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Jaime King Is Chilly
Added 8 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Jaime King Is Chilly
I’m not usually a huge fan of September. Sure, it means we get football back, but it also means summer’s over and it’s starting to get cold again. But I totally forgot the one good thing about fall: it means hotties like Jaime King here forget to wear their jackets and come down with a […]

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Charlotte McKinney Is Hard At Work
Added 8 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Charlotte McKinney Is Hard At Work
As I have said many times before, Charlotte McKinney has a wicked body, but she’s no supermodel. She’s a glorified Hooters’ waitress who managed to work social media well. Sure she may be no beauty queen, but trust me I’d spend hours licking every inch of her body with pleasure. I just wouldn’t kiss her. […]

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Sofia Vergara Knows How To Dress
Added 8 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Sofia Vergara Knows How To Dress
Sofia Vergara made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and once again, Va Va Voom! This chick must have a closet full of tight dresses and luckily for us, she’s not afraid to wear them. Amen! Photos:

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Susan Sarandon's Sweet Old Lady Cleavage
Added 8 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Susan Sarandon's Sweet Old Lady Cleavage
Here’s Susan Sarandon at “The Meddler” premiere at TIFF. Susan is 68-years-old now and proving that her boobs can still be somewhat appreciated. I’m not into older ladies since I feel every woman has an expiry date. Usually around 32. However, every once in a while there are exceptions and Susan is one. […]

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Kim Kardashian's maternity street style: miniskirt, Pink Floyd t-shirt & a fur coat'
Added 8 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kim Kardashian's maternity street style: miniskirt, Pink Floyd t-shirt & a fur coat'
Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian out and about yesterday in NYC. I think Kim is wearing the leather miniskirt from a few days ago, this time with a t-shirt (Pink Floyd?!). Even though she looks uncomfortable, even though ?maternity miniskirts? shouldn?t be a thing, even though pregnant women shouldn?t wear leather, even though Kim?s parade of thigh-high boots is ridiculous, I have to admit? she doesn?t look completely terrible here. Do I think it?s absurd that she?s wearing a full-length fur coat? Yes. But I?m sort of out of words about Kim?s maternity style.

All of her pap strolls for the past week and a half have been building up to today ? at noon, Kanye West will do his second Yeezy + Adidas show during NYFW. Apparently, the show was a last minute addition. So last minute, he didn?t even inform the CFDA, and other designers are pissed at him now. We?ll have photos from the show (I?m hoping) tomorrow, because it will probably be hours after the fact when the pics come in.

Meanwhile, remember how Kim and Kanye went to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in LA last month? Hillary even agreed to a selfie with Kim and Yeezy. And this week, Hillary was asked about Kim when she appeared on Extra. This is what Hillary had to say:

?You know, I just met her for the first time. She came to one of my fundraisers in Los Angeles, and I really enjoyed meeting her; I really found her to be warm and very personable. She had a nice way of introducing her husband, as if I didn?t know who he was. And I enjoy seeing her with her daughter. I think all of us in our own ways can be inspirational or aspirational for people, and I certainly think many people see her as someone who gets up every day and tries to figure out how to make that day successful.?

[From Vanity Fair]

You know, Hillary gets a lot of crap for being too robotic, but I actually think her words on Kim Kardashian were the height of diplomacy. It?s obvious Hillary doesn?t think Kim is inspirational or that Kim?s life is anything young women should aspire to, but Hillary settles on a functional compliment: Kim strives to succeed at what she does. Which is true, but also not really a compliment.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Kate Winslet & Liam Hemsworth are 'the same age' in 'The Dressmaker?: what'
Added 8 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kate Winslet & Liam Hemsworth are 'the same age' in 'The Dressmaker?: what'
Here are some photos of Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth at the TIFF premiere of The Dressmaker on Monday night. Kate?s dress was Badgley Mischka and it was? okay. Her body looks great, I?ll say that, but I?m ambivalent on the dress. Now? I?ve gotten in trouble before for claiming that Kate has, at times, looked Botoxed to hell. During her last pregnancy, her face really softened and I sort of forgot about it. But nowadays? Um, I think she?s hitting the ?Tox again. There?s something about her brows and her forehead, it?s like the Nicole Kidman thing. Too tight? Not responding to the lower half of her face? Something like that.

