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Pretend Model Gigi Hadid Works It Good For SI
Added 7 hours agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Pretend Model Gigi Hadid Works It Good For SI
I guess when you get to be in the Si Swimsuit magazine, you can consider yourself a real model, but now SI has become a joke and all they care about is getting hot chicks who have a massive followings. No longer are the days they had top level a$$. Now it’s just above average […]

4-Oct-2017 :Gigi Hadid Drops Some Seriously Sexy Braless Cleavage Action
29-Sep-2017 :Gigi Hadid Flashes Her Huge Bosom And Sexy Tight Tummy
29-Jun-2017 :Gigi Hadid wore a millennial pink Kreist leather suit: love it or hate it...
29-Jun-2017 :Gigi Hadid Shows Off Her Groovy Legs, And Curves, And Thighs
16-May-2017 :Gigi Hadid Busting Out In A Skin-Tight Bodysuit Is Out Of This World!
21-Apr-2017 :Gigi Hadid Busting Out Her Huge/Awesome Bosom Like Bananas
21-Apr-2017 :Gigi Hadid Works It In A Swimsuit!
14-Apr-2017 :Gigi Hadid Busting Out Her Awesome Bosom Like Bananas
13-Apr-2017 :Gigi Hadid Flashes Her Ultra Sexy/Perfect Midriff
12-Apr-2017 :Gigi Hadid Busting Out Her Huge/Perfect Cleavage Like Bananas!
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Kimberley Garner Because She Is Amazing
Added 7 hours agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Kimberley Garner Because She Is Amazing
I can’t believe Kimberley Garner has only 76K followers on Instagram. She is amazing. I think she needs someone like me to handle her social media and help her grow it. I’m not expensive. I accept body rubs with happy ending. Call me.

16-Oct-2017 :Kimberley Garner And Her Hot Friends
11-Oct-2017 :Kimberley Garner Keeps The Bikini Coming
10-Oct-2017 :Kimberley Garner In A Sexy Little Bikini
25-Sep-2017 :Kimberley Garner?s Ridiculously Sexy/Perfect Booty Is Off The Freaking Ch...
15-Sep-2017 :Kimberley Garner Is Still Leggy AF
23-Dec-2016 :Kimberley Garner Works It Good In A Swimsuit
10-Aug-2016 :Kimberley Garner Booty in a White Bikini on a Beach in St Tropez
7-Jul-2016 :Kimberley Garner Delicious Leggy at Pooch Walking in London
18-Jun-2016 :Kimberley Garner Is Leggy Goodness
16-Mar-2016 :Kimberley Garner Flaunting her Beach Body at Photoshoot Swimwear Collecti...
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Selena Gomez's Sweet Cleavage SHow
Added 8 hours agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Selena Gomez's Sweet Cleavage SHow
I haven’t done a post on Selena Gomez in a while because she doesn’t post on social media with crap every day. However, when she does post, she makes it count. Here is a little video of her teasing us with her chichis. Well done.

22-Sep-2017 :Selena Gomez: ?I would have all of the same issues? if I wasn?t famous
19-Sep-2017 :Selena Gomez Is Awesome In PUMA
14-Sep-2017 :Selena Gomez had a kidney replacement, donated by her friend, this summer
14-Sep-2017 :Selena Gomez Braless And In A See-Through Top? Yes Please!
13-Sep-2017 :Selena Gomez Bends Over
12-Sep-2017 :Selena Gomez Done Up Like A Doll And Showing Off Her Sexy Legs
11-Sep-2017 :Selena Gomez Returns With A Huge Cleavage Show!
4-Sep-2017 :Selena Gomez?s Arty Tongue Shoot
31-Aug-2017 :Selena Gomez Does The Piano In A Bikini
31-Aug-2017 :Selena Gomez Flashing Her Braless Bosom? Yes Please!
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Madison Beer Is The New Megan Fox
Added 8 hours agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Madison Beer Is The New Megan Fox
I have no clue how Madison Beer came about, but she looks like a younger Megan Fox. That being said, she probably has a few more years left before she is forgotten. I mean where is Megan Fox now' I wish I knew because I’d probably be sitting outside her front door everyday. […]

