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Emily Ratajkowski's Booty Is Hard At Work
Added 15 hours agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Emily Ratajkowski's Booty Is Hard At Work
I probably don’t need to tell you guys that Emily Ratajkowski has a pretty tough life, constantly posting bikini pictures on social media while traveling the world pretending to be an actress/model and pretending to pay attention while rich dudes try to impress her or invite her out on their yacht. So I’m glad to […]

19-Jun-2017 :Emily Ratajkowski Unleashes Her Ridiculously Sexy/Tight Bikini Body And B...
14-Jun-2017 :Emily Ratajkowski Busting Out And Killing It In A Skimpy Bikini
14-Jun-2017 :Emily Ratajkowski?s Topless Jiggle
13-Jun-2017 :Emily Ratajkowski Gets Ultra Bootylicious In A Tiny Bikini
12-Jun-2017 :Emily Ratajkowski?s Booty Tease
8-Jun-2017 :Emily Ratajkowski Busting Out Her Massive Bikini Bosom Like Bananas!
5-Jun-2017 :Emily Ratajkowski Could Use My Hands
5-Jun-2017 :Emily Ratajkowski Boobtastic And Bootylicious In A Skimpy Little Swimsuit
31-May-2017 :Emily Ratajkowski Topless Goodness
26-May-2017 :Emily Ratajkowski?s Awesome Booty
Emily Ratajkowski photos
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Emily Ratajkowski news

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Lea Michele Flashes Her Awesome Booty Curves' And Then Some!
Added 16 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Lea Michele Flashes Her Awesome Booty Curves' And Then Some!
Here are a bunch of photos that Lea Michele just posted on her Instagram to promote her new tour t-shirt, and to prove once again that she has one hell of a drop dead sexy little booty… hoochie mama! And said t-shirt is the only thing she’s wearing save for some skimpy/tiny underwear, which is helping to show off her sexy legs and thighs and… a whole lot more! One more time… hoochie mama!

Photo Credit: Instagram

6-Jun-2017 :Lea Michele Gives Her Awesome Booty A Good Shake
5-Jun-2017 :Lea Michele Unleashes Her Criminally Underrated/Insanely Sexy Booty In A ...
31-May-2017 :Lea Michele Shows Off Her Awesome Booty In A Skimpy Swimsuit
22-May-2017 :Lea Michele in David Koma at the Billboard Music Awards: fug or fine?
8-May-2017 :Lea Michele Wearing Nothing But A Towel? Yes Please!
27-Apr-2017 :Lea Michele: ?I?ve never eaten fast food. I do not drink soda. I don?t ea...
6-Apr-2017 :Lea Michele Shows Off Her Insanely Sexy/Perfect Booty In A Skimpy Swimsui...
1-Mar-2017 :Lea Michele?s Impressive And Cleavagy And Bootylicious Swimsuit Photos
23-Feb-2017 :Lea Michele Swimsuit at a Beach in Hawaii
22-Feb-2017 :Bootylicious And Sexy New Lea Michele Swimsuit Pictures!
Lea Michele photos
Lea Michele videos
Lea Michele news

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Nicole Scherzinger Busts Out Her Bootylicious Booty In Tight Leather Pants
Added 16 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Nicole Scherzinger Busts Out Her Bootylicious Booty In Tight Leather Pants
Here’s Nicole Scherzinger making her way to the X Factor Liverpool auditions yesterday afternoon, and not only is she busting out her new super ginormous bosom, she’s also busting out her sexy legs, and her groovy curves, and her bootylicious booty in a pair of ultra tight leather pants… nice! Somehow this babe has gotten hotter in the past year, and I’m not just saying that because of said new ginormous bosom. That’s just eighty percent of the reason I’m saying that. Alright, enjoy the other twenty percent!

Photo Credit: Getty

19-Jun-2017 :Nicole Scherzinger Works Her Juicy Booty Pump
23-May-2017 :Nicole Scherzinger?s Awesome Cleavage Show
23-May-2017 :Nicole Scherzinger Shows Off Her Ginormous Super Cleavage
22-May-2017 :Nicole Scherzinger And Gwen Stefani Are A Throwback Fantasy
19-May-2017 :Nicole Scherzinger Is An Instagram Model Now
9-May-2017 :Nicole Scherzinger Drops Some Bodacious Bikini Cleavage
23-Mar-2017 :Nicole Scherzinger Gets Bootylicious In A Revealing Dress
15-Mar-2017 :Nicole Scherzinger Busts Out Her Bootylicious Booty Curves In Tight Leath...
6-Dec-2016 :Nicole Scherzinger Puts On A Jaw-Dropping Booty And Bosom Show
22-Nov-2016 :Nicole Scherzinger Busts Out Her Massive Braless Cleavage
Nicole Scherzinger photos
Nicole Scherzinger videos
Nicole Scherzinger news

