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Bella Thorne Is Dating A Disgusting Degenrate
Added 337 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Bella Thorne Is Dating A Disgusting Degenrate
As I’m sure you guys know, I’ve done a lot of posts on Bella Thorne over the years. We’re talking at least three a week. But this is the first time I’ve ever been offended by one of her pictures. I mean, she’s really going to put up a picture of some dude in her […]

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Britney Spears Will Hit You One More Time
Added 337 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Britney Spears Will Hit You One More Time
It’s been almost 20 years since Britney Spears first became a worldwide sensation/pants fire with her video for “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and sure, she had a few rough years in between, but I’m happy to report that she’s finally back to being the smoking hottie we all used to know and love. […]

More Photos Here

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15-Jan-2018 :Britney Spears Hits It One More Time
12-Jan-2018 :Is Britney Spears returning to Las Vegas ? as a married woman?
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Rita Ora's Cleavage Deserves To Be Famous
Added 337 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Rita Ora's Cleavage Deserves To Be Famous
I’ll never understand whyRita Ora hasn’t become more famous yet. I mean, sure, I can’t name a single one of her songs, but I bet I could name at least half her topless photoshoots. And as far as I’m concerned, those are way more important. Pretty much anyone can make a hit song with Auto-tune […]

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6-Jun-2018 :Rita Ora Belongs In A Bikini
29-May-2018 :Rita Ora Works It Real Good
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Taylor Swift Is Getting Thick And Lip-Syncing
Added 337 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Taylor Swift Is Getting Thick And Lip-Syncing
I know I have to be careful what I say aboutTaylor Swift, because her fans are straight-up crazy and I’m kind of scared of them. And I have a feeling that if I said that Taylor looked like she was caught lip-syncing on SNL the other night and that she also looks like she’s starting […]

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Gal Gadot refuses to do the 'Wonder Woman' sequel if Brett Ratner is involved
Added 337 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Gal Gadot refuses to do the 'Wonder Woman' sequel if Brett Ratner is involved
Lainey at LaineyGossip has been saying this whole time that Brett Ratner is the one we should be keeping our eyes on in the unfolding sexual harassment/abuse scandal rocking Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein was important, of course, but his power was already waning before the NY Times and New Yorker broke their stories. Brett Ratner was and is an incredibly powerful person still, and he has connections to a lot of the current power players operating in Hollywood today. Ratner?s RatPac-Dune helped produce Wonder Woman for Warner Bros, as well as the Batfleck movies and Justice League. Ratner and Warner Bros already ?severed ties? with each other two weeks ago. And now Gal Gadot is using whatever power she has to say that she will not take part in another Wonder Woman movie if Ratner is in any way involved:

?Wonder Woman? star Gal Gadot is continuing to battle accused Hollywood sexual harasser Brett Ratner by refusing to sign for a superhero sequel unless the movie-maker is completely killed from the franchise. A Hollywood source tells Page Six that Gadot ? who last month backed out of a dinner honoring Ratner, where she was due to present him with an award ? is taking a strong stance on sexual harassment in Hollywood and doesn?t want her hit ?Wonder Woman? franchise to benefit a man accused of sexual misconduct.

Ratner?s production company RatPac-Dune Entertainment helped produce ?Wonder Woman? as part of its co-financing deal with Warner Bros. The movie has grossed more than $400 million internationally, and Ratner?s company will take a healthy share of the profits. A Warner Bros. insider explained, ?Brett made a lot of money from the success of ?Wonder Woman,? thanks to his company having helped finance the first movie. Now Gadot is saying she won?t sign for the sequel unless Warner Bros. buys Brett out [of his financing deal] and gets rid of him.?

The source added of Israeli-born Gadot, ?She?s tough and stands by her principles. She also knows the best way to hit people like Brett Ratner is in the wallet. She also knows that Warner Bros. has to side with her on this issue as it develops. They can?t have a movie rooted in women?s empowerment being part-financed by a man accused of sexual misconduct against women.?

Earlier this month, Gadot posted on Instagram: ?Bullying and sexual harassment is unacceptable! I stand by all the courageous women confronting their fears and speaking out. Together we stand. We are all united in this time of change.?

Reps for Gadot and Ratner did not comment. A rep for Warner Bros said only, ?False.?

