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Emma Stone wore Louis Vuitton at the UK 'Poor Things' premiere: awful or cute'
Added 128 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Emma Stone wore Louis Vuitton at the UK 'Poor Things' premiere: awful or cute'
Emma Stone has been a Louis Vuitton brand ambassador for years and the collaboration sucks. I say that with love in the past few years, we?ve seen LV make custom looks for other brand ambassadors, and certain people (Ana De Armas, Zendaya) find a way to make it work. Some people don?t find a way to make it work and Emma is one of them. It?s like Margot Robbie and Chanel it was always the wrong fit of actress and brand. Now, I understand why Emma initially signed on to LV she probably thought she would get offbeat, cool clothes. Instead, it?s like they give her the fuggest stuff from every collection.

Anyway, here are some photos from the Poor Things premiere in London last night. Look what Louis Vuitton gave Emma a slip dress with chest netting and what appears to be one of the worst-cut skirts ever. They topped it off with what appears to be a taffeta (?) robe. This is what passes for ?high end.? As much as I hate this ensemble, the worst part of the look is Emma?s makeup her makeup artist gave her Angry Baby Brows.

Bonus photos of Emma?s Poor Things costars Mark Ruffalo (with his wife) and Willem Dafoe.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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Angelina Jolie: 'Because I grew up around Hollywood, I was never very impressed with it'
Added 128 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie: 'Because I grew up around Hollywood, I was never very impressed with it'
Angelina Jolie covers the latest issue of WSJ. Magazine. It?s a surprising piece, written by Elisa Lipsky-Karasz, which largely ignores the tabloid version of Jolie and barely touches the divorce from Brad Pitt. Jolie spent years healing with her children after the Pitt marriage went t-ts up in 2016, but slowly and steadily, she?s been rebuilding her life. She?s back to taking acting roles with some regularity. She?s directed another movie (Without Blood), and she?s filming the Maria Callas bio-pic. She also confirms, in this piece, that she?s signed on to a third Maleficent movie (no additional details). While she?s still being sued by and countersuing Brad Pitt over the sale of her half of Miraval, she?s already using the money from the sale to start Atelier Jolie. Which seems to be the main point of this WSJ. piece Jolie is hyping, in her hilariously awkward way, her new thing, this fashion collective she?s dreamt up. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Playing Maria Callas: ?I?m a little terrified to do it. I?m the one who whispers ?Happy Birthday? at the party. My body reacts very strongly to stress. My blood sugar goes up and down. I suddenly had Bell?s palsy six months before my divorce.?

The past seven years, where she was mostly at home in LA: ?We had to heal. There are things we needed to heal from.?

On Hollywood today: ?I wouldn?t be an actress today,? says Jolie. Maybe theater, she caveats, but not Hollywood. ?When I was starting out, it wasn?t as much of an expectation to be as public, to share so much.?

Winning an Oscar at 24: ?Because I grew up around Hollywood, I was never very impressed with it. I never bought into it as significant or important.?

Her closest friends are refugees: ?There?s a reason people who have been through hardship are also much more honest and much more connected, and I am more relaxed with them. Why do I like spending time with people who?ve survived and are refugees? They?ve confronted so much in life that it brings forward not just strength, but humanity. I realized my closest friends are refugees. Maybe four out of six of the women that I am close to are from war and conflict.?

No social life: Meanwhile, in L.A., ?I don?t really have?a social life,? says Jolie. She says she isn?t currently dating.

Her children are the people closest to her: ?They are the closest people to me and my life, and they?re my close friends. We?re seven very different people, which is our strength.?

The public gave her a career: ?They?ve also chosen how they want you. Since I was young, people liked the part of me that?s pretty tough and maybe a bit wild?that?s the part that I think people enjoy. I?m not the one [who] you want to hear about my pain or my sadness. You know, that?s not entertaining.?

Jolie plans to eventually leave L.A. ?It?s part of what happened after my divorce. I lost the ability to live and travel as freely. I will move when I can,? she says, and spend more time at her home in Cambodia. ?I grew up in quite a shallow place,. Of all the places in the world, Hollywood is not a healthy place. So you seek authenticity.?

On Atelier Jolie: She also seems to have an almost compulsive need to work. ?I can?t stop. I always think there?s like a fight coming.? Jolie says people around her laughed when she told them about her new venture: ?You, in fashion? No.? ?I?ve never been to a fashion show or Met Ball my entire life.?

She has so many ideas for Atelier Jolie, but she knows it will run at a loss: ?I?ll probably lose money, maybe even for a while,? says Jolie. The 6,600-square-foot space was advertised at $60,000 per month for a minimum 10-year lease; a representative for the brand declined to share the terms of the lease but said Jolie is paying less and isn?t committed to 10 years. ?If I can eventually put into practice some things that I think are improvements and I just break even, that?s a huge victory.?

She consulted human rights lawyers before consulting designers: ?What would be an ethical business? We are trying to reverse-engineer it a little bit. I don?t know the answers. Can we avoid doing real damage?not only to the earth, but the garment workers? ? Is it possible that I could go somewhere and enjoy making clothes, enjoy wearing clothes and not hurt anybody? And actually maybe treat people well??

Her style: ?My daughter jokes that I wear too many trench coats. It?s just like a hiding thing.?

She?s comfortable with her body now: ?It?s like I see my scars and my things, and I feel like I?ve lived. And I?m having these big experiences, and I have this map of this complex body that?s changed over time. You and I both know that a woman with a full life is very sexy.?

