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Ariana Grande Absolutely Hot at 2016 American Music Awards in LA
Added 7 years agoSource: Dickism
Ariana Grande Absolutely Hot at 2016 American Music Awards in LA
Here is Ariana Grande naming Artist of The Year at the American Music Awards on Sunday evening, while Zayn Malik scooped New Artist of The Year and Drake bagged his first ever AMA.

She pulled her hair up into an especially high ponytail contained within a gold barrette as she got on all fours on the floor in a flirty green mini dress, fishnet stockings, and thigh-high suede boots.

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Olivia Munn Cleavy at 2016 American Music Awards in LA
Added 7 years agoSource: Dickism
Olivia Munn Cleavy at 2016 American Music Awards in LA
Here is Olivia Munn brings color to the red carpet while attending the 2016 American Music Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Leaving her exposed limbs to do all the talking, she added no accessories and wore her brunette tresses up.

The beauty looked radiant with expertly applied make-up showcasing her flawless skin.

She looks like Megan Fox now and just like Megan Fox, she was way better looking before the surgeries.

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Selena Gomez Looks Radiant at 2016 American Music Awards
Added 7 years agoSource: Dickism
Selena Gomez Looks Radiant at 2016 American Music Awards
Here is Selena Gomez showing up and won the night at the 2016 American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Pulling her brunette locks back into a poker-straight ponytail to give her look some edge, Selena looked happy to be back on the red carpet and certainly wasn’t a shrinking violet in the commanding gown.

Selena was definitely feeling back to her old self as she posed for selfies with fans, braving the drizzle and plummeting temperatures in Los Angeles before heading into the Microsoft Theater.

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Sara Jean Underwood's Booty Keeps Getting Fatter In The Wilderness
Added 7 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Sara Jean Underwood's Booty Keeps Getting Fatter In The Wilderness
For someone who seems to spend all the time in the wilderness taking photos of herself for Instagram, you’d think Sara Jean Underwood would be super thin. I don’t know what they’re feeding her at those camp fires in the wilderness or if her old age is catching up to her, but any bigger than […]

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Jaime King claims her kids have been able to read since six months old
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jaime King claims her kids have been able to read since six months old
Jaime King is promoting something called “Rogue One: Recon – A Star Wars 360 Experience” which from what I can figure out is a video made by Verizon which you can move around to make it feel like you’re piloting a spacecraft from the movie. Despite all the issues I’ve heard they’ve had with the film (reshoots primarily) I’m looking forward to seeing Rogue One when it comes out in mid December, and these kind of promotional tie-ins do work to remind people, I think.

Jaime has a new interview with Wonderwall in which she talks about how she limits her children’s access to technology and television, apart from certain exceptions like movies and the system My Baby Can Read. I’ve seen the infomercials for this but I never knew if it was just a put on or not. Jaime swears it works though and that her kids were recognizing flash cars by six months old. She also says that she doesn’t let her kids have iPhones or iPads with some minor exceptions. She sounds like Meghan Fox in that way. Jamie and her husband, director Kyle Newman, have two boys, James, three, and Leo, 16 months.

On limiting her kids’ access to technology

“I don’t really actually allow my children to use iPads or iPhones. It’s very, very, very rare. The new studies that have come out have shown that if a child is 18 months old or under, they should not have any screen time at all. If they’re 4 years old or under, they should be limited to an hour or so a day. I allow James Knight to watch things that he loves like ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ or something along those lines — like something that’s a great film. But not just junk.”

She swears by “Your Baby Can Read”

“The one thing that I’ve always done since they were babies is something called ‘Your Baby Can Read!’ My children [James Knight and Leo Thames Newman] have been able to read flashcards since they were 6 months old — before they could even speak. That’s something that really changed things for me as a mom that I utilize technology for. It’s just a simple DVD. But that’s the only, only time they get screen time is specifically ‘Your Baby Can Read!’ because it’s really a game-changer.”

[From Wonderwall]

When my son was an infant the big thing was teaching them sign language. He was able to make simple signs for things he wanted like “eat” and “drink” and knew some objects like “bird,” “dog,” and “cat.” I remember him making signs for things before he could talk and that was kind of wonderful because it helped us communicate. How does this “My Baby Can Read” system work exactly? Kids don’t usually talk at six months, in most cases they don’t talk until they’re around a year old I thought. I looked up the reviews for it and many people say it doesn’t work and is a money scam although some users (who may or may not be genuine) say it works. It seems like one of the mommy bragging things that doesn’t end up mattering in the scheme of a child’s development, but there’s nothing I like more than bragging about my smart kid and I just did it so I can’t blame Jamie King for talking about it. Plus, how much do you want to bet she’s being paid by this company to promote them?

Before I go to bed this beautiful photo of our family at @fsmaui – the incredible view from our newly renovated room SO exquisite – sublime actually. ????#mauimemories #fsmaui #gooddreams

A photo posted by Jaime King (@jaime_king) on Nov 5, 2016 at 12:33am PDT

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Kristin Davis understood her 'white privilege' once she adopted her daughter
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kristin Davis understood her 'white privilege' once she adopted her daughter
Kristin Davis is so low-key, I always forget that she quietly adopted a daughter back in 2011. Kristin is rarely pap-strolling with her daughter, Gemma ? the photos in this post are from 2014, and that?s literally the last time I can find that Gemma was photographed. Kristin isn?t a mommy-blogger and she?s not giving constant interviews trying to brand herself with the Motherhood Industrial Complex. I like that about her. I also like and appreciate the comments Kristin made during a speech at The Greene Space a few days ago. She talked about her own white privilege and how she?s very concerned about how her African-American daughter will be treated in Donald Trump?s America.

