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Keanu Reeves' last 'moment of bliss' was in bed with his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant
Added 421 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Keanu Reeves' last 'moment of bliss' was in bed with his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant
Keanu Reeves is still promoting John Wick: Chapter 4, and he?s still giving interviews, obviously. It?s kind of nice that while Keanu is a movie star and he?s still the lead in multiple franchises, there seems to be a real effort to not press him on his personal life? The guy has had so much tragedy in his life, I think most people even entertainment journalists are like ?just let the guy live.? That being said, we know he?s still with Alexandra Grant, his girlfriend of something like six or seven years, I believe? While Alexandra didn?t attend any of the John Wick premieres, he did make a reference to her while he was speaking to People Magazine.

Keanu?s last moment of bliss. A couple of days ago with my honey, the actor says of his longtime love, artist Alexandra Grant, 49. We were in bed. We were connected. We were smiling and laughing and giggling. Feeling great. It was just really nice to be together.

Last time I danced: ?At a friends wedding about eight months ago. Sometimes Im the first out there and sometimes I need coaxing. Sometimes its the song and sometimes its the person. I just go with the feeling.

Last recurring dream: ?Ive had recurring nightmares, but theyre too scary to describe. Its always fun to fly in dreams, isnt it? Im just glad I have the chance to do it anywhere. Its quite extraordinary.

Last game I played: Ive been playing some chess. Its a competitive game. I dont think you walk to the board and go, I hope I lose. If you dont know how to play, Im great?yeah, Im a master. And if youre really good, Im terrible.

Last time I watched the sunrise: ?I was recently traveling in Japan and had some wonderful jet lag and got to see the sun rising in Kyoto. Those are always cool. You have to stop, like, Arent we glad to be here?

[From People]

?We were in bed. We were connected. We were smiling and laughing and giggling.? Why is he rubbing it in our faces?!? No, I?m happy for him. Like, he seems lovely and gentle and kind. He?s a 58-year-old man in a loving partnership with a 48-year-old woman. Keanu?s not out there, trying to hook up with Instagram models. Also: I hate flying dreams! I only have flying dreams, on average, about once a year. I hate them. But then again, I?ve had multiple sex dreams about Andrew Garfield.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, Cover Images.

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Ivanka Trump 'started over' in Miami: 'she misses her active social life in New York'
Added 421 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ivanka Trump 'started over' in Miami: 'she misses her active social life in New York'
Last November, Donald Trump announced that he was ?running? for president again. That same week, Ivanka Trump announced that she wouldn?t be supporting his run in any way. As in, she wouldn?t work on his campaign or hang out with him whatsoever. She refused to be his fascist baby-whisperer. It wasn?t some bold show of integrity Ivanka is no longer welcome in the same elite circles she moved in for years, and she?s trying to rebuild her life down in the American Taliban state of Florida. All she has is billions of dollars she grifted from foreign governments and no friends or political allies. Well, People Magazine has an update on that situation.

Ivanka Trump is continuing to keep her distance from her father, Donald Trump, as a grand jury weighs whether to indict the former president over an alleged hush money payment made to a porn star in 2016.

Even though Ivanka loves her dad, she knows how impossible he can be, a social source tells PEOPLE ? though another person close to the former first daughter alleges there is no tension in their father-daughter relationship, and that shes simply focused on raising her children and building a life in Miami.

The initial source says that 41-year-old Ivanka is recreating her business life and raising her children which are her priorities. She is through with politics.

According to insiders, Ivanka has spent recent months traveling with her family and trying to ignore the negativity around her.

She misses her active social life in New York, but is enjoying Miami and all that it has to offer, the social source says. She has started over and pursues interests in business, design, and being involved in the lives of her children.

As far as the legal problems facing her father, the source says Ivanka is aware there is nothing she can do. Donald does what he wants, and she cant help him now, the source says. His help is in the hands of his lawyers and advisers. She is no longer working in that capacity.

Another source, who ran in New York and Florida social circles with the former first daughter, told PEOPLE Ivanka misses her New York social life.

She basically wants a new life to compensate for what she lost when she spent four years in her fathers Washington, the person says. She misses her active social life and group of friends.

