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Victoria & David Beckham caught Covid in March, were they 'super-spreaders?'
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Victoria & David Beckham caught Covid in March, were they 'super-spreaders?'
In March, it felt like the pandemic learning curve was pretty steep for most people. What was socially acceptable on March 5th was completely unacceptable by March 25th. We learned so much in such a short time. All of which to say, I can sort of understand how people were partying and acting like nothing was wrong in the first week of March. We were so innocent then. David and Victoria Beckham weren?t paying attention to the pandemic around that time as well. Their son Brooklyn Beckham turned 21 on March 4, and the Beckhams had a big party in the UK for his birthday. In the days before that, Victoria and David were in Miami for some massive parties for David?s Miami football club. So? yeah, turns out that David and Victoria caught Covid around then, and Victoria feared they were early ?super-spreaders.?

David and Victoria Beckham secretly battled coronavirus after catching it schmoozing in the States. Several relatives and staff members also came down with the killer bug following the launch of Becks? new football club. Victoria, 46, feared they may be ?super-spreaders? after flying back to the UK for son Brooklyn?s 21st birthday do, with guests such as Stormzy and Emma Bunton. Tests later confirmed the couple?s Covid diagnosis.

Last night a friend said: ?It was an absolute nightmare scenario. David was on duty for his club Inter Miami, and Victoria and the family flew down to support him. They attended a couple of swanky networking events as David had promotional duties, and were shaking hands and kissing fans and various club dignitaries. They then flew back to London, and were whisked straight to their Cotswolds mansion.?

The source said the couple celebrated Brooklyn?s 21st before a short trip back to the States, this time to Miami. When they returned, the source went on, ?David started to feel ill and then Victoria developed a sore throat and high temperature. At the same time, several of their team including drivers, bodyguards and assistants fell ill ? a couple of them very badly so. Victoria really panicked and made the whole family quarantine rigidly for more than two weeks. She was utterly petrified they might be super-spreaders, and did all she could to minimize all future risk. Not only was she poorly in bed, she was also completely panicked. It was a rough few weeks.?

After making full recoveries, Posh and 45-year-old Becks checked in regularly with their team. They are understood to have sent ?care packages? to at least two staff members who were particularly badly affected.

The couple spent the entire summer holed up in their country manor ? complete with swimming pool, football pitch and hot tub ? and declined several party invites. They later had swab and antibody tests before holidaying in Greece and Italy to ensure they were safe to travel. The pair also canceled middle son Romeo?s planned 18th birthday last weekend over fears they would break social distancing rules. Their nightmare COVID ordeal is believed to have begun on March 1, when Becks? Inter Miami side played their first game away at Los Angeles FC.

[From Page Six]

I mean? considering all of the back-and-forth traveling, I?m struggling to understand why everyone believes that Posh and Becks absolutely caught the virus in Miami. In the first week of March, they were mingling and partying with everyone in the UK AND America. It?s pretty likely they caught it in America, sure, but it?s also clear that they didn?t take any of the pandemic talk seriously until they started feeling like sh-t. Anyway, I?m glad everyone involved in the Beckham household and support staff is feeling better.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN.

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Prince William & Kate are raising 'the most well-adjusted generation of royals ever'
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Prince William & Kate are raising 'the most well-adjusted generation of royals ever'
I?ve said this many times before, but I genuinely think that the Duchess of Cambridge is a great mom and she loves being a simple upper-middle-class stay-at-home mom, doing the school runs and doing projects with the kids at Anmer Hall and that kind of stuff. While so much of Kate?s image is a carefully crafted persona, that has never felt false to me. She loves her children and motherhood is basically the only thing she gives a sh-t about. On the other hand, I?ve never bought into the image of William as a doting father I think he?s largely tapped out and he leaves Kate to do the bulk of the child-rearing, despite the fussy, sugary narrative to the contrary. I think William has other country pursuits, you know? But because none of the royal reporters will actually talk about rose-bush-trimming, William gets credit for being the best royal parent ever, and raising the most well-adjusted kids ever:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge saw lockdown as a rare gift because royal children are usually unavoidably denied the privilege of prolonged time with their parents, a royal expert has claimed. Prince William, 38, and Kate Middleton, 38, spent the majority of the last six months at their Norfolk home of Anmer Hall with their children, Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

Now royal commentator Victoria Arbiter has claimed the period gave the Cambridge children a privilege generations of royal youngsters have unavoidably been denied ? prolonged time at home with just Mum and Dad. Writing for Australian site 9Honey, she said the children would likely be the most well-adjusted generation the royals have ever known, adding: For George, Charlotte and Louis a lifetime of duty eventually awaits, but thanks to the relative normality their childhood affords, their royal calling will feel less like a prison sentence and more one to be proud of.

