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Fran Drescher finally got the Covid vaccine 'because I kept losing work!'
Added 363 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Fran Drescher finally got the Covid vaccine 'because I kept losing work!'
Those of us who are older than, what? 35 years old? We remember all of the highs and lows of Fran Drescher?s life. So it?s especially wild to see her as the president of SAG-AFTRA, summoning every nuance of her outer-borough accent to sound every bit like a tough union boss. Drescher has been giving tons of interviews since she broke off the ?negotiations? with the AMPTP and called for a strike last week. She spoke to Variety this week about what led to the strike, how she came to the position of union boss and what SAG-AFTRA is trying to do. She also talked about vaccines and it got a little bit nutty, but Fran fans know that about her too. Some highlights:

Whether she thinks she was initially too optimistic about AMPTP negotiations: ?This is my first negotiation. In hindsight, I could see how we were being manipulated. But at the time, I came into it with a certain level of trust, that we would actually be able to make a contract. But whenever we start getting to the meat of these situations, we start to see that we?re getting stonewalled. We?re coming back with open response counter proposals, and so, actually, in earnest we still gave them an unprecedented 12-day extension to come back with something really meaningful. And during that time, they canceled our negotiation meetings. And, again, I thought, maybe they?re duking it out behind closed doors, maybe they?re gonna come back with something that we can really start to roll up our sleeves. They just wanted to get more time to promote their summer movies and they had no intention of using that extension for anything else.

Whether she has regrets about being duped: ?I?m always going to try and give a person the truth. I hoped to avert a strike ? that is the ideal. Going on strike is not the original point. That?s when you feel like you can?t make a deal. But if you feel like you can make a deal? Hindsight is always 20/20. But even during that period when they woke up, they said, ?We?re still in our room,? talking about how to counter your proposal. So, it?s like, OK, well, maybe that?s good. We wanted to avert a strike, if at all possible.?

The journeyman actors were the ones pushing for a strike: ?Remember, Tom Cruise and top people make their own deals. That?s not who we are striking for. We?re striking for the journeyman?they?re the ones that were pushing us to strike, OK? They?re the ones that are living this level of oppression. They feel like they can?t take any more of it, because they are being economically squeezed out of their livelihoods. If they?re willing to take this huge step of sacrifice, then we?re in it to win it. If this was a different point in history, where the business model didn?t change so dramatically, and suddenly with streaming and digital and AI. It?s a whole new game! If you think that we don?t have to unpack the old contract and change it exponentially I don?t know what to say.

Whether she worries about being blacklisted as an actress: ?My speech at that press conference reverberated around the world. It spoke to workers everywhere; it is bigger than the sum of its parts. I?m not going to worry about my career. I?ve had a fantastic career. If anybody in this industry wishes to blacklist me or being on the side of right and good, then whatever. I follow Buddhist teaching or call myself a Jew Bu. I let life unfold. I don?t have a crystal ball. I?m not going to speculate. I don?t know where this will lead. All I know is in the now, which is what Buddhism teaches you, to remain present. This is my calling and I?m going to meet this moment.

Figuring out the longer vision: ?The greed of these entities and the shiny baubles that they put before the shareholders, obliterates a longer vision, a far sightedness of where this should go or how to manage it correctly. And they just jump in. They sell the shareholders, and all of this is bullsh-t. Then when they really get into the trenches with the costs, what do they do? They look right away to the performer to squeeze them, because God forbid they should take away from the CEOs. Do they do character driven smaller stories. No! They got all these flying dragons and bullsh-t and it?s expensive and all the big stars and it?s very expensive and all of that is what they wanted to do. The idea that if you spend 80% on production, maybe spend 79% and we can get our fair share. And the money that?s paid for all this, including the CEO salaries, is in subscriptions! It?s not in episodes or seasons anymore.

On Covid protocols & vaccine mandates: ?I felt like the COVID protocols, pre-vaccine, were successful. People went back to work. It was a manageable situation. Then, with the advent of the vaccine, it turns into something else. In California, private business can determine their own health policy. And they decided that rather than constantly be shut down, everybody had to be vaccinated if they wanted to work. Even though there was constant information coming out that you can still get it. And once you got it, are you as good as inoculated by the virus. There was a lot of ifs ands or buts. And the dangerous aspect of it all was that people were being fed different news. There wasn?t one narrative. And since 80% of all ad dollars on most broadcasts comes from big pharma.

