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Jessie J on her pre-baby figure: 'I don't want to go back, that body is gone'
Added 356 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jessie J on her pre-baby figure: 'I don't want to go back, that body is gone'
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Sofia Vergara is giving Joe Manganiello custody of her dog Bubbles, who hates her
Added 357 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sofia Vergara is giving Joe Manganiello custody of her dog Bubbles, who hates her
Before today, I never realized that Sofia Vergara is a dog-mom to a Chihuahua who hates her. Her Chihuahua is named Bubbles, and Sofia adopted Bubbles several years ago. Even though Bubbles was supposed to be Sofia?s dog, Bubbles fell instantly in love with Joe Manganiello. So much so that Sofia even complained about it in multiple interviews, how Bubbles is obsessed with Joe and how Bubbles always bites her. Well, now that Joe and Sofia are getting a divorce, Sofia is cutting her ties with the dog who hates her.

Sofia Vergara has reportedly handed her 10-year-old Chihuahua-Pomerainian mix, Bubbles, over to estranged husband Joe Manganiello without a fight.

?Not in a million years would Joe part ways with his dog Bubbles and Sofa is well aware of this,? a source told the Daily Mail on Tuesday. ?Neither one of them is bitter or out for revenge, and Sofa loves Bubbles and wants her to be happy which is precisely why she?s letting Joe have custody.?

The insider added that the ?Modern Family? alum was ?gracious? about Manganiello ? who filed for divorce from Vergara on July 19 ? keeping the pooch after their split.

?[Manganiello] said Sofa has the biggest heart and would never do anything to intentionally hurt him or Bubbles,? the source added.

Under California State law, pets are considered personal property when couples are dividing their assets. However, after a new law was passed in 2019, judges presiding over divorces can now take into consideration the best interest of the pet?s well-being and may establish shared custody agreements at their discretion. It appears that the former couple ? who shared no children together aside from their furry friend ? decided to keep Bubbles out of court.

Though Vergara was the one to adopt Bubbles two years ago, the ?Spider-Man? actor has seemingly bonded with the pooch the most. In 2021, Vergara, 51, joked on ?The Tonight Show? about how Bubbles chose the ?True Blood? alum over her. ?She hates me. She was supposed to be for me. She was supposed to be my dog. She arrived to the house and I don?t know, she thought she was for Joe and that?s all she wants to do.?

[From Page Six]

Sometimes that just happens with cats and dogs they choose their person and they choose who they irrationally hate as well. I?m the person who usually bonds with other people?s dogs and cats. People are always like ?oh no, don?t pet her, Bitsy is a holy terror, she hates other people? as Bitsy is rolling around, showing me her belly and begging for scritches. Anyway, it?s kind of funny that Sofia is cutting her ties with the dog who hates her. She?s right to do it too Bubbles will be much happier with Joe. In fact, this was probably Bubbles? plan all along.

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Photos courtesy of Sofia?s IG.

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Taylor Swift gave six-figure bonuses to her Eras tour crew, dancers & truck drivers
Added 357 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Taylor Swift gave six-figure bonuses to her Eras tour crew, dancers & truck drivers
Taylor Swift figured out a way to tour in what feels like a brand-new way. Most touring acts go on the road for months at a time and it?s a whole traveling circus 24-7 with the artists, dancers and crew. Not Taylor most of her concerts are scheduled Thursday through Saturday, and then she has the other half of the week ?off,? where she flies home to New York or Nashville and decompresses and checks in with her cats. Her tour equipment is moved by 18-wheeler trucks and she has the franchise on those truckers: they are solely employed by her for the length of her tour. She?s removed herself from the traveling-circus aspect of touring and the whole operation is a well-oiled machine at this point, because she?s done this for her last three or four tours. Well, now Taylor?s truckers are getting a nice bonus.

Taylor Swift is sharing the wealth from her wildly successful Eras Tour in the form of six-figure bonuses for the truckers hauling her equipment all around the country! Our Taylor sources tell us she gifted each trucker working her tour $100,000 handing out the bonus checks before her Saturday show in Santa Clara, CA.

Were told the folks getting the money are production truck drivers who have been hauling Taylors equipment for The Eras Tour there are around 50 truckers for her U.S. tour, which means Taylor just shelled out about $5 million.

Our sources say the checks were an end of the tour bonus remember, the United States leg is coming to a close next week when Taylor plays a series of gigs at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood before moving down to Mexico.

Taylors nationwide tour has raked in $1 billion in sales and when the dust settles, she could end up having the highest-grossing tour of all time!!!

Truck drivers arent the only ones getting a slice of the pie in the form of bonuses. Our production sources tell us Taylor also bonused band members, dancers, lighting and sound technicians, caterers, and others. Its unclear how much the non-truckers received, but were told it was a very generous amount.

[From TMZ]

That?s genuinely nice! I would imagine the truckers, dancers and crew people already get paid well, but bonuses are always welcome and appreciated. It?s good for someone in Taylor?s position to not only give generously to the people she employs, but to be seen doing so, especially in an era when blue-collar work is not appreciated or properly compensated. The economics of Taylor Swift are always so fascinating to me, and Taylor is being partly credited with the economic revival in America. Taylor and Barbie the booming economics of ?making a product for girls and women.?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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