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Rooney Mara is expecting her second child with Joaquin Phoenix
Added 144 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Rooney Mara is expecting her second child with Joaquin Phoenix
Guess who?s knocked up again?? Rooney Mara appeared at the Berlin Film Festival to promote her latest film, La Cocina, and she revealed her bump at the premiere. Rooney is still with Joaquin Phoenix and they might even be married (he?s referred to Rooney as his wife in a couple of interviews). They welcomed their son River in 2020, which surprised me because I thought that was just last year or something. But no, they have a three-and-a-half year old running around the house and now a second one on the way. By the way, Rooney?s maternity sack dress is amazing. I love maternity sack dresses, they always look so comfortable.

As for her film, La Cocina is based on Arnold Wesker?s play The Kitchen. The film is directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios and Variety called it ?an anti-food-p-rn movie.? Alonso said: ?I wanted to show the other side of the food industry where expediency is more important than the quality of the food. It?s a metaphor for corporate capitalism.? At Rooney?s festival press conference, she spoke about how she chooses projects nowadays, which is to choose by directors only.

I used to sort of worry about Rooney & Joaquin?s relationship and wonder if they drove each other crazy with their weirdness and idiosyncrasies but over the course of their eight-year-long relationship, I think Rooney has stabilized him completely. They live quietly in the Hollywood Hills, they make vegan food together, they watch Netflix and mind their business. And now they?ll soon have two kids!

Photos courtesy of Cover Images and Avalon Red.

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Margot Robbie did Barbiecore at the BAFTAs in a custom Armani: cute or blah?
Added 144 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Margot Robbie did Barbiecore at the BAFTAs in a custom Armani: cute or blah?
Margot Robbie went with Barbiecore for her BAFTA look, doing a black-and-pink custom Armani Priv gown with black gloves. People are really doing gloves a lot these days and you can tell the ladies are out of practice. No, honestly, Margot?s gloves look fine and I think Margot assumes that we want or expect her to wear Barbiecore throughout the entire awards season. Maybe that?s true? I don?t know. But it?s going to be quite an adjustment once this whole ride is over!

If Claire Foy is going to do one thing in this world, it?s wear something fringed. She has been wearing fringed ensembles for MONTHS. I guess it?s a minor trend, but also: she?s seeking it out. It?s pretty easy to avoid wearing this much fringe. This dress is also Armani Priv it would be lovely without the boob fringe, I?m sure.

Embed from Getty Images

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