The royal commentator said the couple have set a royal parenting precedent with their techniques. Victoria wrote that Prince William has long strived to provide his children with the stability he once craved.

Meanwhile, she added that Kates parents Carole and Michael Middleton have remained at the heart of the Cambridges existence and offer a stabilising force to the family unit. She wrote: Given his admiration for their solid middle-class values and hands-on style, its hardly surprising Carole and Mike play such a significant role in their grandchildrens upbringing.

She commented that the combination of Kates focus on early years education and the Middletons nurturing presence, alongside Prince Williams focus on mental well being and the Windsor traditions, would lead the Cambridge children to be the most well-adjusted generation the royals have ever known. Meanwhile Victoria added that Prince William and Kate are paving the way for royal children of tomorrow with their parenting techniques.

[From The Daily Mail]

I mean, Princess Diana was really the one who changed the way royal children are raised. Diana and Charles both wanted William and Harry to have real childhoods too, and they tried their best to keep the kids out of their own dramas. I think ?stability? is an interesting word choice there the stability William craved, meaning no divorce, no tabloid war, etc. Fair enough. But what William and Kate have actually created is just a throwback to the way most aristocratic families operated for centuries. The wife at home with the kids while the husband gallivants around the countryside, trimming rose bushes.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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Selena Gomez: 'Every one of my exes thinks I?m crazy' I don't care'
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Selena Gomez: 'Every one of my exes thinks I?m crazy' I don't care'
Selena Gomez, a Latinx Disney princess in her own right, has been making the rounds to promote her new makeup line Rare Beauty. Its been getting a lot of great reviews from the beauty community.

Selena recently did a collaboration video with popular influencer Nikkie Tutorials. They had a girly chat while trying out Selenas new product line. In the video, Selena gets really personal about her dating life in quarantine and how all of her exes think shes crazy. Here is more from the conversation, via Just Jared

?It?s hard [to find a man] in quarantine,? she said while doing her makeup in the clip, adding that it?s ?not an invitation? for anyone to ask her out.

?It?s just funny that I release things that say I want a boyfriend and stuff?and I?m like, ?I didn?t really mean it, though.? Guys are a lot of work,? she continued.

She also supplied rare commentary on her ex-boyfriends, saying: ?Every one of my exes thinks I?m crazy?I don?t care.?

[From Just Jared]

I am in the age group that was too old to grow up with Selena on Disney and I really didnt pay much attention to her until recently. Watching her on this video just made me fall in love with my Texas sister. I love that her voice is super deep and raspy. She is just so cute but you can also tell mama dont take no sh*t.

I enjoyed her camaraderie with Nikkie as well. She said at some point that she thinks she likes Nikkie. It was a cute, uplifting video and gave many people who are not familiar with Selena a person a glimpse into her personality.

As far as her exes thinking shes crazy, many men call independent, not easily controlled women crazy. Ive been called crazy several times in my dating life. It is a word some men throw around to gaslight strong women. So dont feel bad Selena, keep it moving and find a man who not only loves your quirks but also who celebrates that strong independent spirit.

Here is the video of Selena Gomez with Nikkie Tutorials:

View this post on Instagram

#SELPINK is officially in your area. The song and video for Ice Cream are out now! ? @blackpinkofficial

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Aug 27, 2020 at 9:00pm PDT

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Jaime King's estranged husband says she cleaned out all of their joint bank accounts
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jaime King's estranged husband says she cleaned out all of their joint bank accounts
In May of this year, Jaime King filed for divorce from her husband Kyle Newman. They have two children, James and Leo, and it looked like Kyle had taken the boys to Pennsylvania in the early days of the pandemic, and that Kyle was raising their sons as a single parent. Jaime accused Kyle of financial abuse and she got a temporary restraining order in LA, which (again) was weird because he had been in Pennsylvania for months at that point. Days later, Kyle counterfiled and spilled all: he claimed that Jaime was and is an addict, and her long-running substance abuse meant that she was incapable of caring for their sons, and it had been like that from the start. Well, sh-t has gotten even worse:

Getting messy. Jaime King?s estranged husband, Kyle Newman, claimed she cleaned out their joint bank accounts and pushed him out of their family home amid their divorce. According to court documents filed on September 2, Newman, 44, alleged that the Hart of Dixie actress, 41, ?emptied and closed? the pair?s joint bank accounts, ?leaving Kyle with minimal access to funds.? In the docs obtained by Us Weekly, Newman requested his estranged wife pay for his legal fees, claiming that his role as a stay-at-home father to their two sons, James, 6, and Leo, 5, makes it hard to pay the $150,000 in costs that he?s already incurred. The docs asked for repayment to the lawyers representing Newman, totaling $70,000.

