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Emily Ratajkowski's Underboob Goodness
Added 5 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Emily Ratajkowski's Underboob Goodness
There must be a lot of pressure being the Queen of Instagram. Here is Emily Ratajkowski showcasing some serious underboob action. I bet she feels the need to always step up her game and make sure she reigns supreme. As long she keeps producing content like this, I feel that she can. Enjoy. []

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27-Mar-2019 :Emily Ratajkowski confirms that her husband hasn?t paid rent on their NYC...
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Elsa Hosk's Breasts Are Worth A Million Bucks
Added 5 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Elsa Hosk's Breasts Are Worth A Million Bucks
As I have been saying for months, Elsa Hosk is the best supermodel out there and it looks like Victorias Secret seems to agree because they gave her the million dollar fantasy bra to wear and showcase. This must be like the pinnacle of any models career. Well, congrats to Elsa. I hope she has []

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17-May-2018 :Elsa Hosk Topless Will Make It Move
26-Mar-2018 :Elsa Hosk Because She Is Amazing
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Elizabeth Hurley Is The Hottest Old lady InstaModel
Added 5 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Elizabeth Hurley Is The Hottest Old lady InstaModel
Elizabeth Hurley must be the hottest old lady Instamodel! She really is loving the technology and taking full advantage of it. If there are any young ladies who want to learn how to be an Instamodel, follow Liz! She may be old, but she can still compete with the best of them. []

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Uma Thurman's Boobies Make A Return To The Spotlight
Added 5 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Uma Thurman's Boobies Make A Return To The Spotlight
Wow, this is an unexpected sight to see; Uma Thurman in Love Magazine. I havent seen or read anything about her in years and here she is showing off her fantastic boobs. This chick is pushing 50 and they still look fabulous. Sure the black and white photos help hide her age, but Im glad []

22-Sep-2021 :Uma Thurman wrote an op-ed about having an abortion in her late teens
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16-Mar-2015 :Uma Thurman Bikini Body in St Barts
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11-Feb-2015 :Uma Thurman?s makeup artist claims Uma?s look was just ?no mascara?
2-Sep-2014 :Uma Thurman Dazzle at Nymphomaniac: Volume II Venice Premiere
2-Sep-2014 :Venice: Can jewelry p0rn save Uma Thurman?s pleated Jenny Packham?
28-Aug-2014 :Uma Thurman & Quentin Tarantino think it?s hilarious you think they?re da...
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Laura Dern states the obvious: families being separated 'should not be a political issue'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Laura Dern states the obvious: families being separated 'should not be a political issue'
Laura Dern is one of my favorite celebrities to cover and I hope we never hear a bad word about her. In a new interview with People, Laura reminds us that a clean environment and clean potable water are basic human rights. She also says that the family separation policy at the border is heartbreaking and that it should not be a political issue. Laura gets to the heart of things and I appreciate how matter-of-fact she is about it. I feel the same. She works with the National Resources Defense Council as well as immigrants rights groups including Kids in Need of Defense and Justice in Motion.

Before you tune this out today is the day you need to VOTE. All you need in most states is your driver?s license or another form of ID. You may not even need a photo ID. Heres where to look that up. You do not need your voting card. (One person told me he lost his and couldn?t vote so I want to clear up this misconception. I understand why first time voters might assume this.)

Here?s some of what Laura told People. Theyre highlighting women activists in their 2018 Women Changing the World feature. Im here for this.

?For me, there?s so much egregious undoing of hard-fought environmental laws that have been put into place to give us clear air, clean water and a clean environment. These should be basic rights and they?re being stripped away.?

Dern, 51, supports the National Resources Defense Council in its efforts to create ?active change you can see,? she says. ?Like you can see that thousands of children were so severely ill from lead-tainted water in Flint, Michigan and the NRDC specifically fought to get the water pipes replaced.?

The organization has also worked with the EPA ?to ban dangerous pesticides on our fruits and vegetables and seven different cancer-causing chemicals that were listed as artificial flavoring in food and drinks and won,? adds Dern, noting that the NRDC has 70 lawsuits in place with the current administration. ?That?s why I try to put my energy in really supporting them because instead of feeling like you are making a difference in a day, you?re making a difference through law.?

Dern is also a strong supporter of groups like Kids in Need of Defense and Justice in Motion, which protects migrant rights across borders to help separated families find each other. ?I know for myself with family members and friends who are fierce in their liberal politics and point of views as well as conservatives, all of them talked about their heartbreak when they saw these babies and young children standing in court without legal representatives with their families that were being detained separately and losing each other,? Dern says. ?Not only being pulled away from each other but not being able to be reunited. That should not be a political issue.?

