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Kim Kardashian is not happy that Kanye keeps pursuing her & stalking her
Added 887 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kim Kardashian is not happy that Kanye keeps pursuing her & stalking her
Kanye West and Julia Fox are in the midst of some kind of showmance. I think they both understand what they?re doing and they?re fine with it. Julia is having fun and she enjoys the press attention. Kanye wants to ?flaunt? Julia around in the hope of making Kim Kardashian sick with jealousy. Meanwhile, Kim is still (?) on vacation in the Bahamas, and sources close to Kim see through Kanye?s ploys for attention. Except that Kim excuse me, sources close to Kim is actually giving Kanye air by acknowledging that he?s kind of stalking her? Still, I?m glad that she?s concerned:

Kanye West has continued to pursue estranged wife Kim Kardashian ? by deliberately showing up where she plans to appear ? even as he continues to date actress Julia Fox. West ? now known as Ye after a legal name change ? flew to Miami for New Year?s Eve because he thought she was going to be there with her new boyfriend Pete Davidson, who was hosting a show there with Miley Cyrus ? so Kim stayed home in California with the kids.

Then, according to sources, she had originally planned to vacation with Davidson to the Dominican Republic in early January. But Kanye, 44, got wind of it and was talking about showing up there too ? so Kim, 41, secretly changed the destination to the Bahamas.

The source said: Kim had planned to go to Miami with Pete for New Year, but then Kanye was suddenly doing an impromptu show there. Of course, he met his new girlfriend Julia Fox there, and he has made a big deal out of flaunting their new relationship. Kim had planned to go to the Dominican Republic with Pete just after New Year, but Kanye somehow got wind of it, and so she secretly changed the destination to the Bahamas. And she was none too happy when he bought a house across the street from her in Hidden Hills.?

The Post reported in late December that after Kim won their former marital and main family home in the divorce and transferred it fully to under her name, West bought a single-story house directly across the street. It appears he wanted the five-bedroom, four-bathroom house so much that he paid $4.5 million ? $421,000 over the asking price. He closed on the place on Dec. 20 under the LLC, Spruce Blue Trust.

Other sources insisted while the ?Donda? rapper has vowed to ?get his family back together,? the purchase was to allow West to spend more time with his kids with Kim. The place has been described by realtors as a ?tear-down? and ? given that Kanye completely redesigned their original Hidden Hills home ? West is expected to completely knock the place down and rebuild it before he moves in.

[From Page Six]

Imagine spending $4.5 million on a home and then tearing it down to create a dead, white space with no furniture, all so you can obsessively watch over your ex/estranged wife. It doesn?t surprise me at all that Ye has an obsessive nature, nor does it surprise me that he?s giving off a major stalker vibe. What should Kim do? Continue to point it out in public? Give it air? Ignore him completely? Change her plans at the last minute constantly to thwart his efforts? My God. What a giant pain in the ass. Yeezy is going to be lucky if he gets through this divorce without Kim getting a restraining order against him.

Photos courtesy of Kim?s Instagram, Backgrid.

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Was Kendall Jenner's black Monot dress inappropriate for a wedding reception'
Added 887 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Was Kendall Jenner's black Monot dress inappropriate for a wedding reception'
Kendall Jenner was kind of quiet in 2021, right? She launched her stupid 818 Tequila last February, but other than that, she just kind of wandered around here and there, working occasionally and mostly staying quiet. Towards the end of 2021, she did one notable thing: she was bridesmaid at her friend Lauren Perez?s wedding. For the ceremony, Kendall wore a simple-looking blue satin/sateen dress. For the reception, she changed into the Monot dress you can see in these pics from Lauren?s Instagram. Ladies, what would you do if one of your bridesmaids changed into boob floss for your wedding reception? Lauren seemed fine with it.

All eyes may have been on Kendall Jenner at BFF Lauren Perez?s wedding, but the bride didn?t seem to mind. After Jenner, 26, served as a bridesmaid alongside Bella Hadid for the November 2021 nuptials, the group changed out of their blue silk dresses into separate outfits for the reception ? and the supermodel caused quite a stir with her barely-there Mnot LBD covered in cutouts.

Perez shared snaps from her big day on Instagram, including a few of Jenner in the skin-baring design, which sparked backlash.

?Inappropriate outfit at a wedding @kendalljenner I?m embarrassed for you,? one person commented, adding ?#cringe.?

After Perez chimed in, saying she thought Jenner looked ?stunning? and that she ?loved? the look, the model herself replied, ?@laurenperez obvi asked for your approval in advance too.?

While Jenner went an unconventional route with her bridesmaid attire, the bride kept things traditional in a strapless Vera Wang gown for her Jewish ceremony in Miami ? though she did change into a Vivienne Westwood dress and custom Nike Air Force 1s for the reception.

[From Page Six]

Yeah? I actually think it?s fine, especially if Kendall got the bride to approve her boob floss ahead of time? Personally, I think these days, reception dresses are more like ?anything goes.? Most people want to change into something comfortable that they can eat, drink and dance in, although I?m not sure this Monot dress is that. And hey, at least Kendall didn?t wear white to another woman?s wedding. Also: I definitely feel that over the past decade especially, it?s become more common for wedding guests to wear black to the ceremony and party. Which I like!

Photos courtesy of Lauren?s IG.

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Drew Barrymore has custom bookshelves and books lining her living room
Added 887 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Drew Barrymore has custom bookshelves and books lining her living room
I only got two books for Christmas. I?m happy to have them, I just expected more. I bought other people books that I intend to steal, however, so it?ll all work out. And the truth is, I don?t have any space for any more because the ones I bought right before Christmas keep falling off my nightstand. As much as I love to read, I have shockingly few bookshelves in my home. In other words, I am no Drew Barrymore. Drew, who is an author and an avid reader, posted a cute series of clips to her Instagram on New Year?s Eve of herself watching When Harry Met Sally. However, what most people took away from these vids is the fact that Drew has an entire room lined with custom bookshelves filled with hundreds of books:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore)

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