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Ariana Grande is 'serious' with Ethan Slater, 'she loves being with him'
Added 148 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ariana Grande is 'serious' with Ethan Slater, 'she loves being with him'
Some people have expressed surprise that Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are still together. They started up in the spring, by what I can tell, and their affair ruined both of their marriages. By July, Ariana had left Dalton Gomez and they would eventually settle their divorce very quietly. Ethan?s situation was more complicated, given that he had a wife and baby at home and Ariana had even tried to befriend Lilly Jay (Ethan?s wife). All of that went down this summer, but it?s been relatively quiet in recent months. Every now and then, we?ll hear about Ariana supporting Ethan in New York, and Ari is still trying to rewrite the narrative. Anyway, they?ll stay together throughout 2024, that?s my prediction. Wicked the film where they met won?t be out until November. They?ll try to stay together through the promotion. Meanwhile, People Magazine had this exclusive:

Things are getting very real for Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater. A source tells PEOPLE that things are serious between the 7 Rings singer, 30, and the Spamalot actor, 31, who have been confirmed to be dating since July.

?Ariana is serious with Ethan, they said. She loves being with him.

The insider added that while the pair go out occasionally as Grande puts the finishing touches on her upcoming album, they mostly enjoy staying in. It?s a very normal relationship.

On Saturday, the couple was pictured together for one of their first times out together.

The singer and Broadway star were photographed during a night out in New York City when a source close to Grande told PEOPLE they ate dinner with her father Ed Butera at her family?s favorite Italian restaurant before seeing Slater in Spamalot.

Grande sported an all-black with a furry bucket hat, mini skirt, and black top with furry cuffs. Meanwhile, Slater opted for a more athletic getup with a zip-up, joggers and running shoes.

They love to support each other in their work, the source said. When she?s done with work, Ariana loves going to the theater when she can.

Grande shared a carousel of photos to Instagram earlier this month, which featured one image with a Spam can ornament hanging on a wall Christmas tree made of green garland. The ornament is, of course, a shoutout to Spamalot, the 2005 Tony-winning musical adaptation of Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Slater is currently starring in a revival of the comedy on Broadway.

[From People]

One of my favorite things is when one of these pop star divas dates a guy and her fanbase absolutely loathes the guy. It happened to Taylor Swift when she dated Matt Healy the Swifties panicked because the guy sucked and he was pretty racist to boot. From what I?ve seen of the Arianators online, they?re counting down the days until Ari dumps Ethan, and they?re grossed out by the fact that Ethan looks so much like her brother Frankie. All of which to say? Ari isn?t Taylor. She?s not going to dump a guy just because her fans hate him. Especially because two marriages ended to make this mess happen.

Ari was out with Ethan this week:

v (@ViralThingz) December 26, 2023

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Rachel McAdams explains why she's not doing any 'Mean Girls' cameos
Added 149 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Rachel McAdams explains why she's not doing any 'Mean Girls' cameos
This is the first time I?ve realized that Rachel McAdams is doing some kind of low-key Oscar campaign. It?s like pulling teeth though, getting her to hype herself or glad-hand at industry events. She?s simply too Canadian! Rachel?s turn in Are You There God? It?s Me, Margaret has already gotten her an LA Film Critics Award for best supporting performance, and the studio thinks she?s a dark horse for an Oscar nomination for supporting too. That would be her second Oscar nom, if it happens her first was for Spotlight. Well, they got Rachel to chat with Variety in what will probably be one of the few Oscar campaign interviews she will agree to. Some highlights:

The ?Are You There God? It?s Me, Margaret? set was family-friendly: She had her five-month-old daughter and two-year-old son on set. Even her younger sister and make-up artist Kayleen had her two children, two and three months, by her side. ?We had a really amazing mom-positive set. Everyone understood me having to send breast milk down the road in a van all day long.?

Mom guilt: But McAdams is susceptible to the looming sense of ?mom guilt? that plagues many working parents, despite being ?very lucky? to have lots of time with her kids.

Whether Barbara was supposed to be a sexy mom: ?We had a lot of conversations about making our film relatable and klutzy at times. I had Judy [Blume] on one hand saying, ?I think she should be sexy. Why can?t moms be super sexy?? And on the other hand, Kelly asking me, ?Do you think you?re a super sexy mom?? And I was like, ?No, do you feel like a super sexy mom?? And she said, ?No, but we are. We just don?t feel like it.? It was finding the middle ground where we can be all these things, and there?s honesty in that.?