Reuniting these families and protecting their rights as immigrants ?is God?s work,? the actress adds. ?These families that are in terror deserve to find each other.?

[From People]

The fact that these are even issues in our country just shows how evil the people in power are. Human rights violations are being committed by the government which violate international law. There are still children being held in facilities run by government contractors without oversight and without a plan to reunite them with family members. The racist rhetoric is also abhorrent along with the stripping away of our meager social safety net. There are so many things going wrong now and I hope so hard that we turn it around today. VOTE. So many people?s lives, now and in the future, depend on it.

Be a Gun Sense Voter Tuesday! Text VOTE to 644-33 to find your polling place and the Gun Sense Candidates who will be on your ballot. @Everytown @MomsDemand

Laura Dern (@LauraDern) November 5, 2018

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26-Sep-2019 :?Jurassic World 3? to feature Laura Dern, Sam Neill & Jeff Goldblum: will...
19-Sep-2019 :Laura Dern says she?s not dating Bradley Cooper and they?re just friends
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Elizabeth Olsen debuted her new bangs this weekend: love them or loathe them?
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Elizabeth Olsen debuted her new bangs this weekend: love them or loathe them?
I get it I?m known for my bangs hatred and my button fascination. I?m also pretty obsessed with wiglets and who is and is not wearing said wiglets. Weirdly, I think my bangs hatred is the one thing that gets the most ?push back.? There are a lot of ladies out there who have bangs or will defend bangs to the bitter end. *shrug* I am not one of you. I cannot think of one single woman who looks BETTER with bangs. The most you can hope for with bangs is to draw even, no better and no worse, just a different look. But I swear to God, ladies just need to stop attempting certain kinds of bangs beyond the age of, like, 10 years old? This is an example.

These are photos of Elizabeth Olsen at this weekend?s Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards in LA. She kept it simple with her dress this is a cute A.L.C. little black dress, flattering and pretty. Unfortunately, Olsen decided to debut her new bangs. I?m honestly on the fence about them, I?m 50% ?it?s about the same? and 50% ?she looks worse.? It?s a different look, and it emphasizes her strange nose, which many of you claim is the product of a bad nose job when she was younger (I?ve never been sure of that). I just feel like the bangs just emphasize the weirdest parts of her face. Plus, the bangs themselves aren?t great she?s trying to do those ?70s style, half-shaggy, half-styled bangs and they?re too long and stringy.

Anyway, I just wish she had stayed un-banged. It was a much more sophisticated look.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

More Photos Here

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24-Mar-2016 :Elizabeth Olsen dismisses the rumors of a Tom Hiddleston romance: fibbing...
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Pamela Anderson: 'This third wave feminism is a bore, I think it paralyzes men'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Pamela Anderson: 'This third wave feminism is a bore, I think it paralyzes men'
Admittedly, in the months-long blur of the #MeToo movement rocking Hollywood one year ago, some stories fell through the cracks. I did cover Pamela Anderson?s interview, about 11 months ago, where she blamed all of Harvey Weinstein?s victims for, like, putting themselves in some kind of ?position? to be harassed, assaulted and/or raped. That Pam story was begging for a follow-up that never came? until now. Pamela is clearly off her rocker. Or maybe she?s just not self-aware, or self-reflective about what she?s actually saying. Pamela has spoken before about being molested and victimized as a child, but she?s got that white-woman Stockholm Syndrome thing where she?s still talking about how the #MeToo movement is trash or something. Some quotes from her interview with Australia?s 60 Minutes:

She thinks the #MeToo movement has gone ?too far.? ?I think this feminism can go too far. I?m a feminist, but I think that this third wave of feminism is a bore. I think it paralyzes men, I think this #MeToo movement is a bit too much for me. I?m sorry, I?ll probably get killed for saying that.?

On Harvey Weinstein?s victims: Anderson, 51, brought up the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and said it was ?common sense? to avoid those types of ?business meetings.? ?My mother taught me don?t go to a hotel with a stranger. If someone opens the door in a bathrobe and it?s supposed to be a business meeting, maybe I should go with somebody else. I think some things are just common sense. Or, if you go in ? get the job. I?m Canadian, I?m going to speak my mind. I?m sorry, I?m not politically correct.?

On being a sex symbol: ?I?d rather be a sex symbol than a? not a sex symbol. That?s a compliment, isn?t it? Every girl wants to be sexy. Every girl wants to be, you know, as beautiful or pretty as they can be. I never thought of myself as beautiful. I always thought of myself as kinda cute, a little funny and maybe I?ve improved with age.?

