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Reese Witherspoon doubles down on eating snow: we drank water out of the hose
Added 178 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Reese Witherspoon doubles down on eating snow: we drank water out of the hose
Reese Witherspoon must be at her home in Tennessee right now because she?s been making Tik Tok videos about all of the snow they?ve gotten recently. More specifically, she made one video in which she took fresh snow from outside of her house, added a bunch of ingredients to it, and called it a ?salted snowy cappuccino.? After the first video, people blew up her comments to tell her that it was gross and that snow is dirty. So of course, Reese made three follow-up videos. In the first one, she showed a microwaved cup of snow that had turned into clear water while cheekily asking, ?Am I not supposed to eat snow?? You could tell she thought that would be the end of it, but that?s not how the Internet works. In the second response video, Reese basically pulls a YOLO. In the third one, she tries to justify it by sharing that she drank unfiltered water while growing up.

Reese Witherspoon found out the hard way, when you make a TikTok dining on snow, you might get a chilly reception. After scooping freshly fallen snow off of her car with two mugs, Witherspoon added chocolate syrup and salted caramel syrup to the flurries, before topping it off with some cold brew and enjoying. ?Salted snowy capaccino?a snow salt chococinno,? she dubbed the twist on shaved ice.

But not long after she shared her recipe with the world, the world called her gross?in so many words. Fans took to the comments in horror that the Morning Show star was eating snow, which is apparently a controversial practice. ?Am I not supposed to eat snow?? Witherspoon asked in a follow-up video, even microwaving another cup of snow to show that it was clear and not dirty. ?We?re kind of in the category of ?you only live once,? and it snows maybe once a year here. Also I want to say something?it was delicious,? she added. ?I didn?t grow up drinking filtered water, I drank out of the tap,? she said in her third video response to the haters. ?We drank out of the hose, we put our mouth on the hose?maybe that?s why I?m like this.?

[From Vulture]

Look, bless her heart for trying, but I don?t know, eating snow is an odd hill to die on. If it were me, I wouldn?t have even made the first response video, lol. She should have X?d out of the app and enjoyed her snowy treat. When it comes to the comments, the Internet has the home field advantage, so sometimes its best ignore them. I?m just not sure justifying eating clean snow with ?Back in my day, we drank water out of a hose? is a winning argument. You liked the caramel snow, own it!

Now, to be fair to Reese, she grew up in the South and snow cream is a whole thing down here. I grew up on Long Island and had never heard of it before I moved to the South. Did y?all make snow cream or try to eat snow as kids? My husband and kids tried to make it one time. I did not partake because it wasn?t for me, but I wasn?t going to yuck their snow day yum. I did look it up, though, and scientists say that you can eat snow, but with a lot of caveats. So yeah, let the woman eat her cappuccino-infused snow.

Photos credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Avalon, Jeffrey Mayer/Avalon and via TikTok

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Sharon Stone: I pitched a Barbie movie in the 90s and got laughed at
Added 178 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sharon Stone: I pitched a Barbie movie in the 90s and got laughed at
One of the highlights of this awards season so far has been America Ferrera receiving the See Her award from the Critics Choice. At this point I don?t think it?s a spoiler to say (except perhaps to Kevin Costner) that America?s monologue on the expectations put on women is the linchpin of the film. It?s the beating heart underneath all the technicolor high jinx we see play out in Barbie Land and the State of Los Angeles. And America delivers it beautifully, so it was especially nice to see her recognized with the See Her award given that she?s looking more and more like a dark horse for a supporting actress nomination, but we?ll know for sure on Tuesday. America posted a video of her acceptance speech to her Instagram ? yes girl, celebrate yourself! ? and Sharon Stone chimed in with a very unexpected congratulations: in thanking the Barbie team for their ?courage and endurance? in making the film, Sharon revealed that she tried to pitch a Barbie movie back in the 90s? only to be laughed out the door. Le sigh, the patriarchy.

Sharon Stone has revealed that she once attempted to pitch a ?Barbie? movie to a Hollywood studio during the 1990s and was laughed out of the room. What a difference a couple of decades makes, as Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie?s ?Barbie? opened last year and earned a staggering $1.4 billion to become the top-grossing film of 2023 and the biggest earner in Warner Bros.? studio history.

?I was laughed out [of] the studio when I came [with] the Barbie idea in the ?90s [with] the support of the head of Barbie,? Stone wrote in a comment to America Ferrera on Instagram, where the latter shared her powerful acceptance speech from the Critics Choice Awards. ?How far we?ve come. Thank you ladies for your courage and endurance.?

Ferrera is a supporting actor in ?Barbie? and was honored with the See Her award at the Critics Choice Awards. During her speech, she paid tribute to Gerwig and thanked her ?for proving through your incredible mastery as a filmmaker that women?s stories have no difficulty achieving cinematic greatness and box-office history at the same time, and that unabashedly telling female stories does not diminish your powers, it expands them.?

Stone is far from the only actor to try and fail to get a ?Barbie? movie off the ground. Before Gerwig and Robbie perfected their take at Warner Bros., both Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway attempted a ?Barbie? movie at Sony Pictures.

[From Variety]

I mean, am I surprised to hear that studios didn?t want to make a Barbie movie back in the 90s, no. Not surprising, but still infuriating. When I think of all the iterations we?ve seen of Batman over the decades, and in essentially the same costume each time, I want to fake hurl like the Barbies do at Margot Robbie?s flat feet. Yes, I know that Batman debuted 20 years before Barbie. Batty Boy is coming up on 85 years old in May, and by a conservative estimate has around 12 live action films. Barbie, by contrast, will be 65 on March 9 and has? one film.

Embed from Getty Images

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