26-Sep-2017 :Madison Beer Drops A Megaton Of Awesome Braless Cleavage
22-Sep-2017 :Megan Fox Gets Ultra Bootylicious For For Flashback Friday!
19-Sep-2017 :Madison Beer Busting Out Like Bananas In A Skimpy Tube Top
15-Sep-2017 :Madison Beer Looking All Kinds Of Drop Dead Sexy And Cleavagy
30-Aug-2017 :Madison Beer Spilling Out Of Her Bra And Teasing The Rest Of Her Insanely...
24-Aug-2017 :Megan Fox In Sexy In Lingerie
24-Aug-2017 :Megan Fox?s New Scorching Hot Lingerie Photos Will Melt Your Face Off!
16-Aug-2017 :Madison Beer Gets Ultra Sexy And Sultry And Busty In A Tiny Tube Top
8-Aug-2017 :Jessica Lowndes Reminds Us That She Has A Perfect/Banging Bootylicious Bo...
4-Aug-2017 :Madison Beer Busting Out Of Her Tiny Bikini? Literally!
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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are looking for a country estate near Highgrove
Added 8 hours agoSource: CeleBitchy
Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are looking for a country estate near Highgrove
Remember two weeks ago, when the biggest gossip stories were about Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall's feud and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry' Simpler times. When we last checked in on Meghan and the ginger prince, they were totally engaged but not telling anyone, and they were being forced to spend time apart because Harry had work to do in London and Meghan is still filming Suits in Toronto. She will be done with Suits in the next month, probably, and after that she'll be moving to London full-time. I don't even want to say 'allegedly' there. It's happening. She's moving to London and they'll announce their engagement in the next few months.

So, what's new' Not much. Us Weekly has an 'exclusive' in the current issue about how Harry and Meghan are – DERP – already engaged and they'll be making the announcement 'soon,' but not while she's still in Toronto because 'it would be a security nightmare' for her. Sources say that the engagement will come with a 'detailed media rollout' and once the announcement is made, Meghan and Harry will do a photocall at Kensington Palace, then 'On the same day, they'll do a TV interview that will be syndicated around the world.' I could have told you that.

Meanwhile, the Daily Star (via the Daily Mail) reports that of course Meghan is quitting Suits and 'Meghan knows she can’t really act at the same time as being a princess and is happy to make this career sacrifice. She really enjoys her charity work with Unicef and will broaden out her charity commitments when she becomes a full-time royal.' The Mail also says that Harry is already house-hunting for a country pile for when he and Meg do get hitched – he's apparently looking in Oxfordshire, and they are 'particularly interested in high-end properties tucked away in the rolling Cotswold hills,' which would mean that they're looking for a place close to Prince Charles' country estate, Highgrove. That's the most interesting piece of news in this reporting, because it reflects something that has been long whispered: Harry and Charles are close, and Harry would prefer to be closer to his dad than his brother.

What else' Dickie Arbiter, the Queen's former press secretary, told Sky News that there is significant conflict between the various royal camps, but not among the royals themselves (I disagree). Arbiter claims that 'There’s a tendency for people who join the royal households to get a bit of red carpet fever, feel a bit more important than they should do and don’t get on with the job properly. So there is a conflict of interest, a personality clash amongst each other, and that is not good.” He explained that some of the people working for the older royals are going to get their panties in a bunch when it comes time for Kate to take a bigger role (good luck with that!) and when Meghan joins the Firm. I tend to think Arbiter is saying that Charles is going to have a problem when he starts to get overshadowed by his daughters-in-law on a regular basis. Which could be, but I think the fractures within the royal family are a lot more significant than that.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN.

4-Oct-2017 :Kim Cattrall never wanted to do SATC3, says SJP ?could have been nicer?
29-Sep-2017 :Sarah Jessica Parker wore a bad Monse, says SATC 3 movie isn?t happening ...
19-Jan-2017 :Sarah Jessica Parker in J Mendel at the People?s Choice Awards: terrible ...
9-Jan-2017 :Sarah Jessica Parker in bridal Vera Wang at the Golden Globes: crazy-look...
10-Oct-2016 :Sarah Jessica Parker has a crazy theory about Sex and the City
5-Oct-2016 :Sarah Jessica Parker in a rhinestone?d Dolce & Gabbana: awful, cheap or f...
21-Sep-2016 :Sarah Jessica Parker in Narciso Rodriguez at NYCB gala: cheap or cute?
4-Aug-2016 :Sarah Jessica Parker: ?I am not a feminist. I don?t think I qualify?
8-Jun-2016 :Kim Cattrall discusses her battle with chronic insomnia: ?I was in a void...
5-May-2016 :Sarah Jessica Parker is beefing with everybody about her Met Gala outfit
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Sarah Silverman: children are 'worshipping money no matter how it's made'
Added 8 hours agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sarah Silverman: children are 'worshipping money no matter how it's made'