[From Page Six and Fox News]

I would go on and on about how Pam is an idiot and she is but I?d just like to point that there are probably more women who think just like this. Those women see Christina Blasey Ford or Annabella Sciorra or Lupita Nyong?o discussing in detail how they were victimized, and those women believe ?well, it wouldn?t happen to me, those women are trashy, they brought it on themselves, they?re complicit in their own victimization.? Women like Pam believe that if denigrate victims, then men will think they?re ?cool? and fkable and ?real women.? Internalized misogyny is a hell of a thing.

?Feminism can go too far. I'm a feminist, but I think that this third wave of feminism is a bore. I think it paralyses men.? Pamela Anderson criticises the #MeToo movement, warning women to use ?common sense? @PamFoundation #60Mins

60 Minutes Australia (@60Mins) November 4, 2018

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17-Mar-2015 :Pamela Anderson wants half of Rick Salomon?s $40 million poker winnings
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Kate Walsh uses hand cream on her split ends, you can do this?
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kate Walsh uses hand cream on her split ends, you can do this?
Whenever I get mesmerized by the latest beauty trend, which happens often with this job, I make myself consider the ridiculous amount of products I already have. (There are also drugstore dupes and cheaper products on amazon which are almost as good.) The other day I was drooling over the new $50 Urban Decay rose eyeshadow palette. So instead of splurging on it, I realized I had a Smashbox palette with similar blush colors that I could mix and use as eyeshadow. This is such a silly first world problem and yet I face it often: will that new product or accessory be worth the splurge or is there a substitute? Thats why I was interested in this beauty product interview with actress Kate Walsh, 51. Its a sponcon in that shes representing the new Vaseline skincare line, but she sells the hell out of it by talking about her whole routine, including her haircare. She said that you can even use hand cream on your hair in a pinch. Is this because Vaseline doesnt make haircare products yet or is it a useful beauty hack? Kate dyes her roots every three weeks (me too!) so this dry hair is a real problem for her.

She recommends a lot of sleep

Our skin repairs during sleep, but most of us dont get enough of it. Ill turn my device off an hour before bed and I just found out about the option on my phone that says, Turn off your apps and Im so into it. I cheated a couple of times and was like, I need to open up Instagram once more, but I love it because it?s hard to manage so much stimulation and shut your brain down and quiet the mind,? she explains. Her other tips before bedtime? Getting her feelings out on paper and relaxing in the tub. ?I write at night to empty out my brain and it helps in terms of sleep, health, and self-care. I?m also a big fan of hot baths!?

She stays positive

Besides self-care and hair color upkeep, Walsh believes happiness is the main secret to being beautiful. ?Even if I wake up in the darkest mood ever I?m like, ?Today is a perfect day.? When things get really crazy, busy and I get really stressed, I start to think about all the things that I love,? she explains. ?People are like, ?You look good.? And I?m like, ?I?m just so happy.? I feel my best after I get a good night?s sleep, when I?m in New York, walking my dogs, hanging out with my friends, having a nice cup of French pressed coffee with heavy cream or going to workout. I have my regular routine and I love it,? she adds.

Her one weird beauty hack

Maintaining her famous red locks is also important to Walsh. ?I have to get my roots done about every three weeks if Im being honest and I use a cleansing conditioner that?s sulfate-free and doesn?t dry my hair out or strip the color,? she reveals. If she?s ever suffering from a rare bad hair day, Walsh grabs her Extremely Dry Rescue Cream and put it on her ends. ?I have balayage right now and highlights in my hair, so it?s a little drier so even if you just have a hand cream, put it on your ends,? she recommends. The actress also makes sure to take Biotin, Reservatrol, and omegas to keep it strong and healthy.

[From US Magazine]

My very gray hair, at 45, is incredibly resistant to dye. My hairdresser said hes never seen anything like it and were assuming that its due to the progesterone pills Im taking. The only way I can color my hair is to use box dye and leave it on twice as long. So my hair is getting very dry as Kate mentioned. Over the counter treatments are inexpensive though, and I wouldnt use hand cream on it unless I forgot conditioner while was camping (I never do that). I can imagine not having like a highlighter for your face or forgetting blush or something, but not conditioner. That said, I love those tips for using cheap household products as hair treatments or face masks.I googled Vaseline hair and there are tips for using pure Vaseline as a split end treatment, but people say you have to use it sparingly as its very difficult to get out. I dont mind spending a few dollars for something specifically for that purpose.

photos credit:

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