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Bella Thorne's Bikini Acion
Added 6 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Bella Thorne's Bikini Acion
I don’t know who the lucky bastard is that’s getting to smackBella Thorne‘s booty in this GIF, but I do know this — I’d give my left hand and my right hand and pretty much the entire rest of my body for a chance to trade places with them for the night. Because that view […]

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Sara Jean Underwood Is Still Very Hard At Work
Added 6 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Sara Jean Underwood Is Still Very Hard At Work
While the rest of you guys are busy working off your Presidents’ Day hangover, or cleaning up after your big Presidents’ Day party, or putting away your Presidents’ Day tree, I want to take a minute to celebrate someone who never takes a day off, no matter how big or small the holiday is:Sara Jean […]

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Hailey Baldwin Is Still A Pretend Model
Added 6 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Hailey Baldwin Is Still A Pretend Model
I don’t really get howHailey Baldwin became a model. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers, but give me 2 minutes to scroll through Instagram and I guarantee I could find you a hundred girls who look just as good as Hailey, if not better. It […]

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Kendall Jenner: 'I?ve always been the worst hypochondriac'
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kendall Jenner: 'I?ve always been the worst hypochondriac'
Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians dealt, in part, with Kendall Jenner’s anxiety. At one point during the show, she calls her mom, Kris Jenner, panicked because she feels sick and Kris offers to come pick her up to seek medical help. Kendall has been working for various fashion weeks and according to her family, fashion weeks prey the worst on her:

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the 22-year-old opened up about the toll her modeling career has taken on her – and the ways she’s learning to cope.

“Kendall struggles from anxiety, and I think she has so much going on that she gets herself really worked up,” explained momager Kris Jenner. “Kendall gets the most anxious during fashion week, or when she’s traveling a lot. Trying to juggle it all is overwhelming.”

After seeing a doctor, Kendall was surprised to learn she’s not actually anemic.

“I think you think you have everything,” said Kris, 62.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always been a hypochondriac,” Kendall admitted. “I’ve always been the worst hypochondriac. But now I have to try and be a big girl.”

But Kendall’s anxiety wasn’t just limited to her health – and it had been building up significantly in recent years.

“There’s a lot that happened this past year, starting with like, Kim’s robbery,” she said. “Then I got robbed, and I had my stalkers. That’s why I don’t really like going out anymore. That’s why I don’t tweet, that’s why I don’t Instagram. That gives me anxiety, too. I swear, it’s the craziest thing.”

“Anxiety is all mental, so you have to try and find your ways around it,” said Kendall. “I try and maintain it, but sometimes it’s out of your control. But I think I’m very blessed to be in the situation I’m in, and every year that I do fashion months it gets a little bit easier. It’s really exciting. I still look forward to it every year.”

[From People]

It does sound like Kendall is trying to cope with her anxiety, which, ultimately, is the important part. Remember the discussion around Kendall getting a gun was all about her desire to feel safe. This makes a lot of sense in the context of her quote about “anxiety is all mental,” she’s looking for ways to ease her mind. For the record, I’m not condoning or condemning owning a gun to feel safe but acknowledging that Kendall probably thought it would give her peace of mind. Like having Kris in Milan for Fashion Week, she seems comforted by the knowledge that someone/something is there.

As for her hypochondria, there is a direct correlation between that and anxiety. Although I would not have phrased it as, “I need to be a big girl,” I do think that’s Kendall’s way of saying she is confronting her hypochondria as an extension of her anxiety. And let’s face it, she is allowed to discuss her disorder any way she pleases. Some of the techniques she uses to help her manage her anxiety are sound bathing, acupuncture and mediation. I’m glad it’s proving effective because it sounds like she was starting to isolate herself from the outside world.