Newman also claimed that the Transformers: Power of the Primes alum ?excluded him from the family residence? and has prolonged their legal fight, which has led to more legal fees. Us confirmed in May that King filed for divorce from Newman after 13 years of marriage, and although the pair allegedly tried to settle the matter beginning in June, a resolution was not reached. Instead, Newman said that King returned to work and left for Canada to film a new season of Black Summer, leaving him with the kids and ?without support [and] without access to community funds.?

The filing alleged that the Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana author is ?without access to the family residence? which contains his personal belongings. ?I continued to be left without the funds necessary to pay for my attorneys, including funds to proceed with preparing and filing requests for support and custody,? he alleged. Newman pointed to King?s past substance abuse issues and his role as primary caregiver to their boys in the docs as the main reasons for his need for financial reimbursement.

?Since the children?s birth? Jaime has rarely been alone with the children,? Newman claimed in the docs. ?I do not recall her ever taking them anywhere by herself- there has always a nanny, godparent? someone to supervise and help her.? He continued: ?By 2015, it became evident to me that Jaime was not capable of taking care of the children ? she simply did not have the faculties or ability to take care of them given her substance abuse issues.?

The New Jersey native noted that he ?reorganized? his life to care for the kids because of ?Jaime?s addiction problems.? Although he is a writer, he claimed that he ?could not accept jobs which required me to leave town? so he is now ?entirely reliant on Jaime for support of myself and the children.? He concluded that King?s decision to close their accounts has left him ?in financially dire straits.?

[From Us Weekly]

Usually it?s the men cleaning out the joint bank accounts in a divorce. This sh-t got crazy-messy from the word go, and I have to say? I kind of believe Kyle?s side of things, although Im open to the possibility that theirs was a massively dysfunctional relationship and he was possibly emotionally abusing her (and maybe financially abusing her too). I also think it?s extremely worrisome that Jaime would empty bank accounts if she?s still dealing with a drug addiction meaning, is that money already gone? If Kyle is telling the truth about everything, then this is going to be a prolonged legal battle over finances and custody and it?s going to leave them both broke.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN.

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?Keeping Up with the Kardashians' will be over after their 20th season next year
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
?Keeping Up with the Kardashians' will be over after their 20th season next year
View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Sep 8, 2020 at 2:34pm PDT

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Anna Faris quits 'Mom' after 7 seasons for 'other opportunities'
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Anna Faris quits 'Mom' after 7 seasons for 'other opportunities'
***Spoilers for the show Mom***

Friday night it broke that Anna Faris was leaving her popular CBS show, Mom. The reason, according to Anna?s statement, is she will be pursuing other opportunities. Anna has been on the show for seven seasons, which is a good run for any actor. But the show?s premise revolved around Anna?s Christy character?s sober journey alongside her mother, Bonnie, played by Allison Janney, who is also working on her sobriety. Granted, the cast has flushed out into a very solid ensemble that includes Mimi Kennedy, Jaime Pressly, Kirsten Johnston and Beth Hall, but Anna?s Christy is still one of the ?Moms? from the title.

CBS comedy Mom will go into its eighth season without one of its two leads.

In a surprise move, Anna Faris is exiting the series she has starred in for seven years. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter her departure is not due to COVID-19 concerns; instead she wanted to pursue other opportunities.

Her role as Christy wont be recast, sources say, and her absence will be addressed in the show. Its not clear when Faris informed producers of her decision, but the writers werent delayed as a result. Production on the Warner Bros. TV show, executive produced by Chuck Lorre, is slated to begin Sept. 14. CBS hasnt set a premiere date.

The past seven years on Mom have been some of the most fulfilling and rewarding of my career, said Faris. Im so thankful to Chuck, the writers, and my amazing castmates for creating a truly wonderful work experience. While my journey as Christy has come to an end, allowing me to pursue new opportunities, Ill be watching next season and rooting for my TV family.

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

When I first heard the news, I was shocked, but it passed quickly. Anna strikes me as a more nomadic personality, staying in one place for too long frustrates her. I?m not faulting her for that, I?ve known plenty of people who just need change to be happy. If her departure doesn?t hurt the show, then it?s not a bad thing. So that begs the question: does Anna?s departure hurt the show? In my opinion ? no. As far as Christy?s arc, I feel like the main part of her story with Bonnie her terrible childhood and how her mother?s addiction fed her own has played out. They?ve really explored that, found resolution and healed. Christy?s stories about Bonnie are still kind of funny, but they are also sad now that we see Bonnie has grown enough to understand the damage she?s done. So the whole dynamic between Christy and Bonnie has shifted, making it the perfect time to remove that as the center of the show.

