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America Ferrera was honored with the See Her award at the Critics Choice Awards
Added 158 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
America Ferrera was honored with the See Her award at the Critics Choice Awards
America Ferrera gave such a heartfelt speech at the Critics Choice Awards last night when she won the See Her award, presented by Margot Robbie. She cracked everyone up when she got to the podium, paused and admitted that she was waiting for the teleprompter to start. At one point she told the tech people to roll past a part she cut. My favorite part was when she said We are all worthy of being seen ? Black, brown, indigenous Asian, trans, disabled, any body type, any gender. We are all worthy of having our lives richly and authentically reflected. I also liked when she gave a shout out to her husband, Ryan, and clarified that she didnt mean Ryan Gosling. Americas performance in Barbie was so moving, her activism has always been on point, and this was well deserved.

In terms of fashion she was in a copper sequin Armani tank dress. I really like her sleek styling and it complements the look well.

Embed from Getty Images

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Emma Stone picked up the Best Actress Critics Choice Award in Louis Vuitton
Added 158 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Emma Stone picked up the Best Actress Critics Choice Award in Louis Vuitton
There?s been this interesting and strange feeling around the Best Actress race. While I still believe that Lily Gladstone will probably win the Oscar for Killers of the Flower Moon, Emma Stone is definitely becoming a major contender. Not to mention, Sandra Huller might be sort of an undercover favorite for some voters. Still, it feels like Emma might peel off a lot of voters when push comes to shove. I find that interesting. Emma ended up winning the Critics Choice Award for Best Actress. The only reason this didn?t happen at the Globes is because Lily won Actress-in-a-Drama, while Emma won for Comedy. If they?re in the same category, who gets the votes? Last night it was Emma. Emma wore this custom Louis Vuitton which reads, to me, like she honestly didn?t believe she would win. This dress screams ?I?m just happy to be nominated.? Hm.

Lily Gladstone wore a custom Christian Siriano in a gorgeous shade of blue, possibly the best and most flattering dress I?ve seen on her during the awards season. I absolutely hope she goes with Sirano again for the other awards shows.

Da?Vine Joy Randolph wore another great dress, although this Jovana Louis feels slightly overworked. Too many elements. She won another supporting actress award she?s really going to march through the awards season, picking up everything.

Greta Lee in Loewe. She?s been wearing some offbeat designers and I don?t think those looks have been doing her any favors. While this fabric is really cool, it would have been great if the design wasn?t ?a pair of trousers and a long-sleeved polo.?

Tracee Ellis Ross wore one of the best ?It?s just the Critics Choice Awards, I?ll wear a black dress? dresses. This is Fendi so good!! So flattering.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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Rosamund Pike wore Rodarte to the Critics Choice: stunning or needs work?
Added 158 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Rosamund Pike wore Rodarte to the Critics Choice: stunning or needs work?
Rosamund Pike made a lot of ?best dressed? lists for the Golden Globes and people kept talking about how well she rocked that severe, black-widow look. Maybe she took that personally, because she?s been wearing lighter and brighter looks ever since. Rosamund wore this sparkly Rodarte to the Golden Globes and I have mixed feelings. It could have been great if the fit was better, I think? And the center-part is simply too severe for Rosamund. The color is lovely though.

Quinta Brunson in George Hobeika. Seriously one of the cutest dresses I?ve ever seen on Quinta. She should absolutely stick with this designer!

Colman Domingo might have been the best-dressed person at the Critics Choice. His Valentino ensemble was amazing. That coat alone is magnificent.

Fantasia Barrino in Alin Le Kal. It?s a lovely look, honestly, but it?s too much for the Critics Choice!

Danielle Brooks in Monsoori. I?ve surprised myself by how much I like this? Usually, I hate gowns which are just sacks with a bow, but this is really cute on her.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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Dua Lipa wore a custom Prada at the Critics Choice: cute or blah?
Added 158 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Dua Lipa wore a custom Prada at the Critics Choice: cute or blah?
I?m a little bit bummed to see Dua Lipa get snubbed for awards throughout the season, because her Barbie song ?Dance the Night? is arguably the best song from the Barbie soundtrack. I know TikTok loves Billie Eilish?s song and everyone raves about ?I?m Just Ken,? but Dua?s song really is? better. Just my opinion. Dua is still attending all of the awards shows and she?s actually doing so well with her fashion. At the Critics Choice Awards, she wore a custom Prada and she probably got the best Prada look of the night. Few women could pull this off, and Dua is one of them. Her hair looks dyed to match the dress too.

Brie Larson was also nominated and she also wore a custom Prada. I like the neckline and some of the ideas here, but no this doesn?t work.

Brit Marling wore Prada is she supposed to look like banana peel? Is that what this is? Banana peel, but make it fashion.

