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Britney Spears is 'finally feeling hopeful about the future' as her team resigns
Added 1067 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Britney Spears is 'finally feeling hopeful about the future' as her team resigns
Over the last week or so there have been signs of a civil war brewing among Britneys conservatorship team. Britneys longterm manager, Larry Rudolph, resigned, as did the co-conservator of her estate, Bessemer Trust. Britneys court-appointed lawyer has also asked to step down. Meanwhile the conservator of her person, Jodi Montgomery, asked the court for $50,000 a month to go towards security because shes been getting death threats since Britneys testimony went public. However Britneys sole estate conservator, her father Jamie, asked he court to deny that. In response Jodis side has filed documents stating that Jamie has used over $2 million of Britneys money defending himself.

Amid all that, E! has alleged insider quotes from Britney about how shes feeling.

A source connected to the pop star exclusively tells E! News on Wednesday, July 7 that Britney feels these moves are steps in the right direction.

Shes finally feeling hopeful about the future, the insider shares. She thinks people are resigning because they know she is speaking the truth. She is relieved her attorney resigned and hopes that if she can pick her own lawyer, it means the judge is leaning towards terminating the conservatorship.

The source continues, Shes trying to be patient and see what happens. She is happy that things are starting to happen, and that the truth has finally come out.

While I have hope that this means Britney is getting more of her side out, its also possible these quotes are just from the people around Britney who are still trying to control the narrative. I really hope this means that things are turning around for her and that shell be able to get out of this conservatorship.

The NY Times has a story about conservatorship and guardianship abuse that includes profiles of two disabled people who were able to get out of conservatorships with great effort. Theres a less serious option called supported decision-making that can help people make difficult life decisions without taking away their civil rights. In Britneys case this wouldnt have allowed her family to control her vast fortune, so it likely wasnt even considered. Hopefully Britneys situation will help bring about much-needed changes to conservatorship and guardianship law.

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Angelina Jolie & The Weeknd had 'another secret date' at a private concert in LA
Added 1067 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie & The Weeknd had 'another secret date' at a private concert in LA
Earlier this month, Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) stepped out for a dinner date in LA. No one knew what was going on. Was it a work thing? Abel had just gotten a deal greenlighted at HBO. Was it a charity thing? Angelina and Abel both have connections to Ethiopia. Or was it a romance thing? Abel included a line about Angelina?s lips in one of his songs. It seemed like a strange little gossip item and no one knew where it was going. Well? um, The Joliend is real, people. I think they?re really happening? Abel and Angelina were seen out on another date:

Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd were spotted on another secret date at a private concert in Los Angeles over the weekend amid ongoing romance rumors. Images of the stars attending Mustafas private concert appeared on the Instagram account Deuxmoi, which showed The Weeknd with a group of friends and Angelina sitting with daughters Shiloh, 15, and 16-year-old Zahara.

A Twitter fan account for the Blinding Lights singer, 31, also posted the images of Angelina, 46, with her kids and The Weeknd.

[From The Daily Mail]

I?m including the photos Deuxmoi posted and the photos on Abel?s fan account at the end of the post. Angelina was sitting with Shiloh, not with Abel, but it was clear that The Joliend were sort of there together. According to the Sun (eh), Angelina and Abel first met up in New York last month, during her family trip there (where she was also seen at Jonny Lee Miller?s apartment). According to the Sun?s source:

Ange has been in contact with Abel for a while, he was in New York at the same time as her and the kids. They met up for lunch in private. She took Pax along because hes a big fan and they got along really well, he was obviously thrilled. They are just friends, but who knows it could be more in the future, hes made no secret of the fact he has a huge crush on her.

[From The Sun]

Who doesnt have a crush on Jolie?? In case anyone is wondering about the age difference, he?s 31 years old and she?s 46. The age difference doesn?t upset me what upsets me is the idea that Selena Gomez and Angelina Jolie have the same damn dating pool!! Come on.

The Weeknd, Metro Boomin & Angelina Jolie last night in LA.

The Weeknd World (@WorldTheWeeknd) July 11, 2021

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Sharon Stone denies she's dating RMR, 25, her son calls it 'funny'
Added 1067 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sharon Stone denies she's dating RMR, 25, her son calls it 'funny'
Last week, I wrote about the rumor that Sharon Stone was dating 25-year-old up and coming rapper RMR. They had been seen hanging out and there are photos of them together, including a picture of Sharon wearing one of RMRs signature ski masks. Well, Sharon has put those rumors to rest. A paparazzo asked Sharon if she was dating RMR and she laughed and said no. Sharon was out with her 21-year-old son, Roan, and he laughed and said You couldnt have asked a funnier question. You can see the video of that on TMZ.