In an update posted by Seriously OMG, Kirsten Johnston said, ?I can?t say much, but I can promise her character is moving on to an awesome (sober) life. That?s what I was told, anyway.? If you think about it, Christy is the most primed to move on. She can get hired out of town, she can transfer to a larger law school there are plenty of options for her to move off the show in a logical way. Plus, the cast is so strong, they can afford to lose one of the players. With Bonnie and Adam married, story wise, it makes sense for Christy to move out anyway. Now that Bonnie has her new sponsee, Patty, we will still have a mom/daughter dynamic. And since it sounds like Christy will move on to something better, it continues to back up the extremely positive message Mom makes about putting in the work on sobriety. As much as I like Anna in that role, I think this could be a necessary shakeup the show needed. I kind of hope they bring Christy?s daughter Violet back into the story. There is so much to work with there.

Whatever happens, I honestly think this one of the few shows that can lose one of its leads and still be equally as viable. Centering the show around the women, the program and their sobriety rather than relying solely on the relationship between Christy and Bonnie has made it tenable. This little ripple actually makes me more excited for the new season than I was originally. I?m excited to see where this takes the characters.

BTW ? personal note, I started watching this based on your comments about Mom promoting the power of women supporting each other through thick and thin. So thank you.

Photo credit: WENN/Avalon and Instagram

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Cate Blanchett in a peplum?d McQueen in Venice: the worst look of the festival?
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Cate Blanchett in a peplum?d McQueen in Venice: the worst look of the festival?
I thought the Venice Film Festival was winding down, but it?s not over until the 12th (Saturday). I believed we were seeing the final night?s activities because of Cate Blanchett?s fashion choice last night she wore this Alexander McQueen look for two red carpets, the premiere of Di Yi Lu Xiang and the presentation of the Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement. It was the WRONG look to wear for a big night, huh?

Cate actually does this every so often I feel like she?s asking if we?re paying attention. She?ll wear some hideous dress which no one could pull off and often, the dress looks like someone pulled two of the ugliest looks and sewed them together. So it is here a giant asymmetrical peplum, half a blazer, a struggle sleeve-ruffle. My God.

I missed covering these two ?casual Cate? looks where she was just hanging around the festival during the day. She wore a Triple RRR jumpsuit which? is not cute, but I mostly hate the sneakers. She also wore some PJs, I guess.

Here?s Nathalie Emmanuel in MiuMiu even though I think she?s underdressed, I kind of like it. Mostly because I love her and her vivacity makes this ensemble really cute.

And here?s Polina Pushkareva in a dress I wish I could fix the skirt should be black, and then the whole look would greatly improve, right?

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid.

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Lily Allen and David Harbour got a marriage license in Las Vegas recently
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Lily Allen and David Harbour got a marriage license in Las Vegas recently
When Lily Allen posted her one-year sober announcement on Instagram, I mentioned that people wondered why she wasnt vacationing with her boyfriend, David Harbour. Many of you gave very good possible reasons, too. But some folks at other sites questioned if this meant the end of their year-long romance. Nope! The couple just filed for a Las Vegas marriage license so I guess they?re getting hitched!

It looks like Lily Allen and David Harbour are planning to wed!

The 35-year-old singer and the 45-year-old Stranger Things actor obtained a marriage license in Las Vegas, via TMZ on Tuesday (September 8).

The license information says that the couple acquired it on Sunday (September 6), and it?s valid for one year to the date, meaning that they have until September 6, 2021 to get married before it expires. It is also possible that they already had a wedding in Las Vegas, but have not yet filled out the certificate.

[From Just Jared]

For a couple that came out of the gate hard with street PDA and fawning over each other on social media, David and Lily quickly went underground. But instead of it being a case of the heat fizzling out, it looks like their passion led them to solid, lasting love instead. I?m happy for them. Both David and Lily have been through some real personal journeys that led them to where they are now. Career wise, David is still working fairly solidly, and Lily is finally back in the recording studio. Going by their Instagram pages, David looks to be a big part of Lily?s daughters? lives and now he gets to be their stepdad.

I?m wondering about the information being leaked like this, though. I almost feel like the couple wanted this to serve as their announcement. Maybe they feel if they don?t discuss it directly, people won?t feel entitled to any details and they can go off and marry on their own terms. Or maybe it?s just an honest leak. It?s hard to tell because David and Lily did such a 180 from how much they put their relationship out there in the beginning to how quiet they are now. It?s great, they are living their love on their terms, that?ll make for a successful marriage. I know they don?t owe me anything, but I hope they post pics I imagine they?d have a really fun wedding.

Photo credit: Backgrid and Instagram

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