Sarah Silverman has a new talk show on Hulu called, I Love You, America. It's produced by Funny or Die and airs on Thursday evenings. Has anyone seen it' I was going to give it a try the other day but got sidetracked and never got around to it. I'd like to hear any thoughts on it. I want to check it out because I like some of Sarah's comedy and want to support women-driven shows. Also, because I can't quite grasp the concept ' it's a 30-minute talk show where Sarah is trying to connect with people who are ideologically opposed to her. According to the few reviews I've read, she's seems to be legitimately trying to understand 'the other side' so for that, I commend her. Feelings are mixed about whether the show is working but most are willing to wait and see, especially because apparently Sarah said up front that everything is subject to change based on if it's working.

Sarah spoke to The New York Daily News’s Confidential about politics and mindfulness, which is the bent of her show. According to Sarah, our worship of the Almighty Dollar is detracting from our mindfulness.

Is Sarah Silverman going soft' The actress and comedian, who has bluntly and even shockingly addressed sexism, religion and racism, wants to do something different on her new Hulu talk show 'I Love You, America,' which she describes as 'social politics wrapped in a big, doughy bready sandwich of aggressively dumb and silly, which is my favorite.'

'I'm trying to be mindful, especially with this show,' the 46-year-old told Confidential. 'It's trying to remember humanity, lean into vulnerability, just try and be human.'

'You know this theme of division is not something that's coincidental,' Silverman told Confidential. 'I think it behooves certain people, oligarchs, certain corporations, people within the far right, wealth addicts, keeping a country divided makes it easier to control. I find that wildly blatant these days and I find myself susceptible to it too.'

Silverman, who grew up in a political family ' her mother was a photographer on the George McGovern presidential campaign ' says part of the problem today is teaching children bad values.

'It's really bizarre,' she said. 'It's 'Real Housewives,' and Kardashians and Trump. This is just worshipping money no matter how that money is made, no matter whose blood is on it. If young kids were interested in Ruth Bader Ginsberg, then things would be different, but they're not. I wish they were.'

[From Confidential]

I can't really find fault in what she says, people do worship money without caring how it's made. But I can't absolve myself from that so it's hard to comment on it. I don't want to be a Real Housewife or a Kardashian but I have found myself envious of some part of those people's lives, whether it's the extensive traveling or the lavish parties or massive wardrobes. I'd like to think I'd turn down money if it had blood on it but I still want a beach house so what am I worshiping' I would prefer Ruth Bader Ginsburg came to dinner at my house but I'd rather have Carrie Bradshaw's shoe collection than Judge Ginsburg's. I understand her concerns about kids, mine talk about money all the time. But that is largely due to my saying no to them, usually because 'we don't have the money for that.' As they get older, they understand that we aren't broke, be we must 1) live by a budget and 2) decide which is the best use of any extra money we do have. I see that as my responsibility, though, not the Kardashians. Like I said, I don't find fault in what Sarah is saying, I'm simply unclear as to whom she's blaming.

5-May-2017 :Sarah Silverman supports ex Jimmy Kimmel after his baby?s health crisis
1-Mar-2017 :Sarah Silverman made the choice to live her ?fullest life? rather than be...
31-Jan-2016 :Sarah Silverman in Vivienne Westwood at the SAGs: washes her out or glam?
7-Dec-2015 :Sarah Silverman Boobs on the Red Carpet TrevorLIVE LA 2015
23-Oct-2015 :Sarah Silverman May Be Ugly, Untalented, But She Has An Amazing Rack!
23-Oct-2015 :Sarah Silverman Flaunts Cleavage at I Smile Back Premiere
16-Oct-2015 :Sarah Silverman: ?People use panic attack very casually out here in LA?
15-Sep-2015 :Sarah Silverman thinks complaining about PC humor is ?a sign of being old...
14-Aug-2015 :Sarah Silverman, Because Damn!
14-Aug-2015 :Sarah Silverman Busts Out Her Massive Braless Cleavage
Sarah Silverman photos
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Ashley Greene Returns With A Huge Sexy Cleavage Show
Added 8 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Ashley Greene Returns With A Huge Sexy Cleavage Show
We haven’t had the privilege of seeing/drooling over ultra hottie Ashley Greene in quite some time, but here she is making up for lost time/drooling at the 2017 amfAR Gala in Beverly Hills the other day with her new/hotter blonde look and especially with her huge braless cleavage nearly popping out of her top… wowzers! Is it just me or does she look hotter than ever' And is it just me or is her cleavage/bosom bigger than ever' Well, whatever is going on I’m totally digging it, and I’m sure you cats are digging it as well, so… enjoy the show!

