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Roselyn Sanchez News & Gossip
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Roselyn Sanchez on IVF after 40: 'what you put your body through, it's not easy'
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Roselyn Sanchez on IVF after 40: 'what you put your body through, it's not easy'
Roselyn Sanchez, who played Carmen Luna on Devious Maids, is expecting her second child with husband, actor Eric Winter. The couple, who have a five-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Sebella, have revealed their second will be a boy. They have also spoken to People about how physically and emotionally trying it is to conceive through IVF. Roselyn is 44 and Eric is 41. They didn?t start trying for a family until their mid 30s and were stunned that they couldn’t conceive after three years of trying. Even after successfully carrying their daughter, they struggled again to conceive their son.

ActorsEric WinterandRoselyn Sanchezare finally going to welcome a second child into their family, but the road to that reality was not an easy one.

?We tried [to conceive naturally] for at least three years [before Sebi] and it was a shock,? saysDevious Maidsstar Sanchez, 44. ?I have four siblings ? my mom is very fertile. I knew that I had endometriosis, but with me, it wasn?t an indication that I was going tohave a problem with conceivingbecause my tubes were clean and my ovaries were clean. It was devastating.?

?All your life you avoid having children and when youwant to have children, it?s so difficultwhen you leave it for late,? adds the second-time mom-to-be, who tells PEOPLE she and Winter, 41, didn?t start trying to have a baby until she was in her mid 30s.

?We did artificial insemination.We?ve done the IVF,? she says. ?[Sometimes], even though I did my whole cycle of shots and I got my eggs, my body would just go haywire. And we didn?t time it properly and I would ovulate, so the whole cycle was lost.?

?We put in multiple embryos and the doctor basically said, ?Look,even with multiple embryos, you have less than 15 percent chance of getting pregnant,? ? Winter adds. ?If anyone told you you had a 15 percent chance at anything, you would never believe it.?

Says Sanchez, ?It?s been up and down ? the journey to conceive [our son] started two years ago, and I have been basically pumping my body with hormones for six years on and off.?

?Even though [I?m] 44, I don?t feel like I?m 44,? Sanchez says. ?I take care of my body, I?m very clean, I?m very healthy. It?s brutal, mentally and emotionally, when you go, ?Whyis this happening to mewhen I take care of myself? What do you mean my eggs are not viable anymore?? ?

?I just wish that [conversations about fertility were] more out in the open,? she says, ?so you can make a more educated decision of when you want to be a mom.?

?[Fertility treatments are] super expensive ? what you put your body through, it?s not easy, and it?s sad,? Sanchez continues.

?If I have any advice, it?s don?t wait until you?re 40-something. It?s not that easy. It?s possible ? we?re doing it. I feel awesome because I?m going, ?You know what? It happened at a point in my life that I?m very mature.? I was ready, I?m fulfilled, I?m financially stable. All those things are great, but it?s not easy.?

[From People]

I?ve heard similar comments from women about how they spent so much time trying not to get pregnant and then they spent just as much time trying to get pregnant later. I was 36 and 38 when I had my kids. Because we were starting later than most our friends/colleagues, we were surrounded by stories of fertility treatments and struggles. It?s smart to reach an agreement about the amount of time and resources you both are willing to devote to conceive a child. I understand Roselyn’s perspective that she was healthy and should still be fertile. You can be told something your whole life and still not understand that it applies to you. On the other hand, it just sucks that our fertility takes a nose dive after a certain age. Like, I get we need to physically be able to raise kids, but mentally some of us need the deferment, you know?

Roselyn and Eric have written a children?s book that features their daughter, whom they call Sebi (cute), as the main character. It?s called Sebi and the Land of the Cha Cha Cha and it came out just last Tuesday. The couple is active in many charities both in the US and om Roselyn?s native Puerto Rico. So when the book came out, Eric a href=””>took the real life Sebi to the NICU at White Memorial Medical Center to teach Sebi to give back. I thought that was lovely.

Today is the Day! Don't forget about the LiveSigning! You still have time to purchase your signed copy and ask us a question at #sebiandthelandofchachacha has officially launched!! Thank you for all of the support! GRACIAS! @ebwinter #sebelicious

A post shared by Roselyn Sanchez (@roselyn_sanchez) on Sep 5, 2017 at 10:15am PDT

4-Jan-2012 :Roselyn Sanchez Welcomes Baby Sebella Rose!
19-Dec-2010 :Eva Longoria: Leaning on Her Lady Friends
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Roselyn Sanchez Welcomes Baby Sebella Rose!
Added 12 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Roselyn Sanchez Welcomes Baby Sebella Rose!
Starting off the new year with a joyous arrival, Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter are officially proud parents!

The "Without A Trace" beauty and her soap opera star husband revealed the news of their daughter's arrival via Twitter on Wednesday (January 4).

Of the addition to their family, both Roselyn and Eric messaged, ?Welcome to the world beautiful Sebella Rose Winter! Mami and Daddy adore you! This joy is overwhelming. Thanks for all of the well wishes!?

Having announced her pregnancy back in August, Sanchez said at the time, ?I can?t wait to see Eric with a baby." And now, her wish is fulfilled.

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8-Sep-2017 :Roselyn Sanchez on IVF after 40: ?what you put your body through, it?s no...
19-Dec-2010 :Eva Longoria: Leaning on Her Lady Friends
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Eva Longoria: Leaning on Her Lady Friends
Added 13 years agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Eva Longoria: Leaning on Her Lady Friends
Keeping herself busy as she gets used to life after Tony Parker, Eva Longoria kicked off the weekend with a girls' night out in Los Angeles on Friday (December 17).

The "Desperate Housewives" actress was joined by gal pal Roselyn Sanchez as the pair were accompanied by an umbrella-toting security staffer as they grabbed dinner at Katsuya restaurant.

Upon finishing their meals, Eva and Roselyn continued on with the evening agenda as they ventured over to the Pantages Theatre to watch the stage show "West Wide Story".

Over the past few weeks, Miss Longoria has been spending plenty of time with friends after having filed for divorce from Parker in November while citing "irreconcilable differences".

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