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Tori Spelling and Her 5 Kids Living in a Motel After Split With Dean McDermott
Added 330 days agoSource: The Blemish
Tori Spelling and Her 5 Kids Living in a Motel After Split With Dean McDermott

Aaron Spelling died years ago leaving $800,000 to Tori Spelling. He was worth $600m, but $800,000 seems reasonable. Not good enough though. Because Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have split, leaving Spelling to stay in a cheap motel with her 5 kids. No sarcastic comment about that from me, lol. A mother looking out for []

The post Tori Spelling and Her 5 Kids Living in a Motel After Split With Dean McDermott appeared first on The Blemish.

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Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez are headed for divorce after a two-year marriage
Added 330 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez are headed for divorce after a two-year marriage
My gossip radar pinged on Sunday, when Ariana Grande turned up at the Wimbledon men?s final, looking blonde, single and ringless. I just didn?t think we would get this announcement right away! So, just before the pandemic hit, Ariana started dating Dalton Gomez. They basically went into lockdown together and their love blossomed. They got engaged by the end of 2020 and they were married in May 2021. Two years later, they?re headed for a divorce.

Ariana Grande and her husband Dalton Gomez have been separated since January, and they are heading toward divorce sources connected to the couple tell TMZ. As we reported, Ariana was not wearing her wedding ring at Wimbledon over the weekend in fact, shes been ringless a lot these days.

Were told a few months back the 2 tried a reconciliation, but it failed.

One source with direct knowledge told TMZ, their relationship is heading for divorce.

Ariana and Dalton have been thousands of miles apart since December, when she started filming Wicked. Our sources say they were having problems even before that. Were told they remain friends and still talk on the phone regularly, but, according to sources, the marriage is kaput.

[From TMZ]

People Magazine had a confirmation of the news too, with a source telling the magazine that Ari and Dalton separated earlier this year and ?have been quietly and lovingly working on their friendship.? Ariana has been in London for months and Dalton did NOT join her (although he reportedly flew in for one last-ditch effort to win her back). Now the Wicked production has been halted because of the SAG-AFTRA strike? and she?s still in London. Anyway, I think this was a pandemic romance which ran its course. I also believe ?I need to be married by such-and-such an age? played a part.

At Wimbledon, she was sitting in between Andrew Garfield and Jonathan Bailey. Bailey is a gay man, so on that level, of course Ariana would dump her husband and then go drink Pimms at Wimbledon with her gay BFF. But so few people are talking about the fact that she was sitting next to Andrew too. Andrew is single, last time I checked. Something to keep your eye on.

Embed from Getty Images

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Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello are divorcing after seven years of marriage
Added 330 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello are divorcing after seven years of marriage
Ariana Grande divorcing her starter husband was not shocking at all to me, but THIS? This floored me. I thought Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello were happy together! Joe and Sofia are divorcing after seven years of marriage. They first met when she was with that utter douchebag Nick Loeb. There was an infamous photo, at the time, of Joe eyefking Sofia while she was on Nick?s arm. Soon after, Sofia and Nick were done and Sofia and Joe were together. They seemed especially well-suited for each other they are close in age (she?s 51, he?s 46), he made it clear that Sofia was his dream girl, she enjoyed being adored, and they actually seemed to have a fun relationship and a lot of compatibility. More than most Hollywood couples. Well, it?s over now.

Sofa Vergara and husband Joe Manganiello have separated and are divorcing after seven years of marriage, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

The couple tell Page Six in a statement: ?We have made the difficult decision to divorce. As two people that love and care for one another very much, we politely ask for respect of our privacy at this time as we navigate this new phase of our lives.?

The ?Modern Family? beauty is currently celebrating her 51st birthday in Italy with a posse of friends ? but with no Manganiello or her wedding ring.

A source added: ?Sofa and Joe have been growing apart for a while now and are taking some distance from each other to contemplate their future.?

The couple was last seen together last month in Hoboken, N.J., as Vergara visited Manganiello, 46, on the set of his new project ?Nonnas? with Vince Vaughn. Vergara, a judge on the NBC hit ?America?s Got Talent,? is in Capri with her best friends and living her best life, posting a series of sexy photos on Instagram. But Manganiello?s absence has not gone unnoticed by fans on Instagram, as Vergara later posted a photo with the message: ?When life gives u lemons u come to Italy to squeeze them.?

[From Page Six]

I cant even imagine having the dual heat-score of these two and deciding to throw away this collective sexiness. This was sexiness for the people! As I said, this news floored me because they always presented as happy and well-suited for each other. The Mail has a very weird piece about what went wrong and it basically sounds like Joe is getting his side out there that he loves fun and adventure, while Sofia is kind of stuck-up and obsessed with a luxury lifestyle? I dont know, yall.

Embed from Getty Images

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