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Brad Pitt thinks Emily Ratajkowski 'is the hottest thing on the planet & they totally gel'
Added 626 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Brad Pitt thinks Emily Ratajkowski 'is the hottest thing on the planet & they totally gel'
Emily Ratajkowski has always struck me as someone who is ?very online,? bordering on extremely online. Is she still like that, or did motherhood change her? She used to constantly post on social media, although she wasn?t really a Chrissy Teigen-level oversharer. Maybe it?s changed. My original thought was? I wonder why Emily isn?t saying anything about these dating Brad Pitt rumors? It?s clear that Brad?s publicist/crisis management team has provided quotes about Brad and Emily?s dating situation to anyone who will listen. Emily is online enough to know what Brad?s team is doing. I wonder if she?s playing along or if she?s waiting to see what happens next. Surely shes online enough to know some or all of whats been covered with Pitt and Angelina Jolies divorce as well. Which means I don?t see her doing anything with Pitt long-term. While Emily?s not my favorite person in the world, I think she?s smart enough to simply use Pitt for a quick hit of PR and hopefully move on.

Anyway, I also wanted to talk about how stupidly obvious Pitt?s campaign is. Earlier this week, ?sources? told Page Six that while ?Brad is not dating anybody,? he?s absolutely gone out with Emily and ?stay tuned.? People?s sources said Brad and Emily ?are spending a lot of time together? but don?t ?appear to be ?dating? formally.? And y?all know when People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight start running these stories as exclusives, they?re talking to Pitt?s people directly. So here?s ET?s story:

Things may be heating up for Brad Pitt and newly single Emily Ratajkowski, with a source telling ET that the two have been hanging out.

Brad and Emily have spent time together, but its very casual. Theyre friends, the source says. Emily recently filed for divorce and Brad is still going through his situation with Angelina [Jolie] so neither are looking for anything serious right now.

[From ET]

Ah, yes, ?his situation with Angelina.? ?Situation? being some kind of abuser code for ?Brad physically abused Angelina and then spent six years financially abusing her and smearing her, while also bribing judges and suing her.? That alone should make Emily want to GTFO. Anyway, the emphasis from Camp Pitt that this is all very new and they?ve only seen each other a few times and maybe it?s not that serious? I don?t know, it?s very weird.

Oh, and here?s one more a source told Life & Style that Brad ?thinks Emily is the hottest thing on the planet and they totally gel.? This is making me miss the Neri Oxman debacle, when Brad?s people swarmed People Mag, ET and Page Six to talk about how Brad loved Neri Oxman?s beautiful mind. Surely it can?t be THIS complicated and tortured to find Brad Pitt an easy PR relationship?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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