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Angelina Jolie suddenly switched agencies, from UTA to the William Morris Agency
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie suddenly switched agencies, from UTA to the William Morris Agency
For many, many years, Angelina Jolie did not have an agent or a publicist. She had a manager and a lawyer and that was pretty much it for her ?team.? She was sent scripts and she would read them and decide if she wanted to do them. There was no agent in her ear, telling her which projects to pass on or which deals to approve. When Angelina first got with Brad Pitt, I think he convinced her to join his agency, CAA, and she did it just to try something new, I guess. But she left after a few months. I personally think that she was turned off by CAA?s management style, plus Jennifer Aniston was (at the time) CAA?s golden girl. More years passed and Angelina was still just functioning without an agent. Then in 2011, she went to UTA for representation as a director, then in 2013, she had UTA represent her as an actress too. But now that?s over. She?s changing agencies. Interesting

Angelina Jolie has signed with WME after spending most of the past decade with UTA. Jolie is coming off the Disney sequel ?Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,? which is close to grossing $500 million worldwide. In recent years, the woman who is one of the world?s most recognizable movie stars has focused more on directing and producing than acting. As of late that has changed as Jolie has lined up a number of prominent acting jobs including the lead role in Marvel?s ?Eternals,? set for release next year.

Jolie came to UTA as a director client in 2011 while being repped by IFA for acting. As of 2013, she was repped on all fronts by UTA. Before coming to UTA, she had been without agency representation after parting ways with CAA in 2006. During her time with UTA, the agency negotiated Jolie?s first deal to direct a studio picture with 2014?s ?Unbroken,? and to direct Netflix?s ?First They Killed My Father,? which she also co-wrote. She executive produced the 2017 Oscar-nominated animated film ?The Breadwinner.? She also has a starring voice role and produced the upcoming Disney animated feature ?The One and Only Ivan.?

[From Variety]

Hear me out: this reminds me a little bit about how Angelina switched divorce lawyers in the middle of her (still not over) divorce. Angelina phased out Laura Wasser and phased in Samantha DeJean? and suddenly all of the leaks from her divorce stopped on a dime and Brad Pitt?s team stopped smearing Jolie 24-7. Could it be that Angelina suddenly needed a different kind of agency in what could be a new phase of her career? She?s made it clear that more than three years after she left Brad, she?s just now starting to feel okay and like she?s ready to really WORK. Perhaps she needs a ?war-time consigliere? for her career now too. All signs point to the idea that Angelina is going to be making some big moves in the coming months and years. Plus, she?s still extra-cozy with Disney and Marvel. We?ll see.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Vanessa Hudgens: 'I love Woody Allen films' I love the romantic worlds'
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Vanessa Hudgens: 'I love Woody Allen films' I love the romantic worlds'
Before now, I?ve never really had a problem with Vanessa Hudgens. I never particularly liked her, but she seemed like a Disney kid who grew up okay there were some growing pains, some leaked photos, some relationship drama, some tabloid interest, but now she?s 30 years old and still working on whatever she can get, pretty much. She sings, she dances, she makes a lot of Hallmark Channel and Netflix movies. It was because of one of those movies Netflix?s The Knight Before Christmas that she sat down to chat with the LA Times. Which is where she mentioned that she would love to do more indie films, and she would love to work with? Woody Allen. Oh, honey. Please don?t do this for attention. Some highlights from this LAT piece:

Why she?s been making so many Christmas movies: ?If I can bring a family together at a special time of year and allow them to escape from their lives and live the rest of their day feeling a little lighter, then I think that?s a really beautiful gift.?

Her roles in ?Spring Breakers? & ?Gimme Shelter?: ?I wanted to be the indie girl. I always have been and I always will be?. I wanted to do those dark films, so I wanted to make sure that I wasn?t going to be put in a box. And the only way to get out of that is to do different types of projects.?

Growing up in the Disney machine: ?When I think of people?s perception of ?the good Disney kid gone wrong,? I think of kids who maybe have had substance abuse [issues] or been in the public eye and having mental breakdowns, and I look at the difference between them and myself. And what I think is, I was a lot shyer than I believe they were. I also didn?t enjoy the L.A. club scene, nor do I still today, so I never got myself into situations that I felt like I shouldn?t have been seen in.?

