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Rita Ora Topless Goodness
Added 5 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Rita Ora Topless Goodness
Rita Ora is stepping up her game and pulling her best Rihanna by teasing us with a topless flash. However, for her to really steal Rihannas thunder she needs to do that uncovered. I know social media platforms dont allow it, but my inbox does. Ill be waiting for it! []

23-Aug-2023 :Rita Ora and Taika Waititi took an ice bath with Wim Hof
3-Aug-2021 :Taika Waititi & Rita Ora made their red-carpet couple debut at an LA prem...
28-Apr-2021 :Rita Ora and Taika Waititi have been seeing each other
16-Dec-2020 :Rita Ora is on holiday until next year ?in the hope she can start afresh ...
1-Dec-2020 :Rita Ora fined $12k for having a birthday party in London
4-Jan-2019 :Rita Ora Is Killing It
2-Jan-2019 :Rita Ora In A Bikini Is Sweet Juiciness
3-Dec-2018 :Rita Ora Delivers Hotness
28-Nov-2018 :Rita Ora Is Hot Fun
26-Oct-2018 :Rita Ora?s Cleavage Show is Great
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Nina Dobrev Needs Help With Her Instagram
Added 5 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Nina Dobrev Needs Help With Her Instagram
I think Nina Dobrev is on a permanent vacation and is totally an Instagram Model now. I dont think Ive ever seen a movie or TV show that she has been in, but Im guessing it wasnt working out as well as being a social media star. Anyway, here she is in a bikini again. []

22-Feb-2019 :Nina Dobrev to troll calling her anorexic: ?I eat burgers and fries all t...
11-Dec-2018 :Nina Dobrev Is Working Hard In A Bikini
8-Nov-2018 :Nina Dobrev?s Booty Is Fit As F%ck
28-Sep-2018 :Nina Dobrev Is The Most Fun Instagram Model
21-Sep-2018 :Nina Dobrev Is Sitll Flaunting Her Good On Instagram
18-Sep-2018 :Nina Dobrev?s Leg Spread And Humping
28-Aug-2018 :Nina Dobrev?s Booty Gram
21-Aug-2018 :Nina Dobrev Is A Hard Working Instagram Model
9-Jul-2018 :Nina Dobrev Is Becoming A Great InstaModel
25-Jun-2018 :Nina Dobrev Is A Hot InstaModel
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Alessandra Ambrosio Is Amazing At 37
Added 5 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Alessandra Ambrosio Is Amazing At 37
I forgot that Alessandra Ambrosio is 37 years old and has a body like that. Also, keep in mind that she is a MILF too. So ladies, there is no excuse to not have a model body. Sure you cant vacation 340 days a year and work only 10, but still get your fat ass []

17-Sep-2018 :Alessandra Ambrosio Is The Hottest
5-Sep-2018 :Alessandra Ambrosio Is Burning Man Hot
25-Jul-2018 :Alessandra Ambrosio?s Awesome Supermodel Funbags
20-Jun-2018 :Alessandra Ambrosio?s Hot Fake World Cups
4-Jun-2018 :Alessandra Ambrosio?s Face Gets Squirted On
7-May-2018 :Alessandra Ambrosio Is An Amazing Dinosaur
19-Feb-2018 :Alessandra Ambrosio And Her Hot Friends
31-Jan-2018 :Alessandra Ambrosio And Her Super Hot Bod
9-Jan-2018 :Alessandra Ambrosio Is A Sexy Astronaut
4-Jan-2018 :Alessandra Ambrosio?s And Friends Sweet Booties
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Alessandra Ambrosio news

Kate Beckinsale does goat yoga for her 45th birthday
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kate Beckinsale does goat yoga for her 45th birthday
There are some crazy fads out there, but for some reason, I can totally get behind goat yoga. After seeing photos from Kate Beckinsales quest for zen among some cute critters, Im completely on board.

On Thursday, the actress celebrated her 45th birthday with some adorable dwarf goats. Along for the celebration were her 19-year-old daughter Lily and Lilys dad, Kates ex, Michael Sheen. Kate chronicled the event on Instagram. She posted a photo of a downward dog with a goat on her backside, givinga shout out to goat companions Billy and Burlap. We all prayed that the goat?s blessings would happen on Michael?s mat and they did. She thanked the goats for knowing instinctively where to friendly fire. Side note, if goat yoga leaves me with a physique like Kates, Im signing up immediately.

Best birthday ever . We all prayed that the goat?s blessings would happen on Michael?s mat and they did. Thank you #laughingfrogyoga and #hellocrittercare for such a fun day and also to Billy and Burlap, for knowing instinctively where to friendly fire ??????

A post shared by Kate Beckinsale (@katebeckinsale) on Jul 27, 2018 at 2:26pm PDT

9-Jan-2022 :Kate Beckinsale needs to take a bath every day to transition from day to ...
21-Oct-2021 :Kate Beckinsale?s hospitalization was caused by putting on leggings
5-Aug-2021 :Kate Beckinsale on plastic surgery: ?I haven?t had any? I just literally ...
23-Oct-2020 :Kate Beckinsale, 47, is done with her ?perfect quarantine BF? 22-yr-old G...
4-May-2020 :Kate Beckinsale thinks 22-yr-old Goody Grace is ?the perfect quarantine b...
15-Apr-2020 :Kate Beckinsale is dating and/or quarantining with 22-year-old Goody Grac...
12-Mar-2020 :Kate Beckinsale has a horrendous story about Harvey Weinstein post-9/11
13-Jan-2020 :Kate Beckinsale in Julien MacDonald at the Critics? Choice Awards: too mu...
7-Jan-2020 :Kate Beckinsale in Romona Keveza at the InStyle Golden Globes party: over...
26-Apr-2019 :Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson are over after about four months together
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