[From Page Six]

It honestly sounded like Warner Bros and Ratner were already working out their divorce, and Ratner was probably unlikely to have anything to do with the Wonder Woman franchise from here on out, but good on Gadot for insisting on it and throwing her weight around. They honestly couldn?t do a WW sequel without her – like, what are they going to do, recast the role after the enormous success of the first film? Of course not. I kind of wonder if Gadot has a personal story about Ratner too.

Embed from Getty Images

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Jennifer Garner in white Roland Mouret at the Baby2Baby gala: classic and lovely?
Added 337 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Garner in white Roland Mouret at the Baby2Baby gala: classic and lovely?
The Baby2Baby Gala, presented by Paul Mitchell this year, had an incredible turnout with plenty of celebrity women in beautiful gowns and some in suits. I was impressed with the fashion overall. Baby2Baby is a Los Angeles-based charity that distributes basic necessities to impoverished children and families including diapers, clothing, furniture and school supplies. They have a lot of celebrity support. Last night Gwyneth Paltrow was given “The Giving Tree Award” “for her commitment to low-income children.” I wasn’t familiar with her charity work but apparently she’s done work for non-profit LA Kitchen and she is the “charity ambassador” for a luxury watch brand named Frederique Constant. She’s also on the board of the Robin Hood Foundation, which focuses on poverty in NY City.

I wanted to start with Jennifer Garner as I was so impressed with this white Roland Mouret gown she wore. At first I thought that was a built-in cape but it’s really just two split sleeves. It’s gorgeous and this is a great look for her. She is so strikingly different on the red carpet versus her everyday style.

Here’s Gwyneth in a Tom Ford black tuxedo suit. I love this suit but her smudged blue makeup is awful and I would assume she did it herself. In case you think I’m shading her unnecessarily, she’s admitted she is useless at doing her own makeup. She apparently hasn’t improved in the six years since she said that.

Zoe Saldana was in a bizarre black dress with a wide collar, 3/4 length sleeves and a split skirt with a few buttons thrown in for good measure. This is by The Row, which I guess you can tell by how shapeless it is. Zoe and her husband, Marco Perego, seem solid and I like them together.

A very pregnant Jessica Alba was in a black and lace Brock Collection gown. She and her husband are also so cute! I think he was messing around on her years ago, but hopefully he’s changed.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, still going strong after 11 years together. I don’t have an ID on Nicole’s leopard print dress but I assume it’s House of Harlow. It may be this dress, the X-Revolve Lafayette, which retails for $298.

In “what the hell were you thinking?” we have Jessica Biel in a Giambattista Valli with see through honeycomb netting over granny panties and a bra. Just no. Maybe this would fly at an MTV event or the Grammys but not at a charity gala.

Also fug we have Kristen Bell in a regent st. blue (I cheated, I’ve never even heard of that color) Vika Gazinskaya dress with giant structured ruffle sleeves. I would say she looks like a sexy alien from the original Star Trek but she’s too covered up for that.

Poor January Jones was in a flutter sleeve v-neck top that tied at the bust paired with a floor length polka dot skirt. Look at the skirt closely. It’s see-through but only at the top until halfway down her thighs. Awful, but she looks like she doesn’t care, which is halfway toward pulling this off.

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Rachel Bilson Shows Off Her Curvier Curves And Her Bustier Cleavage
Added 337 days agoSource: Popoholic
Rachel Bilson Shows Off Her Curvier Curves And Her Bustier Cleavage
Here’s one of my all-time favorite celebrity crushes, Rachel Bilson, looking absolutely adorable and ultra cute at this past weekend’s 2017 Baby2Baby Gala, and showing off her groovy little curves and her plentiful braless cleavage, all of which got curvier and bustier since becoming a mom… lord have mercy! Not only is this babe curvier in all of the right places, and bustier than ever, she’s also single now, which means that she’s at her hotness peak if you ask me. And, you know, I’m an expert. Alright, enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

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28-Aug-2017 :Rachel Bilson Got Cleavagy For The Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor Fight
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Kristen Bell Flashes Her Sexy Little Braless Cleavage
Added 337 days agoSource: Popoholic
Kristen Bell Flashes Her Sexy Little Braless Cleavage
Here’s super cutie Kristen Bell looking absolutely stunning at this past weekend’s 2017 Baby2Baby Gala, and showing off what a smoking hot mama she is thanks to a sexy display of her braless little cleavage in a dress (straight from Frozen?) that was made to show of a smoking hot mama’s sexy little cleavage… wowzers! This peach has turned the sexiness up to ten the last year or so, and she’s close to hitting eleven with her continues display of sexy braless cleavage action. Speaking of… enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