Photo credit: WENN Photos

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Duchess Kate is especially keen on Victorian photography of children
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Duchess Kate is especially keen on Victorian photography of children
Here are more photos of the Duchess of Cambridge at this year?s BAFTAs. There?s some question about her emeralds and what they ?mean.? I personally think Kate is so basic that she just thought ?I?m wearing a green dress, I should wear emeralds to match? and that was the end of her thought process. But according to the Daily Mail, Kate wore the emeralds as a signal of ?support? for Time?s Up. You know how she could have supported Time?s Up? By wearing any of the black or black-patterned gowns in her closet. I don?t get why people are bending over backwards to look for ?signals? and make excuses for why she didn?t wear black or why she couldn?t. She could have. She didn?t. Did it matter? _(?)_/

But the real reason for this post? Kate is keen about Victorian-era photographs of children. Keen Kate wrote a foreward for the National Portrait Gallery exhibition catalogue about her keenness:

Kate Middleton is putting pen to paper ? to talk about her love of art! Princess Kate, who is the patron for London?s National Portrait Gallery, is set to open the exhibition Victorian Giants: The Birth of Art Photography, on Feb. 28. And ahead of the exhibition?s opening, she penned the foreword to the exhibition catalog, where she talks about her passion for the subject of photography ? and her love of pictures of children, in particular.

The exhibition will explore ?the birth of art photography in England,? Kate writes in the page-long foreword and will contain photos from Julia Margaret Cameron, Lewis Carroll, Oscar Rejlander, Clementina Hawarden and more photographers from the Victorian era. It will also focus on photographs of children, a subject Kate, who frequently snaps official photos of her kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, is well familiar with.

?Children held a special place in the Victorian imagination and were celebrated for their seemingly boundless potential,? Kate writes. ?This notion still rings true for us today and it underpins much of my official work and the charities I have chosen to support, and, indeed, my role as a young mother.?

Kate, who dubbed herself an ?enthusiastic amateur photographer,? is something of an art buff: She studied art history at the University of St. Andrews ? where she met Prince William in the their shared freshman dorm. This exhibition in particular has a special connection for Kate, as this era of photography was the focus of her thesis in school.

?As a student at the University of St. Andrews, I chose it as the subject of my undergraduate thesis and photographs of children in particular, which feature prominently in the exhibition, are of real interest to me,? she wrote.

The opening of the exhibition is set for Feb. 28, and Kate will attend the event at the National Portrait Gallery solo. It?s a reminder of her pregnancy with Prince George ? just a few months before giving birth to her eldest child, she attended an event at the National Portrait Gallery in April 2013.

[From People]

I?ve spent how many years writing about Kate and this is the first time I?ve read that her university thesis was about Victorian photographs of children. This actually explains a lot about Kate – she?s always had a sort of throwback vibe, sometimes a throwback to the 1950s ideal of the role of womanhood. But she?s also had that Victorian vibe too, in her clothing and her view of her ?role? as a duchess and wife of the heir?s heir. I often called this her Downton Abbey cosplay, but Downton Abbey was actually set in the Edwardian era, not Victorian. Kate would prefer to be buttoned up and bustled and to just think of children and the empire, thank you very much.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN.

More Photos Here

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Jennifer Lawrence in Dior at the UK 'Red Sparrow' premiere: gorgeous or blah'
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Lawrence in Dior at the UK 'Red Sparrow' premiere: gorgeous or blah'
Here are some photos of Jennifer Lawrence at the London premiere of Red Sparrow. The first premiere was actually last week in DC, and I?ll have those photos in another post. J-Law wore Dior, like she almost always does, to this London premiere. I mean? yeah, she has a great figure, and yeah, this is one of the better Dior gowns I?ve seen on her. But I feel like the Ghost of Sagging Future when I whisper to these young women: ?wear a bra, sweetheart, or you?ll regret it later.? But for now, she and her girls look great.

As for Red Sparrow? to all of the ladies who saw Atomic Blonde: doesn?t Red Sparrow feel sort of like Jennifer Lawrence?s Atomic Blonde? It?s an action-spy thriller with a sex-positive female lead doing cool stunts and acting badass. And considering I loved Atomic Blonde (great movie with terrible dialogue), I totally think Red Sparrow looks awesome. Here?s one of the latest trailers:

Can you guess what my biggest issue is? THE BANGS. But you know what? The bangs are actually helping me forget that I?m watching Jennifer Lawrence. In any case, the film comes out in March (a lot sooner than I realized), and so another J-Law promotional tour is upon us, before I really prepared myself. Let?s get this party started with some quotes she gave to Entertainment Tonight exclusively:

Doing a Russian accent: “I’ve never done a foreign accent before It was daunting and scary but I hope we pulled it off.” American actors playing Russian characters have notoriously had a hard time pulling off realistic Russian accents over the years, and while Lawrence said she feels good about her efforts, she said she wanted to refrain from bragging until the movie is released. “I don’t want to talk about the accent until the movie comes out because I don’t want to say, ‘I did this and I did that, and it was really quite easy for me,’ and then just get annihilated.?

