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Bella Thorne's Booty Pose And Stuff
Added 7 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Bella Thorne's Booty Pose And Stuff
My favorite thing about thislatest Bella Thorne selfie — well, besides heramazing booty, that is — is how everybody in the background is just standing around waiting while Bella gets the perfect booty shotto put up on Snapchat. That’s a hottie who’s got her priorities in order. Anyway, here’s a few of my other favorites […]

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Bella 'One Face' Hadid Spreads It
Added 7 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Bella 'One Face' Hadid Spreads It
Here’s Bella Hadid spreading her legs for some new spread in W Magazine, and I guess I need to apologize for saying Bella’snot a real model. I mean, just look at this: 8 pictures and she’s making the same damn face in every single one. Now that’s impressive. I don’t even think I could do […]

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25-Nov-2019 :Bella Hadid felt guilty about living ?this incredible life? & still being...
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Sarah Jessica Parker in Narciso Rodriguez at NYCB gala: cheap or cute?
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sarah Jessica Parker in Narciso Rodriguez at NYCB gala: cheap or cute?
Here are some photos from the New York City Ballet?s fall gala on Tuesday evening. Sarah Jessica Parker is on the board of the NYCB, she?s always been a huge supporter of NYCB, and she always attends their seasonal galas. For this gala, SJP chose to wear what looks like a custom gown from Narciso Rodriguez. Narciso is also one of the premiere designers who made costumes for the ballerinas, so most of the women attending the gala wanted to wear Rodriguez (or the other designers). What surprises me here is that Matthew Broderick attended with SJP. It feels like these two rarely do red carpets these days.

As for the dress? I think it?s fug. Go ahead and yell at me! But the satin is too heavy on top, and too cheap-looking on the bottom. Plus, I simply have an aversion to the combination of really dark fabric on top and light fabric on the bottom. It just seems lopsided to me, and this look in particular seems like Rodriguez combined two dress ideas to make one fug combo.

Julianna Marguiles also wore Narciso Rodriguez. Her dress is a lot prettier, right? It suits her. And her husband is hot.

And here?s Diane Kruger in a dress from Giambattista Valli Couture Winter 2016 collection. This is the worst one, right? It looks? I don?t even know, like I don?t have the words. It looks like a child?s dress got mixed into the Christmas decorations box and Kruger decided to go with it.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

More Photos Here

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Halle Berry: 'Adversity does not discriminate' against beautiful people
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Halle Berry: 'Adversity does not discriminate' against beautiful people
Woe are the beautiful women of Hollywood. No one understands how they suffer. When a beautiful woman comes into a casting call, every door shuts in her face. I know that because so many beautiful actresses complain about how difficult it is for them to be beautiful. Jessica Biel has complained, as has Charlize Theron. And now it?s Halle Berry?s turn! To be fair, the context of Halle?s comments does make this a little less egregious. Halle was profiled as one of the many October covers for W Magazine, and she starts out talking about her early years in the beauty pageant system (where she was eventually NOT crowned Miss USA). Then it goes from there. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

How she got into the beauty pageant life: ?Actually, my boyfriend at the time wanted a beauty pageant girlfriend. So he entered me and I got this letter in the mail saying, “You are a finalist in the Miss Team Ohio,” and I thought “Uh, what is this?” And then he told me, “Oh, by the way, I sent your prom picture in and now you have to go.” So I took my prom dress–It was quite taffeta, hoop skirt, off the shoulders, almost like I was getting married–and I went to this contest, thought it was fun, and I ended up winning. And once you start winning these things it’s like a snowball. And you have to go to the next one and if you when there you go to the next one, and I kept winning all the way until the Miss USA pageant where I did not win. I was first runner up to Christy Fichtner. And that ended my beauty pageant career.

Beauty pageant talent: ?I had no talent. We didn’t have to have the talent. [In] Miss America you need a talent. Miss USA you’re talentless. You just show up. Thank god I didn’t have to sing.?

She never wanted to play ?the gorgeous girl?: ?Yeah. It was intentional to not play the gorgeous girl. I came from the world of beauty pageants and modeling and right away when people heard that I got discounted as an actor. So, I had the job of trying to eliminate that part of my persona, and Spike [Lee] gave me a chance to do that. And I took on roles early on that really didn’t rely on my physical self at all and that was a good way to sort of get some credibility within my industry.?