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22-Jan-2018 :Kristen Bell in J. Mendel at the SAG Awards: forgettable or striking?
22-Jan-2018 :Kristen Bell in J. Mendel at the SAGs: forgettable or striking?
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Amy Adams in Andrew Gn at the American Cinematheque Awards: cute or weird?
Added 338 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Amy Adams in Andrew Gn at the American Cinematheque Awards: cute or weird?
Amy Adams, who still hasn?t won an Oscar, was presented with an American Cinematique Award over the weekend honoring her work in film. She’s 43, which surprises me as I still think of her as five years younger, and has been nominated for an Oscar five times. She’s being compared to Leonardo DiCaprio (pre 2017) in that she seems well overdue for one. In fact she was robbed of even a nomination this year, for Arrival, while Meryl Streep was nominated for her goofy role on Florence Foster Jenkins. I guess the academy just really doesn’t like or get science fiction.

Anyway Amy was honored last night by her costars for her huge body of work. Tom Hanks introduced her and made a questionable joke about not auditioning in hotel rooms, which was uncalled for. Too soon. Other than that it sounds like a nice night for her. In her acceptance speech she said she liked movies because they make her feel like she’s dreaming. As a movie lover I could relate so much to that.

Adams was introduced by a string of A-list collaborators, headed off by her ?Charlie Wilson?s War? co-star Tom Hanks, who was in a particularly playful mood.

Hanks? introduction took the packed audience inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel ballroom along the ?butt-kicking? adventure of Amy Adams? career, going all the way from her brief stint working at Hooters to the wide-reaching Hollywood success she?s achieved today, through a ?struggling actress in Hollywood montage,? which concluded with a brief Harvey Weinstein-

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Amy Adams videos
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Jennifer Lawrence in McQueen at the Governors Awards: overkill or amazing?
Added 338 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Lawrence in McQueen at the Governors Awards: overkill or amazing?
The Governors Awards were held this past weekend in LA. The Governors Awards have become quite a nice event, and they get bigger and bigger every year. They?re not televised, and reportedly the vibe is much more relaxed and quiet because of it. This awards show is for the more low-key Oscar winners of the year, where they give away the pre-announced honorary lifetime achievement and special achievement Oscars to worthy people. This year?s honorary Oscar winners included Donald Sutherland, director Charles Burnett, cinematographer Owen Roizman, director Agnes Varda and Alejandro Inarritu (for his virtual reality art installation). You can read more about this year?s Governors Awards here.

So many young and fashionable ladies came out for the Governors Awards this year, it sort of surprised me. Many of these women have potential Oscar campaigns, and this is an event full of Oscar voters, so of course they wanted to come out and shake hands and be ?seen.? Did you realize that Jennifer Lawrence is campaigning for an Oscar for ?mother!?? She is. She came to this event with Darren Aronofsky (UGH) and she wore this absurd Alexander McQueen. I think this McQueen would have been fine at the Golden Globes or the Met Gala, but at this event, it was totally overkill.

Here?s Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton. I HATE THIS. It looks like she repurposed an old safari jacket.

Salma Hayek in? what is this? McQueen? Is it wrong that I don?t hate this? I really don?t hate this at all. I actually like it a lot.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. LV never does right by her. Ever.

Margot Robbie in Louis Vuitton. I guess LV decided to give their only good dress to Margot. I still want to rip off that stupid bow on her stomach though.

Diane Kruger in Givenchy. Poor Diane, the ruffle monster attacked her.