Whitney Port won't have sex while pregnant: 'I can't get into the mood'
Added 21 hours agoSource: CeleBitchy
Whitney Port won't have sex while pregnant: 'I can't get into the mood'
Currently there is a baby boom in The Hills. Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are all pregnant. Has anyone worked in an office where it seems like everyone gets pregnant at once' And you start avoiding the water fountain because you don't want to catch it' Whitney, who is a reality star, fashion designer and, of course, a *sigh* lifestyle blogger, is probably due late next month or early August and she's kind of done with the whole pregnancy thing. But it isn't just the heartburn, constant peeing, being woken up seven times a night with a solid kick or the sore everything thats he’s sick of, it's the fact that she can't bring herself to have sex with her husband Tim Rosenman. I imagine that makes two people in the Rosenman/Port household that can't wait for the baby to arrive.

Whitney Port’s road to baby couldn’t end sooner. TheHillsreality star-turned-lifestyle guru told theLadyGang Podcastshe’s “soready for this pregnancyto be over,” partly because she hasn’t had sex with hubbyTim Rosenmaninsome time.

Port, who is currently in her third-trimester,revealed that intimacy while pregnant isn’t exactly her cup of tea. She revealed, “It is so not for me! It’s not.I feel so uncomfortable with my body that I can’t get into the mood. Like, I can’t feel sexy.”

The 32-year-old confessed her and Tim did “other things” in the bedroom, but “once the belly really started happening,” sex was out of the question. Apparently, Whitney’s man is also pretty hesitant about doing the deed.

“I think if I was one of those pregnant women that loved it and was confident, then he’d be into it,” she explained. “I think I’ve turned him off of it because I’m like, 'Don’t look!’ I’ll even not say anything and he’ll see me getting undressed and be like, 'I’m not looking, I’m not looking!’”

[From E! News]

Pregnancy is just as unique as the child it produces. I have friends I consider to be just like me and we all had wildly different experiences/feelings about our pregnancies. I have said before, I loved being pregnant. And I was about as horny as can be throughout. Whitney may have a point about Tim's reluctance being due to her resistance to it. The Mister was cautious at first. He once admitted he was afraid he would 'poke the baby's head' (love you, babe ' but don't flatter yourself). However, once he saw my 'enthusiasm' he had no issue whatsoever carrying on as usual. I have a friend who had little sex drive when she was pregnant with her boys but her libido was off the hook when she was pregnant with her daughter. Another friend had no drive until her third trimester. No two are the same, really. Whitney might be into it if she gets pregnant again, who knows'

On the other hand, Whitney is talking quite a bit about her weight and body. I never watched The Hills so I don't know if she's always done this. She said, “I’m so excited to get back in shape. I love it. That was such a big part of my life. It made me feel so good.” She has a YouTube series called I Love My Baby, But I Hate My Pregnancy. She also wrote on Instagram, “At first, I must be honest, I had a very hard time coming to terms with my changing body. I had always prided myself on being healthy from the inside out and it was difficult not labeling my pregnant body ‘fat.’” Maybe her lack of desire is a combination of hormones and something else.

Whitney also runs a flower delivery service with her friend called bloom2bloom. I love flowers. I have a brown thumb so either someone else has to grow them for me or I have to buy them. Their bouquets are lovely. They have a 'I just gathered these wildflowers on my walk' feeling to them and I adore it. But, get this ' they donate to Wish on a Teen's Design My Room program with every delivery. I just ordered the Berry Bunch as a treat for myself.