She wants to work with Woody Allen & other big-name directors: Even though she?s been acting for two decades, Hudgens feels she?s ?barely scratched the surface.? And her ambition is endless: The actress would love to work with directors like Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Yorgos Lanthimos and Gaspar No. She?d even love to do a film with Woody Allen. ?I love Woody Allen films. ?Vicky Christina Barcelona? is one of my favorite movies,? she says. When asked about mentioning Allen, given the allegations of sexual abuse against him, Hudgens said, ?I don?t know him. I?ve never met him. I only know what I?ve heard. And the fact is, I love his films and I love the romantic worlds that are created within [them].?

[From The LA Times]

Serious question: is Vanessa saying that for attention? Is she trying to get some negative hype around her name? Or is she that? daft? Even if you?re a working Hollywood actress and you don?t really believe Dylan Farrow, wouldn?t you know your industry well enough to know that Woody Allen?s name and brand is too toxic at this point? I mean, I?m sure there are some big-name people who still support Woody, but very few of them (Diane Keaton and Scarlett Johansson) will show this kind of public support. Very few will actually name-check Woody Allen in an interview as someone they?re dying to work with. ?I don?t know him. I?ve never met him. I only know what I?ve heard.? Like, what she?s heard is Dylan Farrow?s heart-wrenching statements. You choose to believe Dylan or you don?t. It?s not some random gossip. Anyway, I guess Vanessa got some attention.

Photos courtesy of WENN

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Taylor Swift flew to London to see Joe Alwyn on Thanksgiving Day
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Taylor Swift flew to London to see Joe Alwyn on Thanksgiving Day
I didn?t travel over Thanksgiving. Holiday travel is hell on earth and I would never choose that for myself. If I was rich as hell like Taylor Swift, I would spend the money and get everyone to come to me, wherever I was. Taylor was apparently in New York for Thanksgiving Eve, where she likely hosted a Friendsgiving celebration for the last remnants of the Girl Squad (Martha Hunt is still ride-or-die but Karlie Kloss remains in the wind). Then Taylor? flew to London? ON Thanksgiving? What in the world?

Looks like Taylor Swiftis shaking off the last couple of weeks and spending time with her loved ones. For the Thanksgiving holiday, it looks as though Swift is taking a step back to spend some much needed time with her friends and her beau, Joe Alwyn. As you may recall, Swift and Alwyn have been dating for about three years now but have continued to keep their relationship private and under wraps. An E! News source shared that this Thanksgiving, Swift traveled to London to spend the holiday with the 28-year-old actor.

She arrived on Thursday from New York and is spending the weekend there, the source added.

Prior to leaving the country to be with Alwyn, Swift hosted her annual Friendsgiving party with model Gigi Hadid, 30-year-old Martha Hunt and Queer Eyes Antoni Porowski.

Its an annual tradition for Taylor to get together with close friends and do this, an E! News source shared. Many have been at her gathering in years past. This year was intimate and casual, but they all had a great time.

Her friend Hunt shared a sweet picture of the two friends hugging it out for the gram on Thanksgiving, captioning the photo, thankful for friends. Hadid also shared a group picture of the lovely Friendsgiving celebration on her Instagram Story where Swift could be seen taking a sip of wine. Friendsgiving this week , wrote the model on her picture. Love you all sm.

[From E! News]

Maybe Taylor?s Friendsgiving is the new Taymerica Fourth of July party? I hope so, because I think Taymerica parties might be a thing of the past. No more Independence Day parties, and no big Thanksgiving celebration with her family? I mean, Taylor could have spent Thanksgiving with her parents and her brother. But she chose to have her pilot fly her private jet to England ON Thanksgiving Day. Which is a lot. Did? Joe not want to celebrate an American holiday? Did Taylor?s pilot at least get paid extra to fly her overseas on a holiday?

View this post on Instagram

thankful for friends ??