Tom Holland wore head-to-toe Prada. Very cute. I have the feeling that he?s quietly dapper and he knows how to put looks together.

Photos courtesy of Prada, via promotional email.

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Julianne Moore wore a Chanel sack dress to the Critics Choice: amazing or blah?
Added 158 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Julianne Moore wore a Chanel sack dress to the Critics Choice: amazing or blah?
Given the SAG Award nominations? complete lack of love for May December, it feels like Natalie Portman is maybe phasing out her awards-show appearances. Julianne Moore is not! She and Charles Melton attended the Critics Choice Awards, although their film was once again blanked for awards. I enjoyed May December but I also sort of think that there are more worthy awards nominees, but we?ll see. I still feel like Melton should get an Oscar nom. Meanwhile, Julianne wore this glorious Chanel sack dress! Melton?s (zoot) suit is Valentino.

Embed from Getty Images

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Margot Robbie wore custom Balmain to the Critics Choice: pretty or too undone?
Added 158 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Margot Robbie wore custom Balmain to the Critics Choice: pretty or too undone?
The Barbie team had a good night at the Golden Globes. While they didn?t pick up Best Director, Best Actress or Best Picture, they won Original Screenplay, Production Design, Costume Design, Hair and Makeup, Best Comedy and Best Song, for Ryan Gosling?s ?I?m Just Ken.? I wonder if it will be similar at the Oscars, with Barbie sweeping awards for costuming and design, while Oppenheimer picks up the bigger awards.

Margot Robbie seemingly skipped the Barbie cosplay for the Critics Choice and instead wore this custom Balmain. I?m not really into it, although I think it looks fine on her. Margot looks too undone for the dress, right? Her hair barely looks styled and she has the vibe of ?I just threw this on.?

I?m also adding photos of Ryan Gosling who seemed shocked with the ?I?m Just Ken? win and Greta Gerwig, who wore Molly Goddard. Also including pics of Billie Eilish (who was nominated in Best Song), wearing Thom Browne.

Embed from Getty Images

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Emily Blunt wore a red Armani to the Critics Choice: lovely or boring?
Added 158 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Emily Blunt wore a red Armani to the Critics Choice: lovely or boring?
Oppenheimer had a big night at the Critics Choice Awards, picking up Best Director and Best Drama. Interestingly enough, the critics did not give the Best Actor trophy to Cillian Murphy instead, Paul Giamatti won for The Holdovers. It feels like something interesting is happening in the Best Actor race, and Giamatti might actually be able to pull off the ?upset.? Meanwhile, Emily Blunt is still getting nominated all over the place for her work in Oppenheimer but she?s also losing everything to an actor from The Holdovers: Da?Vine Joy Randolph. We shall call this the Oppenholdovers phenomenon. Emily wore a one-sleeved Armani gown and she did attend the Critics Choice with her husband. So no divorce drama for now! This dress is okay. Not my favorite, but it?s fine.

Here?s Cillian Murphy. He is not enjoying this awards season, but I get the feeling he enjoys hanging out with other actors.

Pedro Pascal: adorable. He keeps losing to Kieran Culkin at awards shows.

Rachel Brosnahan wore Givenchy. What a weird dress? She looks good, but it?s a weird dress.

Ariana Debose also wore Givenchy. Kind of phoned it in, which is fine. It?s just the Critics Choice.

Embed from Getty Images

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Jennifer Aniston wore Dolce & Gabbana pants to the Critics Choice Awards
Added 158 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Aniston wore Dolce & Gabbana pants to the Critics Choice Awards
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon attended the Critics Choice Awards because they were nominated for The Morning Show. At the end of the day, Billy Crudup was the only winner from TMS though. Both Reese and Jennifer wore black and I consider both of these looks sort of ?phoned in.? It?s fine it?s just the Critics Choice. Jennifer wore Dolce & Gabbana, possibly a one-piece jumpsuit but probably two pieces. The pants are not flattering but the neckline is. In one of these photos, you can see her painful-looking feet and ankles too it might be time for Aniston to wear a lower heel (or no heel) on the red carpet. Incidentally, in her red carpet interviews, you can really see how badly she?s overdoing the fillers and Botox. It?s really rough.

Reese Witherspoon wore a custom Celine and her real date was her look-alike daughter Ava.

Incidentally, Aniston?s fake ex-husband Justin Theroux was there! There?s zero gossip about any awkwardness between Aniston and Theroux at the show, but they didn?t end on bad terms so they probably just said hello to each other and moved on.

Ke Huy Quan was one of the best-dressed men in Dior. He was there as a presenter, and he looked so happy to witness Harrison Ford win his lifetime achievement award.

Awkwafina also wore Dior. Good lord, this is bad.

Embed from Getty Images

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