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Emily Blunt was picking up dog poop when she got her Oscar nomination
Added 106 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Emily Blunt was picking up dog poop when she got her Oscar nomination
As soon as the Oscar nominations came out, the PR machine behind Oppenheimer made sure leading man and newly-minted Best Actor nominee Cillian Murphy spoke to the press about what he was doing and how he was feeling when he got the good news. He was in Ireland enjoying his mother?s sponge cake, and the unsaid but apparent emotion he was feeling was dread at having to do more of the non-acting part of his job. Now a couple weeks later, his costar Emily Blunt is sharing her story. Talking to Josh Horowitz in New York this week, Emily deployed every ounce of Englishness she has as she described her whereabouts when she learned she?d gotten the first Oscar nomination of her career:

While [Emily Blunt] is ecstatic over her [Oscar] nod, she was in kind of a stinky position when she heard of the nomination.

The ?Devil Wears Prada? actress revealed that she was actually scooping up her dog?s poop when she was notified about the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award nomination last month.

?It?s all quite scary, the anticipation of it, and I think you just try not to listen to buzz because buzz can be built on sand sometimes,? she said during a conversation with Josh Horowitz at 92NY on Tuesday.

?And so when it did happen, and when it happened in such a far-reaching way for all of us in the movie and every crew member, it was magical,? Blunt continued.

The film earned a whopping 13 nominations in total, including for Best Picture.

?I did have a brief cry in the middle of Brooklyn, brief weep directly after picking up my dog?s poop,? Blunt went on. ?I did pick up her poop and then I heard that I got nominated, so it was perfect.?

The British actress revealed that husband John Krasinski also ?had a really good cry as well, after helping me with the poop.?

?I think he went and put it in the trash, and then we both cried,? she recalled.

[From NY Post]

?I did pick up her poop and then I heard that I got nominated, so it was perfect.? I love it. For the rest of her life Emily can enjoy a sense memory connection between her Academy Award nomination and dog sh*t. Imagine it: she could be sitting in the Dolby Theatre on March 10, dazzling in her designer gown, and all of a sudden she picks up wafts of poop odor. And it works the other way around too! Every time she bends down to collect a steaming pile of her pup?s poop, she?ll be reminded, ?I?m an Oscar nominee.? All that being said, if her hubby John Krasinski was with her and cried with her as she says? then why didn?t he pick up the poop for her?! They knew a call was coming from a publicist whether the news was good or bad, he could have assumed the morning?s sh*t duties. Next red carpet they do together, the lip readers might want to check if it?s Emily this time talking about wanting to divorce John, just sayin?.

Photo note by CB: These photos of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt walking their dogs are from 2010. The photo agency noted that they picked up their dogs poop. Emily is shown alone with her dog in 2012. Credit: Other photos are from this year. Credit: TheNews2/Cover Images and Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Avalon

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Dakota Johnson: Guest-starring on 'The Office' was 'the worst time of my life'
Added 106 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Dakota Johnson: Guest-starring on 'The Office' was 'the worst time of my life'
I missed posting these photos from last weekend?s Brazilian premiere of Madame Web. Dakota Johnson apparently flew down solo to do a premiere event in Rio. She wore a custom ?spider web? dress from Annie?s Ibiza, and the craftsmanship of the dress is very pretty. That being said, I mean? Zendaya did it better when she was promoting Spider-Man, all of those years ago.

Anyway, Dakota is obviously all over the news and gossip for her Madame Web promotion. She?s talking about how people shouldn?t call her a nepo baby! She?s talking about how she doesn?t understand the one meme from the film, the ?he was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders right before she died? line. She?s also talking about one of her rare TV roles, when she appeared in The Office?s finale.

Dakota Johnson hilariously reminisced with Seth Meyers on ?Late Night? about their appearances on the ?The Office? series finale, which aired on NBC in May 2013. Johnson, who was still years out at the time from her breakthrough in the ?Fifty Shades? franchise, appeared as a new accountant named Dakota. Meyers, meanwhile, was seen on a television doing a fictional version of ?Weekend Update? from ?Saturday Night Live.? Johnson was a big fan of ?The Office,? so she jumped at the chance to be a guest star on the last episode.

?That was honestly the worst time of my life,? Johnson quipped. ?They were like, ?Do you want to be in the series finale?? And I was like, ?Of course,? thinking that I?d show up for like half a day. I was there for two weeks. And I?m barely in the fking show.?

Asked by Meyers if it was sad being on the set for the last episode, Johnson answered: ?There were weird dynamics that had been going on for the last 10 years. Some people didn?t speak to each other. And I?m coming in like ?So excited to be here!? No one wanted to talk to me. No one gave a fk?I was like in the background of all of these scenes, faxing things.?

[From Variety]

I mean, Mindy Kaling has said/indicated as much, that after so long on the air, there were a lot of internal politics in The Office and some beefs and such. Plus, it was the finale! You can?t expect to come in as a new person for the finale and expect them to roll out the red carpet. Anyway, I didn?t expect Dakota to go that hard about her experience but it is what it is. I?m sure The Office fans will be mad at her.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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