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Demi Lovato is 'in contact with lawyers' about her creepy stalker ex-fiance
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Demi Lovato is 'in contact with lawyers' about her creepy stalker ex-fiance
Demi Lovato got engaged to Max Ehrich in July of this year, after they?d been together (in lockdown) for about four months. They happily posed for engagement photos on the beach for the announcement. Things fell apart in a matter of months Max was outed as a creepy thirst-tweeter of many famous women, and it began to look like Demi accidentally got engaged to a sketchy stalker-type. Demi ended things with Max in late September, and in the weeks that followed, Max has been escalating his creepy, abusive, stalker behavior.

This week, Max called the paparazzi to shoot videos and photos of him melodramatically weeping on the same beach where he proposed to Demi. People wereum, not buying it.

Twitter reacts to crying Max Ehrich photos after Demi Lovato split

Page Six (@PageSix) October 13, 2020

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Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne looks so '90s emo as 'The Batman' films in Liverpool
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne looks so '90s emo as 'The Batman' films in Liverpool
I?ll admit it, I was intrigued by the first ?trailer? for The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson. I enjoyed seeing emo guyliner Bruce Wayne, and I am curious about how they?re going to do the ?Batman: Master Detective? thing. But I also feel like this production is cursed! They were filming The Batman in England in February and March, but they had to shut down the production because of the pandemic. Then Rob went into isolation in London, and he apparently didn?t keep up with his fitness for the role whatsoever. Then, days after the production came back, Rob tested positive for the virus. That was several weeks ago. Rob is back, and the production is back.

These photos are from yesterday, where the production has moved to Liverpool to shoot exteriors. Liverpool as Gotham? Sure, why not. I have a question: is Rob wearing a Bruce Wayne wig or does his hair actually look like that now? I feel like it?s a really bold styling choice to make Bruce Wayne look like he has a ?90s Skater Boi haircut, complete with a terrible dye job. YIKES! The feel of this IS very emo-goth-?90s, right?

Meanwhile, this is apparently Colin Farrell as the Penguin. I? don?t believe it? The photos are 100% labeled ?Colin Farrell.? Why is Rob?s styling so bad and yet Colin?s facial prosthetics are so high-quality? Is all of the money going to Colin?s stuff? And sorry, whenever I see a young, handsome actor take on a role where he has to wear a huge amount of prosthetics, I ALWAYS think ?wouldn?t it be easier to just cast someone else?? Paul Giamatti is just sitting there, you know? (I love Giamatti as an actor, but dude would have been in the makeup chair for maybe 20 minutes as the Penguin.)

Bonus: Zoe Kravitz serving LOOKS as Selina Kyle.

Zoe Kravitz was photographed in costume as Catwoman/Selina Kyle on "The Batman" set see the photos! (@JustJared) October 12, 2020

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Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in 'Every Note Played' with Christoph Waltz
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in 'Every Note Played' with Christoph Waltz
Just some Angelina Jolie updates, there are some smaller pieces of news making the rounds about her. First off, she?s written another Time essay, this time about the pandemic and what?s happening during the pandemic with women and women?s rights you can read the piece here. Jolie is a Time contributor and during the lockdown, she?s been doing a lot of Zooms with and for Time Magazine.

The trailer for Angelina?s latest movie has been released. The film is called Come Away, and it?s based on the characters from Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. She stars with David Oyelowo. I guess this is supposed to be a straight-up kids movie or family movie, but I?m not 100% sure the kids will really understand all of the Alice and Peter Pan references?

At least we get to hear Angelina?s British accent again. Like in Lara Croft, or her hokey accent in Maleficent, or any of the other accents she?s attempted over the years. I love her but accent work isn?t her strength! The rest of it looks? I don?t know, like a really strange concept for a film? Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland weren?t even written by the same author!

Meanwhile, Angelina?s in talks for a straight-up Oscar-bait drama:

Angelina Jolie and Christoph Waltz are in talks to star in ?Every Note Played,? an adaptation of Lisa Genova?s contemporary romance novel. STX Films has acquired global rights to the movie.

Jolie will play Karina, the ex-wife of an accomplished concert pianist named Richard (portrayed by Waltz). He has suffered many losses, including the estrangement of his daughter, when he gets diagnosed with ALS in his hands. As the disease worsens and Richard can no longer play the piano or live on his own, Karina reluctantly steps in to be his caregiver.

Genova?s best-selling novel ?Still Alice? inspired the 2014 film, which landed star Julianne Moore her first Oscar.

[From Variety]

Still Alice was a great movie and Julianne really deserved the Oscar for it. I?m personally not into Christph Waltz as an actor that much, but it would be interesting to see him paired with Angelina. Hm.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid.

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