Tessa Thompson, wearing Altuzarra and baby bangs. I love her, and I hate everything about this. This dress is wrong on her completely, and the baby bangs are LITERALLY THE WORST.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Ben Affleck on if he?ll play Batman again: 'we?ll see what the future holds'
Added 338 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ben Affleck on if he?ll play Batman again: 'we?ll see what the future holds'
Ben Affleck didn’t show up to church yesterday. It was just Jennifer Garner in gray slacks, a black short sleeve t-shirt and pointy loafers with their kids. Last week Ben was in New York visiting his girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, who was busy at work on Saturday Night Live. (Lindsay and Ben stepped out together last Wednesday and you can see those photos on US Magazine. They’re exclusives so we don’t have access to them.) Ben was seen flying out of JFK the next day, November 9, so he presumably was in LA over the weekend. He’s definitely been doing the press rounds for Justice League as there are a bunch of new interviews with him. Given the current climate in Hollywood and the big question mark over Ben’s future as Batman, it doesn’t seem like the best idea to put him front and center for promotion but he has been. In fact Ben was asked point blank if he would continue to play Batman and it sounded like he shrugged. In a brief interview segment with ET, which is below, Jason Momoa pitches himself to host SNL because he never has and really wants a chance. He’s surely hoping Ben will put a word in with his girlfriend. The interviewer then quickly changes the subject and asks Ben if he’ll be playing Batman a total of five times, which would make two more additional movies, and he’s like “I don’t know.” Here’s a transcript of that part, and the writer at Bleeding Cool added all the commentary, which was cute so I left it in.

Wright: How many times have you played Batman now? Three?

Affleck (looking tired): Well, if you count Suicide Squad, it?s three, yeah. (exhales heavily)

Wright: You think that?s gonna be a five-timer at least?

Affleck: (inhales deeply) I don?t know about that. (sighs heavily) We?ll see what the future holds.

[Transcript via]

Advance reviews for Justice League, which is out this week, are generally positive. That’s a good thing for a DC vehicle as they tend to be less well received than Marvel’s films, with the notable exception of Wonder Woman. A lot of money and effort was spent on reshoots with new director Joss Whedon, and it may have paid off. Critics say JL has more humor than Suicide Squad or Batman vs. Superman and that it’s a definite improvement over both.

Do you think Ben is waiting for the other shoe to drop? So far we’ve heard he’s groped three women at least. Do you think he’s worried that more women are going to come out with receipts? Do you think his team has been frantically trying to suppress all that behind the scenes? Whose bright idea was the US Weekly cover this week? That’s the one where Garner still stands by him, he’s sober yet again after rehab and his estranged wife’s goodness is rubbing off on him still, despite the fact that he’s openly dating someone else. It doesn’t seem like a great PR strategy for this film, but they’re trying to paint him as a sympathetic character I guess. It’s like WB doesn’t know yet if they’re going to keep him on and Ben is so ambivalent that he’s unsure too. At least he took Kevin Smith’s lead and is donating his Weinstein residuals.

Here’s that interview with Ben saying he doesn’t know how often he’ll be playing Batman.

photos credit: Pacific Coast News and Backgrid

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Ben Affleck news

Ellen Page: Brett Ratner outed me in front of cast & crew when I was 18 years old
Added 338 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ellen Page: Brett Ratner outed me in front of cast & crew when I was 18 years old
In 2006, Ellen Page appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand, one of the worst of the X-Men series. That was the film helmed by director Brett Ratner, and it was and is widely seen as one of the worst entries in the franchise. Ellen played Kitty Pryde, a young mutant at Professor X?s school for mutants. She was 18 years old when she filmed it. And Ellen has some awful stories about Brett Ratner. She wrote a lengthy Facebook post about Ratner and a lot more – you can read the full piece here. Here?s the Ratner part of it:

?You should f–k her to make her realize she?s gay.? He said this about me during a cast and crew ?meet and greet? before we began filming, X Men: The Last Stand. I was eighteen years old. He looked at a woman standing next to me, ten years my senior, pointed to me and said: ?You should f–k her to make her realize she?s gay.? He was the film?s director, Brett Ratner.

I was a young adult who had not yet come out to myself. I knew I was gay, but did not know, so to speak. I felt violated when this happened. I looked down at my feet, didn?t say a word and watched as no one else did either. This man, who had cast me in the film, started our months of filming at a work event with this horrific, unchallenged plea. He ?outed? me with no regard for my well-being, an act we all recognize as homophobic. I proceeded to watch him on set say degrading things to women. I remember a woman walking by the monitor as he made a comment about her ?flappy p–sy?.