Photo Credit: Getty

30-Jun-2017 :Ashley Greene Goes Blonde, Looks Even Hotter
23-Mar-2017 :Ashley Greene Busting Out Like Bananas
8-Feb-2017 :Ashley Greene Struts Her Ultra Sexy/Fit Legs In Leggings
18-Jun-2016 :Ashley Greene Looks Chilly
27-May-2016 :Ashley Greene Unleashes Her Huge Bosom And The Rest Of Her Way-Too-Fit/Mu...
20-May-2016 :Ashley Greene Is In Drop Dead Sexy Shape
14-Mar-2016 :Ashley Greene Is In Shape!
4-Jan-2016 :Ashley Greene Settles Lawsuit Over Apartment Fire
28-Oct-2015 :Ashley Greene Puts On A Busty And Leggy Show
6-Oct-2015 :Ashley Greene Gets Leggy And Busty, Oh My!
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Sophia Bush Busts Out Her Perfectly-Shaped Cleavage
Added 8 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Sophia Bush Busts Out Her Perfectly-Shaped Cleavage
Here’s Chicago P.D. star Sophia Bush looking like a bodacious babe at the 2017 amfAR Gala in Beverly Hills, and doing what she does best while doing so, and that’s busting out her plentiful/perfectly-shaped cleavage… nice! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this babe has one of the best pair of breasts on the planet. They’re perfectly-shaped and high up, and best of all she loves showing ’em off. God bless her. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

17-Oct-2017 :Kate Hudson?s teen party got crashed by her lingerie-clad mom Goldie
18-Jul-2017 :Sophia Bush Busts Out Her Bodacious Curves And Bosom
12-Jan-2017 :Sophia Bush on Chad Michael Murray: I won?t ?let one relationship define ...
20-Sep-2016 :Sophia Bush details her creepy, disturbing encounter with a man on a plan...
20-Jun-2016 :Sophia Bush Gets Bootylicious In Skin-Tight Leggings
25-May-2016 :Sophia Bush Gets Bootylicious In Mom Jeans
16-Jun-2015 :Sophia Bush Gets Bootylicious In Tight Jeans
17-Feb-2015 :Sophia Bush Struts Her Busty Little Self
19-Jan-2015 :Sophia Bush Drops Some Seriously Sexy Cleavage For NBC? WOW!
1-Oct-2014 :Sophia Bush calls out online stalker: ?I have been harassed to the point ...
Sophia Bush photos
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Blake Lively changed outfits seven times in one day: too much or fabulous?
Added 10 hours agoSource: CeleBitchy
Blake Lively changed outfits seven times in one day: too much or fabulous?
As I went through these photos, I actually had to take stock of my life and how many times I, a humble blogger, change my clothes throughout any given day. If it's a gym day, this is my routine (I'll try not to be too exhaustive): wake up in an old t-shirt, shower, change into 'work outfit' of sweatpants & t-shirt, change into gym clothes, shower, change back into work outfit (maybe change the t-shirt) and then rinse & repeat day after day. If I'm going out for anything besides the gym, I'll maybe change into jeans or something clean and presentable. That's it. Obviously, I'm not Blake Lively. Blake spent Monday promoting her latest film, All I See Is You, in New York. She literally changed outfits SEVEN TIMES. She gave paparazzi seven different 'looks' in one day of promotion. So let's get through them. The look above – the silver dress – is Chanel. That's what she wore to the premiere.

This is Ralph Lauren. Shockingly, I love this. I get tired of Blake in princess gowns. She has the body to really pull off menswear-inspired stuff.

A BANANAS Brandon Maxwell. I enjoy this. She can pull off yellow.

This is Oscar de la Renta. This was her 'morning show' look!! It's too much for morning show appearances, but this would have been a great premiere look.

