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Sofia Vergara on the press coverage of her divorce 'it wasn't bad'
Added 183 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sofia Vergara on the press coverage of her divorce 'it wasn't bad'
Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello announced their divorce last July, during the Summer of Celebrity Breakups. It was a bit of a surprise because in terms of celebrity couples, these two seemed well-suited for one another. By all accounts or rather, by lack of these two letting their divorce play out publicly it was an amicable and mature conscious uncoupling. There was some chatter around what went wrong. We heard the more go-to rumors, like he wanted kids and she didn?t, he was unsupportive of her, his sobriety and her social drinking were an issue, etc. But in the end, it sounded like the relationship had run its course and there was no one big issue that broke them up.

Within a few weeks, no one was really talking about their divorce anymore and both moved on. Joe has been dating actress Caitlin O?Connor since the fall. Sofia was seen out on a date with orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman, but she told Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday?s ep of The Tonight Show that she?s currently single and ready to mingle with the non-showbiz men of New York City. This past weekend, Sofia also appeared on CBS Sunday Morning. During that interview, she talked about how she dreaded what the press would say about their split and expressed her relief that the news got a fairly tame reaction.

Sofa Vergara expected quite a different reaction to the end of her marriage with Joe Manganiello. The Modern Family actress, whos become beloved for playing Gloria Delgato-Pritchett on the ABC sitcom, knew her divorce from the Magic Mike actor last year would stir up some talk in the press.

Youre out there and people know?thats part of being a celebrity, Vergara explained during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning on Jan. 14. I knew it was going to happen. You cant hide those things.

However, the 51-year-old thought the conversation surrounding the split was going to be a little, er, less kind.

It wasnt bad, the former Americas Got Talent judge revealed. I have to say the press was very respectful and very nice, and I thought that they were going to invent more things. I was surprised that they kind of just said what it was and that was it.

[From E Online]

I?m glad that Sofia and Joe are a celebrity divorce PR success story, lol. I think that if both sides were running to different outlets, leaking info about the other one and pointing fingers, it would have gone down differently. But, frankly, they didn?t feed the tabloid trolls, so the trolls went elsewhere for a juicer story. And let?s face it: they did not go hungry this summer and early fall. During the same time period in which Joefia broke up, Ariana Grande was busy macking it with still-married and new father SpongeBob CheaterPants while Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner?s prenup and child support melodrama was still playing out. A few weeks later, a different Joe and Sophie (Jonas and Turner) took all of the attention away with their chaotic divorce drama.

Sofia is currently promoting a Netflix miniseries called Griselda, which is based on the true story of ruthless former drug queenpin Griselda Blanco. In 1964, Blanco left her home country of Colombia for Miami, began a successful cocaine operation, and became known as the ?Cocaine Godmother.? Vergara stars as Blanco and also produced it. The first of six episodes drops on January 25.

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Photos credit: Getty for Netflix via Netflix press, IMAGO/RW / Avalon, IMAGO/DyD Fotografos / Avalon. Frontpage photo via Instagram

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Princess Kate is 'doing well' as she recovers from abdominal surgery in the hospital
Added 183 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Princess Kate is 'doing well' as she recovers from abdominal surgery in the hospital
Is anyone else genuinely surprised that we still don?t know the Princess of Wales?s mysterious illness or ailment? Kensington Palace cited Kate?s ?medical privacy? in their statement, but the British media seems to play fast and loose with who gets privacy for what. I?m actually starting to wonder if Kate?s hospitalization will turn out to be one of those open secrets among the rota. In any case, palace aides are speaking to journalists off-the-record, but we?re still left with more questions than answers. They?re still insisting that Kate checked into the hospital on Tuesday for a scheduled surgery, and that she will be in the hospital for the next ten to fourteen days, after which she will need a months-long recovery. We also know that William is canceling his schedule in solidarity with his wife. Here?s more from the Mail:

The Princess of Wales is said to be doing well after having a successful abdominal surgery, according to Palace sources. Kate Middleton, 42, was admitted to The London Clinic in Marylebone yesterday for the planned procedure this afternoon. It is said to have been a success and the Princess is now doing well in her recovery, sources told The Times.

The future Queen is expected to remain in hospital for ten to 14 days after which she will return home to Windsor to continue her recovery with the support of her family, Kensington Palace said. It is understood not to be cancerous. The Princess is likely to be advised to recuperate for two to three months, and her return to official duties will depend on medical advice closer to the time. Kate is not expected to return to public events until after Easter, and her husband Prince William will combine being by his wifes and childrens side throughout.

She was not rushed for hospital and her condition was not something that developed over the weekend, according to reports.

The Prince will also postpone a number of engagements as he supports his family, and will not undertake official duties while his wife is in hospital. He will also do no official duties during the immediate period after Kates return home. Royal aides will provide a revised schedule for William in due course.

Kate is close to her family, and her parents Carole and Michael Middleton and sibling Pippa Matthews and James Middleton are set to rally round and help support her recovery at the Waleses home in Windsor.

Neither William nor Kate will travel internationally over the coming months. William and Kate were said to have been planning a high-profile visit to Rome this spring as part of a European charm offensive, but this is now in doubt.

[From The Daily Mail]

There was also something about how William would be juggling the children?s school run and taking care of poor Kate, like they don?t have a million staffers and endless resources. While I understand that William and Kate?s priority is keeping things normal for their kids and William probably does want to ensure that the kids? schedules are not disrupted, let?s be real that man isn?t attending to his wife. Kate will be cared for by an army of professional nurses, doctors and physical therapists. Let?s also be clear, it?s not like William and Kate had a super-busy schedule anyway. Kate hasn?t been seen, heard from or photographed since Christmas and no one blinks an eye, because she often disappears for weeks and months at a time, and William is the same way. All they had on their schedule was promises to be keen in Italy and some kind of military-focused trip where William would copykeen Harry.

Speaking of the last time anyone saw Kate, this video was posted on Twitter on December 28 a police/security convoy rushing to the hospital. My spidey sense is tingling and I genuinely hope shes okay and makes a full recovery.

I hope all is well at Sandringham. My spy in Marylebone just saw this convoy heading in the general direction of King Edward VII's Hospital at eight thirty this evening

Brian Moran (@RVdajdynCrclemN) December 28, 2023

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