Sharon basically said, I am a grown a*s woman and I dont have time for the youngsters. I am glad this rumor has been cleared up because some folks were not happy that Sharon would date someone so much younger. It is not like Sharon makes dating men less than half her age a habit, so I was unbothered. However, watching that video I felt relief. I do love it when women are sexually liberated and empowered, but I I cringe when there is a more than a fifteen year age gap between partners. I tend to wonder what sort of mid-life crisis the person is experiencing when they date someone half their age. I am glad the ski mask picture was only a photo-op between friends or acquaintances and I will continue celebrating Sharon having a damn good time and not giving AF about other peoples judgements.

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A post shared by Sharon Stone (@sharonstone)

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Bella Hadid wore the Schiaparelli 'lungs' ensemble in Cannes: stunning or weird'
Added 1067 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Bella Hadid wore the Schiaparelli 'lungs' ensemble in Cannes: stunning or weird'
Bella Hadid is one of those models who gets paid to go to Cannes to ?be a pretty face? on red carpets and all of the festival events. She?s there to model and represent all of her modeling contracts, including Marc Jacobs eyewear, Dior makeup, Bvlgari jewelry and tons more. Honestly, I enjoy seeing her at Cannes she?s a much-needed dose of old-school glamour, and you can tell she always has a lot of fun in Cannes.

Last night, Bella attended the Tre Piani premiere and she ended up getting all of the headlines from the red carpet with her outstanding ensemble. This is all meant to be one piece, and it?s from the Schiaparelli Fall 2021 collection. The black gown is just ?boobs out? but it?s meant to be worn with the brass/gold ?lungs necklace.? The necklace was designed by Daniel Roseberry and it?s described by the designer as ?Golden trompe l??il lungs with rhinestones.? In case you?re worried about accidentally seeing *anything* she?s wearing flesh-colored pasties. The whole thing is a really cool look, and it will be one of the most-talked-about looks of Cannes.

Meanwhile, Bella has used her trip to Cannes to confirm her romance with art director Marc Kalman. She posted something on her IG Stories about him and then they were photographed making out on a yacht. Still, a source told E! News that Bella and Marc ?have been trying to keep it super low-key and private. Now that they have become serious, she has been excited to be seen with him. She is truly so happy right now.

Bella Hadid shares photo with rumored boyfriend Marc Kalman. ?

Pop Crave (@PopCrave) July 9, 2021

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Marion Cotillard brought the denim-clad Sister Wife style to a Cannes premiere
Added 1067 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Marion Cotillard brought the denim-clad Sister Wife style to a Cannes premiere
When in Cannes, expect the unexpected, fashion-wise at least. Marion Cotillard is a regular at Cannes and it?s like she saves up all of the wacky ensembles for this one film festival. These are photos of Marion at the De Son Vivant (Peaceful) premiere at Cannes. This Chanel gown is a lot. I actually like the color of the denim and I love the ?print? on the denim. But the actual design and construction is straight-up Sister Wife, correct? Combined with Marion?s Michelle Duggar hair, she looks like she?s part of some French Mormon-breakaway cult led by a charismatic leader named Jeddhosaphah. I?d like to take this same printed denim and maybe make this into a sundress? That would be so much better.

Bonus Marion at one of her many photocalls? I?m assuming this is Chanel too. The overalls have a nice construction but this outfit is pretty terrible too.

Virginie Efira is Belgian and really beautiful. She wore a caped Dior to the Benedetta premiere. I generally find blondes-in-beige/off-white to be pretty boring but this is just the right shade and just the right dress. One of my favorite looks of the festival, honestly.

Jessica Chastain and Maggie Gyllenhaal attended the Chopard event at the festival. Jessica?s gown is Valentino, and Maggie?s Versace. Maggie loved her gown to several events, that?s how much she liked this one. As she should it?s a great dress. I love Jessica in green but I loathe the cutouts on the side of the bodice.

Adle Exarchopoulos in Fendi. I fear this would be me in Cannes: ?Do you just have a simple pantsuit or something?? She looks over it. But chic.

Tina Kunakey (Mrs. Vincent Cassel) in Valentino at the Benedetta premiere. It was a big look and I enjoyed it!

Carla Bruni in a simple black column dress, looking chic. Look, the gown has pockets!!

Sean Penn is in Cannes to promote Ham-Face: The Musical! No, I jest. He?s promoting Flag Day, which is getting surprisingly great reviews. He directed the film and it?s based on a true story of a counterfeiter and con man (played by Sean Penn) and his relationship with his daughter, played by Sean?s real daughter Dylan Penn. Katheryn Winnick plays the mom she wore Stella McCartney. Dylan wore Chanel.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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