Kristin Davis is filled ?with terror? for her adopted black child.

?I am white. I have lived in white privilege. I thought I knew before adopting my daughter that I was in white privilege, that I understood what that meant,? Davis, 51, recently explained while speaking at The Greene Space in New York City. Davis adopted her now 5-year-old daughter Gemma Rose Davis in 2011. ?But until you actually have a child, which is like your heart being outside you, and that heart happens to be in a brown body, and you have people who are actively working against your child, it?s hard. It fills me with terror.?

That feeling increased after Davis, who campaigned for Hillary Clinton, learned Donald Trump won the election.

?My initial thoughts on Wednesday morning was that I wanted to move to the woods and learn to shoot a gun,? Davis said. ?It makes no sense. I?m fully aware. I?m 100 percent aware that it literally makes no sense ? the fear of what is happening and how am I going to make sure that no one hurts my child, even in a subtle way, which was already a fear I had obviously, but it just became so, so heightened.?

Despite the fears she faces on a daily basis, Davis gives Gemma words of encouragement.

?I have to tell her your curls are beautiful, your black skin is beautiful,? she said. ?You?re beautiful. You?re powerful. You?re a goddess ? because she needs to know this.?

Davis also makes sure positive figures like Serena Williams are prominently displayed in her home.

[From Page Six]

I?ve listened to interviews and read pieces with white mothers who have adopted or given birth to black or mixed race children, and this is a common thread, this idea that the white women thought they knew about their own white privilege and understood racial issues. Then they become mothers to black babies and suddenly they realize that the world is still pretty racist, and that their bubble of privilege will rarely protect their children. I like how open Kristin is in this discussion too, she?s not sugarcoating it (nor should she). It?s a scary time to be anything other than white in this country. Full disclosure: I?ve also been thinking about arming myself these days. I already live in the suburbs and ever since Trump was elected, I?ve been thinking more and more about what I can do to protect my own brown body.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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Gisele Bundchen on Thanksgiving: 'I have no idea how to make a turkey'
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Gisele Bundchen on Thanksgiving: 'I have no idea how to make a turkey'
If you were to survey immigrants in America, I wonder if Thanksgiving would be the most popular American holiday? Or would it be Fourth of July? Both holidays are pretty great ? one involves fireworks and cookouts and the other involves turkey and pecan pie. Yay, America! Let me have this, peeps. Let me have one moment where I can think ?America is great because of Thanksgiving? and not think about what it?s going to be like when President Trump is told he has to pardon two turkeys at this time next year. ?We?re not going to do that, those turkeys are rapists, they?re illegal, they need to apologize bigly. No pardon. You?re the pardon!? Where was I? Oh, yes. Immigrants and Thanksgiving. Gisele Bundchen is an immigrant and she sounds like she loves Thanksgiving, but she loves it mostly because she doesn?t have to cook the turkey. I guess Tom?s family cooks? Either that or they make their private chef cook on Thanksgiving. Some highlights from Gisele?s People interview:

Her Thanksgiving plans: ?I?m always home with my family, that?s what Thanksgiving?s about. We?re going to have it together, and it?s nice to have friends over, my sister-in-law, some friends, and the kids. It?s going to be a nice cozy night.?

She helps with the Thanksgiving cooking: ?I help with the cooking, but I could spend the whole day doing it because it?s so crazy. I help pick the stuff, because we have a garden. I help make nice salads and the kids participate, but I have no idea how to make a turkey. I have to be honest with you. I ask for help with that.?

Gisele has an apiary? ?Over the past few years, I have learned that bees are essential to the health of our ecosystem. I also learned they are sadly becoming more and more scarce. Our family decided to add a bee hive and harvest our own honey. It has been an incredible thing for our home. It is so intriguing to learn how hard the bees work to make the honey. I love that our kids are seeing and experiencing this first hand. We love to use the honey as a sweetener in some of our snacks.?

She says Benjamin is an animal-lover: ?It warms my heart to see how kind and gentle Benny treats all animals. He wouldn?t hurt a fly. He thinks all animals are his friends. He has a lot of empathy and a strong love for nature. Vivi is very connected to nature too. She loves the garden and watching the strawberries grow so she can pick them.?

She wants her kids to play outside, not watch TV: ?The kids spend a lot of their time outside; they love it. It doesn?t matter the weather, we are always finding things as a family to do in nature. Staying outside with no shoes or just connecting with nature are some of the most special memories I have with my kids. The kids play outside most days. I want them to use their imaginations as much as possible. I love that they get the opportunity to be creative and fantasize about different kinds of places and stories with their friends in our yard. We try to limit electronic time in our house, which at times can be challenging. I believe everything in moderation can work. My preference is for them to read, draw, play music or play outside instead of being in front of the TV.?

[From People]

I was going to say something snotty about how it?s not really that difficult to cook a turkey, but if you?re cooking a whole turkey, plus the entire Thanksgiving meal, it is tricky to get all the timing done correctly. While it?s generally pretty easy to cook a simple, no-muss turkey, plenty of people screw it up (including me, so I?ll shut my mouth about Gisele). As for Gisele having a beehive or apiary? I?ve become increasingly fascinated by beekeeping. You know why? Elementary, the modern Sherlock story set in New York. In Elementary, Sherlock keeps a beehive on the roof of his brownstone. He loves bees to a crazy degree, and there have been several bee-

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