Whether she got vaccinated: ?I did because I kept losing work! I did it, in spite of the fact that I was a little scared to do it. Because I have my own health issues, cancer survivor, all of this stuff, but I decided to just let the universe help me through this because I don?t know what to do. All I know is that I want to work. But a lot of people it was just that they didn?t have a choice. And they didn?t have a career during that time, either as a result, and I always felt like I?m not a dictator. I can only keep bringing the conversation to the board. I?m trying to get them to see that we should push back on this. I was not successful at that.

[From Variety]

The vaccine stuff was totally cringe and she should have just left it at something like ?I was trying to advocate for all actors, even the anti-vaxx dumbasses.? Unfortunately, it sounds like she was one of the anti-vaxx dumbasses who only got vaccinated because, oh right, those vaccine mandates actually did work. As for the rest of it while I?m not a SAG member, I think it?s fine that she did the 12-day extension, even if it turned out to just be a scam. It showed that she was operating in good faith and she was willing to do what she could to avoid a strike and make a deal. When the scam was laid bare, that?s when she showed her backbone and walked away. Anyway? I hope she continues to burn the sh-t down.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Joe Manganiello's 21-year sobriety 'played a role in his split from Sofia Vergara'
Added 364 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Joe Manganiello's 21-year sobriety 'played a role in his split from Sofia Vergara'
Is anyone else still bummed about Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara? I thought they were the real deal! I also thought Joe approached the marriage in a very grown-up, cards-on-the-table way. He was already sober (he?s been sober for over two decades) and working a program when they met, and he didn?t make his sobriety his entire personality either it was just part of who he was. Sofia, on the other hand, was still a social drinker and I?m sure she kept alcohol in the house. Well, reportedly, that was an issue:

Joe Manganiello?s sobriety journey reportedly played a role in his split from Sofa Vergara.

?Of course the fact that Sofa is not sober had an impact on their marriage,? a source told Daily Mail Tuesday. ?He was warned about this when he started dating her and again before marrying her.?

The insider added that the ?Magic Mike XXL? star ?did not think? he was going to ?change? Vergara in any way ? but also ?didn?t think about the implications? her drinking habits could have on their marriage. However, a second source told the outlet that Vergara ?could not have been more supportive? of her estranged husband?s sobriety over the years.

[From Page Six]

I don?t think anyone is saying that Sofia is an alcoholic she seems like a social drinker and someone who enjoys a glass of wine with dinner and she can keep it to one glass. But yeah, the sober spouse/not-sober spouse dynamic is always going to be tricky. Also tricky? The money. They spoke about signing a prenup before they married, as Sofia is the wealthier one. Page Six?s legal consultant explains what the prenup was all about:

Despite their relatively lengthy union and exorbitant wealth, high-profile divorce attorney Frederic J. Siegel ? who is not representing either party and has no affiliation with the case ? tells Page Six that the duo will likely have a clean break financially. Before she married the ?Magic Mike? star in November 2015, Vergara revealed that the two were signing a prenuptial agreement, which typically outlines how a couple?s finances and assets will be handled should they divorce later on.

?He said, ?Do whatever you want. I?ll sign whatever you want,? the actress, 51, told Howard Stern that May. Siegel theorizes that Vergara and Manganiello?s marital contract ?probably had what is called a walkaway.?

?She keeps what she has and what she earns, and he keeps what he has and what he?s earned,? Siegel, the founding member of family law firm Siegel, Colin & Kaufman, explains. ?So with a prenup ? and without kids [together] ? it becomes a much simpler case.?

As for marital property, Vergara and the ?True Blood? star moved into a shared home in May 2015, six months before they said ?I do.? According to TMZ, she?s the one who purchased the seven-bedroom, 11,000-square-foot Beverly Hills pad for $10.6 million.

Last July, the outlet reported that the pair put the fully renovated estate ? equipped with a chef?s kitchen, gym, movie theater and pool with a spa ? on the market for a staggering $19.6 million.

The then-couple was simultaneously building a bigger and better home in the same area, per TMZ.

?My belief is that they probably are at a more advanced stage [in their divorce] than people would think, because usually when people make the announcement like they made yesterday, they?ve already done some of the preliminary work,? Siegel tells us. ?It doesn?t look like it?s messy ? yet,? he adds. ?It?s a good sign when people issue the kind of statement that they did, saying that they wanted to do this amicably, but it doesn?t always work out that way.?

[From Page Six]

I would also imagine that the terms of the pre-nup are upheld and that they?ll both walk away with whatever they earned separately within the marriage, and Sofia will probably get the real estate (since she was the one paying for their homes). Joe is a working actor and he probably has a nice nest egg, but Sofia is very rich.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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