She?s playing a ballerina-turned-spy: “The idea of me being a ballerina was, before four months of training, laughable. Now I can move my arms a little bit.” Lawrence said that she started by learning the basics, and then she went on to learn the dance she would need to perform for the film. “I couldn’t get on pointe or anything like that, but it was more helpful for just kind of learning the mental and physical discipline that goes [into ballet],” she said. “It was more of a character study.”

She did a fully-nude scene in the film: “There’s one particular scene in the movie where your nightmare comes true from grade school, where you’re standing naked in front of a classroom full of people. So that became a reality, but it actually wasn’t that bad,” she recalled. The actress said she was very nervous the night before they shot the scene, but when she showed up on set, “Everybody made me feel so comfortable that I probably at a certain point started making everybody else uncomfortable. Because I’d be like, ‘I don’t want the robe. I’m hot. I’m eating.’ Everybody’s like, ‘She needs to cover up.??

[From Entertainment Tonight]

I like to think I have a good ?ear? for accents, but I think my ear is pretty particular: I can tell when a foreign actor is doing a terrible American accent, and I can tell when a non-British actor is doing a terrible British accent, and then I could tell that whatever the hell accent JK Simmons was doing in The Snowman was awful (seriously, that film was a bad-accent buffet). My point is that I probably don?t have a good ear for Russian accents, because what little we hear of J-Law in the trailer, she sounds like she?s doing a decent enough Russian accent. She?s not veering off into camp, which seems easy to do with Russian accents (see also: most 007 villains). As for what she says about ballet-training? I read that entire quote and thought of how Natalie Portman tried to convince people that she became a prima ballerina-level talent in just five months and she did almost all of her own ballet work in Black Swan, only we found out later that her head had been superimposed on a stunt ballerina?s body. I think J-Law wants us to know that she?s not going to try to pull that sh-t.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Fergie offers non-apology for her National Anthem disaster: 'I love this country'
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Fergie offers non-apology for her National Anthem disaster: 'I love this country'
Shall we listen to it again? I put Fergie?s absolutely terrible singing in the links yesterday, and apparently everyone wanted to talk about how she butchered it. Fergie performed the anthem just before the NBA All-Star game got underway. Instead of taking a knee or singing along, most of the basketball players and celebrities were looking around like ?WTF is happening?? Let?s watch the video again:

It?s one of those performances that goes bad from the very first words. Like, as soon as she breathy-sings ?oh say can you see,? most people were already like ?Oh nooooo.? So, Fergie heard all of the criticisms and shade. So she actually released a full-on official statement/apology for the performance:

?I?ve always been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA. I?m a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn?t strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best.?

[From People]

That?s not really an apology, first of all. Second of all? do we really need an apology? I mean, she didn?t actually disgrace anything. She just did a really dumb version of the anthem, but it?s not like she grabbed her crotch and spit on the floor. She didn?t hump the flag or set fire to our nation’s most precious resource, LeBron James. She just sang poorly. But she tried. So no, I don?t think she really needs to apologize, which is good news because she didn?t apologize with this statement. It?s fine. Whatever.

Here are some funny reactions/tweets:

Who saw Fergie's national anthem performance at the NBA All Star Game? I think mine was better lowkey

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) February 19, 2018

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Emma Watson donated a million pounds to anti sexual harassment campaign
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Emma Watson donated a million pounds to anti sexual harassment campaign
As Kaiser covered earlier, several celebrities donated to the UK Justice and Equality Fund after the “Dear Sisters” open letter was published in the Guardian this weekend. The letter, signed by over 200 female UK actors, demands an end to sexual harassment in all workplaces. One of the first, and largest, contributions was made by Emma Watson who donated one million pounds (about $1.4 million) to the cause.

