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Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich might get back together, he 'still wants to make it work'
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich might get back together, he 'still wants to make it work'
One of the dumbest gossip melodramas during the pandemic was definitely the split between Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich. They basically started having problems as soon as they got married, and the marriage was on its last legs by the summer of 2019. When the pandemic happened, they went into lockdown separately, and Hough was seen out with Ben Barnes a few times. Then as the months went on and it looked like Brooks was moving on and a happy single guy with photogenic dogs, suddenly Julianne got depressed (and brunette). Then the stories about ?Julianne desperately wants to get back with Brooks? started happening. And now here we are. They were seen out together in LA. And she?s leaking sh-t to People:

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich are continuing to spend time together after their split. The friendly exes were spotted grabbing lunch together in Los Angeles on Thursday. The two were photographed sitting outside of an Italian restaurant while eating. Hough and Laich were later seen leaving together.

The two have shared several friendly interactions with one another since they confirmed to PEOPLE in May that they had separated after three years of marriage. And a source tells PEOPLE Laich is interested in rekindling the romance.

Brooks really still wants to make it work and shes considering it but taking her time. Hes open to whatever it will take, says the source, adding that Hough also still feels positively for her ex. ?Julianne likes the idea of freedom but doesnt want to lose such a good, solid guy. Everyone who knows him knows how grounded and great he is. Her friends and family dont want her to lose someone like that.

Most recently, Laich was in attendance at Houghs 32nd birthday party. The former athlete was spotted in several social media posts from the day spent by the pool. Theyve also left several supportive messages to each other on Instagram over the past months.

[From People]

This is so Khloe Kardashian-esque right? By that I mean, leaking stuff about how your ex is desperate to get back with you and you?re the one with qualms, when really you?ve been desperate to get back with him. I?m sure someone?s buying it, but I?m not. I do think Brooks is a good guy and I think Julianne legitimately doesn?t want to let him go. Some commenters said ?right guy, wrong time,? and I agree. That?s what it was. And probably still is.

EXCLUSIVE: Julianne Hough and estranged husband Brooks Laich fuel reconciliation rumors

Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) August 28, 2020

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Joe Manganiello on his wife Sofia Vergara: 'My instincts about her were right'
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Joe Manganiello on his wife Sofia Vergara: 'My instincts about her were right'
As much as I want to think of Joe Manganiello as a himbo meathead, he?s more than that. Joe is winning at life he works consistently, he?s married to his dream girl, Sofia Vergara, and everything?s coming up roses for him. I also think he?s probably more of a theater geek than people realize AND more nerdy in general than his six-pack abs would have us believe. Joe chatted with the current issue of People Magazine about his upcoming five-year anniversarry with Sofia, and lots of other stuff:

He adores his wife: ?I knew pretty quickly that I could trust her, and she knew pretty quickly that she could trust me. And we?re both the kind of people who are capable of putting the other person ahead of ourselves. I was capable of putting her wishes ahead of mine, whatever they were, and she was capable of doing the same. Once you have that, you dont let go of it?. My instincts about her were right.

He & Sofia did marathons of his favorite shows in quarantine: ?Sofia had never seen Mad Men, which I saw every episode of and was obsessed with, so we went through all of Mad Men. Then she had never seen The Sopranos and I was like, ?Thats the greatest show thats ever been made that kicked off all of the great cable shows. It paved the way. You have to see these.? So I watched The Sopranos again. She thought it was brilliant.?

What else they?ve watched together: They also revisited ?lots of obscure movies? that Manganiello considers ?favorites.? ?I love [director and producer] John Milius so I watched Conan the Barbarian again, and Ive been going through David Fincher movies. And we watched all three seasons of Eastbound & Down, which shed never seen.?

He?s been busy on other stuff too: ?Ive actually had a strangely busy quarantine.? Thats included raising money for Make-a-Wish America by auctioning off a chance to play Dungeons & Dragons with him, ?doing tons of animation? work, and wrapping a mysterious motion capture project that he teased on Instagram.

He?s still a gym rat: ?I eat whatever I want, but training-wise, six days a week Im in there. Ive really been able to make some progress in the gym over the past six months in quarantine. Because I have a home gym for Gods sake, which is worth its weight in gold now.?

He loves his own fur: ?Anytime that I shave, its always for work. I cant remember the last time I got a haircut for fun or shaved because I wanted to personally. If I had it my way, Id have a beard down to my chest.?

[From People]

With all of the quarantine divorces, it?s easy to forget that some couples probably really enjoyed the lockdown because they got to spend a lot of time with the people they love the most. I imagine Sofia?s head was spinning after all of those marathons, although I?ve been wondering if I should do a Mad Men marathon this year too. I?ve done marathons of everything else! Bones, Castle, Saving Grace. Maybe I should watch all of my Miss Marples next.

As for his home gym? what I wouldn?t give for a home gym! What a luxury. I hope Sofia?s not sick of him, because he sounds like he?s more in love with her than ever.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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