[From People]

Nothing will make up for what we lost, as a country, during the four years of the Trump administration. Like, I honestly don?t give a fk if these fascist morons have no friends they literally tried to overthrow the government, they literally did nothing as a deadly pandemic ravaged the country. But it does make me laugh that Ivanka?s dumbass isn?t welcome in the glittering society she craves. While Donald Trump was never accepted or welcome in those upper echelons, Ivanka was. She cultivated those relationships, she was desperate to fit in with all of the cool people or the society people. Anyway, I wish this bitch would end up in jail alongside her father and her brothers. _(?)_/

PS People Magazine published this story before Trump was indicted. Its even funnier now.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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Kate Hudson: 'When I got really famous, there was so many lies'
Added 421 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kate Hudson: 'When I got really famous, there was so many lies'
It seems like Kate Hudson is reflecting a lot on her career lately. The past few things Ive read about her have been about her thoughts on nepotism, and her famous roles, interspersed with stuff about her upcoming, but still unplanned wedding. Kate recently appeared on Kelly Ripas podcast (everyone has a podcast) and talked about getting a lot of media attention early in her career and how it affected her self-image and love life.

Kate Hudson is getting real about life in the limelight.

During an appearance on the Lets Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa podcast, Hudson reflected on garnering so much media attention in the earlier days of her career.

When I got really famous, there was so many lies, said the Glass Onion actress, 43. It was so weird because in my mind it felt so unjust, like this is unfair.

Opening up about her experience, Hudson continued, They were so mean to women. I mean, the body-shaming from being too skinny to too fat to then going up your skirt and the cellulite.

The star added that her celebrity status also impacted her love life.

I couldnt speak to a man without being partnered with him. I couldnt sit and say hello to someone, she said. There was so much of it at such a rate that I couldnt in any way comprehend that I just realized I need to figure out how to not care about any of this.

At one point, Hudson said she refused to let it get to her.

It was so negative, she said. You just realize that youre letting them win the more you feel bad. If Im going to allow this negative energy to get into me, then they win. Ive given them all my power.

[From People]

Kates completely right that media is so mean to women. And Id argue that it still is, but it has moved more from the actual outlets being mean to social media meanness in the comments. Everyone has an opinion and the ones most often shared are the negative ones. And still, to this day, everyone gets body-shamed no matter what size they are. Womens bodies are a constant topic of conversation and of course it impacts your self-image to be scrutinized like that so consistently. I do remember people being kind of mean about her love life too. Maybe Kate wasnt even dating as much as we thought according to her comments on the podcast, but I remember people would call her man-eater and stuff like there was something wrong with enjoying single life. I think the tide has turned on that though because I dont see much commentary on her kids fathers. But three kids with three dads is positively quaint considering some of the stuff that male celebs get up to. Anyway, good for Kate for no longer letting negativity get to her. If she could bottle that and sell it, shed make a killing.

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A post shared by Kate Hudson (@katehudson)

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24-Jan-2019 :Kate Hudson is raising daughter Rani with a ?genderless? approach
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30-Nov-2018 :Kate Hudson announces that she wants to lose 25 pounds by spring: doable?
8-Oct-2018 :Kate Hudson shared the first photo of her daughter Rani, all swaddled up
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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom made a pact not to drink for three months
Added 421 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom made a pact not to drink for three months
I have a beef with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. They keep talking about their relationship but then they don?t post new photos on their social or pose together anywhere so I have to keep reusing these same old tired photos from other posts. Work with us people! I still don?t know why they are talking so much about their relationship, or at least Orlando is. Katy?s latest admission at least had some context. While at a cocktail event for American Idol, Katy was noticeably not cocktailing. When asked why, she said she and Orlando were five weeks into a three-month pact of not drinking.

Katy Perry is a woman of her word!

The American Idol judge stopped by a curated cocktail event at New York Citys Mister Paradise on Monday alongside fellow judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and host Ryan Seacrest, but revealed that she would not be partaking for a very special reason.

Ive been sober for five weeks today? Ive been doing a pact with my partner [fianc Orlando Bloom] and I want to quit, she said while jokingly pretending to cry.

After Bryan playfully asked if she was caving, she responded, No, girl! I cant cave. I made a promise. Three months.

