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Sarah Hyland: Modern Family didn't accommodate me post-kidney transplant
Added 343 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sarah Hyland: Modern Family didn't accommodate me post-kidney transplant
Over the holidays last December my friend had a yen for watching the 1999 tv version of Annie. We?re not even ten minutes into the movie and who pops up as orphan Molly but a baby, doe-eyed Sarah Hyland! She really has been working forever. Both her parents are New York actors, so that must have helped her get started. Her resume is doubly impressive considering the extensive health issues she?s had her whole life. Born with kidney dysplasia, a condition where the kidneys don?t form properly in utero, she?s had more than 16 surgeries, two of which were kidney transplants. In 2012 her father donated a kidney, only for her body to reject it and in 2017 she had another transplant, this time donated by her brother (which *knock wood* has taken). While appearing on the Dinner?s on Me podcast, hosted by her Modern Family costar (and wedding officiant) Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sarah spoke more candidly about the pain she was in when they were shooting the series:

I don?t know how she did this: ?There are some episodes of Modern Family where I do not remember filming because I was asleep. Dead-ass asleep,? she said. ?I was not able to be awake for eight hours at a time. I was so exhausted all the time,? she explained, noting that she was only able to stay awake from the very moments scenes began and finished shooting. ?I?d be on the set, we?d be filming, I?d be dead asleep, my head on the table, I would hear, ?and?? and my head would go up.?

F?ing high heels: She and Jesse went on to recall a specific day that they were shooting a scene that involved her pushing a car. Jesse begins, ?I remember a day when we were shooting?I don?t remember the specifics of the scene, and you might not remember it because I think you were in an intense amount of pain that day?but we were pushing a car?? In response, Sarah revealed that she actually had gout in her foot at the time, which meant that she had to use crutches on set. ?I was on dialysis, I had gout. It was wild,? she said, before later explaining that she got gout after being put on medication for retaining too much water. Then, Sarah revealed that despite being in the ?most excruciating pain,? the Modern Family producers ?insisted? that she film the scene in high heels. ?They put me in high heels,? she said. ?They had not established my outfit yet, and they insisted that I was wearing heels.?

Jesse took care of her: ?I remember there was a day on set? I think I was in rejection on dialysis, and I was just in an extreme amount of pain,? she said. Explaining that ?there wasn?t enough time? to go back to her trailer in between takes, Sarah said, ?But I also could barely move. So I found a little corner, I sat in a chair? and I was just kind of curled up into a ball.? Sarah told Jesse, ?You came up to me and very lightly touched me on the shoulder? You were just like, ?Can I get you anything? Is there anything you need? I?m here for you.??

Her coping was to ignore the pain: Noting that she has a ?workhorse mentality,? which she said she gets from her parents, Sarah went on, ?You don?t know when the next job is going to be, and if you don?t work hard and if you complain, you get the boot. So for me, I ignored how I felt.? And Sarah added that while this mentality was ?most definitely not healthy,? it was ?the only way? she knew how to deal with the pain.

[From BuzzFeed]

By my internet sleuthing, the episode where Sarah and Jesse had to move a car is from Season 8 which aired between 2016-2017. By that point Modern Family had won 22 Emmy Awards. My point? The f?ing high heels weren?t necessary, what a dickhead thing for the producers to do. Truly, I don?t know how she did any of what she did based on what she describes here. She was passed out from pain but able to snap into character the minute the cameras rolled? And be funny?! Nailing comedic timing is no joke. (Har har, yes pun intended.) I?m glad she?s feeling well enough to talk about her experiences, and I hope she?s enjoyed her first year of marriage with a good hubby. She?s earned some good times. As for MF producers Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, how about you film yourselves walking around in high heels for a day, as a way to step back into her good graces.

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Dolly Parton visits Kansas to celebrate expansion of her Imagination Library
Added 343 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Dolly Parton visits Kansas to celebrate expansion of her Imagination Library
There are so many reasons to love Dolly Parton but one of the things I admire the most about her is her commitment to promoting childhood literacy. Her charity the Imagination Library donates a free book to each child enrolled in the program, from birth (or whenever they are registered) until they turn five. Since 1995, its donated over 200 million books to over 2 million kids across five countries, including the United States. I know its active in many states, but the Library has just expanded statewide into Kansas. So Dolly went there and was interviewed by the governor, Laura Kelly, about why she started Imagination Library. Dollys dad couldnt read, and he was embarrassed by that, so Dolly created this charity in his honor. One of the first places that Imagination Library expanded to outside of Tennessee was Pratt, Kansas, so this statewide expansion is a full-circle moment.

Country superstar, American icon and literacy champion Dolly Parton visited Overland Park on Monday to celebrate a new partnership with the state of Kansas, expanding her Imagination Library program.