She doesn?t have a cameo in the new Mean Girls movie: ?Tina and I sort of dabbled with a few ideas, but it was tough to make it all work in the end. I was really down for whatever she wanted to do. I think the direction it went in will be fantastic and I cannot wait to see it.?

Why she didn?t reunite with the OG Mean Girls cast for the Walmart commercial: ?I don?t know; I guess I wasn?t that excited about doing a commercial if I?m being totally honest. A movie sounded awesome, but I?ve never done commercials, and it just didn?t feel like my bag. Also?I didn?t know that everyone was doing it. I would, of course, always love to be part of a ?Mean Girls? reunion and hang with my plastics, but yeah, I found that out later.?

[From Variety]

?I guess I wasn?t that excited about doing a commercial if I?m being totally honest? I get that. It felt like Walmart really pulled out all the stops to get the cast for a commercial and the effort probably wasn?t worth it? And some actors just don?t want to do commercials. I suspect that Rachel isn?t one of the wealthiest actresses out there, but she lives a simple, low-key life and she?s doesn?t need to collect Walmart-commercial paychecks just to make ends meet. It?s interesting that she would have been up for a cameo in the movie though I wonder why they couldn?t make it work?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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Angelina Jolie stepped out at the NYC Basquiat studio with Zahara & Pax
Added 149 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie stepped out at the NYC Basquiat studio with Zahara & Pax
Angelina Jolie was seen out with some of her kids yesterday in New York. While she hasn?t confirmed it, I believe she?s already found a New York apartment to base herself out of now that she has so much business in New York. Her fashion collective, Atelier Jolie, is based out of Jean-Michel Basquiat?s old studio, plus Jolie is executive producing a Broadway musical (The Outsiders). I assume most or all of her kids are moving to New York with her.

Yesterday, she was seen leaving the Basquiat studio/Atelier Jolie headquarters with Zahara and Pax. I love Pax?s energy around his mom he?s probably seen his mom?s bodyguards have her back all of his life, so he sort of assumes the same kind of body language. Meanwhile, Zahara was also acting protective of her mom, sort of leading Angelina out of the building. I?ve seen photos of Knox on other sites he was at the Basquiat studio as well, although we don?t have any photos of him. I wonder if Angelina and the kids spent Christmas in New York?

The New York Times ran a piece this week about the Basquiat studio and the long history of that one building, through Prohibition and New York gangs and artists and more. It?s a great piece. Reportedly, Angelina has leased it for years and she has so many big plans for Atelier Jolie.

PS? Angelina is such a goth princess. I love her coat and trousers here. Look, she got a massive new tote!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Lenny Kravitz: 'To this day, I have not been invited to a BET thing or Source Awards'
Added 149 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Lenny Kravitz: 'To this day, I have not been invited to a BET thing or Source Awards'
Lenny Kravitz covers the Winter Issue of Esquire, ahead of the release of his first album in five years. Lenny is forever the coolest cat, genuinely talented, respected by his peers and adored by women. He?s also been, historically, sort of an idiosyncratic character, but I found this Esquire interview really interesting and direct. He?s not stuck up his own ass he talks about the racism he faced in the white rock establishment, while he was also being ignored by Black entertainment outlets. He also talked a lot about how much the LGBTQ+ community has meant to him and been his family from the start. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

On struggling to be taken seriously by the rock-critic establishment: ?There was this one article that, at that time, said, ?If Lenny Kravitz were white, he would be the next savior of rock ?n? roll.? I got a lot of negativity thrown at me by all these older white men who weren?t going to let me have that position?It was discouraging at times. I?m good. Intact?happy, healthy, focused, with still so much to do.?

On his treatment by Black entertainment and culture outlets: ?To this day, I have not been invited to a BET thing or a Source Awards thing. And it?s like, here is a Black artist who has reintroduced many Black art forms, who has broken down barriers?just like those that came before me broke down. That is positive. And they don?t have anything to say about it? I?m not here for the accolades. I?m here for the experience.?

On the people he used to surround himself with early in his career: ?I got burned. Completely. I put it all out there, and I put it all out there in a way for people to take advantage of it. I was an empty vessel?Saying no is very difficult for me. I was like that from childhood. My mom used to call me the Pied Piper. I?d bring everybody home. Just met them a few hours ago? I bring them home. I love people. I always have loved people.?