A post shared by Martha Hunt (@marthahunt) on Nov 28, 2019 at 4:54pm PST

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Jamie Lee Curtis: spoiling movies for people is like spoiling surprise parties: agree?
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jamie Lee Curtis: spoiling movies for people is like spoiling surprise parties: agree?
I havent seen Knives Out yet and Im really looking forward to it! I plan to watch it before we record the podcast on Thursday so Kaiser and I can have a (spoiler-free) talk about it for the episode coming out next Monday. (Well have two episodes out this month.) I just gave my thoughts on spoilers in this story on M. Night Shyamalan complaining about people spoiling The Sixth Sense twenty years later. I usually dont mind reading spoilers as they dont ruin the movie for me, but I should have qualified that it really depends on what kind of movie it is, and whether I look for spoilers or theyre just sprung on me. In a new panel discussion with Entertainment Weekly (you can see the video on their site), Jamie Lee Curtis calls out people who spoil movies as small minded a-holes (my words) who find joy in ruining things for the rest of us.

The stars of Knives Out think the new whodunit is a dish best served cold.

?Going to this movie cold would be the best thing on earth,? Daniel Craig declares during a Thanksgiving-themed edition of EW?s new Around the Table video series.

Costar Jamie Lee Curtis agrees. ?There?s also something very aggressive, I find, for people who spoil things for people,? she says.

Curtis hypothesizes that people who share spoilers feel they?re in an elevated position ? or ?a weird power trip? ? but says ?in fact, it diminishes you greatly if you really think about it because it makes you very small to ruin the delicious surprise.?

?To ruin it so you somehow look like a smart person? I don?t even know what value ruining a surprise is,? Curtis says. ?It?s like going up to somebody [and] going, ?Oh, you?re going to have a surprise party.? Well, f? you. Thank you so much for ruining what should be a pleasure, and it is a pleasure, so don?t ruin it.?

[From EW]

Shes right for this specific type of spoiling films but Ill play devils advocate for a moment. Its crappy to just burst out with a spoiler in a conversation with someone or in the middle of an article without warning. This is especially true if its a new film or a mystery like Knives Out, where the spoiler/murderer is the plot of the film. I dont mind it at all when a film critic opens with the fact that an article contains spoilers, and then discusses them. Sometimes you have to do that in order to do a deep dive analysis. This type of spoiling Jamie is calling out doing it in order to have a one-up on someone or ruin their experience, is truly crappy. Ive also noticed a new type of spoiling films where people will give random untrue spoilers just to tease people (ok teenagers do this) and thats really annoying.

photos credit: WENN and

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Duchess Kate spent two days 'secretly' working at a maternity ward in London
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Duchess Kate spent two days 'secretly' working at a maternity ward in London
Did you know that the Duchess of Cambridge has some ?secret work experience?? I swear to God, those are like half the headlines about this story, because it?s part of the narrative about Kate: she barely works, and she has barely worked throughout her life. And now suddenly, it?s a story that she secretly (shhh, it?s a SECRET) worked at a hospital. For two days. And basically, it sounds like she just went to the maternity ward and held babies, which in America is called ?volunteering.?

Kate Middleton spent two days quietly getting some work experience on a maternity ward of a major London hospital, it has emerged. Royal mom-of-three Kate, 37, secretly shadowed midwives and other professionals at the hospital to learn more about children?s early years of development.

The work was revealed by the palace on the daily list of activities ? the Court Circular ? which said Thursday: ?The Duchess of Cambridge, Joint Patron, the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, today completed two days with Kingston Hospital Maternity Unit in London.?

Tackling the challenges facing kids in their early years is the defining theme of Kate?s royal work. Last year, the mom of Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and 1-year-old Prince Louis set up a steering group to advise her on child welfare and the challenges faced by parents and carers.

[From People]

Kingston Hospital is not where Kate gave birth to her kids she gave birth to all three Cambridge children at St. Mary?s in Paddington. It?s still not really known what Kate was doing? Yes, her Early Years project whatever the hell it is is about early childhood development, but I thought that was more about toddlers and little kids, you know? Not newborn babies! And it?s not like Kate was spending that time at one of her patronages I?m sure one or two of her patronages might have some kind of overlap with a maternity ward, but she?s not the patron of this hospital or anything. Oh, wait in 2018, she became the patron of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Nursing Now campaign. Maybe that?s what it was? Something to do that? But? why not just say that?