Photo credit: WENN Photos

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9-Nov-2015 :Whitney Port of ?The Hills? married producer Tim Rosenman in Palm Springs
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6-Apr-2014 :Whitney Port: Beverly Hills Coffee Break
3-Sep-2013 :Whitney Port Sexy Outside Spinning Class at YAS Fitness
1-Jul-2013 :GossipCenter Exclusive: Whitney Port Shares Details on New Collaboration
Whitney Port photos
Whitney Port news

Kirsten Dunst Gets Boobtastic In A Tight Dress
Added 27 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Kirsten Dunst Gets Boobtastic In A Tight Dress
Here’s Kirsten Dunst looking hot (yeah, I said it!) at yesterday’s NYC premiere of The Beguiled, and busting out her massive bosom in a snug dress. I know a lot you cats don’t dig this girl, but I sure as hell do. And not only do I think she’s a major hottie, she also has one of the best huge bosoms in Hollywood. Hell, one of the best bosoms on the planet! And here she is busting out said bosom like bananas, so… enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

25-Apr-2017 :Kirsten Dunst Is A Lingerie Model Now?
7-Apr-2017 :Kirsten Dunst: Female directors are better at filming sex scenes in a few...
3-Mar-2017 :Kirsten Dunst Busting Out Her Massive Bosom Like Bananas
11-Jan-2017 :Page Six: Kirsten Dunst & Jesse Plemons got engaged over the weekend
4-Jan-2017 :Kirsten Dunst Drops Some Massive Braless Cleavage Action
14-Oct-2016 :Kirsten Dunst Braless And Busting Out Big Time!
5-Oct-2016 :Kirsten Dunst Pumps Gas, Shows Off Her Sexy Little Legs, And Booty, And H...
19-Sep-2016 :Kirsten Dunst in Givenchy at the Emmys: underappreciated & lovely?
19-Sep-2016 :Kirsten Dunst Won The 68th Emmy Awards With A Sexy Huge Cleavage Show!
8-Jul-2016 :Kirsten Dunst Shows Off Her Smoking Hot Legs And Booty!
Kirsten Dunst photos
Kirsten Dunst videos
Kirsten Dunst news

Heather Graham Slips Into A Tiny Bikini, Looks As Uber Sexy And As Ultra Cleavagy As Ever!
Added 27 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Heather Graham Slips Into A Tiny Bikini, Looks As Uber Sexy And As Ultra Cleavagy As Ever!
Here’s a photo that one of my favorite celebrity babes of all time, forty-seven year old Heather Graham, just posted on her Instagram that’s convincing me that she actually stopped aging at thirty years old, and that’s making me drool like a brain-dead zombie thanks to her huge cleavage and the rest of her tight body in a tiny little bikini… sweet Christmas! I can’t believe this peach is as ridiculously sexy as she was when I saw her in Boogie Nights. Actually, she’s even sexier now because I may have a shot with her (i.e. I hear she likes dudes in their thirties). Anyways, until I hook up with her… enjoy the sizzling bikini and cleavage action!

Photo Credit: Instagram

2-Jan-2017 :Heather Graham Gets Leggy And Bootylicious At The Beach!
26-Sep-2016 :Heather Graham Returns And She?s As Insanely Hot And Cleavagy As Ever!
7-Feb-2016 :Heather Graham Works It
20-Jan-2016 :Heather Graham?s Hotness Returns
20-May-2015 :Heather Graham Is Forty-Five Years Old And Still Ridiculously Hot
3-Feb-2015 :Heather Graham Incredible Bikini Body in Mexico
15-Aug-2014 :Heather Graham Looking All Kinds Of Uber Hot And Way Younger Than Forty-F...
15-Aug-2014 :Heather Graham Heats Up ?The Money Shot? Meet & Greet
18-Apr-2014 :Here?s More Proof That Heather Graham Is Still Ridiculously Sexy At Forty...
10-Mar-2014 :Heather Graham Is Still One Sexy Cougar
Heather Graham photos
Heather Graham videos
Heather Graham news

Emma Watson Looking All Kinds Of Adorably Hot And Perky
Added 27 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Emma Watson Looking All Kinds Of Adorably Hot And Perky
Here’s Emma Watson looking absolutely stunning and absolutely adorable at the Paris photocall for The Circle, and giving us a peek at her sexy little legs and doing an admirable job of busting out her cute little bosom… sigh. Absolute perfection, eh' And that’s saying something considering that she’s not showing off any skin or any cleavage. Alright, enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