Now, if you live anywhere in Kansas and you have a child under 5 years old, you can sign up your child for Dolly Parton?s Imagination Library. The result is that every month your child will receive a book in the mail completely for free.

Beyond the voice, beyond the magnetic personality, Dolly Parton describes her motivation for creating Imagination Library: her father.

?Being that far back in the mountains, Daddy didn?t go to school. My daddy didn?t learn to read or write. That troubled him, troubled me that he was troubled,? Parton said at the J KC?s White Theatre.

?Daddy got to live long enough to see Imagination Library take off, and I thought that was great,? Parton said.

?She is ? she?s Dolly,? Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly said. ?What can I say? There?s no question when she walked into the backstage that that was Dolly Parton.?

Kelly, acting as interviewer, notes the first expansion of Imagination Library outside of Tennessee (Parton?s home state) was into Pratt, Kansas.

The current push to bring the program statewide bookends that move that?s already considered popular in some spots.

?We were told that we would probably get about 1,000 kids in our first year. Well we had 1,000 kids in our first seven hours,? said Kim Hinkle, executive director of the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation.

The group was the first to adopt the program in Johnson County.

?If you sign your child up the day they?re born, they?ll have 60 books in their home library by the time they?re in kindergarten,? Hinkle said.

[From Fox4 Kansas City]

As if that werent enough, Dolly also visited Olympia, Washington, to celebrate statewide coverage for the Imagination Library there, too. The impact that this charity has makes me emotional just to think about. It can be challenging for people, especially in rural areas, to find and afford high quality books for their kids. Dolly designed this charity so thoughtfully, because getting a new book delivered each month makes a child feel excited and special, and gives them something to look forward to. (It also lightens the burden on parents, since they dont have to remember to do anything.) The books are always age appropriate for the child, so that they may be challenged, but not overwhelmed by the reading level of the book. And there are braille books and audiobooks for children who need them. This is why Dolly is a national treasure. She has taken her power and influence and truly used it for good. And the Imagination Library isnt just a one time thingits an ongoing, years-long commitment to each child who is registered.

Embed from Getty Images

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Margot Robbie will make about $50 million on the backend of 'Barbie'
Added 344 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Margot Robbie will make about $50 million on the backend of 'Barbie'
Barbie has crossed $1.1 billion at the domestic and international box office. It is Warner Bros? second-highest-grossing film of all time. It is the highest grossing film directed by a woman (solo). Everyone in the industry has rushed to give Warner Bros credit for Barbie?s success. Everyone rushed to give Greta Gerwig credit for directing and co-writing the script and doing it such a smart way. All of that is well-deserved, but give Margot Robbie her flowers too. She executive produced it through her company, LuckyChap. She pitched the film to Mattel. She hired Greta to write and direct. Margot got Mattel to sign off on Gerwig?s script and Margot fought for Gerwig?s vision the whole time. And while doing all of that behind-the-scenes, Margot played a brilliant version of Barbie and she really was the only actress who could have played that part. Well, no one is in a rush to acknowledge Margot?s role in bringing Barbie to the big screen, but at least Margot is getting PAID.

Margot Robbie is being richly rewarded for her key role in bringing ?Barbie? to the big screen. The star and producer behind the summer?s biggest hit stands to make roughly $50 million in salary and box office bonuses, according to three individuals with knowledge of her deal.

?Barbie? director and co-writer Greta Gerwig will also likely receive bonuses because of the film?s outsized success. ?Barbie? has earned an astonishing $526.3 million at the domestic box office since it opened a month ago, as well as $657.6 million at the international box office. That comes out to $1.18 billion globally ? and that figure should keep climbing given that ?Barbie? is still topping box office charts.

In addition to bringing the popular children?s toy to glittering life, Robbie produced the film through her production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, which she founded in 2014 with her now-husband, Tom Ackerley, and friends Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr. The goal of the company was to tell women?s stories on screen and support women creators behind the scenes. Its slate of projects includes the Oscar-nominated ?Promising Young Woman,? the superhero sequel ?Birds of Prey? and the Netflix series ?Maid.?

[From Variety]

She also produced I, Tonya, which got her an Oscar nomination (well-deserved). It would not surprise me at all if she picked up her third and perhaps fourth Oscar nominations next year, for actress and producer. While I do wish Margot was getting more credit for Barbie, I do think that LuckyChap really became a player here while they were already becoming known for producing good, interesting projects, this is next level. Barbie?s success means that they get their pick of scripts and directors from here on out. Plus the $50 million paycheck for Margot is probably very nice. I wonder if Margot?s contract also had a clause about potential sequels?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, Cover Images.

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