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Vanessa Hudgens on people saying she's pregnant: 'I don't wear Spanx every day'
Added 102 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Vanessa Hudgens on people saying she's pregnant: 'I don't wear Spanx every day'
Several months ago, it was Vanessa Hudgens? turn to be the female star of child-bearing age to face pregnancy speculation. Vanessa and Cole Tucker got married back in early December in Mexico. Before the wedding, Vanessa?s friends threw her a bachelorette party in Aspen. After the weekend was over, she put together an Instagram post with shots of her wearing baggy clothing, an oversized sweatshirt and long coats. You know, because they were in Aspen. In late October. In one of the shots in which she?s wearing a more tight-fit outfit with a long white coat, fans went into overdrive, trying to analyze whether or not she had a baby bump. They did this despite there also being a video clip of her popping champagne. This week, Vanessa appeared on Emily Tisch Sussman?s ?She Pivots? podcast. During her interview, she talked a little bit about those ?rude? rumors and how they made her feel.

Im sorry, I dont wear Spanx every day, and am a real woman and have a real body, she leveled. Im literally celebrating one of the happiest times of my life, and you guys are just gonna make me feel fat. Thats great. Thanks.

Hudgens went on to reference the four agreements women should abide by.

One of them is dont make assumptions?in all aspects of life, but especially over other womens bodies, she said. We deal with so much with other people trying to control our bodies, not lets not make assumptions over other womens bodies as well.?

The Disney Channel alum spoke out about the commentary on her body at the time it was happening.

Not pregnant so yall can stop,? she stated in the comment section of her Instagram post.

[From People]

Vanessa is completely right about this. It?s time to stop making assumptions about women?s bodies because you don?t know what they?re going through and no one, even celebrities, is immune from bloat, swelling, cellulite, etc. al. It must be so stressful thinking you have to wear Spanx out in public every day just to maintain a certain body image. Kudos to Vanessa for speaking out about how those comments make people feel.

I think most of us will agree that in 2024, the celebrity ?bump watch? is weird and outdated. Sure, sometimes a lower-list celeb craves some tabloid attention and does a ?hand on the belly? pose to purposefully generate speculation. But overall, making an assumption based on what a womans body looks like can make her feel bad (like Vanessa) or put her in an uncomfortable situation (see: Mariah Carey?s appearance on Ellen, which is still one of the grossest things I?ve ever seen on TV). There?s plenty of bad behavior and unfortunate outfits out there that we can gossip and talk sh-t about.

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Kylie Jenner's fans think she's 'soft-launching' her breakup with Timothee Chalamet
Added 102 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kylie Jenner's fans think she's 'soft-launching' her breakup with Timothee Chalamet
Did Kylie Jenner & Timothee Chalamet break up? They were together at the Golden Globes in January, sitting together during the show and looking loved up on camera. Did that all fall apart in the past two months? Probably not, but some of Kylie?s ?fans? think so. Kylie?s fans have been paying attention to how often she posts on TikTok and social media, and how Timmy is never part of any of her socials. They also think she?s doing single-lady thirst traps.

Kylie Jenner has possibly shared another clue that she and Timothee Chalamet may have recently split. The Hulu star shared another TikTok to show her morning routine without Timothee, 28, anywhere in sight. Kylie, 26, has been sharing more glimpses into her daily life, even joking that she posted this for 3rd time in her caption.

With Kylie uploading more solo videos of her daily routine, fans have been speculating the reality star has split from her boyfriend of nearly a year. After months of fan speculation, the two A-list stars confirmed their relationship at a Beyonce concert in September 2023 by showing off some major PDA. They later attended the US Open together and the Golden Globe Awards back in January, showing major PDA while the cameras were on them.

On Reddit, fans believed Kylies new video was possibly a soft launch of her recent breakup with the Wonka star.

Soft launch breakup coming??? one person asked alongside screenshots of an article about Kylies TikTok.

Yes and talking about how shes thriving all on her own like she doesnt need a man, a second noted.

Another insinuated that Kylie is now single, saying she keeps posting thirst traps.

[From The Sun]

While any of this could be true, I feel like Kylie has played it really safe when it comes to Chalamet she shows up to his events and never makes it ?the Kylie Show,? skips the red carpets and just plays the dutiful WAG around his colleagues. She doesn?t put Timothee on her socials because she doesn?t need to? She uses her socials to promote herself and her businesses. That?s been her whole deal for years (although, admittedly, Travis Scott used to appear on her socials). I guess what I?m saying is that I believe they?re still together. While Timmy isn?t scheduled to present at the Oscars, I kind of wonder if he?ll be in town to party. I could totally see Timothee and Kylie hitting up the Oscar parties together.

Embed from Getty Images

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