Here's another Chanel piece – a houndstooth jumpsuit which, frankly, looks amazing on her. She should have worn this all day!

This is Michael Kors, from head to toe. I like this, but it's not my favorite.

And finally, here's her last look of Monday. I think she and Ryan went to dinner. This is crazy.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid.

23-May-2017 :Blake Lively in yellow Oscar de la Renta at ballet gala: lovely or tediou...
2-May-2017 :Blake Lively in Versace at the Met Gala: how dare you talk about her styl...
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23-Apr-2017 :Blake Lively wasn?t happy when a reporter asked her a fashion question
20-Jan-2017 :Blake Lively And Her Jaw-Dropping Legs Won The 2017 People?s Choice Award...
19-Jan-2017 :Blake Lively in Elie Saab at the People?s Choice Awards: adorable or tack...
13-Jan-2017 :Blake Lively announced that she?s part Cherokee in a new L?Oreal ad
9-Jan-2017 :Blake Lively in velvet Versace at the Golden Globes: stunning or overkill...
19-Dec-2016 :Blake Lively Drops A Ton Of Cleavage At Ryan Reynolds? Hollywood Walk Of ...
16-Aug-2016 :Blake Lively: ?You don?t need to be Victoria?s Secret ready? after giving...
Blake Lively photos
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Jennifer Lawrence describes being 'degraded & humiliated' in her young-actress days
Added 11 hours agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Lawrence describes being 'degraded & humiliated' in her young-actress days
Because of the Harvey Weinstein story dominating headlines for the past two weeks, we've been unable to do some more standard coverage of monthly magazine covers and that sort of thing. The November issue of Elle is annually devoted to 'Women In Hollywood,' and there are multiple covers featuring (obvs) exciting women in Hollywood, and I’ll cover that at some point. Last night, Elle hosted their big WIH event in LA, and because of the Weinstein stories still ripping through Hollywood, several of the women used their speeches to discuss sexual assault, harassment and generally inappropriate and gross behavior within Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawrence wore this Dior gown which is' okay. Not the best, not the worst. The styling isn't great, but I'm only saying that because I actually enjoyed her Brigitte-Bardot-esque styling during the 'mother!' promotional tour. During her speech, Jennifer Lawrence talked about the harassment and general disgusting behavior she dealt with in the early days of her career. These stories' my God.

'When I was much younger and starting out, I was told by producers of a film to lose 15 pounds in two weeks,' she said, revealing another actress before her had already been fired for not losing the weight fast enough. But it did not end there, she said.

'During this time a female producer had me do a nude line-up with about five women who were much, much, thinner than me. We are stood side-by-side with only tape on covering our privates,' she added. 'After that degrading and humiliating line-up, the female producer told me I should use the naked photos of myself as inspiration for my diet.'

Lawrence said she tried to stand up for herself and told another producer she thought the weight loss demands were not appropriate.

'He said he didn't know why everyone thought I was so fat, he thought I was 'perfectly f***able.’' The actress said she felt 'trapped' by the experience. 'I let myself be treated a certain way because I felt I had to for my career,' she shared. 'I'm still learning that I don't have to smile when a man makes me uncomfortable,' she added. 'Every human being should have the power to be treated with respect because they're human.'

[From People]

When J-Law issued her statement about Harvey Weinstein last week and said that Weinstein had never harassed her in any way, I took her at her word that she didn't believe she had been harassed, but I also noted that in my opinion, J-Law has a high tolerance for douchebaggery and inappropriate behavior. It's clear that Jennifer has been harassed, abused and victimized many times throughout the course of her career – it's just a matter of Jen being able to properly identify what is happening to her. To be fair, though, a lot of young women (across all industries) don't have the language or the experience to identify what's happening or why certain moments are abusive or inappropriate.

Here are two more ladies in black at the WIH event. Margot Robbie wore Calvin Klein and Nikki Reed wore Victoria Beckham. I cannot look at Nikki and Ian Somerhalder anymore without thinking that their relationship is so unhealthy.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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11-Oct-2017 :Margot Robbie Drool-Inducing To The Max In A Very Revealing Dress? WOW
6-Oct-2017 :Jennifer Lawrence Drops Some Massive Braless Boob Action For Flashback Fr...
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22-Sep-2017 :Margot Robbie Gets Wet, And Curvy, And Busty, Oh My!
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Victoria Beckham photos
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Margot Robbie photos
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