Kate is currently 39 years old, soon to be 40 in October. Her costar and on-screen love interest is 25-year-old Liam ?The Hot One? Hemsworth. I really don?t care about the age difference as far as on-screen romances go, and I?ll admit to enjoying the idea of a nearly-40-year-old woman breaking off a piece of Young Hemsworth. The problem, perhaps, is that the story of The Dressmaker has the two actors playing characters that are supposed to be close in age. Um?? Seriously? Here are Kate and Liam discussing the film with Salon:

Winslet on whether the film is feminist: ?I think it?s quite dangerous to kind of label things in that way. The word feminism, being a feminist, they?re both strong profound statements that can speak huge volumes, and I?m not necessarily sure that I would apply that to this film, it?s just f–king cool that you?ve got this amazingly strong woman at the heart of this story and that she happens to get revenge at the end, it?s just super great.?

Hemsworth on playing Winslet?s love interest: ?It was something I was sort of worried about in the beginning. I felt like I was possibly too young to play this part because in this film we?re seen as the same age, around the same age? But onscreen ? Kate is such a beautiful woman and I have a beard in the film so I look quite a bit older, so I don?t think it?s an issue at all? She looks really young and I look weathered and old.?

Winslet on the age difference: ?Isn?t that great, he?s about five years old. It didn?t really occur to me actually at all, I really didn?t know how old he is, I truly didn?t. I think it?s all about how you feel alongside that person, I didn?t particularly feel as though he was particularly younger than me or I was older than him. I felt more experienced than him in terms of career and in terms of the amount of years that I?ve been doing it for in comparison to him, but I didn?t feel uncomfortable or that or awkward at all. I didn?t have a sort of fist-pumping moment of hey look at me with the younger actor. I didn?t feel like that. He was the right person for the role.?

[From Salon]

Again, if you want to make a movie where a 40-year-old lady has hot sex with a 25-year-old Hemsworth, more power to you, God bless and Godspeed. But of course people are going to have some issues with the whole idea that a 25 year old and a 39 year old are supposed to, magically, be THE SAME AGE within the film. It goes the other way too, of course: you can make Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper on-screen love interests, but don?t try to convince us that they?re the same age. It?s not happening.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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Kim Cattrall: The term 'childless' is offensive & implies you are 'less'
Added 8 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kim Cattrall: The term 'childless' is offensive & implies you are 'less'
Kim Cattrall helped host Radio4?s Women’s Hour on the BBC this week, and the conversation turned to the everlasting war between parents and those who don’t have children. From what I have observed with my own friends, there’s so much judginess on both sides of the argument. Even when there isn’t a judgy attitude, both sides feel like the other is judging them, which makes things worse. I do have a kid, and I love her so much, but there are many days when it would be nice to have fewer parental responsibilities. So I perfectly understand why many women (those with or without careers) choose not to go there.

Cattrall spoke at length at those who place a stigma on women who don’t have kids (for whatever reason). She would prefer to be called “childfree” instead of “childless,” and she says her role as an aunt is just as maternal as any mother:

Her preferred term: “It’s the ‘less’ that is offensive – childless – it sounds like you’re ‘less’ because you haven’t had a child.”

She considers herself a mother: “I have young actors and actresses that I mentor, I have nieces and nephews that I am very close to so I think the thing that I find questionable about being childless or childfree is – are you really? There is a way to become a mother in this day and age that doesn’t include your name on the child’s birth certificate. You can express that maternal side very clearly, very strongly. I am a parent [too]. (She instead helped her niece though medical school and her nephew when he had a hard time joining the army.) “Those are very motherly things to do, very maternal things to do, very nurturing things to do, so I feel I am a mother of sorts.”

On deciding not to get pregnant: “I think for many women from my generation it wasn’t actually a conscious choice, it was a feeling of, ‘Well, I’m on this road, and things are going really well, and I’m very happy, and I’ll do it next year, I’ll do it in two years, I’ll do it in five years.” Later on, “I just thought, ‘I don’t know if I want it that much.’ I just believe, and have always believed since my 40s, that there are many different ways to be a mum.”

[From BBC - Radio4's Women's Hour]

I see why Cattrall takes such a strong stance in her “childfree” terminology. It probably does feel very freeing for many people to not have to worry about feeding, clothing, and taking tons of time to care for another human. Parenting is so hard, and anyone who doesn’t want to do it should never go there. In that vein, some people do want to become parents and cannot, so the use of “childless” also isn’t the most sensitive term to use. In a perfect world, everyone would stop worrying about everyone else’s lives, you know?

Photos courtesy of WENN

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