-Birthday Calorie Burner
Getting an early start to the day, Katie Holmes was spotted leaving her Big Apple abode for a morning workout in New York City on Sunday (December 19).

Dressed in gym gear, the "Mad Money" actress was escorted to a nearby car en route to a local fitness center to work off those birthday dinner calories.

Having turned 32-year-old the previous day, Katie was treated to a romantic night on the town by husband Tom Cruise on Saturday night.

The loved-up couple kicked things off with dinner at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's restaurant ABC Kitchen before heading over to Gemma in the Bowery Hotel for a dessert nightcap.

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Vanessa Hudgens' Sin City 22nd Birthday Bash!
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Vanessa Hudgens' Sin City 22nd Birthday Bash!
Making for a fun-filled celebration, Vanessa Hudgens was treated to a belated birthday bash in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday night (December 18).

The newly single actress looked fabulous as she kicked off the festivities by grabbing a delectable dinner at Social House at CityCenter.

Once finished up with her meal, the "Sucker Punch" sweetie proceeded forth to get her groove on with fellow revelers during a night-capping soiree at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace.

Joined on the Sin City excursion by gal pals Ashley Tisdale and Brittany Snow, Miss Snow tweeted of the partying efforts, ?Vegas baby. VEGAS! I have a lil feelin this is gunna be one crazy trip. Work hard, play hard.?

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Eva Longoria: Leaning on Her Lady Friends
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Eva Longoria: Leaning on Her Lady Friends
Keeping herself busy as she gets used to life after Tony Parker, Eva Longoria kicked off the weekend with a girls' night out in Los Angeles on Friday (December 17).

The "Desperate Housewives" actress was joined by gal pal Roselyn Sanchez as the pair were accompanied by an umbrella-toting security staffer as they grabbed dinner at Katsuya restaurant.

Upon finishing their meals, Eva and Roselyn continued on with the evening agenda as they ventured over to the Pantages Theatre to watch the stage show "West Wide Story".

Over the past few weeks, Miss Longoria has been spending plenty of time with friends after having filed for divorce from Parker in November while citing "irreconcilable differences".

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez trot out for a photo op, er, 'second date'
Added 13 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez trot out for a photo op, er, 'second date'
Can we start the ?Selena Gomez is a lesbian? rumors now? These are new photos of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez going on their ?second date? in Miami over the weekend. Selena is 18 years old - The Bieb is 16 years old. So if Selena is not a lesbian (she?s not), then she?s a ?cougar?. And this whole thing has a whiff of PR, of course, although I have to give it to Bieb - he?s consistent. The boy loves darker women. His celebrity crushes include women like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce and now Selena Gomez. He?s not one of those ?give me a blonde? type of boys. As for Selena? I?m kind of disappointed in her. Unlike the Mileys and Demi Lovatos of the world, I really bought that Selena was a nice young lady with a good head on her shoulders. Why is she doing this? Attention? Ugh.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may have denied they are in a relationship, but the rumours have stepped up a gear after the pair were spotted enjoying time together in Miami.

The cute couple looked cosy as they strolled towards Miami?s famous South Beach on 18 December, ahead of the latest gig on Justin?s My World tour. They began giggling when they released paparazzi had spotted them and quickly returned to their hotel.

Following this latest sighting, an insider told Hollywood Life magazine that the pair were keen to keep their romance a secret. “It could hurt his sales, so his manager told him to back off going out in public with her. The two are trying to play innocent… but they’re inseparable.

“Everyone wants to be [Justin's] girlfriend and it angers young teens that he’s being seen out with Selena. It’s so obvious though, and kind of cute. There is no way Justin is like a brother to Selena. He’s so much more.”

But Selena recently claimed they were just friends and said she felt protective of the U Smile singer. ?When he first started to come over from Canada, his manager contacted me and he just said that he would like to meet me and he was just such a good kid,? the Disney star said. ?I feel like a big sister now, because I want to protect him.?

[From MTV UK]

Yeah, I have to say, these photos don?t look like brother-sister stuff. They look like awkward teen-dating stuff. And now I have to admit something horrible - they actually look kind of cute together. Ugh. BIEBER WINS AGAIN.

One last thing: how cute is her ?second date? outfit? She?s so pretty.

Photos courtesy of Fame.

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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Heat Up Hawaii's Beaches
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Heat Up Hawaii's Beaches
Returning to the islands at which they tied the knot six months back, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were spotted living it up in Hawaii on Saturday afternoon (December 18).

The "Jennifer's Body" babe proudly showed off her oh-so-sexy figure in a tiny black bikini as her "Beverly Hills 90210" hubby doted on his lady throughout their romp in the Pacific waters.

As for the state of their marriage, a source recently dished that both Megan and Brian are enjoying their commitment - though they're also going through the natural acclimation to being completely tied down.

Of their issues, the insider said, "Megan will be the first to admit that she?s messy. Brian, on the other hand, is a real clean freak. He?s super organized and that doesn?t always sit well with the way Megan is. They?ve had more than a few tiffs about the way she comes back from shooting a movie and trashes the place."

Putting the smaller things aside, Miss Fox previously said of being a wedded lady, "Getting married was the best thing I?ve ever done. I married my best friend. I?m so lucky to get to be with him every day, and he?s my protector. I feel so safe and happy and completed."

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Reese Witherspoon: Ralph Lauren Lady
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Reese Witherspoon: Ralph Lauren Lady
Keeping busy over the weekend, Reese Witherspoon was spotted imbibing in a bout of retail therapy at the Ralph Lauren store in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (December 18).

The "Legally Blonde" beauty showed off her million dollar smile as she braved the rainy weather to take care of some last minute Christmas shopping.

The outing comes as Reese's new movie "How Do You Know" was just released in theaters - with the film landing in the fifth slot at the box office with an expected weekend take of $8.7 million.

During the course of her "How Do You Know" promotions, Miss Witherspoon spoke with USA Today about her 2006 split from ex-hubby Ryan Phillippe, saying, ?I don?t have anything to hide. I don?t feel shame or embarrassment for the things I?ve gone through. What experience have I had that millions of other women haven?t had? And men, too. There?s nothing rarefied about my experience. We?re all just people.?

The 34-year-old added of married life, ?I don?t think about the marriage thing as much. But it would be nice. I believe in it. I really do. It kind of redefines itself for you. I?m more clear, or realistic, about what it is.?

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Tom Cruise Treats Katie Holmes to a NYC Birthday Dinner
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Tom Cruise Treats Katie Holmes to a NYC Birthday Dinner
Ready for a celebratory night on the town, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were spotted heading out of their New York City abode on Saturday evening (December 18).

The lovely couple both looked in high spirits as they geared up to celebrate Katie's 32nd birthday with a romantic dinner date.

Prior to the Big Apple meal on the town, TomKat made their way over to SoulCycle for an intense workout session - after which both exited the local gym soaked in sweat.

Tom and Katie arrived in NYC earlier in the morning with daughter Suri after having been situated in Vancouver, Canada as Cruise worked on his new movie "Mission: Impossible IV".

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