Beauty adversity: ?With Monsters Ball, Lee Daniels didn’t want to see me read. He was actually disgusted by the thought. He thought there’s no way and my argument to him was, just because someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean that they are spared adversity. Adversity does not discriminate. I thought, “My looks haven’t spared me one hardship or one hurt moment or one painful situation. So please, you know, give me a shot at this.” I said, “I often think it’s more interesting when you see someone that looks a certain way struggle in ways that you wouldn’t think they would be struggling with.” He ultimately gave me a chance and that sort of changed the course of my career in so many ways.

[From W Magazine]

?Adversity does not discriminate.? I get what she?s saying. Someone beautiful can still have a terrible marriage and a sh-tty job. Someone beautiful can still be mistreated, assaulted or worse. We all have struggles, even beautiful people. But! So many of these beautiful women ? Halle, Charlize, Jessica Biel ? rarely understand that their lives have always been blessed in a different way because of their bubble of beauty privilege. Sure, Halle had to argue, beg and plead for a chance to audition for a role. But what about all of the (less attractive) women who never got in the door because they didn?t have the ?name? of an actress who get a film greenlighted? And why couldn?t those women make a name for themselves? Because they didn?t get the roles before that, because they were pretty enough, or compelling enough on screen, or watchable, or ?hot.?

Photos courtesy of W Magazine.

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Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling secretly married, 'infatuated with each other'
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling secretly married, 'infatuated with each other'
Hey girl, while you were mourning the Year That Love Died (credit: Hecate), Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling affirmed their relationship by secretly getting married! This makes me happier than it otherwise would, especially considering that we always have to use these turban photos of them together and I never really cared about them as a couple. Somehow they went underground with their relationship after a very paparazzi-friendly courtship and now they have two kids together and have made it official. They got married at some indeterminate date “earlier this year” attended by friends and family and yet we’re only just learning about it now. I love this and how under the radar they’ve been. They only come out to promote stuff and they’re not over the top about their love at all.

US Magazine has this story and they feature Eva and Ryan’s secret wedding as a sidebar on the cover. Jana Kramer, a country singer and DWTS contestant I’ve barely heard of, takes the cover with her confessional about being married to a sex addict. This just brings home to me how much US, and also People, have missed the boat with their covers this week in the wake of the Brangelina split. It’s like Angelina dropped the divorce news in time for the celebrity outlets to pick it up too and no one was agile enough. Here’s US’s story and it’s just a blurb really with some nice quotes Ryan gave about his older daughter earlier this month:

The La La Land actor and his love of five years, Eva Mendes, quietly tied the knot earlier this year among a small group of family and friends, multiple sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly.

?Eva and Ryan have always felt like a married couple,? says a source close to Mendes, who starred in the 2012 drama, The Place Beyond the Pines, with Gosling. ?They are infatuated with each other.?

And their little brood. While he worked in Toronto September 12, Gosling?s mind kept drifting back home to his girls. ?I?m a lucky man,? the 35-year-old gushed to Us of Mendes, 42, and their daughters, Esmeralda, 2, and Amada, 4 months, at the Toronto International Film Festival. ?We couldn?t be happier. They are so sweet.?

Gosling is also protective of his leading ladies. ?I take my little girl to the park, and we always write her name in chalk, and some kid has been erasing her name and writing their name over it,? he revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in May. “And this kid has access to an unfair amount of chalk. My little girl doesn’t care; she’s like, ‘Well, let’s just chalk anywhere else.’ And I’m like, ‘No! They’re disrespecting your mother because she gave you this name, and they’re erasing it. So the only way to really get back at them is to erase their name. And not disrespect their mother, but definitely put her on notice.’”