Harry Potter pal Emma Watson just donated $1.4 million to a British fund established to battle sexual harassment and support its victims.

The announcement about Watson’s donation, along with contributions from several other celebrities, to the UK Justice and Equality Fund followed the publication of a “Dear Sisters” open letter in The Guardian on Saturday. The letter was signed by some 200 women in the British entertainment industry and called on people everywhere to stand in solidarity with Hollywood’s Times Up initiative to fight sexual harassment and inequality.

“It’s easy to dismiss harassment and abuse as being caused by ‘one or two … bad men,’ but the UK statistics point to a much bigger and more structural problem. The issue is systemic,” Watson told The Guardian.

[From Huffington Post]

Emma is currently working and was not able to attend the BAFTAs, which was hard for her because she wanted to support the Time’s Up movement in person. Earlier this year, she showed her support at the Golden Globes, to which she brought Marai Larasi, the executive director of Imkaan as her date. Since she couldn’t be at the BAFTA’s, she recorded this video for Twitter and called for awareness and donations:

We are bringing it home to the UK! @timesupnow

Link here and in my bio to donate to the UK Justice and Equality fund.

Emma Watson (@EmmaWatson) February 18, 2018

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Kate Winslet: Time's Up on abuse, unless the abuser is Woody Allen
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kate Winslet: Time's Up on abuse, unless the abuser is Woody Allen
Kate Winslet has not attended any awards shows this season. Because she wasn?t nominated for anything. From the way she was promoting Wonder Wheel last year, I definitely believe that she thought she would be short-listed for some Best Actress nominations. No nominations came. What came instead of #MeToo, Time?s Up and a larger movement, an increased conversation around predators in Hollywood and how men who abuse are able to float through the industry with their careers intact. Kate Winlset would know all about that, since she was doing the most to defend Woody Allen, her Wonder Wheel director, for months. Last month, she said vague words about her ?bitter regrets? with her work with well-known predators. And now Winslet is getting credit for being one of the big-name British celebrities to sign on to the British version of the Time?s Up statement:

Almost 200 British female entertainment stars called for an international movement to end sexual misconduct across society in a letter published ahead of Sunday?s British Academy Film Awards. Kate Winslet, Kristin Scott Thomas, Emma Thompson, Naomie Harris, Emma Watson and Gemma Arterton are among those saying that 2018 should be ?the year that time was up on sexual harassment and abuse.?

Announcing a fund to support women and men battling workplace abuse ? modeled on the ?Time?s Up? movement in the U.S. ? the stars said ?with our collective power, we can galvanize others.? Former ?Harry Potter? star Watson has given the fund 1 million pounds ($1.4 million), according to its page on the Go Fund Me website. Keira Knightley and Tom Hiddleston are each listed as having given 10,000 pounds.

In a letter published in The Observer newspaper, 190 female stars called for an end to impunity for abusers and said ?this movement is bigger than just a change in our industry alone.?

?We believe we need to use our power as communicators and connectors to shift the way society sees and treats us,? they said. ?We need to examine the kind of womanhood our industry promotes and sells to the world.?

[From Page Six]

The letter is a great thing, as is the British Time?s Up GoFundMe. Good for Tom Hiddleston and Keira Knightley and Emma Watson. Good for Emma Thompson, good for Kristin Scott Thomas, good for Naomie Harris and Gemma Arterton and more. But? as I said, Kate Winlset is getting a lot of credit for this. Her photos are being used in a lot of the coverage of this. In last month?s Winslet post, I wrote this: ?I?m actually shocked that Winslet isn?t trying to pretend that she alone came out against Woody Allen first.? That?s what this is – she?s pretending like she?s always been all about Time?s Up and she?s always stood against abusive predators. When we receipts proving otherwise. I also wrote that this is Winslet?s having-her-cake-ism – she gets ?credit? for doing SO much for Time?s Up now while never really having to address her own f–ked up work with Woody Allen.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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