22-Jun-2017 :Emma Watson Busts Out Her Plentiful Braless Cleavage, Oh My!
8-May-2017 :Emma Watson in Kitx at the MTV Movie & TV Awards: cute or boring?
27-Apr-2017 :Emma Watson in Monique Pean at ?The Circle? premiere: basic or beautiful?
14-Mar-2017 :Emma Watson Flashes Some Sexy Braless Cleavage!
10-Mar-2017 :Emma Watson loves freckles, natural deodorant, baths & toenail polish
7-Mar-2017 :Emma Watson Flashes Some Sexy Cleavage Action!
6-Mar-2017 :Emma Watson responds to accusations that her breasts are anti-feminist
6-Mar-2017 :Emma Watson Drops Some Seriously Sexy Cleavage!
3-Mar-2017 :Emma Watson killed it in an Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit for LA ?Beauty? pr...
24-Feb-2017 :Emma Watson Sweet Princess at the premiere of Disney?s Beauty and the Bea...
Emma Watson photos
Emma Watson videos
Emma Watson news

Miley Cyrus In A Little Bikini
Added 39 hours agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Miley Cyrus In A Little Bikini
Now that Miley Cyrus is doing her whole “wholesome” country girl act these days, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten any real hotness from one of my former favorite attention whores. So I don’t know about you guys, but it’s great to see Miley finally showing off her puppies for the camera again. And […]

12-Jun-2017 :Miley Cyrus Needs To Go Back To Her Old Ways
5-Jun-2017 :Miley Cyrus Does One Love
5-Jun-2017 :Miley Cyrus Puts On A Seriously Braless And Leggy Show, Oh My!
26-May-2017 :Miley Cyrus In A Tiny Sports Bra
15-May-2017 :Miley Cyrus no longer smokes weed but still rolls ?fat joints? for her fr...
12-May-2017 :Miley Cyrus Cleans Up For Her New Music Video And Looks Sexier And More R...
24-Oct-2016 :Miley Cyrus Shows You Her Two Targets
24-Oct-2016 :Miley Cyrus Gets Insanely Flexible And Bootylicious For Hilary Clinton
18-Oct-2016 :Miley Cyrus Is On The Voice. Needs To Bring Back The Tongue!
29-Sep-2016 :Miley Cyrus: ?I?m not sexually confused in any way. I?m very much? pansex...
Miley Cyrus photos
Miley Cyrus videos
Miley Cyrus news

Bella Thorne Gets Bootylicious And Damn Sexy In A Tiny Bikini
Added 39 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Bella Thorne Gets Bootylicious And Damn Sexy In A Tiny Bikini
Here are a bunch of shots that sexy little minx Bella Thorne just posted on her Instagram featuring her drop dead sexy little self taking a bite out of a juicy burger in a skimpy little bikini that’s doing one hell of a drool-inducing job of showing off her insanely sexy body and especially her bootylicious little booty… dayuuuuuumn! Now I’m hungry. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram

21-Jun-2017 :Bella Thorne?s Bikini Burger Goodness
19-Jun-2017 :Bella Thorne Puts On An EDC Festival Show
9-Jun-2017 :Bella Thorne?s Funbags Are Back On Snapchat
7-Jun-2017 :Bella Thorne?s Orange Tongue Photoshoot
6-Jun-2017 :Bella Thorne Bring Back The Money Shot
1-Jun-2017 :Bella Thorne Popping Out Her Huge Braless Bosom Is Music To My Ears
31-May-2017 :Bella Thorne Just Because
29-May-2017 :Bella Thorne?s Bikini Hoedown
26-May-2017 :Bella Thorne?s Hard At Wok In A Bikini
23-May-2017 :Bella Thorne Masturbates In Public
Bella Thorne photos
Bella Thorne videos
Bella Thorne news

Instagram Model Bella Hadid With Another Unqualified Model
Added 40 hours agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Instagram Model Bella Hadid With Another Unqualified Model
I’m used to getting frustrated by whatever new Bella Hadid “photoshoot” we get, but I’m sorry, this latest one is just nuts. I’m not even sure who’s less qualified to be a professional model here, Bella or the greasy-looking dude she’s posing with. But hey, I guess this is what passes for modeling these days. […]

12-Jun-2017 :Bella Hadid Showing That Her ?Hard Work? Has Paid Off
6-Jun-2017 :Bella Hadid, bangsy in Off White at the CFDAs: gorgeous or dated?
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18-May-2017 :Bella Hadid in Alexandre Vauthier at Cannes: stunning & old Hollywood?
17-May-2017 :Bella Hadid Gets Ultra Busty And Seriously Leggy
10-May-2017 :Kendall Jenner And Bella Hadid Are Hard Working ?Models?
1-May-2017 :Bella Hadid?s closest friends have to tell her ?don?t be a bitch today?
1-May-2017 :Bella Hadid Flashes Her Bra And Tight Tummy
Bella Hadid photos
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