Also: Kate and William have submitted plans or someone in the Royal household submitted plans to build a royal education center at the Orangery within the Kensington Palace ground. And yes, ?royal education? is just what it sounds like. I guess kids will be invited to KP and they?ll sit in an Orangery-adjacent classroom and learn about British royal history. According to the Daily Mail: ?Plans have been submitted to build the education centre at Kensington Palace, where a two-floor extension to the Orangery will allow enough space for a lunch and afternoon tea restaurant, catering facilities and an outdoor terrace. A new garden will also be created linking the Orangery to the Cambridges home.? And that?s not all. A source told the DM: ?Education is a very important thing and they want to be able to teach younger children about the monarchy. William and Kate are very much the idol royals and having the new centre here will be the perfect backdrop for students to learn. They are trying to give out a positive message through this project, they are widely appreciated in society.? ?Very much the idol royals? the fk? What is this?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Ellen Pompeo calls out NBC for the Gabrielle Union-AGT racist & sexist situation
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ellen Pompeo calls out NBC for the Gabrielle Union-AGT racist & sexist situation
As we discussed just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Gabrielle Union did not really leave NBC?s America?s Got Talent of her own accord. She had signed a one-year contract, with an option of two more years, and NBC didn?t renew her contract. What could have been a simple ?it?s just business? corporate decision has turned into something else entirely, as Variety (and other industry papers) have spent days documenting how Union was basically pushed out because she spoke up about racist bullsh-t she witnessed, or racist bullst which was directed at her by her bosses and coworkers. The NBC culture really hasn?t changed at all from the days of Matt Lauer. Union truly got ?notes? from producers that her hair was ?too black.? And when she tried to call out the problematic sh-t she witnessed, she was the one punished. It?s all just? awful. Union received a lot of support online, and she tweeted out her thanks:

So many tears, so much gratitude. THANK YOU! Just when you feel lost, adrift, alone you got me up off the ground. Humbled and thankful, forever ?

Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) November 28, 2019

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck 'celebrate all the holidays together as a family'
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck 'celebrate all the holidays together as a family'
Another year, another story about how Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spend holidays together for their kids. Theyve consistently told us that they do this, and I wonder how that is for them sometimes. Its probably a mixed bag in that theyve done it for so long that its familiar, but your ex is your ex for a reason. Heres that report in People Magazine, which is the PR song weve heard from them for years.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spent Thanksgiving together!

Affleck and Garner, both 47, reunited on Thursday for the holiday, which they spent with their three children ? Violet, 13; Seraphina, 10 and Samuel, 7 ? as well as his mother in Los Angeles.

?They all celebrated Thanksgiving together. It?s very important for both Jennifer and Ben that they celebrate all the holidays together as a family,? a source tells PEOPLE.

?Ben looks great. He returned to L.A. to have a fun Thanksgiving with his kids,? a separate insider says, adding that ?they all took the kids to the movies.?

[From People]

I wonder what movie they saw and would bet it was Frozen 2. Good for them. I still spend some holidays with my ex, but not all of them as he lives in Germany. It might be easier if he lived down the block, although maybe not. Compare Jennifer Garner and Ben Afflecks announcement to how Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon posted Thanksgiving photos together with their twins and Mariahs young boyfriend. Thats kind of badass, although Mariah threw a huge Thanksgiving party and is in no way comparable to Jennifer Garner or just about anyone really.

Jennifer also got a special message from Julie Andrews, who called her from the set of Katie Courics podcast. I saw the recording of that moment on ET Canada, thats below, and Jen got overwhelmed in that moment. Last month she posted video of herself crying while watching The Sound of Music and this month she got a personal call from Julie. I guess Katie Couric had Jennifers number and set it up. That must be an awesome perk of being famous, that youre one degree of separation away from anyone you want to meet. The downside is that everyone knows your business and you have to keep up appearances, although Garner is particularly skilled at that. There are photos of them from Friday having what appears to be an intense conversation/argument though.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Heres that video of Julie Andrews calling Jennifer. Its queued up to where that part starts.

Photos credit: WENN and Backgrida

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