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Jennifer Garner spotted at the beach with Bradley Cooper and his daughter
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Garner spotted at the beach with Bradley Cooper and his daughter
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner Enjoy Flirty Beach Day in Malibu

TMZ (@TMZ) August 6, 2020

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Bella Hadid flipped off some NYPD cops because they weren't wearing masks
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Bella Hadid flipped off some NYPD cops because they weren't wearing masks
Bella Hadid spent about four months in lockdown on her family?s farm in Pennsylvania. She arrived back in New York, where she keeps an apartment, a couple of weeks ago. Whenever she?s out and about in New York, she?s been wearing a mask the whole time, as we?ve seen in plenty of paparazzi photos. This is good! New York was hit hard in the early days of the pandemic, and New Yorkers have, by and large, simply adopted the practice of wearing masks constantly now, indoors and outdoors. Regular, civilian New Yorkers. Apparently, New York police officers do not adhere to the same kind of mask mandate.

Bella posted these photos on her Instagram Stories. In one, she flips off a group of unmasked cops, and in another, she just points out how dumb three unmasked cops look. And for this, people are mad at her. Because of how ?crass? it is to flip off a cop or something. I?m all for mask mandates and I thought New York already had a mask mandate? As Bella posted, it?s not just about the health and safety of the cops, it?s about the health and safety of everyone. Wear a damn mask!

All that being said, I feel like? is this the subject Bella wants to talk about regarding the police? Yes, they should be wearing masks. But even more than that, they should be demilitarized, held accountable for the crimes they commit and severely defunded. Making a statement about cops? and whether or not they wear masks?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Bellas IG Stories.

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