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Jennifer Lawrence So Pale Heads to Lunch with a Friend
Added 8 years agoSource: Dickism
Jennifer Lawrence So Pale Heads to Lunch with a Friend
Here is Jennifer Lawrence opting for a laid-back look as she stepped out with some friends in Los Angeles on Sunday.

She showed off her legs in black cutoff Denim x Alexander Wang shorts and donned a custom Denim x Alexander Wang jacket with the word ‘perv’ cheekily printed across the back and a T by Alexander Wang sweater..

Her biggest stress this week then will be?what parties should I go to? Also, who should I flirt with? And, hopefully, who can get me Prince Harry?s number?

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Kimberley Garner Great Ass in Black Bikini for Photoshot
Added 8 years agoSource: Dickism
Kimberley Garner Great Ass in Black Bikini for Photoshot
Here is Kimberley Garner posing in a cut-out bikini among the vines in the Caribbean.

Kimberley also enjoyed a giggle as she bent over in the black number, which is from her 2016 range.

She turned to swimwear design a year after leaving the reality show.

Looks like she?s still branching out.

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Chanel Iman's Sexy Midriff
Added 8 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Chanel Iman's Sexy Midriff
According to my sources, Samsung justlaunched some new flagship store in New York to compete with Apple, and to celebrate, they invited SI hottieChanel Iman. Although if they really wanted to make this a special occasion, they should’ve asked Chanel to show up in a bikini. Now that would’ve been something worth celebrating. Photos:

29-Jan-2016 :Chanel Iman And Hannah Ferguson Make A Great Pair
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Alessandra Ambrosio Topless For Some Campaign
Added 8 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Alessandra Ambrosio Topless For Some Campaign
According to my sources, Alessandra Ambrosio is supposed to be modeling footwearin this latest photoshoot of hers, but to be honest, I didn’t even notice she was wearing shoes the first, second or third time I looked at these pictures. So maybe you’d say this isn’t the most successful ad campaign, but I don’t know, […]

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Instagram Model Kendall Jenner's Booty
Added 8 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Instagram Model Kendall Jenner's Booty
I know a lot of people are probably going to knock these pictures of Kendall Jenner at Burger King and say that no real model would ever be caught dead eating fast food. But first off, Kendall’s not a real model. Second, she’s giving us a nice look at her booty in a pair of […]

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Amanda Bynes Enjoys Starbucks in LA
Added 8 years agoSource: Dickism
Amanda Bynes Enjoys Starbucks in LA
Here is Amanda Bynes walking with a Starbucks iced tea while smoking a cigarette in Los Angeles Tuesday.

Bynes sported a long, white sleeveless T-shirt, a pair of striped black Adidas leggings, sneakers, sunglasses and bleached blond hair, a style she’s kept for about a year.

The meds she is on sometimes cause weight gain. She is still beautiful, just a little heavy. Hopefully she will find some meds that work best for her. It takes time. Wish her the best.

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Diane Lane: 'Relationships with the opposite sex are the most challenging'
Added 8 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Diane Lane: 'Relationships with the opposite sex are the most challenging'
Diane Lane, 51, covers More Magazine in a lovely photo that looks very retro. I like how they matched the sparse cover design to her styling, there’s something very 60s mod about it. The rest of the fashion is contemporary yet classy, it looks like they had a very thoughtful team and they definitely did her justice. In the interview, Lane gets pretty candid. She opens up about aging, about being single, and about self image and insecurity. She gave a lot of great quotes, and I found myself nodding to a few things she said, particularly about being in control of your own life and not having to answer to anyone when you’re not in a relationship.

Oh and I just saw Lane in Trumbo. It was a very solid, entertaining biopic and I recommend it. I get why she wasn’t nominated, she didn’t have a lot of key scenes and the interpersonal conflicts were resolved too quickly, but she still turned in a great performance, as did Bryan Cranston of course. Lane is also in Batman v. Superman, which is out on March 23. Here’s some of what she told

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Kate Hudson wants 'anywhere between 4 and 6' more kids 'I love the chaos'
Added 8 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kate Hudson wants 'anywhere between 4 and 6' more kids 'I love the chaos'
Kate Hudson is wrapping up her book signing tour for Pretty Happy, Healthy Ways to Love Your Body. One of the reasons Kate says she wrote the book is because she is asked constantly about her fitness, health and beauty routine and she can never encapsulate her ideas into small sound bites. Everyone and their mother has a lifestyle book out today and although I assume this is a way to augment her income, I appreciate her logic. Kate is asked about her body constantly, which does go part and parcel with designing a fitness line, but Kate advocates working to make yourself happy when it comes to wellness. Kate also has some pretty positive things to say about the Sisterhood of Lifestyle Clique, which is nice to hear. In addition to the usual subjects, Kate is finding a lot of reasons to talk about her kids. In her her interview on JUST JENNY on SiriusXM Stars 109 she discussed a variety of topics, including the persistent rumors about her mom Goldie Hawn marrying longtime partner Kurt Russell and if she wants more children:

Jenny: So many rumors that your mom (Goldie Hawn) and Kurt (Russell) are going to get married, True or not true?

Kate: That?s like a thirty-two year old rumor, it always seems to creep back up again. I don?t know,

Look, I always say the same thing, it would be awesome, I think it would be hilarious at this point if they got married? They?re pretty great.

Jenny: You have two boys, Do you want more kids?

Kate: Yeah, I really want more kids.

Jenny: How many would you like?

Kate: Anywhere between four and six?.I just love them (kids). They?re a pain in my ass and they?re the best pain in my ass ever. I just love every bit of it. I love the insanity. I love the chaos. I love laughing with them?


Kate also talks about making an album (really?) and meeting Adele. So Kate loves the insanity and wants to double or triple it? My guess is that Kate has recently come to a place of peace about her relationship with her own erstwhile father, Bill Hudson. She told Inquisitr that not only does she credit her humor to him but also that his abandonment was a blessing given the bond it formed between Kate and her brother Oliver. I imagine if she found solace in her sibling, wanting an army of kids who look after each other would be attractive. Sweet mother of mercy I couldn?t imagine it though; we are 2 kids to 2 adults at the Temple of Hecate, which leaves the adults clearly outnumbered

We discussed Kate?s hair on the last post, today let?s discuss her outfits. Some of you mentioned Kate?s business suit last time looked like her East Coast Author outfit; she seems to be changing it up based on her locale. In Connecticut, she popped on her Junior League red turtleneck. In Miami, Kate wore a Thankoon leafy burnout crop top and fabulous print palazzos, which I guess goes easily from book signing to rave, a look everyone needs in their closets. For the Mall of America, she sported a girl-next-door crewneck and hastily slicked back hair. And for Naperville, Illinois, Kate opted for spunky overalls with a wide knit sweater over a dark bra and suede boots. Let?s play What Will Kate Wear Next: the pics from her signing at The Grove in LA yesterday aren?t out yet but I am guessing another crop top and what ? flirty skirt?

Signing away ?? #ThankYouConnecticut #PrettyHappy #BookTour #LoveIsAWeapon #LittleScream

A video posted by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on Feb 18, 2016 at 6:35pm PST

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