[From US Magazine]

You know what makes me think that these two are the real deal? (Other than the fact that they haven’t been doing a ton of photo ops or gushing about each other?) The nice story about how Ryan rented Frank Sinatra’s former Palm Springs resort for Eva for her birthday earlier this year. They brought their daughter with them too, which just shows that they’re a close family. (Their youngest wasn’t born yet.) Plus Ryan did say, very briefly last year, that Eva was the “the person I?m supposed to be with.” Congratulations to Eva and Ryan! I hope they agree on parenting issues.

photos credit: WENN and FameFlynet

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Britney Spears' Hot Comeback Is Keeping Little Tuna In Shape
Added 7 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Britney Spears' Hot Comeback Is Keeping Little Tuna In Shape
In case you haven’t been following along at home, Britney Spears has been on a serious hotness comeback lately. Ever since she started her Vegas show, she’s been keeping in way better shape, ditching the Targettrips and soccer mom routine for bikini pictures and training videos like the one you see below. And I don’t […]

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Emily Blunt in McQueen at the 'Girl/Train' UK premiere: stunning or overworked'
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Emily Blunt in McQueen at the 'Girl/Train' UK premiere: stunning or overworked'
Here are some photos from the London premiere of The Girl on the Train, a film I?m actually looking forward to seeing. Emily Blunt is the star of the film, and she was absolutely the star of the premiere in this exquisite Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 collection gown. Look at the birds! Look at the bead work. And look at Emily?s light hair! This whole look is so striking.

It?s been said that Alexander McQueen?s creative director, Sarah Burton, has not done much with McQueen?s design legacy. Burton has always seemed like a placeholder until the label manages to get someone with a similar vision to McQueen, although I think we should stop saying that because Burton?s had the job since 2010. In the past six years, Burton has turned McQueen?s avant-garde vision into something tepid, something marketable, something establishment. But it?s good to see that something of McQueen?s vision remains at the label ? this totally looks like something McQueen would have made for one of his favorite women.

I?m also including a photo of Blunt?s costar Haley Bennett, who plays Megan in the film. The part is interesting, and if Haley is any good, it could be a major breakout role for her. Haley is wearing Valentino! And of course, Luke Evans is around. Luke plays Megan?s husband.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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Alyssa Milano's parents stay with her every weekend to watch her kids
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Alyssa Milano's parents stay with her every weekend to watch her kids
Embed from Getty Images

Alyssa Milano has a new interview with US Magazine, I think to promote her partnership with the NFL’s fashion line for women. She recently taught a spin class as a promotional event, which sounds fun sign me up! US asked her about her relationship with her husband of seven years, CAA agent David Bugliari. Alyssa said that her parents come to stay with them every weekend to help watch their two children, Milo, 5, and Elizabella, 2, so that they can have alone time. That’s really nice and they must be a close family. Alyssa also still works with Atkins, although she recently got some competition representing the brand when Kim Kardashian signed on. Here’s what Alyssa told US:

My parents come stay with us so we have help with the babies. They understand the importance of actually spending time with your spouse. It?s what?s kept their 50-year marriage. You have to be able to still connect on a human level and not just a parental level,? Milano, 43, said. ?I?ve watched a lot of my friends struggle with their marriage and I think it?s because they?ve lost that adult connection. You gotta make time for that.?

And it doesn?t have to involve a romantic dinner. ?David and I can honestly make a date out of going to Target to do back-to-school shopping,? Milano told Us. ?We love to be together and we have fun no matter what we do.?

Just as important: spending one-on-one time with each child. ?Elizabella has a mommy-and-me ballet class that we go to,? says the actress. ?With Milo, I?m the bench coach for his baseball team. He loves it. I was his bench coach last year, and I said, ?Do you want me to do this again?? and he said, ?Yeah, mom, you have to!??

[From US Magazine]

Considering that so many couples stress and fight over issues on how to raise their kids, this sounds wise. I also love to hear about families who live close to extendedrelativesy help each other out. My mom and dad help with my son quite a bit and it’s beneficial for all of us. (I hope! I watch their dog when they’re away but I know it’s not the same thing.) However I have an older friend on facebook who recently posted that she will absolutely not babysit her grandkids now that she’s living alone. If it’s your own grandkids, how is that babysitting? I’m not very close to her, she’s just an acquaintance, but I would be interested to know if she’s close to her adult children and how far away they live from her. I guess as long as everyone is on board with watching the grandkids every weekend and no one in the family feels like it’s a burden then it can work out for everyone, as Alyssa explains.

Embed from Getty Images

I bet she winds up marrying an amazing human that makes her laugh. #Bella #curls #daddysgirl

A photo posted by Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) on Aug 28, 2016 at 6:54pm PDT

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