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A barely-recognizable Jessica Simpson stepped out in NYC to receive an Icon Award
Added 89 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
A barely-recognizable Jessica Simpson stepped out in NYC to receive an Icon Award
Over the summer, Jessica Simpson did a big exclusive with Bustle an editorial and an interview. I hadn?t seen new photos of her in a while and I was startled by how different she looked in those pics. She said, in the interview, that she?s not on Ozempic, but her face tells a different story. Well, Jessica stepped out this week in New York, and here are some photos of her appearance. She was honored at Footwear News? Annual Achievement Awards and she received the Icon Award for her successful footwear and clothing company.

I?m not sure how much I want to get into it or try to figure out what Jessica has done to herself. After her third child and after Jessica got sober, she steadily lost weight and that changed her face. But? yeah, I also think she?s gotten some work done and it?s not good quality work either. She was always so beautiful, but it?s actually on-brand for Jess that she sort of looks like a Real Housewife now.

Professionally, Jessica is seemingly in a good place, so at least there?s that. She and her mother have basically bought back full control of Jessica?s eponymous clothing line and brand, and Jessica is maybe/probably still in debt up to her eyeballs. It honestly feels pretty tenuous, so I hope everything works out in the end.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Jennifer Garner has so many bags of nuts in her backpack it's embarrassing
Added 89 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Garner has so many bags of nuts in her backpack it's embarrassing
Jennifer Garner has really built up her whole brand on being a ?relatable mom.? I like Garner going back to her Alias days. I know she and Ben Affleck used to do those church and farmers market type family walks for the paparazzi, but since they?ve been divorced, she seems to be a lot more lowkey. I could not even tell you who her new boyfriend is or what he looks like. Part of Jennifer?s public persona is doing videos on Instagram. In a recent video, she showed her followers what?s in her backpack. It starts out innocent, with pens, books, an iPad, and candy. Then, things start to get a little nutty.

?What?s in my bag? I?m embarrassed to even show you ?. ,? Garner, 51, teased via Instagram on Saturday, November 25. The actress proceeded to pull everything out of her backpack for her followers to see. The contents started out normal enough, with a notebook, glasses case and ?a little pouch of pens because pens are life.?

However, the Family Switch actress quickly learned that like a squirrel she hoards nuts ? and candy ? for the winter.

?A little tiny bag of nuts,? she said while pulling a plastic bag out of her carry-all. ?I?m gonna keep these ? just kidding.?

Garner was then surprised to see that she had another plastic bag of nuts and multiple prepackaged varieties of the food item, including two pistachio snacks, in her bag as well. ?Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Nuts,? she said as one by one she unveiled another bag.

The 13 Going on 30 star broke into laughter and started to cry as she kept finding more nuts. ?I?m so scared I?m not going to have any nuts,? she joked through her tears, revealing that she counted eight bags in total.

Garner?s second biggest bag revelation was that she had both empty and full bags of candies hidden deep in her backpack. ?Gotta have your candy handy,? she joked after finding two bags of the same brand. While Garner also carried two books and an iPad, it was her food choices that caught the attention of her fans and friends.

?You are adorable ,? Courteney Cox replied in the comments, while Mindy Kaling agreed, ?Pens are LIFE.?

Reese Witherspoon, meanwhile, wrote what many of Garner?s followers were thinking, commenting, ?So many nuts!! Are you a squirrel? .? One fan went as far as to call Garner ?the Mary Poppins of nuts.?

[From Us Weekly]

?The Mary Poppins of nuts? is absolutely hilarious. The entire video is a really fun watch. It?s also relatable to someone like me, who carries around a tote bag full of ?What if I need these?? items when, really, I would get by just fine with only a clutch, lol. I am also a person who believes that pens are life and The Giver (in her bag because she?s reading with her son) is one of my favorite books. The bag is, well, a Relatable Mom bag.

But back to all the nuts! You never know when you?re going to get hungry and nuts are a good snack option. The immature part of me wonders if she was also giggling at saying the word ?nuts? so many times. My kindergartener once brought home a school library book that was about a squirrel hunting for nuts and by page four, I was crying from laughing so hard. Every sentence was something to the effect of, ?I love nuts! Nuts are yummy! I want to eat some nuts!? I truly burst out laughing every time I said the word. Then, my nine-year-old heard me laughing and came into the room and started chanting ?Deez nuts.?

Also, I may be the last person to know this but just in case I?m not, heres a little PSA: Last night, I discovered that Alias is on Disney+ and Amazon Prime. It really gave me a hankering to do a rewatch. I love the first three seasons of that show and it?s been a good 15 years since my last rewatch. (It was possibly right after The Hangover came out.) It may be time to revisit the world of Sydney Bristow and the yummy Michael Vaughn.

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