[From People]

Originally, when I read the quote ?? and I want to quit,? I thought Katy meant she wanted to quit drinking. But I see now that probably meant she wanted to quit the pact in that moment. She wanted this story out there so we get to discuss it. (That?s the disclaimer for everyone about to tell me I am making too much of this.) I realize someone was probably going to ask why Katy wasn?t drinking at a cocktail event, so she needed a reason. That in and of itself is unfortunate because we should be able to say ?I don?t want a drink? and have it not be an issue. But she owns a non-alcoholic beverage company, which the bar had on hand. She could have just said ?representing, folks!? and ordered a mocktail. It?s a great message for those in the public eye to be seen drinking mocktails and other non-alcoholic options while enjoying themselves. But Katy made a point of saying she?s not drinking because of this pact and that the pact had a time limit. Which simply invites questions. Like why only three months? Is it a cleanse thing or a we?re drinking too much thing? Theres of course always the pregnancy speculation with a woman not drinking, and the three month time limit plays into that. Orlando cut down on his drinking after it was implied that it led to relationship issues with Miranda Kerr. It?s possible he?s backslid or maybe he wants his fiance to join him in cutting down.

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A post shared by Orlando Bloom (@orlandobloom)

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Avril Lavigne and Tyga are still not exclusive but are 'very into each other'
Added 421 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Avril Lavigne and Tyga are still not exclusive but are 'very into each other'
A few weeks ago, Avril Lavigne and Tyga were spotted kissing and made a coupley appearance at Paris Fashion Week. This was right after she dumped Mod Sun and it felt like an extremely random pairing. She usually goes for Canadians and theyre both throwbacks, but in very different ways. Anyway, apparently Avril and Tyga are still going strong-ish. Theyre not exclusive, but theyre spending a lot of time with together and are very into each other. Okay then!

Avril Lavigne and Tyga are enjoying each others company.

Theyre very into each other, a source tells PEOPLE about the Girlfriend singer, 38, and Rack City rapper, 33, who have been romantically linked since they were spotted having dinner at Nobu in Los Angeles last month. They were later seen sharing a kiss during Paris Fashion Week.

They dont plan on rushing into a relationship, however, says the insider.

Theyre still not exclusive and just getting to know each other. Theyre taking things very slowly to be on the safe side and really get to know each other before diving into something serious, the source adds.

But they are spending a lot of time together, they add, noting that Tyga will be focused on his career soon. Hes about to get locked in working on new music.

Despite taking things slow, Tyga has gone all out and bought an $80,000 necklace for Lavigne.

The custom-made jewelry from Mavani & Co Jewelry features 50 carats of white and black diamonds, as well as Pink sapphires, founder Eric Mavani confirmed on March 19.

In an image of the necklace shared on Instagram, the piece can be seen with several pendants on it, including two of the letter A written over a Pink heart, as well as two skulls and crossbones accessorized with Pink ribbons. Lavignes first name also takes center stage at the front of the necklace.

[From People]

I wonder whose camp the source came from. Probably Tygas since they mention his new music. Hm, is a couples collab on the horizon? Maybe thats why shes not getting serious. But really, what the source says is completely reasonable. Avril and Tyga have only been (publicly) hanging out for a month or so, so of course theyre still getting to know each other. I dont even think thats taking it slow its normal dating! But the talk of exclusivity sounds very early 20s for a couple that is in their mid-late 30s. And I guess taking it slow means something different for celebs, since Tyga had a custom $80,000 necklace made for Avril. Despite the cost, it looks um, just her style.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by ERIC MAVANI (@ericdajeweler)

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The Utah jury found Gwyneth Paltrow was not at fault for the 2016 ski crash
Added 421 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
The Utah jury found Gwyneth Paltrow was not at fault for the 2016 ski crash
It is too funny that, on the same evening Donald Trump got indicted, Gwyneth Paltrow was ?acquitted? in her ski trial. Trump indicted, Goop innocent! Gwyneth was the defendant in a civil trial over a 2016 ski accident on the bunny slopes of Park City, Utah. Terry Sanderson tried to claim that Gwyneth crashed into him and left him with broken bones and head trauma. Gwyneth said no, Sanderson crashed into me and people did check on him. The jury believed Gwyneth and they awarded her the $1 she was asking for. Vindication!

The jury reached a verdict in the civil trial between Gwyneth Paltrow and Terry Sanderson over a ski collision that happened seven years ago. After less than three hours of deliberations on Thursday, the jury in Park City, Utah, found that Paltrow, 50, was not at fault and that retired optometrist Sanderson, 76, was at fault 100 percent and that it caused the actress harm. The jury awarded her $1.

Over the course of the two-week proceedings, the jury was tasked with determining what Paltrow and Sanderson did before and after the Feb. 26, 2016, incident, who was the downhill skier, and who crashed into whom.