We are all entitled to come into an awareness of our sexual orientation privately and on our own terms. I was young and although already a working actor for so long I had in many ways been insulated, growing up on film sets instead of surrounded by my peers. This public, aggressive outing left me with long standing feelings of shame, one of the most destructive results of homophobia. Making someone feel ashamed of who they are is a cruel manipulation, designed to oppress and repress. I was robbed of more than autonomy over my ability to define myself.

Ratner?s comment replayed in my mind many times over the years as I encountered homophobia and coped with feelings of reluctance and uncertainty about the industry and my future in it. The difference is that I can now assert myself and use my voice to to fight back against the insidious queer and transphobic attitude in Hollywood and beyond. Hopefully having the position I have, I can help people who may be struggling to be accepted and allowed to be who they are ?to thrive. Vulnerable young people without my advantages are so often diminished and made to feel they have no options for living the life they were meant to joyously lead.

I got into an altercation with Brett at a certain point. He was pressuring me, in front of many people, to don a t-shirt with ?Team Ratner? on it. I said no and he insisted. I responded, ?I am not on your team.? Later in the day, producers of the film came to my trailer to say that I ?couldn?t talk like that to him.? I was being reprimanded, yet he was not being punished nor fired for the blatantly homophobic and abusive behavior we all witnessed. I was an actor that no one knew. I was eighteen and had no tools to know how to handle the situation.

[From Ellen?s Facebook]

I believe Ellen Page. I also believe that dozens (if not hundreds) of actors and below-the-line talent probably have similar stories about Brett Ratner?s behavior, his assault, his general grossness, his casual sexism, misogyny and homophobia. Lest we forget, he was basically fired from producing the Oscars because he said ?rehearsal is for f-gs.? Also: Anna Paquin remembers the day Ratner outed Ellen too:

I was there when that comment was made. I stand with you .@EllenPage

Anna Paquin (@AnnaPaquin) November 10, 2017

29-Sep-2017 :Ellen Page has Kristen Wiig?s name tattooed on her arm
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Jessica Biel Looking All Kinds Of Stunningly Sexy In A Revealing Dress
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Jessica Biel Looking All Kinds Of Stunningly Sexy In A Revealing Dress
Here’s Jessica Biel looking ridiculously stunning and like a supernova of hotness at this past weekend?s 2017 Baby2Baby Gala, and inducing a serious drool-fest as well thanks to her see-through dress that’s showing off a whole lot of skin and leg/thigh action and her fancy underwear… sweet Christmas! Even without a bootylicious booty show or a revealing display of her underrated cleavage this peach still manages to make me weak at the knees. Sigh… damn you Justin Timberlaaaaaake! Ahem… enjoy the photos!

Photo Credit: Getty

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18-Sep-2018 :Jessica Biel Looking All Kinds Of Ridiculously Hot And Flawless
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25-Jul-2018 :Jessica Biel Bootylicious And Ultra Sexy/Fit In Skin-Tight Leggings
17-Jul-2018 :Jessica Biel shuttered her terrible LA restaurant Au Fudge after two awfu...
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Megan Fox Selfies Her Naughty Lingerie Sexiness' WOW!
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Megan Fox Selfies Her Naughty Lingerie Sexiness' WOW!
Here’s a selfie that the sexiest celebrity babe on the entire freaking planet, Megan Fox, just posted on her Instagram giving us a preview of her upcoming Frederick?s of Hollywood lingerie campaign, and showing off her jaw-dropping sultry/sexy looks and her insanely sexy/perfect body in a revealing/naughty lingerie number… sweet baby Jesus! Ain’t nothing more drool-inducing than Megan Fox in lingerie. Especially when said lingerie is ultra skimpy and revealing at the bottom. Nice. Enjoy, and try not to drool all over yourselves!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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7-Mar-2018 :Megan Fox?s Hotness Is On The Rise
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Pregnant Jessica Alba Busting Out Her Massive Bosom And Bootylicious Booty!
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Pregnant Jessica Alba Busting Out Her Massive Bosom And Bootylicious Booty!
Here’s a very pregnant Jessica Alba looking like she’s about to pop triplets, and more importantly, making everyone squirm at this past weekend?s 2017 Baby2Baby Gala with a drool-inducing display of her bootylicious booty and her extra large bosom in a skin-tight dress… sweet baby Jesus! She totally looks like she’s about to pop. And I’m not talking about her belly this time. Booya! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

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