[From WSJ. Magazine]

I want her to get back with Jonny Lee Miller so badly, my god. I feel like they would be so good together now, at this age. I know that?s far from the point of this interview, but I honestly feel like she needs to let one good man in for a weekend and build from there. As for Atelier Jolie, WSJ. Mag lists all of the smaller projects she?s building within the Basquiat studio, not just full fashion design, but a cafe and sewing lessons and classes that people can take. It sounds really cool, like a modern fashion-based commune. She?s also already on her way out of LA she?s reportedly apartment-hunting in New York as we speak, and now that the kids are older, I would imagine she?ll be traveling a lot more.

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Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is the highest grossing tour ever
Added 128 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is the highest grossing tour ever
Obviously the current dominating story with Taylor Swift is her budding romance with Travis Kelce. But that?s no excuse to let up the attention on how she?s a certified billionaire, is breaking all kinds of box office and concert ticket records, and has earned a Golden Globe nomination in a brand new category for her self-distributed Eras Tour concert film. As a birthday gift to Taylor, Guinness World Records announced that Eras Tour had become the highest-grossing music tour of all time. It feels incorrect to call this news, since we know she owns us all at this point. So let?s call it confirmation of an inherent truth. E! News rounded up some more facts and figures about this milestone:

Taylor Swift?s uber-popular Eras Tour has officially broken the record for the highest-grossing music tour of all time, Guinness World Records announced Dec. 12.

The Grammy winner?s concert series has reportedly become the first to make more than $1 billion in revenue ? specifically, it has earned $1.04 billion in just nine months after opening in March 2023, Guinness notes, citing Pollstar. (Bloomberg also crowned Swift personally a billionaire in October.)

Before Swift?s achievement at age 33, Elton John, 76, held the record for highest-grossing tour thanks to his farewell concert series, which ended in Sweden in July 2023 after five years, reportedly making $939 million.

So, while there?s only so far new money goes, it?s clear Swift is going the distance. And she has more shows left, returning to the stage in Tokyo in February 2024, before heading to Australia, Singapore and then Europe.

For fans not able to make the trek (or score a stub on Ticketmaster), Swift also brought the experience to the big screen in October with the release of her Eras Tour movie. The concert film has brought in nearly $250 million worldwide in two months and will be available to rent on Prime Video Dec. 13.

[From E! News]

Oh man, rub it in more, E! News. 33-year-old Taylor Swift + 9 months of touring = $1 billion whereas 76-year-old Elton John + 5 years of touring = $939 million. But it?s not like Taylor doesn?t work hard for her money. Later on the article quoted some parts of Taylor?s TIME Person of the Year interview where she talked about her training for the tour:

?I knew this tour was harder than anything I?d ever done before by a long shot,? she told TIME magazine in an interview published Dec. 6. ?Every day I would run on the treadmill, singing the entire set list out loud. Fast for fast songs, and a jog or a fast walk for slow songs.?

The ?Anti-Hero? singer then had three months of dance training, ?because I wanted to get it in my bones,? she added. ?I wanted to be so over-rehearsed that I could be silly with the fans, and not lose my train of thought.?

[From E! News]

I love when artists talk shop about preparation and processes. And I especially love it when the method turns out to be ?practice, practice, practice!? There?s often a magical notion out there that someone successful simply has something ineffable that makes them destined for achievement. Sure, people can have an ?it? factor. But success comes down to doing the work, even when it?s repetitive or unglamorous. Even when it?s spending three hours everyday running on the treadmill while singing. And since I haven?t been on a treadmill in REDACTED years, that is the (one and only) reason why I am not as successful as Taylor Swift.

Embed from Getty Images

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Sophie Turner is doing aristocratic shooting weekends with her new boyfriend
Added 129 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sophie Turner is doing aristocratic shooting weekends with her new boyfriend
Sophie Turner has apparently been dating Peregrine Pearson since October, at least that?s when they were first photographed together in Paris. Some thought it could be a simple hookup/rebound, but it looks like Sophie is really dating this guy. He?s a British aristocrat, heir to the Viscount Cowdray and considered one of the most eligible bachelors in the UK. They?re now pap-strolling and being open about their relationship. Now Sophie and Peregrine?s new love is being covered by the Mail?s Eden Confidential column:

She made her name as noblewoman Sansa Stark in drama Game Of Thrones, so perhaps its not surprising Sophie Turner is adjusting to life among the aristocracy.

Having split up with American pop star Joe Jonas, with whom she has two children, earlier this year, the actress is now going out with Peregrine Pearson, Viscount Cowdrays son and heir. And Turner, 27, joined Perry, 29, and his upper-class chums for a shooting weekend at the Duke of Marlboroughs Blenheim Palace estate in Oxfordshire.

Wearing green wellies and clutching a champagne flute, she mixed with her boyfriends pals including the Marquess of Blandford, George, who will inherit Blenheim. Others include Georges wife, Camilla, his cousin Alexander Spencer-Churchill and their friend Lady Jemima Herbert.

[From The Daily Mail]

I keep thinking about how much sh-t Sophie talked about America and how much she hated the food, the schools, the humor, the entire city of LA, all of it. She was desperate to move back to the UK for years, and now that she has, she?s? hanging out with the aristocracy and all of her royalist buddies. As I said in a previous post, her American adventure was just a blip she?s back to her snooty British roots and she?s done with America.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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