Paltrow says in a statement obtained by PEOPLE, I felt that acquiescing to a false claim compromised my integrity. I am pleased with the outcome and I appreciate all of the hard work of Judge Holmberg and the jury, and thank them for their thoughtfulness in handling this case.

Her attorney Stephen Owens adds, We are pleased with this unanimous outcome and appreciate the judge and jurys thoughtful handling of the case. Gwyneth has a history of advocating for what she believes in ? this situation was no different and she will continue to stand up for what is right.

Sandersons attorney C. Peter Sorensen said in a statement, We are disappointed in the outcome, but we love and support the legal process. We thank Judge Holmberg, the jury and staff for all their efforts. We will spend the next while evaluating and discussing where we go from here.

While exiting the courtroom after the verdict was revealed, Paltrow leaned in and briefly whispered to Sanderson before continuing to leave. Sanderson confirmed to Extra that she said, I wish you well, and he responded, Thank you, dear. He told the outlet that was very kind of her.

[From People]

Yeah, Gwyneth leaning over and saying ?I wish you well? to the guy who spent years trying to sue her for millions of dollars is? cold as ice. As someone joked, that?s Brentwood-speak for ?go fk yourself.? Anyway, it?s remarkable to see as Gwyneth has come out of this smelling like a rose! In the Gossip with Celebitchy podcast coming out this weekend, I even admitted that I believed her version of events but that doesn?t change the fact that Gwyneth is an objectively terrible person. It?s just in this one particular case, she was not at fault.

Gwyneth Paltrow is INNOCENT! And, even more importantly, is now $1 richer. JUSTICE IS SERVED!

Decider (@decider) March 30, 2023

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28-Mar-2023 :Gwyneth Paltrow ?feels icky? about her ?stressful, uncomfortable? Utah sk...
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Jennifer Aniston: Youths find 'Friends' offensive, people are more sensitive now
Added 422 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Aniston: Youths find 'Friends' offensive, people are more sensitive now
Jennifer Aniston is currently promoting Murder Mystery 2, a sequel to the popular Netflix film starring Aniston and Adam Sandler. These films must be a breeze to make, honestly like all of Sandler?s films, or at least the ones he produces. This is the first promotional tour Aniston has done in a while (or at least that?s the way it feels), so of course she?s getting questions about Generation TikTok?s obsession with Friends. The youths love Friends, even if they have long-winded conversations about how some of the jokes in Friends are super-offensive and the show is too white and all of that.

As someone who watched Friends when it originally aired? it was seen as a popular ?mid? comedy starring all white actors getting into shenanigans. It was fine for the time. I think it?s still popular with the youths not because of the comedy, but because it?s a glimpse of life and friendship before smartphones and social media. People actually hanging out and talking and living without being on their phones constantly. In any case, Aniston is upset because the youths keep yelling at her about how some of the jokes are offensive.

Jennifer Aniston recently told AFP (via Yahoo News) that ?comedy has evolved? so much that it?s a bit tricky these days to be funny.

?Now it?s a little tricky because you have to be very careful, which makes it really hard for comedians, because the beauty of comedy is that we make fun of ourselves, make fun of life,? Aniston said. ?[In the past] you could joke about a bigot and have a laugh ? that was hysterical. And it was about educating people on how ridiculous people were. And now we?re not allowed to do that.?

?There?s a whole generation of people, kids, who are now going back to episodes of ?Friends? and find them offensive,? Aniston added. ?There were things that were never intentional and others? well, we should have thought it through ? but I don?t think there was a sensitivity like there is now.?

Aniston concluded: ?Everybody needs funny! The world needs humor! We can?t take ourselves too seriously. Especially in the United States. Everyone is far too divided.?

[From Variety]

Eh. I think it?s fine to shrug off the criticism of Friends in the year of our lord Beyonce 2023 because wtf are they supposed to do now? Go back and censor all of the jokes which offend people? That would be how I would react if I was in Aniston?s stilettos shrug it off and say ?that was the time, it was 25 years ago, that?s what was funny then.? Sometimes the jokes don?t hold up, sometimes they do, and that?s life. I dislike that she?s telling the youths that they?re being too sensitive or that they should, what? Fake-laugh at some of the stupider or offensive jokes in the series? The kids have a right to to be offended, just as Aniston has the right to tell them to settle down. God, is Aniston going to start complaining about cancel culture now?

Photos courtesy of Cover Images, Backgrid.

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