On the recent racist and misogynistic comments from Rolling Stone founder and former editor-in-chief Jann Wenner: ?It?s very disappointing and sad. I?ve known Jann since 1987. I?ve been to his house. In his life. I was disappointed. I was very disappointed. The statement alone, even if you just heard about the man yesterday, was appalling and embarrassing. And just wrong.?

On how the LGBTQ+ community has been a big influence on his life: ?Not only in fashion and style, because that?s just something on top. They raised me. I was in the street?my choice?and it was the eighties in West Hollywood. It was that time; artists, musicians, hairstylists, and designers, those were the people I was hanging out with. I wanted to be around the creatives, and most of the people I met were from that community. [They] protected me. Educated me. Fed me.?

On the infidelity ?word curse? his father put on him: ?I felt it when he said it, but the shock waves lasted decades and got stronger and stronger and stronger?I put some people through some hard times.?

On getting married again: ?Absolutely. I?ve grown enough. I?ve become stronger. I?ve become more disciplined. I?ve become more open to be able to do so. But it?s been a very difficult thing for me to figure out.?

On being open to having more kids: ?I could not, and I could. If it doesn?t happen, I?ve done the best with Zo that I could ever dream to do. If I was with somebody that wanted to have kids, absolutely. A hundred percent.?

On his grueling touring schedule: ?Your whole life is centered around being able to do those two and a half hours every night. So you don?t hang out. You don?t smoke. You don?t drink. You don?t talk a lot. You?ve got to get your sleep.?

[From Esquire]

59 years old and he?s not ready to say for-sure that he won?t have another kid? Eh. Honestly, though, it?s surprising that Zoe is his only child, just as it feels strange that Lisa Bonet was his only wife. Maybe that marriage was so monumental, he never could manage to repeat the energy. Do you think he?ll eventually remarry? Hm. I would marry him just for access to his amazing real estate. And of course, he?s Lenny and he?s still got ?it.? That being said, he knows he?s a compulsive cheater and he knows he put a lot of women through a lot of tough times. Does his real estate portfolio make up for it though??

Cover and photos courtesy of Norman Jean Roy for Esquire received via promotional email.

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Julianne Moore hates mashed potatoes: 'It's just mush' it's just mashed mush'
Added 149 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Julianne Moore hates mashed potatoes: 'It's just mush' it's just mashed mush'
The best part of this time of year is that most holiday meals feature mounds of mashed potatoes. I am a mashed potato person, and a french fry person and even a baked potato person. I have more rules about baked potatoes though I loathe ?full loaded? baked potatoes and you shouldn?t put everything but the kitchen sink on your potato of choice. Like, it?s gross when people use fries as a vehicle for all kinds of meat, chili, cheese, poutine, whatever. The potato is wonderful enough to stand on its own, which is why mashed potatoes are probably the purest potato just some butter, salt, pepper and cream and you?ve got perfect mashed potatoes. But not according to Julianne Moore. Julianne Moore hates mashed potatoes. Why????

Julianne Moore is a staunch hater of one of the world?s most beloved comfort foods. The actress, 63, revealed that mashed potatoes rank at the top of her least favorite foods list ? and she can?t understand why other people dont feel the same.

?Why do people like mashed potatoes? It?s just mush. It?s just mush!? she said at a May December cast panel in New York City moderated by Happy Sad Confused podcast host Josh Horowitz on Nov. 30.

While her costar Charles Melton was quick to defend the dish, Moore hit back and said, ?I know, people love it, they love them ? it?s just mashed mush.?

Natalie Portman, on the other hand, said she?s opposed to fruit in salad. ?I?m not into it. I like fruit salad, but I don?t want a savory salad with fruit in it. It bothers me.?

Melton, 32, shared that he doesn?t like blue cheese.

[From People]

Blue cheese is disgusting, I couldn?t agree more. And I?m also not crazy about fruit salads, although chicken salad with grapes = heaven. But how can anyone hate mashed potatoes? It?s not just mush! Julianne must be making it wrong. That being said, some people have strong feelings about lumpy vs smooth mashed potatoes I like both? What potato dish does Julianne make for the holidays? Baked potatoes? Sweet potato pie?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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